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Professor Birch's Struggles

Alright. Last poem, hehe. I had a lot of fun writing all these poems, so thank for taking your time to read them. I'm clearly not the best, haha, but it's fun to write them. ^^

Professor Birch's Struggles




All my life I was dedicated to my work.

I was born with an incredible intelligence as my teachers and my professors said.

I believed that.

I worked hard on it.


I was known as a jolly man by my friends and my family.

I always smile because I believe that there is always something worth smiling for,

Despite the tragic world I'm living.

My smile grew wider once I've met and married my wife.


And as the years passed by it got better.

We have a daughter.

She was our greatest blessing.

And I would never let harm get near her.


My wife and my daughter were the light of my life.

I love them so much.

They were my main reasons why I kept on smiling.

Why I kept on moving forward.


I know I'm a workaholic person.

But really...

Every time I would go home or take a break from my research...

My exhaustion would suddenly vanish whenever I see them.


I couldn't help but so smile from ear to ear.

They were my precious treasures.

They were my blessings.

No words could ever describe how happy I am.


And even if my wife passed away,

I would never stop smiling.

Because I know it's what she wanted me to do...

...despite my missing half... my soulmate was gone.

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