Fragmented Souls @teamcap
X's Struggles

Ah...this poems didn't really mean that much, but yeah, like I said, I wrote it for one. And this one is probably my most favorite out of all the 7 poems I've written. ^^

Sixth Poem - X's Struggles




I thought I had it all.

But not really.

They say such intelligence could lead you to a great future.


A future that's as bright as the sun.

A future that's filled with...



But how come it wasn't like they were told?

How come... brings nothing but sorrow?


There was always this emptiness in my heart... my emotions...

...that I couldn't even describe.


It was empty.

It was broken.

It was fragmented.


I couldn't explain why I felt like this.

I had...nothing.

Nothing but a dark, empty path that leads to nothing.


Sometimes I feel so numb that I couldn't cry.

...I couldn't breath.

...I couldn't feel.


That there was no such things called as emotions.

No such things called feelings.

But it was only a temporary feeling.


Sadness...melancholy engulfed my heart, gripping it...

...squeezing every ounce of being until I become...



Nothing but a lost and a broken soul.

Nothing but a fragmented piece of puzzle that could never find its missing piece.

Nothing but someone who didn't deserve to live.

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