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Ruby's Reason

I can finally publish this poem. lol, here goes. :D

Fifth Poem - Ruby's Reason




"Never give up."

Three words.

It was very simple.

It was very easy to understand.

But the act itself was a very tough task.



The words itself came from the person who mean a lot to me.

She taught me so many great things about life.

She was always there for me despite how good or how bad it seemed.

She was my light at the end of the tunnel.

She was my fire to keep me warm in the cold nights.

Her presence did nothing but to let the flame in my heart ignite infinitely.

It wasn't strong enough to be dangerous, but strong enough to keep me from going.



Her fire was slowly dying...

From the moment her family died, the fire in my soul weakened.

Her puffy, red eyes. Her depressed aura...

It was all too much for me to handle.

She didn't deserve this.

She deserved better.


"Never give up"

It hurts seeing her cry, and there was nothing I could but to be her shoulder to cry on.

To be there for her.

To temporarily make her feel better.


And it hurt.

I wish I could do something else for her, but...

...what else I could do?

What else should I do?

She was my light, my…




I love her...

I love so much that...

That I just want her to be happy even if it means I wasn't the cause of it.

But what else should I do?

How could I make the fire burn brightly again?


"She needs us more than ever."

Our friends and her friends often say that...


I want to do more...

I want to permanently remove that grief in her heart.

But how?

It hurts seeing her cry.

It hurts to only just hug and kiss her pain away.

It just hurts...


In the end all I could do was to be there for her...

To never give up on her...

But I wish there was more I could do for her.

"I will never give up on her."

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