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Sapphire's Perspective - 1

Hey there! So this just a series of poems I've written for Lost Fragments. So far, I've only written three of them and they will be published as Lost Fragments progresses. Since [spoiler] Sapphire already confessed that she wants to commit suicide, I decided that this should be the first chapter. It's my first time publishing a poem in public. I've never written a proper one and my friend liked it so that gave me the confidence to publish this today. I hope you like it. T^T

Also, yay, my first fic published in 2018. ;-;

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the poem.

First Poem - Sapphire's Perspective




Why do I feel like this?

Why do I feel empty?







I know.

This is normal when someone passed away.

But the ones who passed away isn't a random person I know.


I know.

I feel pity.

But I feel more than that.


What I feel is nothing but a bag of mixed, negative emotions, running, circulating and clashing onto one another.

I feel nothing physically.

But why I do I feel…



How come I can't breathe?

How come I feel like crying every night?

Why do I have such nightmares hunting me every night?

Such nightmares with the same memories recurring every night, in every different perspective.


Why do I feel like this?

Have I done something inhumane...?

...something unforgivable in my life that lead me to suffer like this?

I've felt negativity before, but...

This is worst than the ones I've felt growing up.


I've felt heartaches.





I even come to the point of telling my best friend that I am nothing.

No one.

I'm not smart like my father.

I'm not talented like my best friend.

So what's the point of living if I am nothing?


Sometimes I feel like ending my life...

Just so I can end these nightmares...

Just so I can end these feelings...

Just so I can end this pain...


It hurts.

It really does.

It increases every day.

And I don't know how to stop it.

Exact date for Lost Fragments chapter 10 will be on January 21. I'll be publishing 3 fanfics on that day. Yep, 3, hehe. One of them is about Zinnia and Sapphire (FRIENDSHIP FOR THE WIN!)

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