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Chapter 7

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 7 of I'm Not Like My Brother. Thank you to all who left reviews for this story. It really does mean a lot to me. This chapter is a little bit harder for me to write. I had to figure it out how to put Damaris into this episode. So it took me a few rewrites to get this. Kind of delving a little bit into character development for Damaris. I hope that you guys will enjoy this next chapter. Without further ado Chapter 7.

Chapter 7

Samhain Rises

Damaris sat in the car waiting for Sam and Dean to come back from investigating what had happened in the Wallace's house. Dean had told her to wait out there just due to the fact that they didn't need three special agents there in the home. She of course didn't blame him, not in the least bit. People would start asking questions about why there were three agents running around trying to figure out a death.

She heard a fluttering of wings and slowly turned her head feeling the presence of someone that she didn't want to see. "Uriel." She said her voice clipped and cool. She looked at her brother into his dark brown eyes. "What are you doing here?" Her lip curled in anger a little bit.

Uriel grabbed her arm. "Oh sister, you don't seem very happy to see me."

Damaris tugged her arm from his grasp. "Whenever you're around Uriel. I'm never happy to see you."

Uriel grabbed her arm again pulling her to him. "You've been a bad angel." He said gripping her arm. "You may know of what your task was, but you weren't ever meant to fulfill it." With a fluttering of wings he tore her from the Impala and appearing with her in front of Castiel.

"Uriel… what are you doing? You know her task is to be with the Winchesters." Castiel said getting up to his feet moving towards Uriel who had a tight hold on her.

Damaris struggled a little in Uriel's hold. "Let me go you bastard."

Uriel shoved her towards Castiel causing her to stumble into him.

Castiel wrapped his arms around her to keep his little sister from falling. "Uriel what is the meaning of this?" He questioned looking up at his brother.

"She kept away from her destiny so long and you force her into it brother. Do you really think that she was meant to fulfill that task?" Uriel's lips curled up in a snarl. "She's not fit to protect them. She's not fit to be an angel."

Damaris pulled away from Castiel a little bit. She knew that Uriel hated her, just because she was an angel that didn't like following orders.

"Uriel it was her task, and no one elses. You know that."

Uriel's lip curled in a snarl again. "And she had been against it ever since she knew. She's a failure as an angel."

Damaris lowered her head as she listened to Uriel berate her. Her shoulders shook in frustration knowing that was all he was ever going to think about her. She was weak, worthless, and not worthy of being an angel. That was all in Uriel's eyes. She couldn't do a damn thing to please him. Not in the least bit. She would always be worthless to him.

"You can't keep her away from them Uriel." Castiel said looking at Uriel narrowing his eyes.

Damaris looked up at her brother with narrowed eyes. "You can't keep me here Uriel. You have your own path… so does Castiel… and you're keeping me from my path." She said as she moved towards her brother, her hands shaking at her side as she moved. "I am trying to keep the Winchesters on the right path… and helping them keep the seals from breaking…"

"And you know that a seal is about to be broken here." Uriel said cutting her off.

"Yes, I have work to do and you're keeping me from it."

"And you won't be going back either."

Damaris's eyes glowed blue. "You won't stop me, Uriel."

"She's right Uriel… we can't keep her here." Castiel said looking at his brother.

"She won't be able to help the younger Winchester to not use his gifts… he'll use them Castiel."

"He won't use them." Damaris said as she looked at Uriel. "I will be able to try to help him not use his powers, but you're not allowing me to do that. It's my job… my duty to protect them and you're not allowing it."

Uriel's lips curled in anger. "Don't tell me that you're starting to care for those hairless apes." His hands gripped at his sides in anger. He never thought that he would see the day that an angel would go against her own kind and care for the hairless apes. Care for humans the way that she should care for her own kind.

"There is nothing wrong with me liking Sam and Dean. It's my job… and I've been on earth for long enough that I know feelings… I don't need you judging me."

Castiel looked at Uriel. "We must go back to them… see if they had found the witch that is in town…"

"And what follow the older Winchester's order of what they are going to do?" Uriel said huffing in agitation.

"You know we follow God's orders Uriel. He wants us to follow the Winchester's orders. You know this…"

Damaris looked at Castiel. "Well, then what the hell are we waiting for?"

Uriel narrowed his eyes at his sister cursing. "You've been corrupted by them?"

Damaris looked at her brother, her lips quirking a little bit. "Corrupted, no. Adapted, yes. And you've kept me away long enough Uriel. Let me do my job."

"You won't be able to keep Sam Winchester from using his powers that are an abomination."

"You have little faith in me Uriel? That's not very kind of you brother…" Damaris's shoulders fell some as she looked at him. "You don't trust me?"

"Why should I?"


Damaris stood in the room with her brothers as she waited for Sam and Dean to arrive back. Her hands were clasped in front of her as she waited. She knew that the brothers would be rather upset with her disappearing. She honestly hoped that they wouldn't be. She looked over at her brother, Castiel who held the hex bag that he had found in the walls. She was glad that they had came back and found the hex bag in the room or the brothers would've died if they weren't careful.

The door opened revealing Sam, who quickly drew his gun and moved forward in an offensive stance, ready to attack. "Who are you?!"

Damaris's eyes went wide as she saw Dean rushing in. She hadn't thought that Sam would attack so quickly. Not when she was there.

"Sam! Sam, wait! It's Castiel." Dean said quickly pushing Sam's gun down.

Sam stood there stunned looking at the trench coat wearing angel.

"The angel." Dean turned his head seeing Uriel. "Him, I don't know."

Sam looked at Castiel with a slight wonder on his face and a smile crossed his face.

Damaris looked at Sam biting her lower lip hoping that this meeting would end well.

"Hello, Sam." Castiel said looking at the younger Winchester brother.

"Oh my God – er – uh – I didn't mean to – sorry. It's an honor, really, I – I've heard a lot about you."

Damaris giggled a little as Sam stepped forward to hold his hand out to shake Castiel's hand. She knew that Castiel didn't know one thing about trying to act like a human. She watched her brother's face morph into a bit of confusion. She watched her brother finally put his right hand into Sam's.

"And I, you. Sam Winchester. The boy with the demon blood. Glad to see you've ceased your extracurricular activities."

Uriel looked out the window. "Let's keep it that way."

"Yeah, okay, chuckles." Dean looked at Castiel. "Who's your friend?"

Damaris let out a scoff knowing that Dean didn't know much of anything about certain angels.

"This the raising of Samhain, have you stopped it?" Castiel questioned ignoring the fact that Dean had asked him a question.


"Dean, have you located the witch?"

"Yes, we've located the witch."

"And is the witch dead?"

"No, but –"

"We know who it is." Dean said cutting off his brother.

Damaris let out a soft breath.

Castiel walked over to the table by the bed. "Apparently the witch knows who you are too." Castiel picked up a hex bag and showed it to them. "This was inside the wall of your room. If we hadn't found it, surely one or both of you would be dead. Do you know where the witch is now?"

Dean and Sam looked at one another.

"We're working on it." Dean admitted the truth.

Damaris let out a groan. Of course they hadn't figured out where the witch was. Now the plan was going to have to be put into motion and it was something that she didn't agree to. Why put something so heavily onto the brothers.

"That's unfortunate."

"What do you care?" Dean questioned looking at Castiel.

"The raising of Samhain is one of the 66 seals." Damaris said softly as she looked at the brothers knowing that it was a seal that they couldn't be broken. Since so many seals have been broken and it worried her. The last thing she wanted was Lucifer released. She had heard many things about Lucifer before he was sealed up in the cage, but she wasn't sure of how much of the stuff she had heard about the fallen archangel.

"So this is about your buddy Lucifer."

"Lucifer is no friend of ours." Uriel said finally speaking up.

"It's just an expression." Dean said letting out a breath.

"Lucifer cannot rise. The breaking of the seal must be prevented at all costs." Castiel said moving around the bed to look at Dean.

"Okay, great, well now that you're here, why don't you tell us where the witch is, we'll gank her and everybody goes home."

"We are not omniscient. This witch is very powerful, she's cloaked even our methods."

"Castiel is right." Damaris said softly know that was true. Hell she couldn't figure out where the witch was.

"Okay, well we already know who she is, so if we work together –" Sam said before getting cut off by Uriel.

"Enough of this."

"Okay, who are you and why should I care?" Dean snapped as he looked at Uriel.

Uriel turned from the window and looked at Dean.

"This is Uriel, he's what you might call a… specialist." Castiel told them.

"And a dick." Damaris said rolling her eyes.

Uriel walked towards them.

"What kind of specialist? What are you gonna do?" Dean questioned.

"You – uh, both of you – you need to leave this town immediately."


"Because we're about to destroy it."

Damaris watched both the brothers exchanged worried looks with one another. Damaris let out a breath looking at her brother knowing that the choice that it was something that they were going to agree with. Hell she didn't agree with it.

"So this is your plan, you're gonna smite the whole friggin' town?" Dean said huffing a little crossing his arms.

"We're out of time. This witch has to die, the seal must be saved."

"There are a thousand people here." Sam said looking at Castiel with wide eyes.

"One thousand two hundred fourteen." Uriel said giving the exact amount.

Damaris shook her head, knowing that the brothers weren't going to allow innocents to be killed.

"And you're willing to kill them all?" Sam said in shock looking at Uriel completely baffled. He couldn't believe that Damaris was going to allow this.

"This isn't the first time I've… purified a city." Uriel said looking at them.

"Look, I understand this is regrettable." Castiel said letting out a breath.

"Regrettable?" Dean said looking at them narrowing his eyes, feeling a little angry.

"We have to hold the line. Too many seals have broken already."

"So you screw the pooch on some seals and this town has to pay the price?"

"It's the lives of one thousand against the lives of six billion. There's a bigger picture here."

Damaris's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe that her brother was thinking this way. Of course she knew that they needed to save people, but in her eyes it was different.

"Right, cause you're bigger picture kind of guys." Dean said rolling his eyes.

"Lucifer cannot rise. He does and hell rises with him. Is that something that you're willing to risk?"

"We'll stop this witch before she summons anyone. Your seal won't be broken and no one has to die." Sam stated looking at Castiel.

"We're wasting time with these mud monkeys." Uriel stated.

Damaris looked at Uriel. "You know you are a dick, Uriel."

"How dare you." Uriel snapped looking at his sister with his eyes narrowed.

Castiel turned away from Dean and looked at Uriel. "I'm sorry, but we have our orders."

"No, you can't do this, you're angels, I mean aren't you supposed to – You're supposed to show mercy." Sam said in shock surprised that they weren't being what he had been told and what he had researched.

"Says who?" Uriel sneered looking at Sam.

"We have no choice."

"Of course you have a choice. I mean, come on, what? You've never questioned a crap order, huh? What are you both, just a couple of hammers?" Dean questioned looking at the two angels. He noticed that Damaris was distancing herself from them. His jaw ticked waiting for an answer from Castiel.

"Look, even if you can't understand it, have faith. The plan is just."

"How can you even say that?" Sam questioned as he felt Damaris's hand on his arm. His jaw ticked as he waited for an answer as well.

Damaris swallowed the lump in her throat as she looked at Castiel hoping that he would change his mind of this choice, but she knew that it was hard to change his mind.

"Because it comes from heaven, that makes it just."

"Oh, it must be nice, to be so sure of yourselves." Dean said letting out a scoff.

"Tell me something, Dean, when your father gave you an order, didn't you obey?"

Dean looked at Castiel and formed his answer.

Damaris looked over at Dean knowing that struck a nerve in him and it wasn't a good idea to do so.

"Well sorry boys, looks like the plans have changed."

"You think you can stop us?" Uriel questioned looking at them.

Dean walked over to Uriel and got in Uriel's face which caused Damaris to look on in shock. No human ever done that to Uriel. It was dangerous to even get into Uriel's face. "No, but if you're gonna smite this whole town, then you're gonna have to smite us with it, because we are not leaving. See, you went to the trouble of busting me out of hell. I figure I'm worth something to the man upstairs. So you wanna waste me, go ahead, see how he digs that."

"I will drag you out of here myself." Uriel said narrowing his eyes.

"Yeah, but you'll have to kill me, then we're back to the same problem. I mean, come on, you're gonna wipe out a whole town for one little witch. Sounds to me like you're compensating for something." Dean looked back at Castiel. "We can do this. We will find that witch and we will stop the summoning."

"Castiel! I will not let these peop–"

Castiel held up his hand stopping Uriel. "Enough!" Castiel looked at Dean for a second. "I suggest you move quickly."


Damaris slowly walked with the brothers to the Impala.

"Where did you go Damaris?" Sam asked softly as they walked to the Impala.

"Uriel… my idiot brother decided to take me from the car." She admitted as she walked with them. "And normally…" She let out a sigh. "I can't fight him… he always gets his way. Damaris looked up at the car and saw it covered in egg. She blinked a few times as she went to the car. How did the car end up covered in egg?

Dean walked around to the driver's side as Sam opened the door to the passenger side. Dean looked around in anger. "Astronaut!" Dean got into the Impala next to Sam.

Damaris sat in the backseat pursing her lips together.

"What?" Dean questioned when he saw his brother looking so upset.

"Nothing." Sam held the hex bag in his hand and took a breath closing his eyes. "I thought they'd be different."

"Who, the angels?"


"Well, I tried to tell ya. Damaris is the only good one out of them."

Damaris cleared her throat shyly knowing that Dean liked her better than he liked Uriel or even that Castiel at that moment. She knew that her species could be a bit well overbearing and she knew sooner or later things would come to ahead and it wouldn't be all that good.

"I just… I mean, I thought they'd be righteous."

"Well, they are righteous, I mean, that's kinda the problem. Of course there's nothing more dangerous than some a-hole who thinks he's on a holy mission."

"But, I mean, this is God? And Heaven? This is what I've been praying to?"

"Look man, I know you're into the whole God thing, you know, Jesus on a tortilla and stuff like that. But just because there's a couple of bad apples doesn't mean the whole barrel's rotten. I mean, for all we know, God hates these jerks. Don't give up on this stuff, is all I'm saying. Babe Ruth was a dick but baseball's still a beautiful game."

Sam looked at his brother and looked a bit disappointed. He started to go through the contents of the hex bag and picked up the bone.

"Well, are you gonna figure out a way to find this witch, or are you just gonna sit there fingering your bone?" Dean questioned as he started up the Impala.

Damaris rolled her eyes as she leaned back in the seat. She let out a breath knowing that Dean was trying to lighten the mood back up some. They needed to find out what was going on and quickly.

"You know how much heat it would take to char a bone like this, Dean?"


"A lot, I mean, more than a fire or some kitchen oven."

"Okay, Betty Crocker, what does that mean?"

"It means we make a stop."

"What kind of stop?" Damaris asked looking at the younger brother.

Sam looked back at Damaris. "Do you mind staying behind here?" He asked softly wondering if she would mind staying behind at the motel.

Damaris looked down a bit hurt. Of course Sam wanted her out of the car. Perhaps it was best that she stayed behind. She slowly got out of the car. "Right… of course." She said softly.

"It's nothing against you, but if we want to catch them…"

"No… I…" She took a breath. "I get it."


Damaris appeared out of nowhere with a fluttering of wings. She saw Castiel standing next to Uriel who at on the bench in the park as children skipped by in Halloween costumes.

"The decision's been made." Castiel said looking at Uriel.

"More than made… they've gone to find the witch." Damaris said moving towards them.

Uriel let out a laugh. "By a mud monkey."

"You shouldn't call them that." Castiel said shaking his head letting out a breath.

"Ah, it's what they are, savages, just plumbing on two legs."

"You're close to blasphemy."

Uriel sighed looking over at Castiel and Damaris.

Damaris crossed her arms as she looked at Uriel. She knew Uriel was one to follow God's orders, but it was so hard to continue following orders when she had been alone on earth without her siblings.

"There's a reason we were sent to save him. He has potential, he may succeed here." Castiel explained to his brother before sitting down letting out a sigh. "And any rate, it's out of our hands."

"It doesn't have to be."

"And what would you suggest?"

"That we drag Dean Winchester out of here and then we blow this insignificant pinprick off the map."

"You know our true orders. Are you prepared to disobey?"

Uriel just looked at him.

Damaris let out a breath. "You know you're not the one to disobey brother. So why start now? Just because Dean and Sam… you don't trust them? But they're doing what they're asked." She shook her head. "Because I know you Uriel, you may hate the fact that humans have free will, but we may not have a choice, but our orders...we have to follow them. You know that, Castiel knows that, I know that, all of us who serves him, knows that."

Castiel looked up at Damaris.

"I'll leave the two of you to think. But I would advise to leave the brothers to do what they do best." She said before disappearing in a flutter of wings. She appeared in the motel room and let out a soft breath. Her heart rammed in her chest. Never once had she stood up to Uriel and talked back like she had done today. She knew that one day Uriel would get his word in and it wasn't going to end well.


Damaris sat in the room while Sam packed his clothes into his duffel bag. She put her head in her hands as she thought about what Uriel had said. She was worried about what was going on and the brothers had been silent. She knew why they had kept silent about what had happened. She knew what had happened. The brothers weren't able to stop Samhain from rising. Her heart hurt knowing that the boys were upset with the whole idea of Samhain rising. She heard fluttering of wings looking up.


Sam jumped at the sound and turned around to see Uriel in the room.

"November 2nd, it's an anniversary for you."

"What are you doing here?"

Damaris looked up seeing her brother moving closer to Sam. She got up to her feet hoping that Uriel wasn't going to do something that would cause her to protect the younger brother. She wasn't going to allow Uriel to do anything harmful to Sam or even that Dean. It was her job to protect them. And she would die trying to keep them safe.

"It's the day Azazel killed your mother, and 22 years later your girlfriend too. It must be difficult to bear, yet you so brazenly use the power he gave you. His profane blood pumping through your veins."

Damaris swallowed the lump in her throat hearing what Uriel said. Her heart ached hearing that Sam had used his powers and it hurt. She had truly thought that Sam wouldn't have used his power, but she was wrong. So very wrong. She felt her eyes water a little bit as she thought about Sam using his powers to destroy Samhain.

ld climb off that high horse of his. Ask Dean what he remembers from hell." Uriel looked at his sister. "I told you, you wouldn't be able to stop him from using his powers." With a flutter of wings he was gone.

Damaris slowly got up to her feet and Sam's head turned sharply his eyes wide. Damaris looked at him and saw the scared look in his eyes. "Sam…"

Sam looked at her with tears starting to form in his eyes.

"Is it true…" She trailed off hoping that she wasn't right about Sam using his powers.

Sam swallowed the lump in his throat seeing her face morphing into more worry. He didn't want to admit it to her, but it was true. "Yes, it's true…"

Damaris swallowed the lump in her throat as she looked at him as a few tears slid down her cheeks. "You can't use them again… please don't use them again… I know why you did it… Samhain… he's a strong demon…" She said softly as she looked up at him moving towards him. She touched his arm softly. "You did the right thing to stop him. But these powers you have… we as angels… we don't know the full extent of them, Sam."

Sam took a shaky breath as he looked at her with tear filled eyes. "You're not mad?"

"Mad?" Damaris let out a soft laugh. "No, I'm not mad, Sam. You did what you had to do. And don't ever let someone tell you that you were in the wrong…"

Sam let out a shaky breath as his jaw ticked a little before nodding his head.

Damaris gave him a little smile. "We'll figure this out together with Dean. I promise."

Sam shakily nodded his head again knowing that Damaris was right. He could only hope that Dean could see past the fact that he used his powers. He hoped Damaris would be able to forgive him as well. His heart hurt a little at the thought of neither one of them forgiving him and that was something that was weighing heavily on him at that time.


This is the end of Chapter 7 of I'm Not Like My Brother. I hope that you guys enjoyed this chapter. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. There was a bit more character development for Damaris, and I hope that you guys enjoyed that. I had a hard time writing her in this chapter. So I hope that I did alright. I hope that it will get easier over time with adding an angel into the show that didn't exist before. Reviews keep me writing more. I'll update soon. Until next time guys.

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