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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Ghost Fever

The coroner opened the body bag before Sam, Dean and Damaris. "Agent Tyler, Agent Perry, Agent Hamilton, meet Frank O'Brien."

"He died of a heart attack, right?" Sam questioned looking up at the coroner.

"Three days ago."

Damaris pursed her lips together as she looked the body over thinking. This was something that wasn't normal. Not in the least bit.

"But O'Brien was 44 years old and, according to this a marathon runner."

"Everybody drops dead sooner or later. It's why I got job security."

"Yeah, but Frank kicked it here. Now, just yesterday, two perfectly healthy men bit it in Maumee. All heart attacks, you don't think that's strange?" Dean questioned looking at the coroner.

"Sounds like Maumee's problem to me. Why's the FBI give a damn, anyway?" The coroner questioned looking at the three of them.

"We just want to see the results of Frank's autopsy."

"What autopsy?"

"The one you're gonna do."


The coroner cut open Frank's body. "First dead body?" He questioned looking up at the three of them.

Damaris shook her head lightly. She had seen enough dead bodies in her time.

"Far from it." Dean said shaking his head.

"Oh, good. Because these suckers can get pretty ripe. Hey, hand me those rib cutters, would you?"

Sam took a fortifying breath while Dean picked up the cutters and handed them to the coroner.

The coroner cut the ribs open while Sam kept himself from squirming.

Damaris put her hand on his shoulder squeezing it lightly causing him to look at her. Damaris gave him a soft comforting look.

"Is that from a wedding ring? I didn't think Frank was married."

"Ain't my department."

"Any idea how he got these?" Sam asked as he picked up Frank's arm which was full of scratches.

"You know what? When you drop dead, you actually tend to drop. Body probably got scraped up when it hit the ground. Huh!"


"I-I can't find any blockages in any of the major arteries." He said as he broke off the heart while Dean tried not to vomit. "Heart looks pretty damn healthy." He handed the heart to Dean. "Hold that a second, would you?"

Sam smirked looking at his brother squirming a little bit.

The coroner cut something else in the body causing blood to hit Sam in the face. "Oh, sorry. Spleen juice."

Dean smirked at his brother's misfortune.

Damaris let out a soft breath knowing that the brothers were being such children. Never once had she interacted with humans that acted like the Winchester brothers. As long as she lived she had never seen such a thing. Perhaps she just needed to get use to the fact that she was supposed to remain with the Winchesters due to Castiel bringing her into their lives and she of course hated it.


Sam, Dean, and Damaris all were sitting in front of a deputy's desk, waiting.

The deputy smiled at Dean as the sheriff opened the door.

"Hell's bells, Linus, have you seen my... Who are they?"

The three of them stood up looking at the sheriff.

"Federal agents. I, uh..." Linus trailed off.

"And you kept them waiting?"

"You, you said not to disturb."

"Come on back, fellas."

The three of them walked over to the sheriff's office only to have him stop them.

"Shoes off."

Dean and Sam slipped their shoes off. Damaris did the same, but grasped Sam's arm so she could walk due to her being in panty hose. They walked into his office.

"Al Britton. Good to meet you." He said as he shook Dean's hand first, then Sam's, and then Damaris's hand as well.

"You too." Sam said with a nod of his head.

He gestured for the three of them to sit down.

"Thank you."

The sheriff took out some alcohol gel and slathered it on his hands.

Dean looked at Sam with a weird look on his face. He couldn't help but wonder what his brother thought about this. He looked over to Damaris who sat next to him who looked calm cool and collected like this was an everyday thing. Nothing hardly ever seemed to phase the angel that was pretty much hanging around them. He honestly was surprised that she stuck around as long as she already had.

"Okay. So, what can I do for Uncle Sam?"

"Well, we're looking into the death of Frank O'Brien. We understand some of your men found his body." Sam said as he clasped his hands together on his lap.

"They did. Me and Frank, we were friends. Hell, we were gamecocks."

Dean snickered and the sheriff gave him a stern look. Dean looked down abashed.

"That's our softball team's name."

Dean nodded his head.

"They're majestic animals. I knew Frank since high school. To be honest, I just this morning got up the strength to go see him. Frank was...He was a good man."

"Yeah. Big heart."

"Before he died, did you notice Frank acting strange? Maybe scared of something?" Damaris questioned softly wondering what type of things the sheriff would reveal.

"Oh hell, yeah. Real jumpy."

"You know what scared him?" Sam asked hoping that anything given would get them somewhere.

"No. Wouldn't answer his phone. Finally, I sent some of my boys over to check on him, and well, you know the rest." He said as he poured more alcohol gel onto his hands again.

Dean looked over to Sam and Damaris with a what the fuck look on his face. He had never seen someone use so much hand sanitizer in his life.

"So, why the Feds give a crap? You don't really think there's a case here?"

"No, no. It's probably nothing. Just a heart attack." Dean said as he looked at his brother and Damaris.

Damaris slowly got up to her feet. "Thank you for your time Sheriff."


The three of them walked down to the car.

"No way that was a heart attack." Dean said shaking his head as he walked.

"Definitely no way. Three victims, all with those same red scratches. All went from jittery to terrified to dead within 48 hours." Sam said thinking he looked over to Damaris and saw her deep in thought.

"Something scared them to death?"

"All right, so what can do that?"

"What can't? Ghosts, vampires, chupacabra? It could be a hundred things." Dean said mentioning a bunch of creatures that could scare anyone to death.

"Yeah. So, we make a list and start crossing things off."

"Alright, who's the last person to see Frank O'Brien alive?"

"Uh, his neighbour, Mark Hutchins." Sam said looking at the paperwork he had.

Dean saw something ahead of them causing both Sam and Damaris to look at him. "Hang on, hang on."


Dean faced Sam and Damaris. "I don't like the looks of those teenagers down there."

Sam and Damaris looked around and saw the teenagers talking near the Impala.

"They're just teenagers." Damaris said blinking a few times confused of why Dean was acting the way that he was.

"Let's walk this way." Dean said crossing the street while Sam stood with Damaris with a perplexed look on his face.

Damaris looked at Sam with a look of confusion on her face as well. In her short time of knowing Dean she knew that he wasn't afraid of anything and now this coming out of nowhere… well it was a bit alarming.


"Tyler, Hamilton, and Perry. Just like Aerosmith." Mark said looking at the three of them.

Dean looked around the room pursing his lips together.

Damaris stuck her hands in her pockets.

"Yeah, small world. So, the last time you saw Frank O'Brien?" Sam questioned as Dean saw a bit lizard and suddenly facing forward.

Damaris blinked a few times looking at Dean wondering if he was okay.

"Monday, he was watching me from his window. I waved at him, but he just closed the curtains." Mark explained to them.

"Hmm. did you speak to him recently? Did he seem different? Uh, scared?" Sam questioned curiously looking at Mark.

"Oh, totally. He was freaking out."

Sam looked over to his brother and saw that he looked freaked out as well.

"Do you know, uh..do you know what scared him?" Dean questioned clearing his throat some.

Damaris blinked a few times wondering what was going on with the older brother. Something was wrong and she could feel it in the pit of her stomach.

"Well, yeah, witches." Mark explained to them.

"Withes?" Sam said softly.

The brothers looked at each other.


"Well, "Wizard of Oz" was on tv the other night, right? And he said that green bitch was totally out to get him."

"Anything else scare him?"

"Everything else scared him. Al-Qaeda, ferrets, artificial sweetener. Those pez dispensers with their dead little eyes. Lots of stuff."

Dean looked around again looking at the animals inside of the aquariums.

"So, tell me. What was Frank like?" Damaris questioned shifting her weight a little bit.

"I mean, he's dead, you know? I-I don't want to hammer him but, he got better."

"He got better?" Sam questioned moving closer to where Damaris was standing.

"Well, in high school he was, he was a dick."

"A dick?"

"Like a bully. I mean, he probably taped half the town's butt cheeks together,"

Dean snickered at what Mark said which caused Damaris to give him a look which caused him to stop snickering.

"Mine included."

"So he pissed a lot of people off. You think anyone would have wanted to get revenge?" Dean questioned looking at Mark.

"Well, I don't...Frank had a heart attack, right?"

"Just answer the question, sir." Sam said as he put his hands in his pockets knowing that they needed an answer and something for them to fully go on.

"No, I don't think so. Like I said, he got better. And after what happened to his wife." Mark said thinking back to things that had happened.

"His wife? So he was married." Dean asked feeling a bit relieved that they had gotten some information, but it wasn't enough to go on just yet.

"She died about 20 years ago. Frank was really broken up about it."

Dean looked at the snake that was around Mark's neck and fear began bubbling up inside of him.

Mark noticed that Dean was staring at the snake around his neck. "Don't be scared of Donny. He's a sweetheart. It's Marie you got to look out for." He nodded to the couch. "She smells fear."

An albino snake creeped up from behind the couch. Dean saw it and a gasp came from his lips. He tried his best to stay very still while it crawled down his lap.

Damaris pursed her lips together as she watched the snake slither down Dean's lap. Her heart clenched in her chest knowing that Dean wasn't acting like himself, not in the least bit and it was worrisome. She couldn't help, but wonder what was going on with the older Winchester.


Damaris sat in the backseat while Dean sat in the front seat reading something and scratching at his arm. Damaris leaned back some letting out a breath. "You're going to make yourself bleed if you keep scratching at your arm that way." She stated as she looked at the older brother from where she sat at the back of his head.

Dean turned and looked at her with wide green eyes. He hadn't expected her to say that and sweat slid down his cheeks as he looked at her. "You think that would happen?" He asked his tone coming out slightly nervous.

Damaris let out a breath. "I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it." She told him scoffing a little bit.

Dean shifted a bit nervously in his seat as Sam got into the car.

"Hey. Any luck at the county clerk's office?" Sam questioned as he got comfortable in the seat next to his brother.

"I'm not sure I'd call it luck. Frank's wife, Jessie, was a manic-depressive. She went off her meds back in '88 and vanished. They found her two weeks later, three towns over. Strung up in her motel room, suicide." Dean admitted softly to his brother letting out a breath.

"Any chance Frank helped her along to the other side?"

"No, Frank was working the swing shift when she disappeared. Airtight alibi." He said as he started the car up.


Dean drove through the middle of the town gripping the wheel lightly in his hands. "How was Frank's pad?"

"Clean. Searched it top to bottom. No EMF, no hex bags, no sulfur."

"So probably no ghosts, no witches, no demons."


"3 down and 97 to go."

"Yeah." Sam looked over seeing the speed that Dean was driving. "Dude, you're going 20."


"That's the speed limit."

"What? Safety's a crime now?" He questioned as he drove through the intersection past the hotel they were staying at.

Damaris pursed her lips together before she vanished from the car with a fluttering of wings leaving the brothers in the car.


Castiel stood at a playground trying to figure out why they were losing the battle that had been raging on. Seals were being broken and he needed to figure out how to stop it. He blinked a few times before turning his head seeing Damaris standing there. He noticed the look on her face of frustration. It wasn't very often that Damaris got angry or upset… but for her to get frustrated… it was even more rare. "Damaris what brings you here?"

Damaris looked up at him her shoulders shaking. "You want me in their lives because it is my story… you told me this countless times that one day that I would be with two brothers… but why bring me to them now? Not any earlier than now? And I'm supposed to save them? How am I supposed to do that?" She questioned as a few tears slid down her cheeks.

"Damaris you know how to save them… you know deep down inside of you of what you're supposed to do. Something has come up hasn't it?" Castiel questioned tilting his head to the side looking at his sister. He noticed the look of worry on her face and he could see that there was something bothering her, just by looking into her eyes.

Damaris took a shaky breath. "There is something wrong with Dean… he's not acting like himself. He scared of almost everything…"

"And you don't know the cause behind it?"

Damaris took a soft breath. "I think it might be something that attaches itself to him."

"And what do you think it might be?"

"Ghost sickness." She said softly looking up at her brother. "But I haven't seen a case like this in years."

Castiel put his hand on her shoulder. "You should go back and find out what you can. I'm sure that you'll figure it out. Remember you are supposed to be with them for quite some time."

Damaris took a soft breath. "And what if I…"

"Damaris… you're an angel and a strong one at that… you can't fail the job… I know you can do it… Uriel…"

"Uriel always thought that I was a joke among the angels."

Castiel shook his head. "Uriel is different… you know that… he thought that someone else should've had the job… but you can do this Damaris. Prove that you're better than what Uriel thinks."

Damaris took a soft breath knowing that Castiel was right. "You're right."

Castiel nodded his head. "I know I am. Now go back to them. Do the job that you're supposed to do. I am counting on you."

Damaris took a soft breath clenching her hands at her sides before she disappeared with a fluttering of wings leaving Castiel again to be alone.


Damaris appeared in her home. She took a soft breath as she looked around her home with her lips pursed together into a thin line as she thought about everything that had gone on in a short amount of time. Castiel's words ringing in her brain. She had to prove Uriel wrong about everything he had said, but her brain was still reeling from when she was younger his words ringing in her ears.

Damaris collapsed down onto the couch causing a slight plume of dust to go up into the air causing her to cough some. She groaned softly tangling her hands into her brown hair thinking. "Prove him wrong… easier said than done… he'll think that I'm still a joke among our kind… because of not being in heaven for as long as I have… wandering… not knowing what future would come…" She took a breath closing her eyes. Damaris took a soft breath opening her eyes.

She got up to her feet as she moved around the room. She tangled her hand into her hair and knew right away what she needed to do. With a flutter of wings she was gone.


Damaris appeared next to Sam who was next to the Impala.

Sam turned his head to see Damaris there. "Where did you go?" He questioned looking at her in concern.

"I needed to talk to my brother." She said softly.

Sam pursed his lips together. "Dean has…"

"Ghost sickness… I know…" Damaris said softly looking at Sam.

Sam went to reply when Bobby's car arrived to the warehouse.

"Howdy, Sam." Bobby said as he got out of the car. He saw Damaris standing there and blinked a few times.

"Hey, Bobby. Thanks for coming so quick. This is Damaris."

Bobby nodded his head in greeting. "Where's Dean?" He questioned curiously looking at the younger Winchester.

"Uh, home sick."

"So, have his hallucinations started yet?"

"Yeah, a few hours ago."

"How are we doing on time?"

"We saw the coroner about 8:00 a.m. Monday morning, so, uh...just under two hours. What about you? You find anything?"

"This uh, encyclopaedia of spirits dates to the Edo period." He said giving Sam a book with Japanese text.

"You can read Japanese?" Sam questioned looking at the book.

Bobby replied in Japanese.

"Guess so, show-off." Sam said as he looked at Bobby.

"Anyway, this book lists a kind of ghost that could be our guy. It uh, infects people with fear. It's called a Buru Buru."

"It say how to kill it?"

"Same as usual. Burn the remains."

"Wonderful. Uh...is there a Plan "B"?"

"Well, the Buru Buru is born of fear. Hell, it is fear. And the lore says we can kill it with fear."

"So we have to scare a ghost to death?"

"Pretty much."

"How the hell we gonna do that?"

"I have an idea." Damaris said to the younger brother.

Sam looked over at Damaris.

"I'll be right back. You can tell your brother to hold on…"


With a fluttering of wings Damaris was gone.

Bobby looked at Sam with wide eyes. "She's just…"

"She'll be back… she pops in and out… this is nothing new." Sam explained to Bobby knowing that it was very true that she popped in and out. But she always came back to the brothers to help them out.


Damaris handed the cuffs to Sam.

"This is a terrible plan." Bobby said shaking his head.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Sam said as he held onto the cuffs that Damaris had given to him.

"I know I said, "scare the ghost to death" but this?"

"Hey, you got a better idea, I'm listening." Sam said before entering the mill.

Damaris bit her lower lip softly.

Bobby looked over to Damaris. "You sure that this plan will work?"

Damaris looked at Bobby before nodding her head. "Yes, I have a feeling that this will work."

"Any luck?" Bobby questioned into the walkie talkie to Sam.

"I don't know what's wrong, Bobby. Last time he came right at us. It's almost like he's, uh...like he's scared." Sam's voice rang out.

Damaris pursed her lips together into a thin line. A ghost being afraid… that wasn't normal. He needed to figure out what to do.

"So now what?"

"I guess I got to make him angry. Hey, Luther! Come on, Luther! Where the hell are you? What are you waiting for?"

Damaris held her breath hoping that Sam was going to be able to get Luther to go after him. She just hoped that he would be careful about it. After all provoking anything regardless of what they were was rather dangerous.

"Bobby, punch it!" Sam yelled to the older man.

"Hang on." Bobby told Damaris before Bobby pushes his foot hard against the petal flooring the Impala pulling Luther's spirit across the road until he disappeared.

Damaris put her hands on the dash as Bobby floored the Impala. She knew that it needed to be done and it wasn't something that was done easily.


"So you guys road-hauled a ghost with a chain?" Dean questioned looking at the three of them.

"Iron chain etched with spell work, that Damaris went and got." Sam explained to his brother.

"Hmm, that's a new one."

"It was what he was most afraid of. It was pretty brutal, though."

"On the upside, I'm still alive, so uh, go team!"

"Yeah. How are you feeling, by the way?"


"You sure, Dean? 'Cause this line of work can get awful scary." Bobby said as he looked at the older Winchester.

"I'm fine. You want to go hunting? I'll hunt. I'll kill anything."

"Awwww, he's adorable. I gotta get out of here. You boys drive safe."

"You too, Bobby. Hey, thanks." Sam said softly.

Bobby got into his car and drove off leaving the brothers alone with Damaris.

"So uh...so, what did you see? Near the end, I mean." Sam asked looking over at his brother unsure if Dean wanted to answer it.

"Oh, besides a cop beating my ass?"


Dean looked at Sam and saw a yellow flash in his eyes. "Howler monkeys. Whole roomful of them. Those things creep the hell out of me."


"No, just the usual stuff, Sammy. Nothing I can't handle."

Damaris pursed her lips together knowing right away that Dean was lying. She knew that he was hiding something from Sam and whatever it was… she could only hope that Dean would be trusting enough to tell sometime in the future to them. She let out a breath knowing that whatever it was… it shook Dean to the core. She looked over at Sam and saw the worried look on the younger brother's face.


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