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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Not So Trusting

Damaris followed her brother huffing a bit in agitation. She hated the fact to learn that one of the 66 seals had been broken and it was on their watch… no not their watch. The other angels watch, not hers. "I'm only going for a reason Castiel… and it is to make sure these boys are safe and no more… and I repeat no more seals are broken." She snapped narrowing her eyes at him. "We can't allow Lilith to do that. Breaking Lucifer free is the last thing that we need." She said as she walked with him.

"You make it sound like it is our fault." Castiel said blinking a few times looking at his sister. He couldn't understand why Damaris was so upset with him. She never was like this before, but then again it had been a long time since he had seen her and he had disrupted her life.

"It is your fault." She snapped glaring at him. "It wasn't mine. I've been down here for many many years. So I have nothing to with what you do." She gripped her hands at her sides in anger.

Castiel took her hand and they disappeared in a flutter of wings. He appeared in Bobby's kitchen with her. Castiel looked around his brows furrowing.

Damaris looked around the kitchen pursing her lips together. She knew that her brother was going have a lot of explaining to do and she wanted to know as well. She looked over seeing the elder Winchester joining them in the kitchen.

"Excellent job with the witnesses." Castiel said as he looked over at Dean.

"You were hip to all this?" He questioned as he looked at Castiel and Damaris.

"I was, uh, made aware and her after the fact…"

"Well, thanks a lot for the angelic assistance. You know, I almost got my heart ripped out of my chest." Dean snapped looking at them.

"But you didn't." Castiel pointed out.

"I thought angels were supposed to be guardians. Fluffy wings, halos… you know, Michael Landon. Not dicks."

"Hey." Damaris said looking at Dean a bit hurt that he thought that she was a dick, but she wasn't.

"Read the Bible." Castiel said looking at Dean. "Angels are warriors of God. I'm a soldier and she's a former soldier."

"Yeah? Then, why didn't you fight?" Dean snapped his eyes growing dark with anger.

"I'm not here to perch on your shoulder. We had larger concerns."

Damaris looked at her brother with a look of agitation.

Dean saw the look on her face and he could tell right away that she didn't know what Castiel was going on about. "Concerns? There were people getting torn to shreds down here! And, by the way, while all this was going on, where the hell is your boss, huh, if there is a God?"

"There's a God." Castiel said looking at Dean.

Damaris looked down.

"I'm not convinced. 'Cause if there's a God, what the hell is he waiting for, huh? Genocide? Monsters roaming the earth? The freaking apocalypse? At what point does he lift a damn finger and help the poor bastards that are stuck down here?"

"The Lord works…"

"If you say 'mysterious ways,' so help me, I will kick your ass. So, Bobby was right… about the witnesses. This some kind of a… sign of the apocalypse."

"That's why we're here. Big things afoot."

"Do I want to know what kind of things?"

"I sincerely doubt it, but you need to know. The rising of the witnesses is one of the 66 seals."

Damaris gripped her hands tightly at her sides, her knuckles turning white in anger.

"Okay. I'm guess that's not a show at Seaworld."

"Those seals are being broken by Lilith."

Damaris looked at her brother with anger in her eyes.

"She did the spell. She rose the witnesses."

"Mm-hmm. And not just here. 20 other hunters are dead." Castiel explained to Dean.

"Of course. She picked victims that the hunters couldn't save so that they would barrel right after us."

"Lilith has a certain sense of humor."

"HUMOR!" Damaris yelled looking at her brother with narrowed eyes. "That's not humor. She's down right cynical."

Dean nodded at what Damaris had said. He was a bit surprised that Damaris was yelling at her own brother. "Well, we put those spirit back to rest."

"It doesn't matter. The seal was broken."

"Why break the seal anyways?" Dean questioned wanting to know why the seal was broken.

"You think of seals as locks on a door."

"Okay. Last one opens and…"

"Lucifer walks free." Damaris said looking at Dean, swallowing the lump in her throat.

Castiel nodded his head firmly.

"Lucifer? But I thought Lucifer was just a story that they told at demon Sunday school. There's no such thing."

"Three days ago, you thought there was no such thing as me or Damaris. Why do you think we're here walking among you now for the first time in 2,000 years?"

"It's been 1,500 years for me." Damaris said narrowing her eyes.

"To stop Lucifer." Dean said now getting the reason why Castiel was there.

"That's why we've arrived."

"Well… bang-up job so far. Stellar work with the witnesses. That's nice."

"We tried. And there are other battles, other seals. Some we'll win, some we'll lose. This one we lost. Our numbers are not unlimited. Six of my brothers died in the field this week. You think the armies of Heaven should follow you around? There's a bigger picture here. You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of Hell. I can throw you back in." Castiel said before vanishing before them.

Dean looked at her. "You're not going with him?"

Damaris looked at him with tired blue eyes. "No. I haven't seen him in 1500 years and now knowing this…" Damaris shook her head. "I can't just sit back and watch."


"I'm going to help. Regardless if my brother wants me to or not." Damaris said as she slowly removed her tan coat. She fiddled with the hem of her shirt.

"You've been down here for 1500 years?"

Damaris nodded her head. "Quiet peacefully too. Until now." Damaris let out a soft breath. "Guess it wasn't supposed to last forever. Go get some rest Dean." Dean said softly looking at the green eyed hunter. "You look exhausted."


"I'll still be here. I promise." Damaris said with a small smile.

Dean nodded his head softly.


Dean awoke a while later seeing his brother in the kitchen. He slowly walked to the kitchen.

"You alright? What's wrong, Dean?" Sam asked softly looking at his brother with a worried gaze etched across his face.

"So… You got no problem believing in… God and Angels?" Dean questioned his brother.

"No, not really."

"So I guess that means you believe in the Devil."

"Why are you asking me all this?" Sam's eyes widened when he saw a woman come into the kitchen. "Dean… who…"

Dean turned his head. "Sam… this is Damaris."

"Angel of the Lord. Well… former Angel of the Lord…"

"She's been walking the earth for the last 1500 years."

Sam swallowed the lump in his throat. "You weren't the one that brought Dean back?"

"No… that would be my moron of a brother thought that he was doing right of bringing a soul back from hell." Damaris let out a soft breath as she looked at Sam and she could feel that something was wrong, but whatever it was… it was dark and seeded deep inside of him.

"She also said… that she would help us. And she doesn't care what her brothers and sisters say."

"You… you really said that?"

Damaris nodded her head. "Someone has to help you guys stop Lilith from breaking the seals."


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