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I'm Not Like My Brother

Rainbow Haired Girl

Summary: Damaris is Castiel's sister. When things begin to go wrong when Dean Winchester comes back, she has to make a choice, to follow the orders of Heaven, or follow the Winchesters. Book 1 of Angel Amongst.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural but I do own Damaris.

Authoress Note: I know that I shouldn't be posting any more stories, but I wanted to get these out as quick as I could so I could update as many of them as I could and kind of have them all together that type of thing when it came to updates. This is going to be set in Season 4 of Supernatural, and Damaris… you'll see what Damaris is all about. I hope that you guys enjoy this… and like my other stories, I will be updating with replies to my readers who leave a review. So enjoy.


A woman sat alone in the park, her pale pink lips pursed together as she wore a tan coat with white fake fur around the collar, her legs clad in a pair of tan pants, and a white top. She had been sitting for some time waiting listening to what was going on around her. Her sky blue eyes opened as she heard a familiar sound of fluttering wings. She felt the energy shift around her. "Castiel." Her voice came out softly.

"Damaris." Castiel's voice came out gruffly as he moved towards her in his vessel's body.

Damaris turned and looked at him. She slowly crossed her arms as she looked at Castiel. "Brother, what are you doing here?"

"You've been hiding from heaven." Castiel said looking at her as his brows furrowed in confusion.

Damaris' brows went together. She knew that she had been hiding from Heaven and there was a good reason for it. "Castiel, brother, you make it sound like I've sinned."

Castiel's cobalt blue eyes narrowed in worry. "You've been gone for a long time, Damaris." He moved towards her slowly. "Did we fail you in some way?" He asked his voice soft. He couldn't explain what he was feeling, but this was something that he had felt a long time ago, and it was always around her, or Hannah.

"Castiel, stop, I'm hiding from Heaven for a reason, and you needn't worry." She said softly as she touched his cheek. "Don't worry about me, Castiel."

Castiel closed his eyes and he heard the fluttering of wings, he slowly opened his eyes and Damaris was gone. His heart tugged in sadness as he stood there. He didn't understand why Damaris would deem it in such a way that she needed to hide from Heaven… a place that truly needed her.


This is the end of the Prologue of I'm Not Like My Brother. What do you guys think of Damaris? I know that there isn't much to go on for Damaris, but there will be more later on revealed about Damaris. I hope that you guys liked this first part. Please remember that reviewing is fuel for me to continue on with writing. So please leave a review if you like it. Constructive criticism if you want me to do better. No flames please. Until next time guys.

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