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Chapter VII –The Guy with a Girl name–

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Chapter VII

–The Guy with a Girl name–

Tuesday, 26 October 1971


Albus was finishing dealing with paperwork with the School Board when suddenly the department's office door opened. Albus looked up with narrowed eyes at who would enter without knocking, only to find Abraxas Malfoy.

"Lord Malfoy, what can we do for you?" Several of the old Members hurried to the blond's side.

It was then that Albus saw the blonde Witch behind his former student. Amphitrite Malfoy, Abraxas' sister. Amphitrite picked a folder from her handbag and offered it to the group. One of the Wizards accepted it and looked through it, before glancing back at Albus and then back to the folder. Albus' lips thinned, not enjoying this one second.

"Are you certain of this?" The Wizard asked.

"All students that are children from Purebloods or Halfbloods have been owling the proof to their own parents as we speak." The Witch agreed.

Albus stood.

"What is going on?"

"Professor McLaggen has been teaching students out of class material." The School Board's Member explained as he looked at the folder again. "The parents are demanding his firing."

Albus frowned.

"Why aren't the parents bringing this to me?" He retorted.

It might be his first-year as a Headmaster, but…

"Because we have a proposition for the Defence Against Dark Arts' post, but we have witnesses with the former School Headmasters' portraits that you refused this person for personal prejudice. That you said, and I quote, that you only received him because you are legally obliged to do so but you never really intended to give him a chance."

Albus tensed, immediately knowing who Abraxas was talking of.


The blond Wizard smiled back.

"And my sister has also owled you several times over the right to keep tutoring her child over the Wizardry World and Inheritance etiquettes during the past two months." Abraxas added as the School Board's Members all looked through the folder. "Since you obviously refuse us as Purebloods, we are coming directly to the School Board and if needed we will bring this to the Wizengamot." The blond threatened the last part towards the School Board's Members.

Albus' lips thinned, understanding that he was against the wall on this. The School Board's Members nodded at Amphitrite.

"We will make sure this is dealt with." They promised because otherwise they'd also be put on the Wizengamot trial, Albus was sure.



After breakfast Harry offered Ron the homework that Voldemort had checked with the elder's notes and let the other boy to use it to make his own essays. Hermione frowned and Harry gave her the finished versions as the two walked outside into the Green Houses while Ron hurried into the Library.

"You are making the homework twice?"

"Y.K.W. demanded to review my homework after I once accidentally sent him the DADA's homework. The one I got an O? Last weekend he showed up and demanded for the others so he would start checking them each time." Harry picked yesterday's Potions one and showed. "Those were the ones that I already had ready when he demanded for them. Potions and Transfiguration would be too late for Ron but the rest is free reign." He explained. "Besides, I believe that from now on I have to make one right after being given the homework and ship it off. Which He reviews, points down typos and ships back with book titles that can be helpful." He shrugged.


"I'm not making the homework for Ron, Herm." He argued amused. "He still has to understand the subject and check the books." He glanced around to be sure no one was listening on them as they approached the Green Houses for their Herbology class together. "Besides it ain't our first-time." He added as a whisper.

Hermione sighed and nodded, returning the scrolls. Harry stored his homework in his handbag and the two entered the class alongside the rest. When they were done two hours later, they left and walked into the Library were Ron was surrounded by books doing his best to do his own essays. Only for Harry to feel himself stared. He looked around and found several Slytherins on the other side of the room keeping a protective look of them. He scoffed and returned his attention towards Hermione as Ron read through the tomes that he had on the table and hurried to find the best terminology to fill in the essay, before he would have to go to his own class in half-hour alongside the Ravenclaws.

A Hufflepuff approached their table as Ron was quickly filling in his essays.

"What is it?" Hermione asked but the male turned towards Harry and offered a scroll.

"Was told to give you this." The other argued.

Harry frowned and accepted the parchment, to which the other walked away. Before he could start to uncoil the scroll a six-year Slytherin was by his side and took it from him. Harry opened his mouth to argue, but the older already had his wand pointed at the scroll.

"Revelio!" He whispered and the spell hit the scroll, but nothing happened.

"Happy?" Harry snapped.

"This is a scroll to go to the Headmaster." The older argued, opening it and looking through it. "It says nothing over your Guardian being there."

"I cannot go without Uncle Abraxas?" Harry wondered and the older nodded.

"I'll go call Professor Slughorn so he can join you at going to the Headmaster's office. If I remember correctly he has a free period before his lunch break." The other argued and left with Harry's summoning scroll.

"That bad?" Hermione wondered.

"They've been watching us since we left the Green Houses." Harry signalled with his head to the group by the side.

Hermione looked and then back again.

"I thought…"

"They aren't protecting me from you guys, but us three from anyone else." He shrugged. "I'm under Y.K.W.'s protection after all. They won't dare to do anything that would call attention."

Hermione nodded and looked at Ron, who finally finished all of his essays. He looked at her pleadingly and she scoffed, accepting the homework back starting to check them. Eventually, Harry packed his backpack and nodded at his friends before he joined the arriving Professor Slughorn and walked to the Headmaster's Tower on the seventh floor, while the other two walked to the Charms' classroom on the third floor.

Professor Dumbledore could be heard arguing with someone inside the office. Professor Slughorn signalled at Harry to stay quiet and then knocked on the door. It didn't take long for the door to open and Professor Dumbledore to look back from his place sitting by his desk. Harry frowned and looked around as the two were allowed inside and that's when Harry's magic knew. His eyes were immediately drawn towards Voldemort who was by the side with crossed arms.

"Tom, wasn't expecting to find you here." Professor Slughorn pointed out surprised.

"Was just hired by the School Board." Voldemort argued. "Effect and immediate."

"Those are great news." Professor Slughorn agreed.

Professor Dumbledore obviously was thinking anything but that.

"Indeed, why are you and Heiress Peverell here?" Voldemort wondered.

"Albus called him to his office, immediately the older students intervened and contacted me so I'd be present until the Guardians would arrive since the summoning scroll didn't mention that they were already present or not." Professor Slughorn offered.

Voldemort's eyes narrowed and glared in Professor Dumbledore's direction, not even pretending.

"Very well. I wonder what an Heiress of an once extinct family would need to come to the Headmaster's office."

"Tom." Professor Dumbledore warned, obviously about Voldemort being disrespectful before a student.

"My biological father was a Peverell." Harry put in, calling attention to himself. "My biological mother is the sister of Lord Malfoy." He continued as he stepped out of Professor Slughorn's shadow. "I am Heiress Peverell, my best friends are a Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw, my other friends are a Gryffindor and two Slytherins. I take it this is about the evil Slytherin being among the Gryffindors and Ravenclaw." He added.

"It is not normal." Professor Dumbledore agreed.

Harry shrugged stopping by Voldemort's side, just in case he'd need back-up, and making it look like it wasn't on purpose.

"I don't bloody care what people consider normal. I'm a guy that is dressed as girl. I'm the guy with a girl name. I'm the guy who one day will be forced to wed a husband instead of a wife if I'll want to have children of my own bloodline. I'm the child scattered in scars and that no normal male will ever want for as 'wife'. I'm too open-minded and refuse to take orders. Men want lovers who they can tell what to do, I'm the opposite. I'm opinionated. And if you don't like my way of seeing the world? Then why should I be the one to change just to accommodate you?"

Professor Dumbledore was looking at Harry confused, unsure what to make of him. Harry glanced at Voldemort, who was hiding his emotions behind his mask like usual but for the first-time Harry saw the man's eyes looking at Harry with the same look since their first meeting in this timeline.

"Even so…"

"Veronique is my brother and Megara is my sister. Bring your «Slytherins are pure evil» sermon to whoever wants to listen, because that won't reach my ears." Harry snapped and immediately Voldemort intervened, stepping in between and giving him a warning look. Harry looked up at the man and then bowed his head in Professor Dumbledore's direction. "Sir." He added.

Professor Dumbledore obviously opened his mouth to speak.

"Albus!" Both Harry and Voldemort looked at Professor Slughorn surprised. "Professor Riddle, please bring your new student down. Miss Prewett, Miss Black and Miss Evans are in class, but Mr Snape and Miss Nott must be in the Library."

Voldemort nodded and walked with Harry out the office, as soon as the door behind them closed they started to hear Professor Slughorn arguing with the other over his preconceived vision of Slytherins. Harry stayed quiet as Voldemort descended the office's stairs with him and then walked down the corridor. Harry glanced up at Voldemort, but the other seemed like he didn't intend on making small talk. They took the stairway and then Harry's eyes narrowed.

"This is not the way to the Library." He argued.

Voldemort didn't reply and descended down the serpentine corridor. He opened one door and signalled Harry to go in first. Harry's lips thinned at the chivalrous action, but entered the classroom and then followed Voldemort down the classroom and up the stairs into the Professor's private office. As soon as they were alone, Voldemort obviously raised a Silence Ward.

"You need to be more careful around the Headmaster." The older argued as he approached his new desktop with a sneer and with a flick of wand the belongings of the former Professor started packing.

"You say that but you couldn't keep your eyes out of me." Harry grumbled.

Voldemort looked back and then towards the bookcase that he was emptying except the seven books that he would have to use for teaching.

"How bad?" He eventually asked as Harry was packing things in a box from the former Professor by the side. Harry looked up confused. "Your Muggles. Any grown adult would've tell you that you were too young to remember, but you do. You also have the physical proof."

"I was 5 when I was taken in by the Malfoys." Harry put in, returning to what he was doing only to find a wizardry version of a playboy mag hidden under the armchair. "For real? The only thing missing is a dirty sock!"

Harry felt Voldemort's look as he leaned down and put his hand under the armchair to try to check for any more hidden stash.

"Just how much did those Muggles do to you, Evie?"

Harry looked up from his place with an arm under the armchair.

"I'm still virgin if that is what you want to know." He argued before he found something stuck to the bottom of the armchair. "Ahah! Found you."

Harry took hold of it and pulled with strength only to gasp loudly and before he could react Voldemort was on him, grabbed the armchair and pulled it up magically. Harry's hand was literally being swallowed by the bottom of the armchair as if by a mouth. Voldemort's eyes narrowed and before Harry could react the older had picked his wand and pointed it at the armchair.


Harry's eyes grew scared.

He still had an arm stuck inside it!

The armchair screeched as if it was a living being and then suddenly Harry's arm was released and he walked away against the opposite wall. Voldemort kept the armchair (which kept shaping forms for some reason) in the air and under the spell until it was dust. Only then he approached Harry and checked his arm, pulling his sleeve up.

"Wha… what was that?"

"A Mimic, they shift themselves into objects that the person most need to make themselves wanted and then strike." Voldemort sneered. "No bite nor scratch." He added obviously relieved. "My former predecessor was so incompetent that the furniture he had brought in was infested." He explained.

Harry blushed and stayed quiet as Voldemort checked his arm for any side-effects. Eventually the elder's eyes flashed red as he saw the knife mark on Harry's arm from when Peter Pettigrew had cut him and later Barty Crouch Jr. had turned it worse.

"It's just an old scar." He argued.

Voldemort looked up at Harry's eyes and then back to the arm. His lips thinned and then released Harry.


During the Headmaster's scene you see Harry looking at Voldemort and realizing he is looking at him the same way he did when they met. That is the same look Voldemort gave him when Harry smiled at him as a child thinking Voldemort was Ron.

To Harry who is emotionally constipated this means nothing… to us readers(writer)… take an indicative guess over who is falling for who…


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