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Chapter VI –Equal & Pets–

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Chapter VI

–Equal & Pets–

Tuesday, 4 October 1971


When Harry finally got the dreaded homework back, he looked at his grade in dismay.


Sure, he used to have good grades in DADA back in the future, but they were EEs, never Os unless it were practical classes…

He sighed and picked an empty parchment. He had to at the very least thank the older either he liked or not. Even if he wouldn't apologise…


Wednesday, 5 October 1971


Voldemort looked up from his men as they were about to leave on their outing to free Creatures from Ministry's facilities, to find an owl with a simple scroll tied to its leg. The Wizards and Witches stayed smartly quiet and walked away to give him the space. Voldemort untied the scroll, to realize it were two scrolls instead of just one. He opened one that had the revised version of Evie's homework with a purple ink on the top where the Professor had written O for Outstanding. Voldemort hummed approvingly and looked at the other scroll to find a thank you letter.

It wasn't an apology for the angry letter, but it was a start. He'd send him a reply when he would arrive from the raid.

Voldemort pocketed the scrolls and the owl flew away.


Sunday, 24 October 1971


Harry was finishing his homework bored – he was repeating his first-year after all – when the common room's entry wall opened. All the Slytherins looked at who was entering, to find Professor Slughorn alongside 'Tom Riddle'. Harry's eyes narrowed, wondering what the other was doing in the school.

"As you can see, Tom, things haven't changed much since you were a student." Professor Slughorn offered proudly.

Tom looked around the Common room as he hummed. His eyes passed by Harry briefly before they continued on.

"I can see that, Professor. You cannot blame me for wondering, after all. Since I've graduated and Professor Merrythought has resigned that the former Headmaster hadn't managed to keep a Defence Against Dark Arts Professor half-decent for more than a year. Actually, I got a letter from a child of one of my former housemates that showed first-years doing third-year homework. Obviously, I immediately owled back several books that can be found in the School Library to help because the first-year's book wouldn't help." Voldemort offered pointedly.

Several Slytherins looked in Harry's direction at the claim and then their eyes grew as they realized exactly who this man was.

"That cannot be, no way my co-worker would've…"

"First-years, can you show your Head of House your second-week homework to Defence Against Dark Arts?" Voldemort demanded.

Several first-years shared looks unsure. Nott looked at Harry from her place on the other side of their round table, before she picked her shoulder bag and took out a scroll and approached, delivering it. Professor Slughorn looked at Voldemort and then accepted the scroll, opening it. He looked through, obviously going horrified.

"I'll look into this immediately." He agreed and left in a hurry.

Every Slytherin looked after the Professor that had totally forgotten he was supposed to keep the visiting person with him at all times as the wall closed and then looked at 'Tom Riddle' whose eyes narrowed and his 'features' returned to normal.

"Noow… who is it that is claiming that I have an Heir under my arch nemesis's roof?" He demanded harshly.

Everyone looked around unsure.

"Sir?" The Head Boy asked and Voldemort nodded, letting him talk. "In some of our cases, our parents warned us so we started trying to look for the Heir and before we knew it every Slytherin knew."

Voldemort sneered.

"Let's make three things certain. One: I didn't claim my Heir!" The entire Slytherins nodded. "Two: He is the one that Lady Magic itself claims is my Equal. So no he is not my Heir, he is my Equal!" Voldemort added and Harry could feel the way the oldest Slytherin's, who had been on the opposite side of his wand, shivered as if they suddenly realized why he was so powerful, making him roll his eyes. "Three: I didn't do it because Professor Dumbledore is the Headmaster and if he gets hear that the Dark Lord that is growing in power's Equal/Heir is in the Slytherin House, he'll do everything in his power to find said person. Even if that means that he has to get through all of you to do it."

All Slytherin's eyes grew.


"And either you like it or not, one of you would've tell him if he forces you to. He is good in making people tell him what he wants either they want to or not." Voldemort snarled and then walked towards Harry's table. "Evie."

"Riddle." Harry agreed with a sneer.

"Are those your new essays?" Voldemort questioned.

"Yes, Sir."

Voldemort leaned forward and before Harry could argue, the other picked the parchments in a heap and started to look through each one.

"When do you have to deliver these?"

When Harry didn't reply, Voldemort looked up to demand it from him.

"Transfiguration is the closest being tomorrow morning. And Potions at 5pm." Snape supplied as he looked through his pocket and then offered Voldemort a parchment. "Our timetable, Sir."

Voldemort accepted it and looked through the homework classes and the next day classes. He set down the parchment with Harry's Transfiguration.

"Double check on the Transfiguration Alphabet." He argued, before pocketing the others and his features returned to 'normal'. "I'll return your Potions before lunch tomorrow." He added before he walked back to the place he'd been previously just before the wall opened and Professor Slughorn entered out of breath. "I better go, Professor." 'Riddle' supplied. "Professor Dumbledore does consider the mere thought of me offering to be a Professor a blasphemy after all and only gave me an interview because he is forced by law. Ask the former Headmasters' portraits: They were present when he admitted it."

Professor Slughorn gasped horrified and walked with the other out the Slytherin's common rooms. As soon as the wall closed, Harry stood, picked his essay and started to leave the common room, heading down the labyrinth into his quarters. When several stood to speak back, he turned and glared by the entry of the labyrinth.

"Whoever dares to speak about this, will have to deal with me!" He snarled. "Because then you won't have my siblings stopping me from throwing you to Whomping Willow and, unlike last time, I won't rescue you!"

Nott smiled amused from their low ranked round table. Harry turned around and went down. He had just finished rereading the Transfiguration homework when the quarters' door opened. He looked up to find Nott and Snape entering.

"What?" He snapped.

Snape approached and picked Harry's parchment, looked through it and then picked a quill, starting to underline and write down notes.

"You might not want to be treated different for being under His wing." Nott put in. "But you still are and even if we can't make it public – like making you climb in ranking as it would become obvious – we will still help you in what we can."

"Nott…" Harry warned.

"We won't do anything that will call the other Houses or the Professor's attentions." Snape argued. "I see what He meant. Miss Nott, do you have your Transfiguration book by hand?"

The girl nodded and picked it from her desktop and gave Snape, who opened it and started looking for the exact wordings. Eventually the parchment was returned.

"Think of it this way:" Nott started, "Slytherins won't fight your two friends ever again, knowing better." She offered. "If anything, if anyone dares to pick on the two all of us will back them up. Like a Slytherin House's pet of sorts."

"They are humans." Harry argued.

"They are your pet friends." She agreed with a smirk and Snape immediately stood in between the two.

"Nott, don't provoke Peverell!" He sneered at her and then turned towards Harry. "Either you and me like it or not, the only way Slytherins will accept our friendship with Gryffindors is if they see them as under our protection. You think I like the way they badmouth Lily for being a Muggleborn?"

Harry's lips thinned and then shook his head. He sneered at Nott over Snape's shoulder and the brunette girl with green eyes looked right back with a teasing smirk.

"Go tell the others that Evans is under my wing as well. And, if they don't approve, tell them to bring it to me!" He snarled.

Nott mock-bowed and then left their quarters to go speak with the others.

"Thank you, Peverell." Snape bowed his head back and Harry nodded.


Monday, 25 October 1971

Harry entered the Great Hall and joined Ron on the Gryffindor table, usually the Slytherins would've argue but not this time. Ron smiled back and Harry mentioned with his eyes towards Lily Evans.

"Evans, come here." Ron called and the dark-red-haired green-eyed girl looked back and then approached, sitting by their side. "Evans, this is Callisto Peverell. Kari, this is Lily Evans."

Harry's mother smiled at Harry.

"Just Lily." She argued. "Severus spoke about you."

"Then call me Kari." Harry argued. "And I find it hilarious you say that since, when we are together, he only speaks about you." He added.

Lily chuckled and nodded. Just as Hermione was about to join them, Nott showed behind them.

"Are you coming?" She asked and Harry raised an eyebrow at her. "You came to invite your friends onto our table, right? Come, Snape is saving us a large enough space in the Slytherin table." She added before she nodded her head once at Lily. "It's Evans, am I correct?"

Lily glanced at Ron and then at Nott, nodding.


"Silvine Nott." Nott offered. "Come, Snape is waiting for us."

The three stood and walked to the Slytherin table, where the other Slytherins had literally left them an open space. Hermione raised an eyebrow back and Harry shook his head to tell her he'd explain later.

As soon as he sat down he felt the look from the head table, glancing that way saw the Headmaster looking back confused. Nott immediately held onto Harry and pulled him to look to his plate.

"He is a Legilimens." She whispered before he could.

Harry held back his argument as his new group started talking between themselves. Introducing themselves and actually befriending each other. Even though they had the male side of the table with just one boy, the Slytherins still kept it empty and made sure they kept a specie of protection of Harry's group.

Harry guessed it wasn't as bad as he believed it would be if they realized it was him.

The owls arrived but none went towards Harry's group, except one with the Daily Prophet. Harry frowned, having hoped that Voldemort had sent him at least one of his homework back already. He didn't want to do the same as last time.


Head Boy stopped Harry as he walked to the Transfiguration classroom. Harry raised an eyebrow and the other set a scroll in his hand. Confused Harry opened it, to find that Voldemort had owled the Potions' essay to the Head Boy instead.

"He sent a list of books as well. I'll bring them to the common room for you." The older offered.

Harry's lips thinned before he nodded.

"Send a letter back. Madam Pince told me to tell my 'tutor' that I need a calligraphy notebook."

The older frowned and looked at Harry's scroll and messy writing before he nodded.

"I'll see about it." He agreed and walked away.

Sighing, Harry approached his friends as he stored his homework that he'd have to double check later.



Voldemort looked up towards Evan as he approached him after their afternoon meeting and the others Knights leaving.

"What is it?"

"My son owled me this, Sire."

Voldemort frowned and accepted the envelope. He opened it and took out the letter.


When delivering the package: I was informed that the Librarian is of the idea that he needs a calligraphy notebook. When I looked at his homework on his hand at the time: I saw what she meant. I've seen him write on his lap and even when he writes on a table it is still messy. Not to mention the way he grabs the quill (which I paid attention when I helped him fill his homework during his first reviewed homework) and tableware (which I paid attention to during lunch today). The way he grabs his wand I cannot talk for even though I have been on the end side of it, since he was so fast at it that I could not react to.

I know his Family has taught him, but the way he holds these objects I believe that it's instinctive from long before. I've heard of the life before he was found. Is there anything I can do (besides the joining his two Gryffindors and one Ravenclaw to Slytherin table)?


Evan Rosier Jr

Voldemort looked up from the letter towards his Knight.

"Write back, I want the name of Evie's friends." He put in before returning the letter inside the envelope and gave it to the other. As he also delivered the rest of the checked homework he had yet to owl back. "Besides Veronique Prewett, she I already know of."

"Yes, my Lord." Evan agreed as he stored the essays in his pocket.

"And warn Lord Malfoy that Heiress Peverell was recommended to get a calligraphy notebook." Voldemort added before Evan bowed his head and left.

Voldemort narrowed his eyes. He really hoped Dumbledork wouldn't realize that his Equal was under his rooftop. Either Evie liked it or not, he was under Voldemort's protection since Magic had declared it so.


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