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Chapter V –Dark Lord's Protection–

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Chapter V

–Dark Lord's Protection–

Thursday, 2 September 1971


" 'Morning, you."

Harry smiled as Ron sat by his side and started serving himself.

"Good morning, you, back." He replied. "You do know this isn't Gryffindor's house table, right?"

Ron sent Harry a 'duh' face, before signalling with his head towards the rest of the Slytherins looking down at him.

"I feel as welcomed here as you did at your former relatives… didn't your cousin mention that Slytherins don't show what they are really thinking?"

Harry snorted.

"Most of them forgot that lesson long ago." He argued. "How's Gryffindor?"

Ron shrugged.

"Cosy." He replied, starting to eat.

Harry smiled and served himself as well. As the two ate they watched as Professor Slughorn started to distribute the timetables.

"Miss Prewett, what are you doing here?"


"But it's the Slytherin's House table."

"Is there any law that forbids me from sitting beside my best friend?"

The blond Professor looked from one to the other before he finally smiled.

"Of course not. I'm just not used to have Gryffindors and Slytherins sitting together."

Ron shrugged.

"We're practically siblings. No way I'll let a House stand between us."

Harry smiled at Ron, who grinned back. Professor Slughorn gave Harry his timetable.

"I'll ask the Gryffindor's Head of House for your schedule in a minute, Miss Prewett."

Harry watched the Professor continue down the table.

"I'll never get used to that title."

"You and me both." Ron agreed.

"I do have to say: Prewett did you some good." A female voice stated.

Harry turned with a smile as Hermione sat at his other side.

"How so?" Ron wondered.

"You finally learnt eating manners."

"I'm afraid that who taught them were the Malfoys. I spent more time at Kari's place than at my own." Ron argued.

Hermione nodded and picked Harry's timetable, putting side-by-side with hers and started making drawings at the corners of her own on.

"Where's yours, Ron?"

"The blond professor said he would bring it for me."

Hermione nodded while drawing on Harry's schedule. Harry glanced at it to see Hermione making draws of the creeping ivy on the Herbology class around the letters, peeking over her shoulder he noticed it was the only one he had with Ravenclaw.

"Poison ivy?"

"Hedera Felix. Commonly known as poison ivy, in English that is." She explained. Harry nodded and smiled at the Professor as the man offered them Ron's timetable that Hermione immediately started drawing to the others while at same time drawing on Ron's. "Here, this is yours, Kari."

"Butterflies?" Harry asked, as he accepted the schedule and noticed the butterflies around both DADA, Transfiguration and Potions class locations, to which Hermione grinned back.

"I do remember someone mentioning «Follow the Butterflies»…"

Harry chuckled as Ron grumbled against his food.

"What drawing did you made for me?" He wondered.

Hermione picked her timetable and showed, Ron peeking over Harry's shoulder. Only for them to see a moon.

"Callisto is a moon of planet Jupiter… Honestly, am I the only one who reads?" She asked as she returned Harry and Ron their timetables, but as they opened their mouths to retort she beat up to them; "Don't answer that! There, this is yours, Ron." Ron nodded, studying his own timetable.

"Two free periods and then practically the whole day with Gryffindor except for History with Hufflepuff." Harry mumbled as he studied his own. "Looks like I only have classes with you on Tuesday's morning and Wednesday's afternoon, Hermione." He added and Hermione shook her head.

"First-years have Astronomy tonight." She argued, pointing at it. "So we will have a class where we can us three be together."

Harry hummed and nodded.

"Well it's not like we can argue, Ron, we have more classes together than we first thought we would've."

Ron nodded and peeked a look to the Gryffindor table.

"I suppose I can befriend some Gryffindors." He mumbled. "Evans' nice…" he added offhandly.

Harry followed his look at once only to find his mother.

"Why not my cousin?" Hermione asked.

"Takes too much fun in pranking others." Ron argued with a shrug. "What about you, Kari? Any friend?"

Harry glanced at Ron and then back at Lily Evans.

"Rabastan Lestrange took me under his wing." He offered.

"And does anyone knows about the…?"

Harry glanced at Ron to see him making a move of a necklace.


"How does Slytherin's dormitories work like?" Hermione wondered.

"Divided in pairs and in ranking. I'm with… that girl. We have a private common room that it's quite cosy, two separate bedrooms and one private bathroom for us two… Nott's room is all in violet and greyish wood, mine's more in several tones of brownish wood and some red for the linen and curtains. I think each bedroom goes depending of person's personality."

"Lucky you." Ron argued. "I share the room with four girls." Harry and Hermione turned to him at once. "Don't worry I told them. Evans was surprised at first but agreed that I dress in bathroom and that I'm warned in mornings so I can open my curtains and get up."

The two males turned towards Hermione.

"Ravenclaw is alike Gryffindor I suppose. We do not have to be careful when dressing though." She explained, making the three snort.


Harry entered History of Magic with a sigh just knowing that it would be such as boring as it was in future because the Professor was already a Ghost in this timeline, Ron and him had just finished Potions in the Dungeons with the blond Professor who was actually a good Professor and nothing like Snape (Transfiguration was Professor McGonagall so Ron and him hadn't expected much difference and the DADA… well the Professor had started the one period class with an actual class instead of an introduction so Harry was uncertain what to think of him). The Slytherins were already inside and most of them sneered at him because he had spent the previous last three classes and lunch break with a Gryffindor.

"Peverell, you can sit here." Harry turned to see Nott calling him close. "Or is there a Hufflepuff you want to join?"

Harry shook his head and approached with a smile, sitting with the girl and a young boy that could only be Severus Snape.



Harry turned towards Nott with raised eyebrow.

"I thought Slytherins were avoiding me."

The girl nodded.

"Most of them, yes. My older brother is in third-year, the older Slytherins spoke with him and he spoke with me at lunch break. Since both you and Snape are the only ones who has Gryffindor friends I supposed they meant one of you. Until I realize who, I'll befriend you both."

Harry hummed and sat by their side.

"And what reasons did they give you?"

"That one of us is under the wing of the Dark Lord." Snape replied. "I already told her it wasn't me. She argued that it would be exactly what the person who was would say."

Harry snorted as if said thing was atrocious. He would so make Lucius pay back later…


Saturday, 4 September 1971

Hermione raised an eyebrow when Harry just fell down next to her and Ron tiredly in the Grounds just beside the lake after finally leaving the Slytherins' common rooms since the others had cornered him for hours trying to do him an intervention anti-Gryffindors.

"What is it?"

"All Slytherins found out that one of the first-years that has a friend with a Gryffindor is under the Dark Lord's protection." He grumbled. "Suddenly both me and Snape are in a pedestal." He added.

"Tell them it isn't you." Hermione argued.

"Snape already did and they rationalized that the one who said it could be the one who was." He retorted and Ron laughed. "It's not funny. When they find which one of us it is: one is going to the bottom of the rank and the other is going to the top. Not just the top but the highest there is."

Hermione sighed and pulled Harry to lay on his side, with his head on her lap as she kept reading from her book and as Ron messed up with some flowers by the side.



Albus looked out his window as his co-workers commented about the strange trio of girls who had befriended each other from different houses. As he looked out he found said trio. A ginger Gryffindor messing around, a blondish-brunette Ravenclaw reading a book and a raven-haired Slytherin taking a nap on the Ravenclaw's lap. As Albus watched them, suddenly a group went their ways and Albus knew that the right way of things was about to be implanted: Slytherins would make sure that their little Raven wouldn't mess with the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

Albus was about to walk away from the window to face his Professors, when he saw the Raven girl wake and stand angrily. She grabbed her wand and, before any of the Slytherins (who had tried to keep her away from the pure duo) could react, they were literally cursed into the other side of the Grounds all the way to the bottom of the newly planted Whomping Willow, which become active and started striking them. As Albus gaped at the scene, the girl just pocketed her wand and then sat down again as if she hadn't just done an over her age spell, letting the Ginger girl mess with her hair but obviously arguing against it, which the blondish-brunette immediately passed her own hands through as if they were a comb to fix the hair.



Hermione glanced at the group being attacked by the tree and then at the grumbling Harry, who refused to look in their direction.

"Aren't we going to help them out of there?" Hermione asked him.

Scoffing, Harry picked his wand and stood, the other three following him up. The three walked to the being beaten group and with Accio spells each one brought the seventh-years Slytherins from the angry tree.

"Thank you, Peverell." The Head Boy gasped out.

"Don't thank me, thank the Black daughter of a Squib and the Peverell nephew of a Pureblood traitor. They were the ones to tell me to go help you." Harry snarled. "These are my siblings, you try to break us apart again? And I will throw you into a Werewolf in a Full Moon night." He added, before letting Hermione held his arm and the three walked back to their spot. "I told you that the Slytherins were insane." He grumbled loudly.

"Insane or not, harming them is still not good." Hermione argued.

"Oh don't be such a spoilersport, Herm." Ron argued. "Although, Harry, of all the trees you could have thrown them against and you chose the only one that could hit them back?" He added teasingly.

Harry blushed and Ron laughed.


Monday, 13 September 1971


Voldemort accepted the morning newspaper and was reading about his latest raid last weekend, when an unknown owl entered his office. He looked at it confused, but accepted the parchment. Which was just a scroll, no envelope.


Voldemort took a deep breath to keep himself from snapping. Evie had to be really pissed to send him such a scroll in all cap letters. He would have to ask his Knights to see what the boy meant by this. Turning the parchment around, he realized that this was the back of Evie's homework. The boy had to be really pissed that he hadn't even noticed that he had used something he would need to deliver on the same day that it would arrive.

Voldemort rolled his eyes and opened his red ink bottle and picked a quill, starting to double check all the typos and phrase structures that his Equal had misspelled. When he was done he added at the bottom several books that the boy should double check at the library before rewriting it and then gave the scroll back to the owl, who flew out. Hopefully the boy only needed it for next day and not today, because there was no way it would arrive in time for the boy to deliver it today.

Voldemort stood and apparated into Lestrange Manor. Jeremiah Lestrange better have some good explanations over why Slytherins were bothering his Heiress when he hadn't claimed him officially yet because he was under Dumbledore's watchful eye.

He couldn't help but wonder why Evie had called his Knights of Walpurgis by Death Eaters.



After dinner while Harry prepared his backpack for the next day he realized he was missing his DADA's homework and started turning his bedroom upside down, while Nott was in their private quarters looking back amused as he literally looked through each corner and parchment and book.

"What did you lose?" She asked amused.

"My homework to Professor McLaggen." He grumbled. "It was here this morning!"

Just as he was starting to look through each corner of the common quarters their room door opened. The two looked only for an owl to be allowed inside by Hogwarts itself. The door closed behind the owl, who flew towards Harry. Wasn't that the school owl he had used to talk with Voldemort last night? The scroll was offered and he could see red ink in between his own handwriting. Had Voldemort actually bothered to grammatically correct his messy handwritten shouting? He opened the scroll, only to see the homework that Voldemort had bothered correcting for him. At the bottom he could see several School Library's book titles and a small letter.

Evie, next time be more careful which parchment you grab.

Harry blushed and petted the owl.

"I take it you found it?" Nott asked.

"I… yes, apparently I had used it earlier to send a letter." He agreed and went to pick his backpack, only to find his bedroom already had been fixed up. He blushed and picked parchment, quill and an ink throwing them into his backpack before he hurried out. Several older Slytherins saw him pass the common rooms and demanded to know where he was going. "The Library. I need to pick some books." He shouted back, not caring what they thought or who asked.

As he left the wall that led to Slytherin's common rooms the owl flew away and Harry run down the corridor until a passageway that led him to third floor, where he then run to the School Library. The Librarian looked back and then at a clock.

"It's almost time for the mandatory curfew." The woman reprimanded.

Harry nodded out of breath and approached, showing the scroll to the woman.

"Was told to ask for these books so I could redo my homework." He asked as he fast breathed.

The woman picked the parchment and she sneered as she saw his messy handwrite, before she looked at the bottom at the book list and went to gather them for him. Finally, the books were set on his backpack carefully.

"Tell your tutor to get you one of those notebooks to help with the calligraphy." She told him sternly, making him blush.

"I will, Madam."

"Now go back to your common room before the mandatory curfew's bell rings." She commanded and he nodded, running out the library.

He stopped at seeing the Slytherin's Head Boy outside.

"How did you get here so fast?" The older asked surprised.

"I took shortcuts." Harry supplied as the older walked with him downstairs.

"Did you get all that you needed?" The Head Boy wondered and Harry nodded. "Next time remember to do this earlier."

"The owl only arrived when I left the common room." He retorted with a shrug.

The older looked back before he nodded, he nodded at Professor Slughorn as they passed him.

"We're going to the Common room, Sir." The Head Boy agreed. "We still have enough time to arrive there before the Curfew."

Professor Slughorn looked at his pocket watch and then started to walk besides them.

"I'll go with you two, just in case one of my co-workers decides to ground you." He offered and the two students nodded thankfully. "Any reason why you were still out?"

"Miss Peverell's tutor only sent her revised homework a quarter-hour ago and she had to run to the School Library to pick the books the tutor had told her to double check." The Head Boy explained.

"He/him." Harry argued and the other two looked back confused. "I may be a Bearer or whatever, but I'm still a dude! I'm a He."

The Head Boy frowned and looked at Professor Slughorn, who hummed thoughtfully.

"Miss Prewett?" Professor Slughorn asked and Harry nodded. "Yes, I thought so. You two had that look. I take it you two already started on the potions?"

"We weren't given a choice." Harry grumbled.

"I'll warn Madam Pomfrey." The Slytherin Head of House offered. "Once you start on the potions if you stop halfway it can have serious issues with your body." He added.

Harry nodded thankfully.

"Is this why you keep trying to sit on the male sides of the tables and go to the male bathrooms?" The Head Boy asked and Harry nodded. "I'll warn the Slytherins in a way they won't bother you over it. I take it that it is normal for Bearers to have female names?" He asked the Professor, who nodded.

"Yes, I'll speak with the other Head of Houses so we make a teaching over the matter to all the students." Professor Slughorn offered as they arrived the wall that was the entrance of the Slytherin's common rooms. "The terminology is still Miss Peverell, even if it's a He/Him." He added towards the Head Boy, who nodded. "Miss Peverell, if any of your classmates bother you over this matter, either it be over the right terminology, about you being a male bearer or even if any of them dare to force themselves onto you (either it is a Slytherin or from any other House) then you should come directly to me that I'll deal about it right away."

"I can take care of myself." Harry argued with a shrug.

The Head Boy set a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I'll speak with Miss Peverell's group of friends so they make certain that if anything really happens, they bring him to you." The seventh-year student agreed, making Harry glare up at him.

Professor Slughorn nodded and said the password before the wall opened. The two entered and the wall closed behind them. Before Harry had time to retort, the Head Boy grabbed the backpack from Harry and guided him to the high rank round table by the side. He pulled a chair for Harry, who raised an eyebrow.


The older smiled amused but still kept the chair open. Scoffing, Harry sat down only for his backpack to be opened and the books to be offered as Head Boy picked the scroll that Voldemort had checked and looked through his mess as Harry looked through the books he'd been told to check.

"I believe this proves it." Harry looked up confused at what the other was talking about, but the other offered the parchment face down and Harry saw his messy angry letter to the You Know Who. "You didn't send it to a tutor. He just decided to double check it when he realized which parchment you had accidentally sent."

Harry blushed.

"I'm no one." He argued.

The older's eyes narrowed and then sat closer to Harry instead of the six feet distance he usually kept because of Harry being a 'girl'. The rest of the Slytherins gasped at his audacity as he started to help Harry to look through the books for the exact chapters to be able to finish the homework before Harry had to go to bed.


First-year Slytherin School Schedule:


o Transfiguration with Gryffindor (two periods from 9am to 10:30am);

o Potions with Gryffindor (one period from 5pm to 5:45pm).


o Herbology with Ravenclaw (two periods from 9am to 10:30am);

o DADA with Gryffindor (two periods from 2pm to 3:30pm);

o Charms with Hufflepuff (one period from 4pm to 4:45pm).


o Charms with Hufflepuff (two periods from 9am to 10:30am);

o History of Magic with Hufflepuff (two periods from 2pm to 3:30pm);

o Herbology with Ravenclaw (one period from 6pm to 6:45pm).


o Transfiguration with Gryffindor (one period from 11am to 11:45am);

o DADA with Gryffindor (one period from 1pm to 1:45pm);

o Potions with Gryffindor (two periods from 2pm to 3:30pm);

o History of Magic with Hufflepuff (one period from 4pm to 4:45pm);

o Astronomy with all four School Houses together (two periods from 11:15pm to 00:45am).


o Broom Flying Classes with Gryffindor (three periods from 4pm to 6:15pm).


Mandatory Curfew starts at 10 pm and ends at 7 am. If you wonder about the number of breaks do remember that it's seven school years with four houses each (meaning two classes for each year) and one Professor per subject

I actually made a school schedule for each school year and each house and each Professor a few years ago.


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