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Chapter IV –Re-Sorting– (re-update)

Author Note: update: as some may have noticed me and surnames have a Huge issue. i'm sorry for all the misspells between Peverell/Prewett hope i managed to get them right this time around

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"Talking in another language than English"




Time change/Date of time

Chapter IV


1 September, 1971

Sirius shrugged.

"The privileges of being the first male born and the possible heir of the family is that they wait until you're old enough to make your choice." Sirius stated. "I still will have to marry a man. Even if I would try to marry a witch, according to my 'dear' mother, I would never have children with her… side effect of being natural means no able of getting females pregnant. Not that I care about it myself, I'm just 11, but hey I'm their heir of the family. I have to keep the tradition and have a son."

Harry snorted and found that he liked this younger Sirius.

"I am the heir to two families. The Peverell and the Slytherin." He commented. "I still wasn't given a change at choice."

Sirius hummed.

"I feel for you, my dear new friend. I feel for you. Now, if you lived with muggles before then you must have a male name, right?"

Harry nodded amused.


"Harry…" Sirius mumbled tasting the name in his tongue. "I like it. What about you?"

"Ronald, but you can just call me Ron. This way no one will suspect that you're actually using my real name, instead of girl name as both has that nickname."

Harry looked out the window as he felt the necklace in his hand warm up. Could what Sirius said be true? Was he really destined to be with a man because of his magic? Because his magic had made him a natural? Did this mean that he had never really had any choice in this? That in the future even if he would have married a woman he would never had a child?



Harry looked at Hermione to see her pointing to someone. He turned and saw a dark-red haired girl in muggle clothes with a school robe on top. She was talking with a skinny boy that had clothes in second-hand and greasy dark hair. Harry took a step towards the unknown-girl before he could even realize what he was doing…

"Hey, mate, snap out of it." Sirius hissed under his breath and grabbed Harry's arms, pulling him back and forcing him to turn, he then grabbed Harry's arm with one of his one, interlining them.

Harry tried to release himself from the arm but Sirius was stronger than him, side effect of the potions Harry was sure of. As he struggled he felt the look of someone on his back. Stopping the struggle, Harry peeked to where he could feel the look. On the other side of the room a brown haired green eyed girl was looking at him with a mix of indifference and confusion. Harry felt the skin of his back to crawl as a shiver went down from his neck to his bottom making his back's hair to stand up.

"Children." Harry turned, Sirius still holding his arm like a gentleman. Harry glared at him for that, but Sirius didn't release Harry's arm. A fat straw blond with hints of grey going bald wizard in refined robes was there with a smile. Harry frowned, where was McGonagall? "Yes, yes. Form a line in pairs please. Like this gentleman here, mister…?"

"Black." Sirius answered.

"Black, yes…"

Harry heard Ron groan and everyone started moving and in no time everyone was in pairs behind him and Sirius. The Professor looked behind Harry and when he was certain he turned, guiding them out the side-room into the atrium and into the Great Hall. Harry glanced at the staff table to see a 30s looking McGonagall sitting in there. Oh… so that's why. She was a new teacher… wait that meant that… Harry looked to the Headmaster to see Albus Dumbledore in there with his known smiles. Harry couldn't help but smile. He was already the Headmaster in this timeline…

The sorting hat on the usual three-legged stool opened it's brim and started to sing:

"You may know or you may not,

it was long time now,

when great people were brought,

to this place and told:

We will make a great school,

where we can teach all,

who want to know handy tool,

to achieve their goals.

I will teach all brave and fair,

told sir Gryffindor.

Then he build high in air,

hideout for his gold.

Then I'll take smart hard worker,

decided blue Ravenclaw.

She found place for them to lurk,

and knowledge to share.

Teaching perfidious young lords is right,

said proudly sir Slytherin,

since then did not come to light,

where is snake's nest hidden.

There is no student who I could not teach,

smiled kindly Huflepuff,

then she took all and each,

where she made for them pie.

Do not worry, do not fear,

you will be just fine,

when all houses will go clear,

that will be all right.

You do not need long white beard,

as our new headmaster,

to do what you need and want,

to be your dreams master."

Harry clapped with everyone else, turning back to grin at Ron and Hermione, only to shiver as the girl behind him wasn't any of the two but the scary girl he'd seen earlier. Harry turned around at once, did that girl give him the creeps…

"Now… Black, Megara."

Harry looked to the side as Hermione passed by him and as his first year classmates moved around to be by his side. Hermione climbed and sat on the stool.


Sirius took a relieved breath, Harry gave him a questioning look but "Black, Sirius" was heard. The boy finally released Harry's arm and approached the stool, as soon as the hat touched Sirius' head it screamed for Gryffindor. Someone touched his arm, Harry looked to find Ron by his side. The two shared a look. In the morning there would be a howler from Mrs Black. The two boy's waited as their colleagues were sorted.

"Peverell, Callisto."

Harry took a deep breath and took the next step. He sat on the stool and let the hat hide his eyes from view, something's may never change.

'So… another time-traveller. Let me see… another Gryffindor put into that house because you didn't want to enter into your rightful house… I wonder what the Malfoys will think of a Gryffindor nephew…'

'Wait.' Harry thought before the sorting hat could finish. 'Not Gryffindor this time…"

'Smart choice, Mr Peverell.' "Slytherin!"

The sorting hat was taken from Harry's head, Harry pulled his new glasses up his nose and stood moving to the Slytherin table. He had fought the idea of moving from his round glasses, but in the end Riddle had won. It was either buy a new glasses frame or get his eyes fixed. As Harry had argued about the quadrangular glasses being too small and narrowing down Harry's sight, they had bought Harry a frame that was quadrangular but so wide, that Harry didn't even see the frame with his eyes. Sometimes he even forgot he had his glasses on. Harry approached his table but when he was ready to sit down his colleagues sneered. Harry frowned looking at them, only to notice that the girls were on one side and the boy's on the other, but not only on Slytherin but on all the tables. Harry sneered and made a move to sit on the boy's side but a hand grabbed his arm and pulled him to the girls side, sitting him down next to the owner of said hand. Harry looked up at the girl, ready to give her a part of his own mind, but the brown haired girl with green eyes took a finger to her lips warning him to stay quiet. Now that he was right next to her, he noticed that brown surrounded the green in her eyes.

"Prewett, Veronique."

Harry looked up as Ron approached the stool only to be immediately sent into Gryffindor. The two boy's shared a look before Ron went to Gryffindor table.

"Good ridden." Harry glanced at the boy who dared to speak, he was looking Ron's direction as well. "Prewetts aren't trustworthy. Anyone who'll get involved with that one will be in serious trouble."

"If you turn your back on a whole family because something one person did, I can see how trustworthy you are. I prefer to take ten of him over one of you." Harry argued making the group of first years gasp at his audacity. "Besides isn't all Blacks Slytherins? What does that means with Sirius Black? Oh right… everyone in the family isn't trustworthy anymore."

The boy glared at Harry as if he was no better than the dirt under his feet.

"Like you can talk, bastard."

Harry grinned.

"Bastard and proud." He replied, looking back at the sorting.


Voldemort looked up to see Amphitrite entering the library where he found himself.

"Miss Amphitrite." He said with a nod.

The witch bowed back before showing a letter.

"Kari's letter arrived, Mr Riddle." Voldemort hummed. "He's a Slytherin." the witch added before bowing her head and leaving again.

Voldemort allowed a smirk to appear at the corner of his mouth.

Evie, what a mystery you are…


Harry entered Slytherin common room, following his colleagues. He had tried to walk away to go send his mother a letter that he'd quickly wrote during dinner but he had been stopped by Rabastan Lestrange who had in his stead taken the letter to the owlery. In part it was a good thing, who knew how Harry would've react if he had seen the owlery but no white snow owl…

"Ah… the first years are finally here."

Harry glanced up to seeing the blond wizard from earlier waiting for them. He was smiling at all of them, as if to welcome them home. Harry kept his sneer within. What the hell had he been thinking? He felt his necklace warm under his shirt and frowned. Tom Riddle's diary didn't use to warm up… did it?

"What?" he mumbled under his breath at the boy at his side that had shook him to get his attention.

Without Harry realizing Rabastan had entered the common room and approached him, on his siting position by one of the back seats. Rabastan pointed to the Professor.

"Now remember, Slytherin is your family and like any other family there are rankings that we all need to pass though." At this the Professor looked around making sure everyone was listening. "I do not advise the bottom rankings to anger the top ones, understood?"

"Yes, Professor Slughorn." The entire common room, minus first years, said.

"I do not want to hear anything about Slytherins fighting other Slytherins outside the common rooms, understood?"

"Yes, Professor Slughorn." This time the first years joined.

Harry glanced at Rabastan, who nodded his head.

"I'll explain later." He mumbled under his breath.

"If you have issues with other houses you came directly to another Slytherin, because Slytherins protect each other." Professor Slughorn said in a warning tone. "Now to happier subjects. As you must have realized the Slytherin quarters are a labyrinth. We enter through a wall with a password - you should not forget the password or pass to any other house - and you came upon the common room. At the end of the common room, in there" at this the Professor pointed to an open to the side, Harry glanced in silence, "and you came upon a corridor, following this corridor there's several doors. In each other there is a private quarter and two bedrooms. The first years are normally put in quarters way along the corridors. As you climb in the hierarchy so does your bed chambers. If you climb the hierarchy but your roommate doesn't you will move quarters to another roommate, unless you desire to stay with said roommate in his/her low ranking corridor."

Professor Slughorn looked around as if to make sure he had been understood.

"Very well, follow me. I'll guide you to your bed chambers. You will have a week where you can ask the older ones for help inside the corridors." All first years stood and followed the Professor. "Males will stay with males and females with females, there are no mix quarters. Not even as you climb the hierarchy, understood?"

"Yes, Professor Slughorn."

Harry wondered what that meant for him. Would he stay with the boys or with the girls? Which of them was the best?

Finally they arrived at one corridor. Harry shivered they had to descend at least four rows of stairs to get there… and he had thought the common room was cold!

"Nott, you are with Peverell."

Harry looked up at hearing his surname being called. The scary girl from earlier approached him in silence and passed by him, entering one of the quarters. Harry glanced at the Professor before following his new roommate.


The song was written by the wonderful Riddle-Snape.

Author Note: update: as some may have noticed me and surnames have a Huge issue. i'm sorry for all the misspells between Peverell/Prewett hope i managed to get them right this time around

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