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Chapter III –Megara–

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Chapter III


November, 1967

"Mr Riddle, I'm sorry for my son's impertinence." Amphitrite started but Riddle shook his head.

"Who is Abraxas promising him to?"

Amphitrite tensed, glanced at her son and then back at Riddle.

"When Abraxas tested Kari, besides founding out that he is a natural, he also found that he has an equal, sir. Abraxas was intending on seeing what you thought of him before he would let you know to let you decide."

Riddle glanced at the two playing boys.

"So that's what I felt when I entered the Manor… do not worry, Amphitrite, I'm not looking for a lover any time soon." Amphitrite nodded, relieved. "Buy Calisto some muggle clothes. She is used to the Muggle World, forcing her to only wizard clothes will make her go skin sick. Besides… in the Muggle World, like Calisto said, females can wear trousers. Female trousers. I'm sure your brother can find some good muggle seamstresses to make Calisto a new wardrobe more to both Calisto's and Abraxas' likes."

"I will, thank you."

Riddle nodded.

"You called him Evelyn?"

"He choose it because of his muggle adoptive mother… just like they also named him Harry after the muggle adoptive father."

"Kari." Riddle mumbled and Amphitrite nodded. "Then that's why you call him that. Names alike his older ones. He'll get used to them eventually. And he's a child who has seen too much. He won't be an easy child." Amphitrite frowned baffled at how quickly Riddle had read her son, as she took him inside towards Abraxas' office. "I've heard in the papers that he didn't had the best life in the muggles. Besides the way he spoke to me about preferring to die to be with a man… it wasn't just childish talking. He really knows what those things are. What makes you wonder what kind of life he had with those muggles." Amphitrite nodded, understanding what Riddle meant. "Who is going to teach him?"

"Abraxas said that…"

"You're his mother. The best way for you to win ties with him is by teaching everything he should have been taught since birth." Amphitrite opened her mouth to counter but Riddle bit her to it. "Don't worry I'll speak with your brother about the teaching and the clothes. In Beauxbauteons you were taught in the grey point of view of things, weren't you?"

"I was, indeed."

"Calisto has spent too much time with muggles to be taught a more darker side, so teach him the grey side. Besides… technically there isn't dark or light."

Amphitrite wondered if Riddle was afraid that Calisto would turn too light and follow in Dumbledore's steps… but then again the boy would go to Hogwarts if her brother had something to say in it… what he had, so it would be normal if Calisto would even tilt to the light side to be easily manipulated by that Transfiguration Professor.

Finally they arrived and she knocked on the door. At once her sister-in-law opened the door and let them both in. Amphitrite's slap starting to become quite visible in her cheek.

"Abraxas. It's been a while…"


1 September, 1971

"Don't worry, Kari, you'll be fine." Lucius said not for the first time as he helped Harry finish packing his trunk.

"But what if I don't get into Slytherin… Uncle will send me howlers every day."

"Father will do nothing of the sorts. Mother… maybe. But Father never." Lucius joked making Harry half-glare at him. "Your friend Ronnie will enter this year as well. My friend Rodolphus' little brother is in third year right now. He'll watch over you when I'm not around. Besides I'm certain that whatever house you'll get into your friend Ronnie will follow you."

Harry snorted.

"Slytherins would eat Ron alive if he entered there." he argued to which Lucius pondered on. "Hey!"

Lucius chuckled.

"Don't worry. You'll do fine. Both of you."

Harry sighed, closing his trunk. It was strange how he had started to get used to being a 'Malfoy'.

"Evie." Harry tensed at hearing that name. Only one person called him that. He turned to the door as Lucius left the room, leaving him alone with his 'equal'. "Ready to go to school?"

Harry nodded.

"Yes, sir. I thought you said you wouldn't be able to come." He couldn't help but add.

"I won't be able to see you off." Riddle conceded, approaching and taking a necklace from his own neck and put it around Harry's. "But I couldn't let you go without making sure you would go protected. This is the necklace of Salazar Slytherin himself. It has various protections on it, so it will keep you safe."

"If it's Slytherin's necklace… why give it to me?" Harry asked sceptical.

"You're my equal and my heir, Evie. I've told you that already several times. If I intended on courting you, you would know."

Harry looked down at the necklace on his chest.


"Besides, it will keep any unwanted attention of your back this way. And weren't you who said that he preferred to die to loose his virginity to another man?"

Harry groaned and hid the necklace under his shirt.

"Yes, I was." He agreed. "So you came all the way over here only to give me a necklace?"

Riddle nodded.

"Yes. I don't trust Hogwarts to don't happen anything to you. With this necklace I'll know you'll be okay."

Harry grumbled to himself. Control freak!

"I'll be with Ron. Of course I'll be fine." He argued. "Besides isn't Hogwarts the safest place there is? And isn't Dumbledore the strongest wizard there is?" he couldn't help but ask.

Just like Harry expected Riddle's face narrowed closing off, while his eyes passed from dark grey to blood red.

"For your own good, Evie, stay away from that light wizard." Riddle warned. Then the man sighed and leaned down kissing Harry's top of the head. "Be a good heir and don't get yourself killed."

"Don't worry… I'll just get myself expelled." Harry argued, barely containing his laugh at the memory that brought.

Riddle sent Harry a warning look before turning around and leaving his bedroom. Harry passed a hand through his long hair, wondering what the hell Voldemort was doing. There had to be a reason besides the equal claim for Voldemort to protect him so much… it just wasn't like the man… at all.


Harry sat on the train compartment, looking out the window as students were saying their goodbyes to their parents.

"Finding someone we know?" a voice asked and Harry turned with a smile towards Ron.

"No, not yet. But it will be good to see her again, won't it?"

"You can say that again." Ron argued and approached, sitting before Harry. "What is going to be the plan, from now on?"

"Keep my parents save." Harry replied while shrugging his shoulders.

"And my uncles as well, right?" Ron asked and Harry nodded at once. "Good. Then we still have years to figure out what to do."

Harry glanced out the window again.

"Maybe not so much. Changes have already started with our appearance, Ron. I mean… look at Voldemort, the man should now be starting to grow his army… not take me as his heir."

"Take you as his heir?" Ron asked and Harry took the necklace from under his shirt showing Ron. "He gave you that? When?"

"Before the train. He said it has protections that will keep me safe… I think it's his own way of keeping me safe and protected even though I'm going to the safest place in the planet."

Ron snorted at that. The two looked up when the compartment's door opened.

"Excuse me, have any of you seen a frog?" a girl asked, making the two gape at her.

Was that their Hermione?

"Let me guess: a boy named Neville lost one?" Harry finished for her. Because what better way for Hermione to make sure they were Harry and Ron than using a line that only the three of them would understand?

Hermione smiled and entered the compartment closing the door behind her.

"I'm Megara Black, by the way. But you can call me Megs or Hera."

"Veronique Prewett and Calisto Peverell. But you can call us Ronnie and Kari." Harry replied, making Hermione smile amused.

"Or just plain old Ron and Harry like we do." Ron retorted.

Hermione nodded.

"So you are both naturals? Should've expected that."

"Says the witch who is a Black." Ron argued with a huff.

Hermione grinned.

"Hey… Harry is a Malfoy!"

Ron hummed.

"Good point. You're all nutters."

"Admit it, Ron, you would go crazy without us." Harry said and Ron threw his tongue at him.

"No… I wouldn't."

"Then that's why you spend 24/7 at Malfoy Manor. Maybe it's because of the charming personality of my Cousin Lucius…"

Ron opened his mouth and closed it again several times, looking like a fish. Harry and Hermione shared a look and started laughing. The door opened again when the two sobered up to show an eleven year old version of Sirius Black.

"Megs… there you are. I looked all over for you." The boy said, entering the compartment and putting his trunk in the trunks compartment over the seats. The black haired, grey eyed boy then sat next to Hermione. Only then did he notice the other two in the compartment. "Hello. I'm Sirius Black."

"Kari and Ron." Harry introduced.

"Pleasure." Sirius replied before turning to Hermione again. "Why did you disappear on me all of a sudden?"

"Because Aunt Walburga was still talking with you and I wanted to have a good seat." Hermione argued. "Besides… you know that Aunt doesn't fancy me very much."

Sirius passed an arm over Hermione's shoulders.

"Don't care what Mother says. You are a Black."

Harry smiled at Sirius protective feelings, before looking out the window. He could see Amphitrite looking for him on the train's windows, so he stood and opened the window.

"Mother." He called.

As if there were no other sound at all, Amphitrite's eyes found him at once. The woman smiled and approached them at once, grabbing Harry's hand over the open window.

"No matter what, Kari, always be yourself. Understood?"

Harry tensed and then sighed, nodding.

"Yes, Mother."

Amphitrite's smile grew bigger.

"Oh, you made new friends already." The witch added when she noticed Hermione and Sirius.

"Megara and Sirius Black, Mother. Megs, Sirius, this is my Mother, Amphitrite Malfoy."

"Pleasure, ma'am." Sirius said bowing his head.

"A Black… Are you friending them because of your Uncle or because you want?" Amphitrite asked with a cold tone, looking at Harry dead on.

"Motheer…" Harry sent Sirius and Hermione an 'I'm sorry' look. "No, Mother. You of all people should know by now that family status doesn't matter to me… at all."

"Very well. I'll want a letter tomorrow morning with both yours and Ronnie's house. Do you two understand?"

"Yes, ma'am." Ron said at the same time Harry said "Yes, Mother."

Amphitrite smiled sadly and let go of Harry's hand. Harry moved back to close the window when he suddenly heard his surrogate mother gasp. Harry looked at her confused to see her looking at his chest. Harry looked down only to notice that Slytherin's necklace had left the safety of his shirt.

"So that's why he came today…" the witch mumbled to herself, before sighing.

"I'm his heir or whatever, Mother… don't look too much into it, okay?" Harry asked, because hell! Even to him it sounded like Riddle was courting him.

Amphitrite smiled amused and stepped back away from the train.

"You inherited your Father's ingenuity." The witch said and then the train's bell rang.

Ron stood and pulled Harry's face inside the compartment, closing the window. Harry's hand moved to the necklace, grabbing it and hiding it from view.

"So you are a Malfoy?" Sirius asked and Harry shook his head. "How so?"

"Mother and Father never married. Mother's still a Malfoy… besides my Father's dead."

"Oh… I'm sorry."

Harry frowned confused, turning to his Godfather.

"For what?"

Ron at Harry's side rolled his eyes.

"What Kari means is that Mr Peverell died before Kari had even birthed, so Kari doesn't have any emotional relation with the man… besides as a baby Kari was adopted by muggles where he stayed until his seven-year-old."

Sirius hummed.

"His… you're a natural?" the boy asked and Harry nodded.

"We both are." Ron argued and Sirius nodded.

"So both your families is in favour of the using female status when you're a natural then?" the boy asked.

"Like we had a choice." Ron grumbled.

"I did." Sirius commented making Harry and Ron gape at him. "I'm one as well. My Grandfather gave me the choice of using the female status or being the heir of the family… I don't care much about being the heir of the family, but I'm a guy! I should be named and dressed like one… besides naturals are given potions to slim them down, to give them more willowy figures… redistribute muscle mass to hips and thighs and stuff like that." The boy said with a shrug.

Hermione looked at Sirius surprised and then to Ron and Harry with a raised eyebrow who nodded.

"Yeah, we're forced to take potions weekly because of our status. That's why we look more girly than we should." Ron grumbled. "It's no fair that you're allowed to choose and us not." He argued, glaring at Sirius.

Sirius shrugged.

"The privileges of being the first male born and the possible heir of the family is that they wait until you're old enough to make your choice." Sirius stated. "I still will have to marry a man. Even if I would try to marry a witch, according to my 'dear' mother, I would never have children with her… side effect of being natural means no able of getting females pregnant. Not that I care about it myself, I'm just 11, but hey I'm their heir of the family. I have to keep the tradition and have a son."


Reader Review: XD football .. in dresses XD



they have male robes and females robes


it's a 'dress' either your a male or female

the movie is badely done on that

yep on my fics harry wears clothes underneath his robes... but it's his muggles clothes!

and in forth year you see a pureblood not wanting to wear pants bcx he liked the air b2 his legs

i'm calm, it's just... bcx only who read the book does know about the reality of robes... when they see robes on fanfics they think of pants and shirt and stuff for boys and a skirt and shirt and suff for boys *no robe* as it is done in the movies. in the movies they dress as in a set up clothes equal to everyon esle. intead of robes *only thing isys doesn't like about movies*

*the issue of isys being ravenclaw: she's too rationale*

*end ranting or i would stay hours in here*

Besides... I was the girl who always hanged on around boys and rarely used trousers until my fourteens, so... yes, I played football in dresses and long skirts! _

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