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Chapter II –The Family Guest–

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Chapter II

–The Family Guest–

November, 1967

"Brother, please…" Amphitrite's voice pleaded.

"Don't! Abraxas has already taken the bastard under the Malfoy name. The least you can do now is accept this." Another woman said icily.

"Don't call him that!"

"It's what he is, after all… if I remember correctly, you two weren't married, were you? The only good thing that bastard has taken to our family name is the fact that he is the heir of a forgotten family."

Harry gasped as he heard a slap.

"Don't ever… ever… speak about my son like that ever again!" he heard Amphitrite hiss at the other woman in the room.

"Sister." Abraxas' voice said sternly. "Genevieve lower that hand immediately. And no, Genevieve, I don't want to hear about how my Sister slapped you, you did mention Kari's lack of blood right after all. Now, sister… Kari may be your son, but he still is an heir and a natural."

"Why it has to be him? Why can't Kari choose for himself? I don't see you forcing Lucius into a marriage."

"Sister, like it or not, Kari has no father. Blood right or not, no wizard will ever look at him and see past the part that his Mother never got married."

Harry jumped as a hand appeared on his shoulder, looking up he found his 'cousin' Lucius Malfoy. Lucius smiled but didn't say a thing, also listening in on the conversation on the other side of the door.

"The boy will be lucky if this wizard even accepts the engagement."

"Genevieve, that is enough. Tom Riddle doesn't set for anything less but the best. The fact that Kari is his equal means a lot. Means that Kari is more powerful right now in one single arm, than you'll ever be with your full core." Abraxas hissed to his wife and Harry felt Lucius squeeze his shoulder. "I invited him over, Sister. I don't need to tell him immediately about the equal thing. See what he thinks of Kari and only then tell him about this."

"If… if he refuses the engagement you won't try to sell him to anyone else, will you?"


Lucius leaned down so he would manage to whisper to Harry's ear.

"We better go now, before someone catches us." Harry nodded and Lucius pulled him away. "I'm sorry about my mother. What she said wasn't really nice."

"I'm not magically powerful, I'm just me. Why did Lord… Uncle Abraxas said that I'm stronger in one arm than she is in her whole?"

"From the little I've heard of your equal, the man is really powerful. Besides the healers checked your core, so trust me, you are powerful." Lucius argued, before messing with Harry's hair.

"Lucius?" The teenager hummed. "Why aren't you engaged?"

The blond teenager peeked down at Harry before continuing walking to the drawing room.

"After what happened with Aunt Amphitrite my father refused that our Grandfather would engage me to someone. At the time I was too young to understand, but he kept saying something under the lines: I won't have it happen to my Son what happened to my Sister. Mother doesn't approve though. She wants me married as soon as I finish Hogwarts. Principally now that you appeared; she's afraid that Aunt Amphitrite will try to make you the true heir of the Malfoy family."

"I don't want it." Harry grumbled, making Lucius laugh.

"That's because your 7 years old. But even so, my Mother doesn't know that. She wants for me to father my own children and secure my line."

"I think I was better off at the muggles, at the least there the attacks weren't psychological." Harry mumbled and at once the hand on his shoulder tightened.

"Do you want me to contact the Prewetts so your friend comes over? Veronique, right?"

"Ron." Harry amended, looking up to Lucius and nodding with a huge smile. "And yes, please."

Lucius smiled and left Harry at the entrance of the drawing room before going down the corridor. Harry entered, going to sit on the balcony looking out the room. It had been a month before the healers had finally taken the bandages from him and another month for his body to relearn how to walk and move. Ron had stayed with him all that time at the hospital, every time the healers really started to try to send him away, he started taking potions getting himself sick on purpose. Until the first potion that Ron had taken the Malfoys had been sceptical of the friendship between the two boys, but since then they quickly learnt that the two were ready for anything to be together. Harry took a hand to his forehead, where his lightning scar was. The healers had tried to take it away from him…

Harry turned when he heard the drawing room's door open, smiling at Ron happy to have him there. Only there was one issue, it wasn't Ron. Tom Riddle in person was there entering the room while looking at Harry as if puzzled.

"You must be Callisto Peverell, pleasure Miss." Riddle said with a nod of his head a smile immediately appearing on his face, but his eyes still looked puzzled.

Harry sneered and turned around, looking out the window again. He didn't came to this time to be proposed to Voldemort as wife, he came here to stop the man from killing his parents. If it meant killing the man, so be it. It wasn't like the man would stop otherwise.


Harry looked over his shoulder to see Ron running inside the room, passing by Riddle and towards Harry, hugging him. Harry couldn't help it and laughed.

"We just saw each other yesterday, silly."

"So? I missed you." Ron argued. "Come, let's go outside. It's a sunny day, there's no cloud or wind. You won't get a better day to go play outside."

Harry smiled and nodded, letting Ron guide him away from Riddle - that Ron completely ignored the presence of - towards the Malfoy's gardens.

"Hey, where you going?" Lucius asked as they run downstairs and as he climbed the stairs, most likely heading towards where they had just left.

"Gardens. Ron say that is good enough for me to go outside." Harry managed to say before they disappeared.


"Oh my… look at them."

Amphitrite approached the window her brother's wife was looking from, to see her son down in the gardens playing with his friend Ronnie. They were all dirty but they looked like they were having fun.

"I'm looking." She argued amused, as she saw her nephew Lucius approaching the two playing boys with female outing robes in his arms, which he forced them to dress.

"Abraxas look at them. They're all dirty, how do they expect for a man to want them someday if they act like this?"

"They're children. The last thing their worried about is if someone wants to marry them."

"Maybe that's why you never married."

Amphitrite narrowed her eyes turning to Genevieve.

"I was engaged once, if you don't remember. He run away and married another. Besides if I remember correctly I'm not the one that should bear the heir of the family. You are. And you only beared Abraxas one son, should I think that your marriage was just a façade? And that you limited to sleep with him times enough to get pregnant that one time? Or did you really lost the ability to get pregnant?"

"Sister!" Abraxas hissed.

"I just said what everyone is thinking." Amphitrite argued. "Better she hears from me than from her purewitch friends." She added before turning around. "I'm going to play with my son."

Amphitrite left the office and started to descend the stairs towards the gardens. She had never really liked Genevieve but if the witch kept picking on her son she… Amphitrite took a deep breath to calm herself, it wouldn't do for Kari to see her angry. The boy would think she was angry with him, because that was how Kari was. He always blamed himself for everything even when there was nothing to blame.

"Miss Amphitrite." Amphitrite turned to see Tom Riddle at the entrance of the drawing room. "It's a pleasure to see you again."

"It's a pleasure as well, Mr Tom." Amphitrite said, bowing her head at him. "My brother warned me that he invited you over. Would you like me to take you to his office?"

"There's no need for that." Riddle approached and offered his arm for her to take and then they started to descend the stairs together. "I've met your child, Calisto, earlier." Amphitrite hummed, not letting the man know of her tenseness. "Beautiful for her age."

"Thank you."

"Her personality… not as charming as yours." The wizard added.

"Kari is… unique." Amphitrite conceded and the two left the front doors going to the gardens where Kari and Ronnie where. Lucius by the side looking over them. Amphitrite smiled at seeing her son playing with his friend with a ball that she was certain Lucius had made the house elves bring for them. It was quite funny to watch the two boys in female robes running around the dirt throwing a ball at each other with their feet. "Kari, came here meet our guest."

Kari looked up from the ball towards them, being attacked by the ball but Kari turned at once and stopped the ball with his chest.

"Careful Ron!" Kari hissed at his friend, before approaching Amphitrite. "Mother." He said, bowing his head.

"Kari, this is Mr Tom Riddle. He is a friend of your Uncle Abraxas, so be nice."

Kari turned to Riddle and bowed his head to the man.

"Mr Riddle."

"Miss Calisto." Riddle said back and Amphitrite looked at her son as his eyes narrowed at the title chosen. "You were playing football, weren't you?"

"We were just throwing a ball at each other, sir." Kari argued.

"Isn't that a male muggle game?"

Kari's face went cold and if possible his eyes narrowed further.

"Are you a chauvinist, sir?" her son asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Excuse me?"

"Are you a male chauvinist? I mean, you did just imply that football is a boy's game. Why can't girls play it? And why does girls have to be forced to use dresses all the time? Why can't girls uses trousers? Sometimes the Wizardry World is really far behind the Muggle World."

Amphitrite took a hand to her mouth coughing into it, in order to remember her Son that he should behave and also to hide her amused smile. Never had she seen someone shut up Riddle, and from what her brother told her; no one was stupid enough - not even Gryffindors - to do it.

"You don't like dresses, Miss Calisto?"


"Then why do you wear them?"

"Because Uncle Abraxas said that I have to start to act as a girl. That I have to be presentable for when my husband marries me." Kari hissed between his teeth, making Amphitrite grab his shoulder and squeeze it in warning.

"And are you presentable now?" Riddle asked, looking at Kari up and down.

Kari shrugged.

"I'm 7 years old." Kari argued. "Why should I care what a man thinks of me? All that I should care is what my friends think of me enough to play with me."

"Calisto Evelyn!" Amphitrite said in warning.

Kari looked at Amphitrite before lowering his head. Riddle kneeled with one knee on the ground, took a hand to Kari's chin and raised his head.

"Tell me then, if you don't want to be treated like a girl. Then how do you want to be treated like?"

"Like a living person, sir."

Riddle hummed and smiled.

"You are a very beautiful living person, you have the brightest green eyes that I ever seen and your smile could make any person fall at your feet." Kari blushed at that. "You're intelligent as well. When you're older I'm sure you'll find someone who will treat you like you want to be treated."

Riddle stood and started to clean the dirt from his clothes.

"Yeah… I'm sure a lot of men would jump at the idea that their lover besides pretty is also smart." Kari hissed. "Most purebloods wants their lovers for their blood not for whom they are. Uncle would never let me chose someone I really want."

Riddle smiled amused at Kari.

"Well, if you had been born a boy you could have chosen your lover and your uncle wouldn't argue about it."

"But I am a boy." Kari argued making Riddle's eyes grew. "I'm a natural bearer… or whatever that is. Besides… I'm a bastard. Mother wasn't married. So no one would ever in their right mind choose me. Not that I want a man to choose me…"


Kari nodded.

"If I'm forced to marry a man, then I prefer to refuse the Malfoy name and die virgin." Kari argued, making Amphitrite go deep red at her son's way of speaking. "Can I return to my game now?"

Riddle nodded and Kari turned around running to the ball and kicking it towards Ronnie who had been waiting for him the whole time.


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