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Chapter XXII –Birthdate & Pack–

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Chapter XXII

–Birthdate & Pack–

Monday, 31 July 1972


Harry arrived the dining room to find his group of friends, which included the Marauders, the Head Boy, Sissy’s older brother, the Lestrange brothers and Sirius’ younger brother.

“Wha…? Why is everyone here?”

“Did you get our gifts?” James asked instead and the Malfoys looked back confused.

“I… yes… but, I told you guys I don’t do anything more than just gifts at midnight and…”

“You also don’t do hugs.” Sirius retorted and stood up, approaching and pulling him into a bone-breaking hug. “Happy adoption-day, Kari.”

“What?” Uncle Abraxas asked.

Harry turned deep red.

“Did you get our gifts?” James asked instead and the Malfoys looked back confused.

“Kari was once called Harry James.” Ron agreed.

“You could have at the least combed your hair.” Hermione reprimanded into Harry’s ear, who turned deep red.

“If you guys were planning a secret party, why did you send the gifts at midnight?” Harry asked shyly as he heard Aunt Genevieve quickly warning Dobby quietly to set up the ballroom.

“You would have realized if we hadn’t.” Remus offered. “And the Potters just managed to persuade my parents to let me come last Saturday. It was a last minute setup.”

“Why wouldn’t… you didn’t tell them you were coming to Malfoy Manor, did you?”

“Not exactly.” Remus agreed embarrassed. “And… I didn’t feel so well last Wednesday.” He added pointedly.

Harry nodded, understanding what he meant.

“Don’t worry, you’ll never have to pass it alone ever again.”

Remus frowned and stared back confused.

“What did you do?”

“Kari was once called Harry James.” Ron agreed.

“You could have at the least combed your hair.” Hermione reprimanded into Harry’s ear, who turned deep red.

Sissy stood and approached, took hold onto Harry’s hair from behind and quickly braided it down his back. When Sissy was done he was pulled to sit by the table besides his friends.

“If you guys were planning a secret party, why did you send the gifts at midnight?” Harry asked shyly as he heard Aunt Genevieve quickly warning Dobby quietly to set up the ballroom.

“For what, Dear?”

“The day I recognize as my birthday is not the day you gave me birth.”

“Not exactly.” Remus agreed embarrassed. “And… I didn’t feel so well last Wednesday.” He added pointedly.

Mother’s eyes grew.

“My favourite colour.”

“I’m an Occamy.” He agreed and the woman smiled back proudly. “I never had it myself but I knew what I wanted. I wanted a parent there for me. I wanted someone to want me. I wanted a family, but then I was thrown into the Pureblood world.” He explained and the blue eyes stared back sadly. “I wanted a family yet what I had gotten was almost the same as I had back then. Riddle had made it better with his interference, but I was in a world of lies.”

“I’m sorry for that.”

Harry sighed.

The woman’s eyes watered and she pulled Harry into a hug.

“I’d be honoured.” She agreed between hiccups.

Harry looked over Mother’s shoulder at feeling himself stared at, to find Uncle Abraxas on the other side of the dining room. The blond man nodded back and closed the door to give the two privacy.


Harry sat himself on his broom as the others flew around the mini Quidditch pitch and levitated besides Hermione.

“I’ll take it slow.” He promised.

“I can speak Slytherin if you want.” Harry offered. “Or Hera can speak book-language. She’s good at that.”

“Harry!” The girl called.

He felt Hermione look around him as the others flew around the pitch higher than them.

“Just take it slow.” She asked onto his ear and Harry nodded, continuing to fly around the pitch.

Finally when the others called him to a match he stopped beside Mother and let Hermione out.

“But of course. The backyard? It has a small Quidditch court.”

Harry nodded.

“Just don’t lock yourself reading a book, okay?”

“Promise.” Hermione agreed and Harry flew away towards the others.



Voldemort descended the Malfoy Manor beside Abraxas and walked into the backyard gardens to find Veronique on one side of a small version of the Quidditch pitch against Evie on the other side and the rest of Evie’s makeshift friends divided in two groups between the two. When buying that broom Voldemort had been told by everyone how that was a mistake of a broom and how unstable it was, yet… he watched how both Evie and Veronique pulled their brooms faster than any other broom, which made sense how they had been put onto different sides then. Next school year Gryffindor and Slytherin would have some interesting Quidditch matches. And Voldemort wasn’t the type to watch, but he was interested on seeing how the two male bearers would do.

“Professor Riddle.”

Voldemort looked to the side to see Miss Black beside Miss Malfoy, who was with a broom by her hand ready to fly up if needed (obviously being the referee).

“One too many?” He asked her.

“Don’t like heights.” She argued. “Kari already took me on a slow ride at three feet height so I wouldn’t freak out.”

The woman sighed and sat down on the dining table, before she signalled at Harry to step forward. Harry obeyed and the woman rearranged his clothes for him.

“Whatever his job he’ll always be a trouble magnet.” Voldemort argued and the young Witch laughed. “What about you? What do you like?”

“Studying and being with my friends.” Miss Black supplied. “I’ve no idea what I wanna do when I’m off-age, though. All I ever thought was a Ministry’s job. Something where I can make a difference.”

Voldemort nodded.

Mother’s eyes grew.

“If you want to live a life of learning, I would bet on the last one. Still, you would need to be ready for the chance. You would need to be able to look beyond what is on paper. Not just what people say is true.”

Miss Black nodded.

“I’d be able to try to find the connection between Muggleborns and Squibs.”

“You and Evie think alike…” he argued only for Miss Malfoy to choke down a laugh and, immediately, Voldemort signalled at Young Black to the side of the court, who nodded. “If you want to make that your life choice, yes you could.” Voldemort agreed as they walked to the side so Miss Malfoy could focus on the match. “You would even have the Ministry of Magic paying you even if they don’t believe in your studies.”

“And what would happen if I proved it?”

“You would post it on a book as a Mastery of sorts… like Muggles do.” He said the last part to better explain towards the girl used to think like a Muggleborn and she nodded, understanding. “After that you would have to get ready for plenty of people to try to prove you wrong and at the same time lots of interviews. You would be one of the most spoken person if you did manage to find the link.”

Harry sighed.

“How about we do it this way. When you believe you found the proof? You came to me. I’d make you all the disputes, all the arguments that other people would do and you would be able to justify yourself and be ready to when they would come.”

“You would do your best to prove me wrong.” She argued.

The woman’s eyes watered and she pulled Harry into a hug.

“If you managed to prove to me? I would also back you up.” Voldemort said and his student nodded. “I won’t be something you will prove in a year though. You will have to study, prove once. Look it in another angle, prove it again. And so on until you are sure that there’s no way it can be refused. It will take you years.”

Megara Black nodded just as a broomstick landed beside them. The two looked while Evie jumped from his broom onto his feet with an agility that was almost snakelike.

“Ron’s belly is starting to growl. We’re moving inside onto the ballroom for lunch. By the sound of it, we better go fast or Ron will eat it all.” The boy said and Miss Black laughed. “You were studying the whole time, weren’t you?”

“I did not open a book.” Miss Black argued.

Evie frowned, looking at his friend and then he glanced at Voldemort and then back at her.

“If you guys insist on a party could you at the least not spend it studying?” He whined.

Miss Black laughed.

“I didn’t. Come on, let’s head inside before Ron eats your cake.” She argued and followed the walking inside group.

Evie staying beside Voldemort as Slippery popped in, took Evie’s broomstick and then popped away.

“What were you teaching her?” He asked once the other was out of earranch.

“That if she wants to make it her life choice that Muggleborns are direct bloodlines of Squibs that it will be a hard job. That she’ll need to be ready for retaliation and to have all the answers.” Voldemort explained.

Evie looked back surprised.

“Oh… I thought you had literally been lecturing her.” The boy said. “I’m not against she studying…”

“She just doesn’t know when to stop.” Voldemort offered and Evie nodded as he accompanied him inside. “You need to learn something that you enjoy to do together as a group instead of some fly as another watch.”

“We can’t exactly practice spells here.” Evie argued. “After all, there isn’t a spell that Hera can’t perform.”

Voldemort looked down at Evie’s proudness on his friend and then ahead where the ballroom was with the boy’s group.

“Did you also know Miss Black before you were found by the Malfoys?” He asked and the boy looked back out of the corner of his eyes.

Then to his surprise Evie smirked.

As Evie sat down on the table beside his friends a plate with owl treats popped in that Evie immediately fed to his owl.

“My Lord, did you know?” Abraxas asked, showing by his side.

“Evie told me half a year ago.” Voldemort agreed as he stayed by the entrance of the ball. “On the day that he hosted a ball in my name.” He added pointedly. “We agreed at staying at just gifts, but looks like his friends had other thoughts.”

“Which one was yours?”

Voldemort signalled the owl.

“Did you tell Calisto that the Ritual is Dark?”

“It was implicit.” Voldemort agreed. “For as Light-minded as Evie is, he still has a lot of Dark-oriented thoughts. If you say Dark he refuses, if you don’t he won’t even think about it.”

“I’ll warn my sister to go over it with him and Veronique.” Abraxas agreed with a bow of head while they saw both Veronique and Miss Black hurrying to go pet the white owl. “And I’ll warn my wife to bring Lucius and Veronique on a pet shopping spree.” He added.

Voldemort looked again to the group and saw how tired the Young Lupin looked. He narrowed his eyebrows at it as Evie leaned down to whisper something to a popping in Slippery. Slippery popped out and onto Voldemort’s side. He leaned down to allow the House-elf to tell him the message in privacy.

“Mister Nice tell Slippery to ask if Werewolves can take Pepper Up potion.”

Voldemort looked at Young Lupin and then back at the trio of Animagi. Don’t tell him…

“I’ll go fetch one that ain’t prejudicial for them.” He agreed and stood again. “I will be right back, Abraxas. One of your visits needs a potion that I need to set up so it won’t do more harm than good.”

Abraxas nodded, Voldemort left and apparated home where he quickly entered his lab where he had a potioncase filled with potions Creature-approved. He looked through them until he found a variable of the Pepper Up potion and gave the following him House-elf.

“Give to Remus Lupin, don’t let anyone else take a sip.”

Slippery nodded and Voldemort sneered, letting his features return to normal before he left home and onto his Manor’s gardens where a Pack of Werewolves were hiding from Lyall Lupin’s persecution after Voldemort had rescued them last September and after they had killed Tobias Snape half a year ago.

“Darkest Lord.” The Alpha was fast to meet him at the entrance of his pack’s camp.

“Did you bit Lupin’s kid?” He demanded and Alpha Greyback nodded. “Just great… my intended mate asked for my help and just turned himself onto an Animagus last Full Moon without telling me the why and I just realized that it was to become your Werecub’s Human pack.”

“Cub Remus actually turned? I thought that if it had been successful that Lupin would have killed him after he arrested me and…”

“He is at the moment at Malfoy Manor exhausted beyond reason. A couple days after a Full Moon and my intended Mate asked for a Pepper Up potion for a Werewolf. He doesn’t need to tell me that it’s for your Werecub, I could tell that it was him.”

“How long is Cub going to stay in Malfoy Manor?”

“Today. He isn’t alone though.”

“I need to go explain to my cub that he isn’t a monster.” Alpha Greyback growled, before he took a deep breath to restrain his inner wolf. “My apologies, Darkest Lord, but the knowledge of a Cub with no Pack to help him while so close to the Full Moon…”

Voldemort nodded.

“I can get him to the gardens of Malfoy Manor, I do not advise on gong the whole Pack.”

Greyback looked back at his pack and his Beta nodded back that she’d look over while he was gone. Voldemort offered his forearm and the Werewolf took hold of it before side-apparating outside the Malfoy Manor’s gates.



Harry shared a look with Ron and Hermione when he saw Voldemort in his Professor Riddle-self signalling at Remus to follow him. He shouldn’t have asked for that potion. The three left the ballroom as the group were laughing around and playing games.

“How fast do you shift?” Harry asked.

“Not so fast… and a cat isn’t threatening.” Hermione argued.

Harry looked at her and then ahead towards where Voldemort was bringing their friend as he talked with him barely out of sight.


“Always.” The girl agreed. “What about you? What is your form? Is it threatening?”

“It can be…” Harry said uncertain. “I just can’t control it and it’s size.”

His two friends looked back confused but Harry started to run when Voldemort turned around the corner and he could somehow hear a Werewolf growl all the way from where he was. Ron and Hermione run after him and the three arrived Remus’ side as Fenrir Greyback was growling down his chest as if he wanted to make something out of Remus. Harry didn’t even think, he shifted and started to grow as he stroke at the threatening Werewolf and forced him to back down and away from the spooked Werecub.


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