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Chapter XXI –Animagi–

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{Mind-talking through Horcrux}

Thinking in 3rd person POV/Dream/Memory/Flashback/Others

Letter /Journal/Book/Newspaper

Time change/Date of time

Change of POV

Chapter XXI


Easter Holidays, Tuesday, 4 April 1972


Harry looked up at the massive looking entrance of the labyrinth.

"Guys?" He asked uncertain as the rest of the guests all passed past him and inside the labyrinth, each going separate ways.

"It's part of the ceremony." James shrugged and just walked inside.

Harry looked up at the massive hedgerows. They looked even taller than the ones in his fourth year...

"It's... safe... right?"

Ron and Hermione glanced back at Harry, who was feeling the hedgerow fall down on him and he had yet to enter...

"Don't worry. The traps are only on the other entrance. The groom's entrance." Evan Junior offered, setting an arm besides Harry and offering it for him to take like a gentleman. "Shall we?"

"Not a thing." Evan Junior promised. "Come on, it's bad etiquette to don't join in."

"Why did you guys do that?" He heard Ron snap, only for Harry to see James and Peter laughing by the side.

"Oh no, you activated one of the curses." Rabastan groaned. "Hey, where's Rosier? We was with us to undo them if we'd need it!"

Harry felt Ron and Hermione approach and try to keep him calm, but Harry started hearing screams. Fleur's. Viktor's... Cedric's...

"It's all right. It's undone." The older argued, only to frown when Harry latched onto his arm. "Heiress Peverell?" He asked, obviously using that title because they weren't alone.

"Don't let go..." He requested and when Voldemort started to free his arm Harry held on harder as he pleaded: "please?""

Voldemort frowned but nodded, letting Harry hold onto his arm like mad as they moved down the labyrinth.

"Do that and you'll be joining Mr Filch's detention for a month!" Voldemort warned suddenly and Harry could hear James groan. "We reached the exit, Evie." Was added quieter and almost soothingly, but Harry refused to let go to his life saver against the hedgerow walls. So long as Voldemort was there the walls wouldn't fall over him. They had to hit Voldemort first...

"Kari?" He heard his mother's confused question.

"These two made him touch the hedgerow, Miss Malfoy." Rabastan's voice supplied. "I believe he is still under the influence of one of the curses."

"I better bring him inside to undo it." Voldemort supplied and Harry was pulled away from the falling walls over him.

He could hear the adults reprimanding the other two, but he was just glad to be pulled away from the enemy.

"No more labyrinth?" He begged as they entered a room.

"Nothing more for today. The Labyrinth Wedding part is done. Rodolphus found Sirius while you were having your freak out." Voldemort agreed soothingly as he hit Harry with spells after spells. "Just what curse did you activate for you to be this spooked, Evie?" He asked rhetorically as he kept checking him up.

Harry looked around them and when he was finally sure they were inside the four walls of a house, did he release the older.

"I'm never entering a labyrinth ever again." He gasped out. "Ever!"

"Evie? Are you alright?"

"Sirius and Rodolphus have returned from the wedding clearing and are ready for the law part of the ceremony. I don't think Kari can handle it by himself, though."

Voldemort sighed, put Harry's hand on his arm again and then guided him out the room like a gentleman.

"I'll use magic touch if the need to restrain him comes. Heiress Sirius will want Evie present even if his Best Man just misbehaved."

Harry arrived the ceremony hall to see his classmates looking back amused and the Death Eaters looking back unsure. Right... he made a move to release Voldemort, when he saw the bloody labyrinth just outside the window. He immediately held harder. Voldemort was tall. Voldemort was tall... so long as the hedgerow didn't overwhelm the older, it wouldn't get him...


Friday, 23 June 1972

Harry sat on the carriage looking out the window as they rode out the school and back to London. For someone who had done the first-year once: School was boring. There was nothing new that he was studying. Only thing that had been new was the Magical Core classes that Voldemort had started teaching him and the Wizardry World's classes that Mother taught him.

Not to mention Sirius' bloody Labyrinth Wedding in Lestrange Manor... being back inside a labyrinth after the last time had spoken him to no level and in the end he had to walk side-by-side with Voldemort that had been called by Rosier Jr, who would look back surprised at «Evie»'s freak-out...

"Then when we arrive we will go to our respective parents to ask for the permission to spend the holidays at Malfoy's Summer house." Severus put in.

"I already owled my parents." Sissy argued. "They agreed."

"What about you, Lily?"

"I don't see my parents in months." The girl apologised and Harry nodded understanding. "I probably will be able to go to your birthday party, but..."

"I don't celebrate it." Harry interrupted and turned towards Ron with a raised eyebrow, who blushed.

"What? She asked." The ginger argued.

Harry rolled his eyes.


"My adopted Muggle parents celebrated it on the day they adopted me because they didn't know the biological one." Harry explained because there was not any other way he could explain why he felt that another date was his birthdate instead of the one that the Malfoys would give him gifts. "Ron and Hera send me gifts at midnight. That's the only thing I have ever done."

"I'll book up an owl to deliver it at midnight of the 30th to 31st." Lily agreed.

"Thank you."

"July?" Sissy asked and Harry nodded as he looked out the window again. "That explains why you claim you were 15-month-old when they died." She mumbled.

When the carriage's door opened again the group quieted down since the Marauders returned and even though the Slytherins and the Gryffindors supported each other, they still avoided private conversations before the other group (somehow Ron and Lily not befalling on the Gryffindor side of the group so long as Sissy and Severus were concerned). Sighing, Harry grabbed his coin purse and threw at Ron, who caught it with a raised eyebrow.

"When the Trolley Lady comes: buy more than just chocolate frogs and don't use it all, okay? I need to go to the loo."

Ron nodded immediately and Harry stood, leaving the carriage. He walked down the train into the WC and entered, locking the door. After doing his necessities, he turned to leave when he found McLaggen waiting outside the WC door. Harry tensed but, before the other managed to step forward, a spell hit him from the side and he hit against the train's door side-ways. Harry looked out the WC cubicle to find Rosier Jr that had just run there, one hand holding his wand and another holding his robe over his chest as if he was in massive pain.

Harry looked again towards the stricken teenager and then sighed. He took out his Peverell Ring and put it on the other's finger before the other had time to react to being cursed. Immediately, the Memory in the ring acted up and took control over the teen's magic and literally apparated out the train.

"You do know that by doing that you just sentenced him, don't you?" Rosier Jr asked pointedly as he fast breathed.

"You felt me about to be attacked, haven't you?" Harry argued and the other nodded. "Whatever he was about to try to do to me was bad enough that you felt your oath be put into question. I may not approve killing... but what he was about to do had to be borderline killing material for you to feel it. I promised Him that if I felt that he had overpassed what I could deal with that I would call upon His jewellery to rescue myself." He explained and approached the fellow Slytherin. "If you felt it then it means that I would not be able to deal with it myself."

Rosier Jr nodded.

"I'm sorry. I should have dealt with him while I was still a student before it would come to this point."

Harry shrugged.

"How bad is your Magical Core?" He asked instead.

"It has stopped hurting." The teenager offered soothingly and Harry nodded.

The former Head Boy looked at Harry as he started to be able to breath normally.

"Are you inviting me?" He asked and the de-aged teenager nodded. "I'll warn my father." He agreed.

"Well it's just... it's easier if you are there if something does happen, right? Like last holidays and you had to call Him to join me and my friend's group in the wedding labyrinth ceremony."

"Apparation across countries takes a lot out of a Magical Core, yes." Rosier Jr agreed. "As we just got proved it would take even more out of mine."

"I'll start warning you each time I intend on leaving the country." Harry said as the other escorted him back to his carriage.

When they opened the door and Sissy and Severus saw Rosier Jr escorting Harry, they stood at once.

"You were stricken on your way to the bathroom?" James asked and Harry nodded. "Damn, boy. You have the worst of Lucks."

"It's genetic." He offered, making Ron and Hermione chuckle as he entered and sat down again by the window.


Saturday, 24 June 1972

Harry accepted the ring back.

"Whatever happened... I don't want to know. It was already hard enough to hear his parents, siblings and the former DADA Professor call for him at the train station."

Voldemort looked up from Harry's hand as he finished putting the ring on his finger.

"As you wish." He agreed.

"I invited Rosier Jr to the month holidays." He added. "He felt It before I even opened the WC's door in the train. I don't know what he wanted to do but if it hurt Rosier Jr to the point of attacking his Magical Core it had to be bad."

"And that's why you decided to send McLaggen to me before he did something." Voldemort agreed and Harry nodded. "Even if you hadn't sent him, he would end up being captured later. So you didn't do it on him. He did it on himself." The older added.


Voldemort nodded and raised Harry's hands kissing the back of them.

"I understand that it wasn't an easy choice for you. Still thank you."

"For what?"

"For understanding my need even if you don't want to hear it."

Harry nodded.

"I just know how you think." He said. "When is the next Full Moon' night? I know I should have looked it up before booking up a month holidays with friends but I forgot."

Voldemort scoffed amused.

"It's from July 26 to August 24." He supplied. "Unless you want to start next Monday."


"June 26. Although it would be too close to when you all arrive from Hogwarts. I don't believe that the Prewetts would allow for Veronique to go so soon, even if I manage to persuade Cygnus to let Megara go."

"They don't like her for being a child of a Squib and a Muggle." Harry grumbled. "Whatever is easier to pass undetected." He added.


Wednesday, 26 July 1972

By Monday Harry, Ron and Hermione were in France under the moonlight as Sissy, Severus, Cousin Lucius and Rosier Jr watched them perform the first phase of the ritual to be able to become an Animagi.

Like Voldemort warned it was a difficult job to keep it on their mouth fulltime without swallowing it, yet with the help of the others and the House-elves they lasted the whole month. The Prewetts hadn't even floocalled Ron once, after all Mrs Weasley had just given birth to Bill a while ago and they were pampering in on their grandson. Harry knew it hurt Ron, but at the same time the boy was being pampered by the Malfoys so he knew that his best friend wouldn't mention it when they would manage to speak again.

Hermione was the first to spit her mandrake's leaf, the girl obviously glad to finally have it out of her mouth, took a hair out and put on the phial before performing the spell. Ron looked back at Harry, who signalled him to step forward to go second.

The Malfoys immediately set up the phial for Ron who blushed to the tip of his ears at their readiness for him. When he was done, barely even managing to spell the incantation spell, Harry got ready. Voldemort signalled him to wait as a cloud appeared over the moon, hiding it from view. So he had to wait until it finally showed again and Harry did his side of the spiting. After a whole month with it inside it was strange to spit it out, still he did it and got everything ready.

"And now we wait, right?" Hermione rasped out.

"For a lightning storm." Voldemort agreed. "Until then at sunrise and at sunset you need to perform the incantation. Even if in your own house. Or you'll need to start all over again."

Ron groaned.

"It'll be hard to get up every morning."

"I'll send my House-elf to help you wake up." Cousin Lucius offered, what made Ron blush and nod.

They returned inside the Manor and each one went back to their quarters as Dobby went to store each potion flask with their names on a hidden location.


Sunday, 30 July 1972

Harry woke drowsily to find Voldemort by his side. He looked immediately towards the bedroom's window only to see night.


"There's a lightning storm right now in Russia, if we travel fast we might get there and be able to finish the incantation instead of waiting for the next one in England." Voldemort supplied soothingly.

Harry nodded and stood up.

"Ron and Hera?"

"Genevieve went to wake Veronique and Megara was already awake for whatever reason."

Harry nodded, put on his glasses and let Voldemort take hold onto him just as Slippery popped in and took hold onto them, before teleporting with House-elf magic onto a clearing under the Lightning Storm. Harry took a deep breath and with Voldemort's help set up the last phase of the ritual.

When he was done drinking the potion, he started to feel his body shift. He knew that somewhere in this forest on another clearing Ron and Hermione were with the Malfoys also applying the last phase, while Harry was alone with Voldemort. He fell forward onto his four and felt his glasses becoming one with his face. He heard Voldemort gasp as he took in Harry's new form.

When Harry turned his head towards Voldemort the other was the same height as he was. Harry looked around and found that the clearing was suddenly too small. Somehow the clearing had suddenly turned into a sea of greenish blue. Then he saw a purple tail at the end of the sea, only to realize that it was his own tail. Wait... this sea... was himself?

Harry turned his head around to find wings.


He opened them ready to try them out only to hear a voice, bringing him back to his senses.

–There's a lightning storm, Evie. You better do not attempt at flying when you are such a large target. Learn to shrink first.–



Was he a Magical Creature? Was that even possible? Well, Sirius was a Grimm...

–How do I shift back?– He forced himself to ask back.

Could Voldemort even understand him?

Harry turned his head towards Voldemort and let the other touch him, only to feel Magical Words helping him shrink. Finally he was back to normal before the older who was holding his cheek with loving eyes.

"You were gorgeous. It makes sense that you gifted me an Occamy, Evie." The older supplied and Harry frowned only for his eyes to grow. "Yes, you are an Occamy. You managed to turn into a beautiful serpent and still be able to fly like you like."

Harry scoffed, of all the creatures he could turn into...

"You are a Choranaptyxis." Voldemort agreed. "And, Evie?" He called and Harry hummed, his face still being held by the older. "Happy 12th adoption-date."

Harry's eyes grew, having totally forgotten.

Slippery returned and they were teleported back onto Malfoy Manor in England. Mother was waiting him by the entrance and smiled back.

"How was it?"

"Great." Harry supplied. "Hera and Ron?"

"A cat and a dog." Mother supplied. "They already went back to bed. Although, according to my brother, Megara struggled to shift back. What about you?"

"I had to use physical contact to apply Magic Words to help him shift back." Voldemort supplied. "He is a Magical Creature."

"Those are rare... congrats, Kari."

"Thanks, Mother. I better go back to bed."

Mother nodded and kissed his top of head, before he climbed up onto his room. When he arrived he found several owls in the room and Dobby struggling to keep them restrained. He whistled and offered both his arms, immediately the owls flew onto his waiting arms.

"My apologies, Mistress Kari, but..."

"It's okay, Dobby. I was expecting them."

Dobby nodded and Harry started emptying the owls of their packages. He sat by his desk table on the office room, when he finished the owls flew away and he got ready to open the first one.

"May mine be the first one?"

Harry looked up to find Voldemort by his quarter's open door.

"You aren't going to start gifting me things about Occamies, are you?"

"Not right now." Voldemort argued amused.

Harry signalled him inside as he stood to accept the gift. Only to see Voldemort whistle as he raised his forearm and an owl flew inside the bedroom. A Snow Owl. A white with hints of black feathers and golden eyes owl. Harry stared at it wide-eyed.

There was no freaking way...

"It is still young, not even a-year-old. It's not taught yet so you'll need to teach it." Voldemort supplied. "But my 'Memories' saw in your nightmares an owl just like this. When I saw it I knew it was the one."

Harry raised his arm instinctively.

"Hedwig." He called and the baby owl took flight and flew onto his arm. He wasn't sure how it was possible. How could Hedwig already be born? But it was her. There was no doubt about that.

"I believe this answer that question." Voldemort agreed. "If you want I can apply the Familiar Bonding Ritual later on."

"What does that entail?" Harry wondered.

"That it will live as long as you do." Voldemort supplied. "It can only be performed once in a lifetime, though. You need to be certain."

"Then I want it." Harry agreed, before smiling down at Hedwig, whose yellow's eyes were staring right back. "Nice to meet you again, Hedwig." He whispered and Hedwig hooted back.

Just because I know several of you might not understand it, Harry wasn't affected by any lasting curse. It's PTSD, not a curse. Although he did activate a curse when he touched the hedgerow.

So Harry is having PTSD effects, touches hedgerow's walls only to activate one of the curses, starts to remember the Three Wizards' third task, Voldemort undoes the curse that Harry had accidentally activated, Harry is already stuck in panic mode and since Voldemort has no idea about Harry's past he thinks it's a curse that is making «Evie» react like that.

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