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Chapter XX –Family Abuse–

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Chapter XX

–Family Abuse–

Monday, 10 January 1972


Rodolphus entered Black Manor alongside his parents, being let in by the family House-elf that didn't even ponder to ask his Masters' permission first because of how many times Rodolphus would come for Sirius without needing to bother anyone.

Since Lord Arcturus's death that he had stopped being invited over and, consequently, he had stopped coming unless to pick-up Sirius to bring him to Lestrange Manor. After the warning from Miss Malfoy over Lord Orion's disgust of his own son in the New Year's Malfoy Ball, Rodolphus finally understood the why that had been.

"Lord Jeremy."

"Lord Orion." Father agreed as they finally found the Black Lord. "We need to speak over the engagement of our sons."

Lord Orion raised an eyebrow.

"Has your son finally passed his phase and has decided to wed Bellatrix instead? As he should have in the first place?"

Rodolphus' lips thinned.

"Your firstborn is a male Bearer. He'll never be able to have children with a Witch."

"I won't have my own son turn into a thing!" Lord Orion snapped at Rodolphus.

Rodolphus sneered.

"Then refuse him as a Black." Rodolphus snarled.


"Sirius is a Natural Bearer. He'll always be a thing in your point of view. Either accept that he has to have female terminology: that he is a «Miss». Or refuse him from the Black Family."

"You are in an engagement with the Black Family!"

"No, I'm in an engagement with Sirius Black!" Rodolphus retorted.

Lord Orion opened his mouth to degrade Rodolphus' choice yet again, when a cough behind him stopped him. They looked to find Bellatrix, who was sneering up at her taller than her uncle.

"Try to sell me to anyone ever again and I'll do one like my twin and I'll refuse the family name, Uncle."

Lord Orion stared at her horrified.

"That's an outrage!"

"She is still my daughter, Orion." Mr Cygnus Black, Bellatrix' father and Lady Walburga's brother, retorted.

Lord Orion went to open his mouth again when Father stepped before him warningly.

"You have two choices: accept that your son Regulus is your Heir, what he always should have been, and that your son Sirius is a male Natural Bearer and is engaged to Heir Lestrange what makes him Heiress Lestrange." Father said in a cold warning tone and the Black Lord looked ready to snarl at him as well. "Or you can refuse Sirius his Family name, like my son just said, and until your death the Lestrange Family will stop having deals with your family since we will take my son's fiancé in and wed them as soon as possible."

"How dare you…?"

"Orion!" A voice snarled that even gave Rodolphus' shivers. They all looked while Lady Walburga entered the drawing room where they were arguing and approached her husband. Then to everyone's surprise the Witch literally slapped her husband before all of them. "I should never had let you persuade me at not giving Sirius a female name after we found out he was a Natural Bearer." She snarled at him. "Lord Jeremy and Lady Alexa, do you want to change Sirius' names or does he keep his names?"

Father looked at Rodolphus and then again at Lord Orion, who was looking at his wife outraged because she was interfering with his authority in front of people not in the family. Not yet anyway…

"We'll change his middle name." Father agreed and Rodolphus did his best to control his laughter at the punch in the stomach that was. "But we won't wait until Miss Sirius is off-age like previously agreed. We want to give him the Lestrange surname as fast as possible so I become his Legal Guardian."

Lady Walburga looked at her husband and then nodded at Rodolphus' father.

"I'll start on the paperwork right away to change his middle name alongside his surname at his wedding ." She agreed and Rodolphus nodded thankfully. "Do you want it this summer or this spring holidays?"

Father looked back at Rodolphus and Mother questioningly.

"How about a Spring's Wedding? I know it is sudden, but after what your husband has done and said, we do not trust him around my future son-in-law." Mother offered. "And Springs weddings are lovely."

Lady Walburga nodded.

"You prepare the Lestrange Manor for the ceremony, I take care of the invites?" The Witch offered and Mother nodded.


"Orion Corvus Black, you shut up before I make you!"

Lord Orion went to still open his mouth to argue but Mr Cygnus stepped inside the room, past his daughter Bellatrix, and took hold of his brother-in-law's shoulder.

"Dare to speak back to my sister, Brother!" The Wizard snarled. "Bellatrix, take your sister Narcissa and your cousin and Heir of the family Regulus on an outing to pick your three dress-robes for Heiress Sirius' wedding." He added and Rodolphus realized that Regulus and Narcissa had been about to enter the drawing room, being probably called by the shouts.

Bellatrix nodded and left with the two.

"Cygnus." Father put in questioningly and the other nodded. "Lady Walburga, Alexa, why don't you go discuss details in the next room as me and Cygnus have a talk with Orion?"

Rodolphus watched surprised how his father had just refused the Black Lord's right to be called by Lord. Oh boy… they were about to provoke a change in the hierarchy, weren't they?

Mother nodded and left with the still-Lady Walburga, while signalling at Rodolphus to follow. The door was closed behind them and just as they started to hear the massive shouts, a Soundproof Ward was raised.

"My apologies, Lady Walburga. When I come, I did not intend on provoking this." Rodolphus said with a bow of head.

The Witch shook her head as they walked to another of the drawing rooms.

"Do not worry, Orion brought this on himself." She argued. "My brother and my sister-in-law Druella will do a better job at being the Lord and Lady than we ever did." She added as they entered and the mentioned Witch that had been inside tensed at once. "Druella, Orion is losing his right as the Black Lord. Cygnus will be the Lord by the end of this."

Mrs Druella nodded.

"What did he do of so wrong that he got this?"

"He refused the former Lord's engagement of my Natural Bearer son Sirius to Heir Lestrange."

Mrs Druella's lips thinned and then she nodded at Rodolphus.

"Me and my husband won't commit the same mistake. Have you decided on the date yet?"

"This Spring holidays." Mother put in. "After what Orion did, neither me nor my husband trust him around my son's intended."

The future Lady Black nodded. She picked several magazines by the side and brought them to the teatable.

"Let's begin then. We have a few months to get a full-on wedding ready."

"May I be the one to tell Sirius?" Rodolphus wondered as the three Witches sat on the couches. They shared looks and then nodded back. "I'll floocall Professor Riddle then. Hopefully, he can set up a meeting like last time when I had to explain to Sirius that we are engaged."

The three Witches nodded.

"He didn't know?" Mrs Druella asked, lookeding at her sister-in-law with a raised eyebrow.

"He found out through my brother because my brother knew I wouldn't enjoy to let my fiancé to go the Samhain ball with just anyone." Rodolphus agreed.

Mother and Mrs Druella glared at Lady Walburga and Rodolphus knew that the moment he'd leave the room, the still-Lady Black would be reprimanded by the other two Witches for neglecting her son so obviously.

"Ask him who he wants as his Best Man or Maid of Honour." Mother offered.

"Will do, Mother."

Rodolphus left the drawing room and walked to the visits' Floo room and flootravelled to the Defence Against Dark Art Professor's Office. The Dark Lord looked up from some parchments he was picking up.



"Am I right in believing that you want to speak with your intended?"

"If possible." Rodolphus agreed.

"Something important happened, am I right?"

"Yes, my Lord. Orion Black was just refused his right as Black Lord."

The Dark Lord's eyes grew but, besides that, didn't react.

"Who is dealing with it?"

"My father and the future Black Lord Cygnus."

"I'll speak with Jeremy over it later then." The Dark Lord agreed and approached a parchment by the side and looked through it, before looking back. "First-year Gryffindors just left Transfiguration with the Slytherins. Wait here as I'll have him brought in."

Rodolphus bowed his head and the Dark Lord's eyes become a little glassy, before they come back to normal and he left the office to go get ready for his next class. In no time there was a knock on the office's door. Rodolphus opened, only to see the Dark Lord's intended with Sirius and their group of friends behind him (although the Ravenclaw girl was missing, she probably had classes to attend herself).

"I'm sorry. I got a warning to meet Professor Riddle here with Sirius?" Heiress Peverell offered unsure.

His Lord had a mind connection with His intended?

"I asked Professor Riddle the permission to speak with Sirius." Rodolphus said.

Sirius blushed as the boy's group of friends all looked at him.

"Want us to wait for you?" Heir Potter asked Sirius.

"I'll meet you on the usual spot." Sirius argued and the group nodded, leaving. The boy entered shyly as Rodolphus stepped back. "Is it because of the engagement?"

"Yes." Rodolphus agreed as he waited for Sirius to sit down. "Me and my parents visited your Family Manor today." He offered as he took out his necklace with the Lestrange crest from his own neck. "Your father has been refusing that you are a Natural Bearer and will never be able to wed a woman. He thought that I would eventually see 'straight' and would wed Bellatrix instead. He refused it so much that my father refused his right as a Lord. As we speak, my father and your uncle are right now refusing your father the right as Black Lord."

Sirius gasped back.


"Let me finish." Rodolphus requested calmly, knowing that a calm interaction worked better than an angry one around his fiancé, and Sirius shyly nodded. "What your father did is illegal. Even if you use a male name and walk in male clothes, you are still a Natural Bearer. You still need to wed a husband." The early-twenties male added, as he kneeled on one leg before his intended. "I don't care myself. I want you and either you use a male or female terminology: it was you that I fell for." Sirius' face turned red. "Now the real reason I come here today. My parents decided that they refuse to let you stay a ward of the Black Family even if the Lordship hierarchy is going to change."

"Am I going to be taken in by you?"

Rodolphus showed the necklace.

"Sirius, I, Rodolphus Cassius Lestrange, hereby ask you to accept me as your future husband. Let me make you my wife on the upcoming spring holidays. Let me make you Heiress Sirius Lestrange. Let me love you and be loved by you."


"I want it to be your choice." Rodolphus explained. "If you aren't ready yet, I'll tell my parents and we'll hold back the wedding for now."

"I'm 12."

"Your grandfather Pollux had your mother at 13 and his father had him also at 13." Rodolphus reminded him. "I'm not saying I want you to get pregnant so soon. Actually I want you to finish your school first, but your father forced my hand."

Sirius passed a hand through his long hair as he obviously took the news in and then pulled it up into a side tail as he held it up instead of answering.

"It's just one necklace, right? I won't have to wear a whole set like Kari, right?"

Rodolphus smiled.

"Knowing your mother and my own they'll try to at the least in special days like Heiress Peverell." He agreed and put the Lestrange necklace on Sirius. "I won't ever step out of tone. We'll only do it when you feel that you are ready for it. I will keep courting you and, even when we will be old, that won't change." He promised.

"Thank you."

Rodolphus nodded and took hold of Sirius' hands in his. He brought them to his lips and kissed the back of them just as the office's door opened. Rodolphus looked up to find the Dark Lord.

"My apologies, Rodolphus. I need some files for my next class."

Rodolphus stood from his kneeling on one leg position and shook his head.

"We had just finished." He argued. "Are you busy this spring holidays, Sire?"

The Dark Lord looked back from the parchment he was picking up.

"Nothing that comes to mind."

"You'll receive a proper invitation later, but would you attend our wedding?"

Sirius blushed that Rodolphus was asking his Professor.

"It will be my pleasure." Dark Lord agreed.

"Thank you, Sir. Sirius, who is your best friend?"

"James Potter." Sirius replied automatically.

Rodolphus nodded.

"I'll warn our parents to have the Potters added to the guest list with Heir Potter as our Best Man." He said in agreement. "I'm going to invite Bellatrix as my Maid of Honour then, if you don't mind?"

Sirius shook his head.

"I'll tell James and my friends." He agreed. "I want Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Kari Peverell, Ron Prewett, Silvine Nott and Severus Snape to attend, beside Megara of course."

Rodolphus nodded.

"I'll make sure their names are added in." He promised.

Sirius nodded shyly and then left. The Dark Lord looked after Sirius' leaving form and then back at Rodolphus.

"Orion must have really refused his job as a father for your father to have decided on a wedding so early on." The older put in.

"It was mutual between him and my mother, but yes."

"I'll speak with the Deputy Headmaster to have the permission for Sirius to go to Hogsmeade for his wedding dress-robes choosing. Alongside his friends if I manage to include them."

"I'll warn my mother and future mother-in-law so they'll be ready." Rodolphus agreed.


Sunday, 23 January 1972


Corban Yaxley passed through the Muggle town in silence until he arrived the house in question. He had walked from a safe distance so the owner of the house wouldn't have felt him arrive or this would be all for nothing. He entered without a knock and was glad that he did. His former classmate was in that moment being held by her hair by her Muggle husband as he screamed at her drunkenly.

"Looks like my Lord was right." He grumbled under his breath, before he whistled in a sound non-hearable by Humans.

Before the couple could realize what was going on, the house was stormed in by Werewolves that had followed him but waited outside, who literally forced the Muggle away from the Witch.

"Corban?" Eileen whispered confused as the Shewolves walked her towards him and as far away from her husband - being manhandled by the Werewolves - as possible.

"Someone told our former classmate Tom Riddle that you were under abuse. Looks like it was the truth."

"I'm not…"

"Eileen!" Corban snarled and the Witch shut up. "I'm bringing her to be checked-up by a Healer." He added towards Beta.

The Shewolf nodded.

"Take her away from this nightmare as we teach that scumbag what happens when you raise your hand at a woman." Beta agreed.

Corban took hold of Eileen, before she could try to defend the Muggle, and side-apparated away. Antonin Dolohov walked outside his home.

"Don't you know better than to apparate directly inside someone's Wards?" The other demanded.

"I just rescued Eileen from her abusive excuse for a husband and she is fighting the rescuing, do you think it wise to side-apparate into a safe distance when she is trying to return to the beatings?"

Antonin looked at Eileen, obviously took in her black eye and hematomas on her arms and legs.

"Bring her inside." He agreed as Corban felt the Wards locking around the Witch to keep her from leaving. "Who is dealing with the Muggle?" Antonin asked as he quickly set up his things for her healing.

"My brother's Werewolf Pack." Corban explained. "Our Lord managed to finally locate and, then, we rescued them from their incarceration last September." He added and Antonin nodded.


Sunday, 13 February 1972


As Aunt Genevieve brought them all to Hogsmeade's clothes store for their new dress-robes for Sirius incoming wedding (damn this time and age things really were different. Which, sure, in this era there wasn't such a thing as children, only small adults, but at the least Rodolphus Lestrange had promised to let the other finish education before they'd move on with their wedding) when they come upon a woman that looked like Severus Snape somewhat, beside a man that Harry had seen in the New Year Eve's party.

"Snape." Harry called and the boy looked back, before he looked at where Harry was looking. "Isn't that…?"

"My Mum. Why is she here?" The boy whispered back confused as they stayed behind the walking away group.

At realizing they had staying behind, Aunt Genevieve looked at where the two were looking and then nodded.

"I believe you can go join Lawyer Yaxley and Mrs Snape." She agreed towards the two, before she entered alongside the rest of the group in the clothes store.

Harry raised an eyebrow at Snape, who nodded and the two walked towards Mrs Snape.

"Heiress Peverell." Mr Yaxley put in with a nod back and Harry nodded. "And Young Severus, I believe."

"Indeed, Sir." The boy agreed and raised an eyebrow towards his own mother. "Is everything all right, Mum? Why are you in robes? In here?"

"I caught Tobias Snape red-handed as he was mistreating your mum." Mr Yaxley put in and Harry glanced at Snape, who was staring at his own mother. "I've contacted Lord Prince."

For the first-time Mrs Snape did show some reaction, going shy.

"Severus, my father has accepted to take us in and take you as his Heir." She offered.

"But?" Harry wondered.

"Her son has to clean his bloodline from the Muggle's inheritance." Mr Yaxley explained and Snape finally looked at the man. "I have no family name for myself, nor can I claim yours as requested by your grandfather." The older started talking directly towards Snape as Mrs Snape went deep red. "In my favour I was raised being taught to never hit a woman by my Mum who raised me and my brother by herself until I was a teenager and then we were taken in by a Werewolf Pack who also taught me the same."

Harry stepped away to give the three space as he realized that Mr Yaxley was literally asking Snape the permission to wed the boy's mother. As Harry stepped even more away, Mr Yaxley's eyes raised up at him and then down again as someone suddenly was by Harry's side. Harry looked, as Snape spoke with the two adults, to find Sissy's father. The man nodded back and signalled towards the clothes store.

"I believe they deserve the right for privacy, Heiress Peverell." Mr Nott put in and Harry nodded. "My Lord told us that you were the one to tell him."

"I looked at Sna… Severus and I saw myself." Harry explained and the older nodded. "Does he like her?" He wondered, since he knew that Yaxley had never married in the future.

Mr Nott looked down at Harry and then up as they entered the shop where the group was being overwhelmed with the possible new dress-robes, Sissy's mother as well as the Potters were present helping out the seamstresses at picking up the clothes.

"Between you and me: since we were students." Mr Nott finally agreed. "Let's join my daughter and my son as we pick your own dress-robe for the wedding, shall we?"

Harry nodded and joined the Nott Family. Rabastan Lestrange was by Sirius' side who was deep red as he was shown the several dress-robes in a magazine by Mrs Potter. Harry looked at them as he held back the lump in his throat. His grandparents…

Mrs Nott smiled back warmly and joined him to her children as they looked through the magazines.

"Severus?" Sissy asked back.

"Lawyer Yaxley is about to wed Severus' mother and adopt him as his own son." Harry whispered back and even her brother looked back at the claim. "Talk later. Too many ears."

Sissy looked at Peter Pettigrew within hearing distance and then she nodded.


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