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Chapter XIX –Silly Crush–

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Chapter XIX

–Silly Crush–

Friday, 7 January 1972


Harry entered the Infirmary wing for his weekly potion, the first since the holidays, when he saw a teenager inside. Wasn't that…?

The boy sat up straighter immediately at seeing Harry enter. He smiled back widely.

"Miss Peverell!" He claimed with a massive eagerness.

Harry glanced in the office's door direction and then approached the boy.

"What happened to you?" He wondered, signalling the bandages around the boy's torso.

"Got cursed by some Slytherins. Nothing much." The other argued. "It just become all worth it."

"Why is that?"

"You are actually visiting me." The boy said.

Harry almost face-slapped himself. Just great! This really was the boy who had given him a love letter a few months ago… and looked like he had won a backbone and could actually speak back now!

"Heiress Peverell." Madam Pomfrey's voice rescued him and Harry turned to see the woman leaving her office. "My apologies, I forgot your booked appointment."

"You had your hands full." Harry agreed, signalling the teenager who apparently had a massive crush of him. "Is my potion ready?"

"Not yet. You need to wait as it breathes." The School Healer argued.

"Miss Peverell can wait with me as it gets ready." The Ravenclaw teen eagerly put in.

Someone please kill him…

Something in Harry's face must have told the woman Harry's thoughts on the subject.

"I'm afraid not, McLaggen. Your healing will be undone if you do not lay down and rest." The stern woman retorted and Harry sent her a thankful look. "Heiress Peverell, wait in my office as I get the potion ready."

Harry nodded, bowed his head slightly at the Ravenclaw and then hurried to the office, doing his best not to look too eager. Eventually the mid-aged woman returned with his potion and let him drink it under her watch. Since the infertility spell that his potions had stopped. He couldn't take the same that Ron and he used to take because it could activate the hex again. Today would be his first time since then as Professor Slughorn had to brew a new batch just for Harry first. He closed his eyes as he felt his throat scratch in reaction to the potion as well as his hips felt a slight pain as his bones rearranged slightly to start to make him win more willowy figure.

When a slight whimper left his lips Madam Pomfrey was immediately by his side.

"Where?" She asked, knowing that for Harry to whimper that it had to be really painful.

"My ribcage is being constricted." Harry gasped out as it become hard to breath.

Spells started being performed and then finally his lungs started being able to move again. Eventually he was able to open his eyes. He looked up at the woman who was looking back sadly.

"I'll have to speak with Professor Slughorn. That potion was too strong and tried to do everything in one go." She put in. "You are still too young to get the full female-like body structure."

Harry nodded.

"About…" he signalled at the door of the office. "You don't need to tell Him, do you?"

Madam Pomfrey smiled amused.

"I don't see a reason why." She said soothingly and Harry breathed relieved. "But if McLaggen tries anything, you need to right out tell him that you aren't interested."

"I will." Harry agreed and, once he managed, stood. "I have tutoring hours with Professor Riddle later, should I tell him something?"

"About McLaggen?" The woman asked.

"Over the potion and how it affected my lungs."

"I'll warn him so he'll be ready for it when you arrive."

Harry nodded and left. McLaggen immediately smiled back. Harry nodded once and left the Infirmary wing before the other could speak back. Later that night he waited in the common room as the Slytherins started packing around after dinner. Finally, when he was certain that everyone was in the room, he picked his wand and pointed at his own throat.

"Sonorus! Who was the fool who decided to curse McLaggen today?" He snarled as his voice surrounded the whole common room.

All Slytherins froze and looked back wide-eyed. Eventually a third-year group by the side that had been on the New Years' Eve Ball stood. Harry turned towards them with a raised eyebrow.

"We did."

"What did he do?"

"We caught him literally tracking you. He even had a picture of you eating which had obviously been taken against your will that we had to destroy."

Harry's lips thinned.

"And you decided today that I had to go to the Infirmary wing out of all days to send him there? He thought I was there to SEE him!" He snapped.

The children of Death Eaters tensed as they realized why Harry had found out.

"We won't commit the same mistake again." They argued.

Harry groaned loudly.

"Next time… tell ME. I can deal with idiots by myself!" He snarled before undoing the Sonorus Spell, turned around and walked down the corridors into his quarters.



"Did Calisto Peverell just Dark Lord-ed on us?" Severus asked once Kari disappeared from view and Sylvine started laughing as the entire Slytherin students finally dared to breath after the 11-year-old boy's demand for attention. "Whatever McLaggen did in the Infirmary wing must have freaked him out for he to be acting like this. You guys should have remembered that today was his weekly potion's day."

"We'll add it to our timetable." The group who had been reprimanded agreed as Sylvine kept laughing.

"Control yourself, Miss Nott." Severus whispered.

"You obviously not been there when He declared himself to Kari." Sylvine whispered back. "How much Kari refused it."

Severus looked back and then in the quarters corridor's direction.

"How bad was his tracking down of Miss Peverell?" He demanded towards the older group.

"Borderline Stalking territory." Sylvine's brother replied.

"Don't leave him alone outside the common room." Severus told Sylvine and she raised an eyebrow, stopping laughing. "Out of all us first-years you are the only one who can actually defend yourself and strike back and also one of the few Slytherins that Miss Peverell let in into his bubble."

Sylvine hummed.

"You are also in the bubble." She retorted.

"True, but unlike you I can't strike an older student if attacked."

Sylvine nodded and looked at her brother.

"Severus will need some private classes on how to proper protect our Lord's intended. I'm not there fulltime."

The older Slytherins nodded.

"We'll start tomorrow after Slytherin's Quidditch practice, Snape." The Head Boy agreed and Severus nodded.


Saturday, 8 January 1972


"Miss Peverell."

Harry looked up from the lake towards who was sitting down beside him too close for comfort, only to see McLaggen. The Ravenclaw one, not the one from his timeline who has been a year older than him and a Gryffindor.

"What can I do for you?" He argued while mentally groaning. Why was he alone?

"You could agree to wear my family jewellery instead of those ones." The teen offered and Harry raised an eyebrow, only for the other to actually dare to grab the locket out of Harry's chest. "These aren't pro…"

"Expelliarmus!" The locket was freed from the teen's tight hold, falling again onto Harry's chest. "Bombarda!" McLaggen raised up into the sky and then fell backwards onto the lake behind him. Harry stood and turned to return back inside when he found Professor Dumbledore staring back with a reprimanding look. "For real? He was literally taking advantage, but because I'm a Slytherin if I dare to defend myself: I'm grounded?" He snarled.

Professor Dumbledore opened his mouth when they heard a cough. Both turned towards Professor Slughorn that obviously had been running in Harry's direction and was coughing out of breath.

"You aren't grounded, Heiress Peverell." The former blond man argued struggling to breath, as he glared at the former ginger Headmaster. "I'm glad you defended yourself. I was obviously not fast enough when I realized Mr McLarge's not keeping the social norm of social distance and even dare to touch your chest without permission while I was running in both your direction."

"Horace." Professor Dumbledore warned and Harry frowned when he felt words inside his own mind that weren't being spoken with actual words.

Could this be… Magic Words…?

He immediately stepped forward as he realized what those words were and let himself be hit with the Magic Words instead, what made him gasp in pain. Professor Slughorn looked down at him and then up at Professor Dumbledore.

"I need to bring my Slytherin to the Infirmary wing who was obviously hit by Mr McLarge." The Potions Professor retorted and started to pull Harry out.

By the lake Harry could see the Giant Squid using it's tentacles to hold a freaking out McLaggen above the lake's water and take him to the shore.

"It wasn't McLaggen." Harry argued quietly and Professor Slughorn raised an eyebrow. "It was The Magic Words that I stopped from hitting you."

Professor Slughorn nodded and they entered the castle just as Professor Riddle run down the stairs two in two. At seeing Harry he approached into his personal space and took hold of Harry's back of the neck coming from the front, what immediately made the pain disappear.

"Tom…" Professor Slughorn argued as Professor Riddle walked Harry into the private room where first-years usually waited.

"I'm Miss Peverell's Legal Guardian." Professor Riddle offered towards the former blond once they were in privacy. "What happened, Evie?"

"A Ravenclaw student was getting too touchy so I stroke back, but when I did it was when Professor Dumbledore got ready to interrupt and ground me."

Professor Riddle hummed.

"Did the student hurt you?" He asked and Harry shook his head. "Then why were you in pain, Evie?" He demanded.

"I interrupted Albus from grounding Heiress Peverell." Professor Slughorn put in and Professor Riddle looked up towards the older as he kept restraining Harry's magic. "Heiress Peverell claims that he saw Magic Words being spelled when Albus said my name as he tried to stop me from interrupting the grounding, so he stepped in between."

Professor Riddle looked at Harry and sighed.

"May I touch your chest over your heart?" He asked and Harry nodded.

One of older's hands released the neck and went down onto Harry's chest over his heart. Harry saw as Voldemort's magic went into his chest and then a ball of Pure Light colour left his chest into Voldemort's fist who held it as if it was an actual ball that he could hold and released Harry's neck with the other hand.

"Was that what had been aimed at me?" Professor Slughorn asked and Voldemort nodded. "Thank you, Heiress Peverell. I would not have been able to tell it until too late."

Harry hummed as Voldemort stepped away with the ball of light, only to throw it at a closed fireplace. Immediately the fireplace blasted and House-elves popped in to undo the damage.

"Professor Slughorn, about my Courtship with Heiress Peverell…" Professor Riddle turned towards the elder male to argue when they were alone again, but the elder Wizard shook his head with a smile.

"Albus won't hear it from me." He argued and grinned down at Harry. "You must be one of a kind, Tom was never interested in someone when he was a student. I had almost feared for his sake."

Harry scoffed.

"So people keep telling me, yet all I did was snap at him."

Professor Slughorn laughed.

"I better go see if McLarge has managed to leave the lake and go deal with his grounding before Albus attempts to claim that he was in the right."

"You better warn Filius so he backs you up. Even if only a Halfbreed his Goblin's inheritance makes him immune to Magic Words." Voldemort supplied and Professor Slughorn nodded and left. Voldemort locked the door with a sneer and turned towards Harry with a raised eyebrow. "You could actually see it?"

"He said Horace but my mind heard other words. It's hard to explain. I just knew that it was what the Head Boy had spoken about on your birthday party."

"For you to be able to step in between you had to do that in a second."

"Oh…" Harry gasped surprised. "I thought a whole minute had passed."

Voldemort nodded.

"This means you are immune like me. Which makes sense since we know that Lady Magic claimed you as my Equal. I just didn't know it would be this obviously." The older explained and Harry groaned. "I will start tutoring you during your tutoring hours. If not properly taught it can turn against you."

"Very well."

"And why was whatever name that Professor Slughorn said close enough for you to require to strike him?"

"He has a silly crush on me. Ironically he grabbed your locket and started going about how it wasn't proper female jewellery when I finally had enough. Ironic because later the man who never keeps the social distance was the one who asked permission to touch in the exact same place."

Voldemort's lips thinned.

"Did you give him permission to court you?" The older asked through clenched teeth and Harry could tell that he was doing his best not to storm out the room.

He really was ready to give Harry up if Harry asked it of him, wasn't he…?

"I didn't. Last Friday before my weekly potion your Knight's Slytherin children sent him to the Infirmary wing for daring to have pictures and poems about me on his belongings." Harry replied and Voldemort hummed. "Today he sat right down next to me. Didn't ask for permission. He assumed me going to the Infirmary meant that I went to check on him even though he heard I went there to take a potion."

"You took it…?"

"Madam Pomfrey sent me to her office for privacy." Harry answered before the older could finish asking. "No, I do not want McLaggen to court me." He added and Voldemort's red eyes flashed before they returned to grey. "I also do not want you to kill him for having a silly crush. I can deal with it myself."

Voldemort obviously held back his thoughts. He stepped away and approached the window to look outside.

"I said I trust you, Evie. If I want you to accept my courting, I also have to let you make your own choices." He agreed as he clenched his fists. "I promised you the right of a choice, yet I am being overly jealous over someone you just said you want nothing with."

"You aren't the sharing type." Harry said and Voldemort looked back from the window. The boy shrugged. "The Slytherins believe that McLaggen can turn into something worse, but until then let me deal with it."

"And if he does?" Voldemort argued.

Harry touched his locket.

"Your Memories in your locket and ring will warn you. Like they've done right now."

"I will have to trust you on this." Voldemort agreed. "I do not promise to not go harder on him in classes, though."

Harry snorted and before he knew it he was laughing. Picturing Voldemort jealously taking it out on a student because the teenager dared to have a silly crush was too amusing.

"Just don't be too obvious." He struggled to say mid-laughing.

"I'll do my best." Voldemort replied as he watched Harry's laughing form.


Am I the only one who looks at Voldemort's looks at Harry's laughing form and see desire in it? Yes? *walks away ashamedly* okay, I'll take my fangirling-glasses off

Btw, this Friday is Harry's 40th birthday. Don't forget to wish him Happy Birthday since he has reached the four decades

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