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Chptr XVIII –Under the Poker face' Mask-

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Chapter XVIII

–Under the Poker face's Mask–

Saturday, 1 January 1972


Harry was finishing packing up his bag to when he would return to school next day while leaving his new robes in his wardrobe and only bringing his school robes beside his inner trousers and t-shirts, when there was a knock on his quarters' door.

"Who is it?" He called out outside the bedroom towards the office entry area of his private quarters.

"It's Abraxas, Calisto."

"Come in, Uncle Abraxas." Harry agreed and the blond entered, nodded back and approached Harry who returned to his packing up. "What may I do for you, Uncle Abraxas?"

"Why do you always say title and name?" Uncle Abraxas wondered, making Harry stop and look back at the blond.

"My Muggles taught me that if I don't it's disrespect." Harry shrugged. "Did I do anything wrong? Should I have refused Voldemort's request for a dance? Did any of your fellow Knights say something about me stepping on His toes? Did…?"

"I'm not here to reprimand you." Uncle Abraxas hurried to interrupt him and Harry blushed. "Did you pack your new dress-robe?"

Harry shook his head, pointing to it's hanging location on the open wardrobe after Dobby finished getting it washed that morning, as he finishing packing his trunk. Only for Harry to frown when the dress-robe levitated from the wardrobe and into the open trunk, folded and stored itself on his trunk. The boy turned towards his surrogate uncle confused as his new jewellery were fast to follow inside the quadrangular box where they had been brought in when Aunt Genevieve had bought them.


"Spring Solstice ball." Uncle argued. "When is Veronique's birthdate?"

"1st March." Harry replied automatically and joined his books inside before closing the trunk. "Why?"

"This way I don't need to contact your mother's ex to find out about my son's intended." Uncle Abraxas said and Harry stuttered as he realized the why. "Lucius said that Veronique likes chess, does he have a chess set?"

Harry went to reply affirmatively, when he remembered that no, Ron didn't have in this Era since it most likely belonged to Arthur Weasley.

"No, he usually uses one from one of his cousins."

"I'll warn Lucius that chess set is on the acceptable courtship gift list."

Harry closed his trunk and glanced back at the blond uncertain.

"Ron loves the Chudley Cannons…?" He offered uncertain and Uncle Abraxas nodded, only for Harry to realize he was actually taking notes. "He has arachnophobia and his Patronus form is a Jack Russell Terrier."

Uncle Abraxas frowned and looked up from the parchment he was writing on.

"He can perform a Patronus? And make a Corporeal one?"

"Me and Hera also can." Harry agreed.

"What is my Lord teaching you?" Uncle Abraxas asked surprised.

Harry blushed.

"We were bored and looked it up." He lied.

Uncle Abraxas looked back wide-eyed and then he hurried to write down on the top of the parchment on a corner.

"I'll warn Amphitrite so she makes sure you get subjects to keep you entertained. I hope you don't mind that Veronique joins you on the classes."

"Of course not."

"Good. Besides for maroon what else doesn't he like?"

"Dry beef?" Harry offered uncertain and Uncle Abraxas scoffed. "Ron loves to collect the chocolate frog's cards, he used to have almost all of them before he moved in with his uncle. He has an inferiority complex because of being the youngest with very important cousins. He isn't used to being the first thought."

Uncle Abraxas nodded.

"Well, he is Lucius' first choice. I'm sure Lucius will be able to explain that to Veronique, I will still add that to the list of things needed to be dealt with." The man agreed as he wrote down. "Does Veronique compare himself to you?"

"I do my best not to make him feel inferior, but he does." Harry agreed. "We once had a massive argument over his jealously. Luckily I managed to explain to him that I didn't want the attention."

"It's instinctive. Still it needs to be dealt with. As the possible future Lady Malfoy: he will be constantly on the spotlight and an inferiority complex will only make people look down on him."

The boy looked at the way the blond just accepted that the two would wed. It wasn't even a possibility. The Malfoys were assuming that Cousin Lucius would win Ron's heart.

"Ron has a temperament. He isn't easily bought. Cousin Lucius can't just become his Sugar Daddy. He has to show with actions. He has to show himself. To put his heart on show to Ron. Ron is like me, he won't wed for convenience. He'll only do it if it's someone that he cares for."

Uncle Abraxas looked up from the notes he was writing and then nodded, adding that in.

"I'll warn Lucius." He agreed. "And my Lord." He added with a pointed look and Harry nodded. "I know I've said it before and you didn't believe me, but if he ever makes the Courtship official: you need to accept the courtship even if not the engagement. And I'm not talking about what that will do to our family on his ranking. I'm talking about yourself."

"Why about myself?" Harry wondered puzzled.

"You have no idea, do you?" Uncle Abraxas argued and Harry raised an eyebrow. "During the New Years' Eve Ball he put you on a pedestal. By dancing with you he literally claimed you as his desired one. Even if he tells his Knights that you are out of reach and that you have the choice, they will still take it on you. They will believe that you were leading him on." Harry opened his mouth but the blond shook his head. "My Family's name will only protect you until certain point.

"I know that my Lord must have done something to your Muggle parents, the way you refuse him didn't make sense to me until Dobby told me that during your nightmares you would call my Lord's name.

"I asked Dobby because I never told you His name and yet you knew. I never told you that Tom Riddle was my Lord and yet you knew. I never told you his birthday because I don't even know it myself – I don't believe that even Jeremiah Lestrange knows and he is the closest of the Knights to Him – and yet" Uncle Abraxas added pointedly "you know."

"Did you tell Him about it?" Harry asked and Uncle Abraxas shook his head. "My nightmares before his Locket started holding them back? Was with Him. My boggart is a Dementor because I can hear my Muggle parents on their deathbed… and I can hear Him."

Uncle Abraxas stared into Harry's eyes for a long moment and then sighed, suddenly his poker face disappeared and the man looked older than ever.

"Next school holidays you and I will need to deal with it without His knowledge."

"Why not?"

"Do you want Him to apologize to you without meaning it?" Uncle Abraxas retorted harshly and Harry opened his mouth to reply, only to close it again unsure. "They were Muggles. If they were Muggleborns or even Squibs? He would manage to do it in a way it would be sincere. And starting a Courtship with Him lying to you is not the best option." The blond added. "That is… if you want to give this Courtship a chance. If you are willing to let Him court you. If you are willing to try to see past that."

"He knows I don't believe in the Pureblood Supremacism. That I'm «pro Muggles»."

Uncle Abraxas signalled a chair by the side and immediately Dobby popped in to move all the clothes that Harry had set on top onto the bed. Harry nodded and Uncle Abraxas sat down.

"What was His reaction?"

"Ask me what I thought of Squibs and when I told Him that I thought it was torture to raise them among Wizards, he said that at the least we agreed in something… it was when you walked in on us with Him on his knee…?"

The blond male nodded as he stared at Harry.

"I was raised being taught that a Wizard's job is to take care of his wife and children and the Witch's job is to take care of her husband and their children. To take care of the house. I was raised being taught that male bearers have the same statute as a Witch." The older started. "In my time and age: a Witch who spoke back outside the privacy of their room was a broken Witch." Harry nodded, not arguing over the philosophy. "I was a year younger than my Lord. Yet, like many others, I knew that there was nothing that interested Him and now I know why. He didn't want a Witch of our time and age. He wanted someone like you who had the courage to speak back and still owe the right to be respected."

"All I did as a child was tell him that I'm a boy and not a girl."

"I don't care what you told Him. It was the way you told Him." The adult argued just before they heard the main entrance of the private quarter's door open without a knock. The two looked at the bedroom's door. "Who is it?"

"Abraxas?" The person outside the room asked back.

Instantaneously the poker face showed up on Harry's surrogate uncle just before the door opened and Voldemort walked in with a raised eyebrow.

"Uncle Abraxas was giving me a pep talk on how in your school time females and male bearers were supposed to do what they were told unless they were in privacy." Harry argued before the older would get angry.

Voldemort nodded at Harry and then looked at Uncle Abraxas.

"In our time and age there was a Women Revolution. Women won rights all over the world. Even in the Muggle World." The Dark Lord argued and Uncle Abraxas nodded. "We'll speak later over how Evie's tutoring should be. Even if I'm the Legal Guardian I do not intend to do anything that will go against the Malfoy's beliefs."

The blond nodded and stood.

"Dobby will warn you when the time for dinner arrives." He offered and left the bedroom.

Voldemort watched him leave and kept looking after him until Harry heard the quarter's entry door to close.

"He was telling you that to tell you to change…?" He started to ask, obviously not trusting Uncle Abraxas. Harry wondered if that was good or bad considering his surrogate uncle was a Death Eater.

"To explain why he had been so strict." Harry argued. "He understood that you prefer me not like that." He hurried to add before the older would take it out on the blond.

Voldemort nodded, looked at Harry's trunk over the bed and then again to him.


Harry accepted the small ingredient flask and looked at the leaf inside confused.

"What's this?"

"A leaf of a Mandrake." Voldemort supplied. "You put it in your mouth on a Full Moon, you keep it you mouth, you don't swallow, you don't bite. You eat and drink your meals with it in your mouth. You sleep with it in your mouth. You speak with it in your mouth. You spend a whole month with it in your mouth until the next Full Moon."

"Why?" Harry asked as he stared at the leaf confused.

"When the month ends… if it's a cloudy Full Moon you have to start over." Voldemort continued and Harry looked up at the older, wondering what the other was talking about. "If it works the first time you spit it into a phial within range of the moon's pure rays. On the Moon-struck phial it's added one of your hairs, a silver teaspoon of dew that has not seen sunlight or been touched by human feet for seven days and the chrysalis of a Death's-head Hawk Moth. Finally, the mixture must be put in a quiet, dark place and cannot be disturbed."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Finally you have to wait for an electrical storm. Until then at sunrise and sundown without fail you need to chant every day the follow incantation: «Amato Animo Animato Animagus» with the tip of your wand over your heart." Voldemort kept going as if he hadn't been interrupted and Harry's eyes grew as he finally realized what Voldemort was explaining. "When there is a storm you have to move to a large and secure location, recite the incantation one final time and then drink the potion at last."

Harry looked at the leaf again.

"I better only do it next summer holidays…"

"If you want to keep it a secret? Yes." Voldemort agreed. "I can help you through the incantations, through the preparation for the potion and by keeping you nightmare-free to keep you from accidentally swallowing or spitting it. Yours and mine House-elves can help by spelling the food directly into your system for that month. It will still be hard. You will gag. You will lose the sensibility of your tongue. You will cry. You will beg. You will want to stop. It won't be easy."

"My biological father was a stag." Harry interrupted the warning and Voldemort looked at him in the eyes.

"Does Amphitrite know?" He asked and Harry shook his head. "Do you want to do this to be closer to him? Or because you want?"

"If I'm in a tight spot and you know that the only way I can get out of there is if I shift into an animal and disappear from view… wouldn't you have wished that I had bothered to wait a month of daily sickness than to be caught?"

Voldemort smirked amused.

"I suppose you want me to gather one for your friend Veronique as well?" He asked instead.

"And Megara." Harry agreed promptly. "I believe you have Knights in the Black Family considering that both Hera and Sirius were at the party."

"What about the Prewetts?" Voldemort retorted with a raised brow.

Harry shrugged.

"Ron would sometimes spend whole months in my quarters with me. Sometimes he would follow me during our holidays to Malfoy's holiday house for a whole month without even a floocall." He offered.

"It won't be as easy now with Lucius being his courted." Voldemort said and Harry hummed. "I can easily deal with the Blacks for your two friends to follow you. If you want I can arrange for Miss Nott as well."

"Well… if it's a group it'll be easier at explaining to Lord Prewett." Harry put in. "Do you know Severus Snape's mother?" He asked off topic.

"Eileen was my classmate." Voldemort agreed as Harry packed up the clothes that had been moved from the chair to the bed. "She was the only child of Lord Prince. I believe he disowned her for «daring» to wed a Muggle." Harry hummed. "What is it?"

"How would you have reacted if someone had seen the mistreatment you got at your orphanage?"

"I would have been ecstatic." Voldemort replied honestly.

"Would you be able to recognise it in other people?"

"I recognised it in you before I was told, didn't I?"

"I bet my new broomstick that Severus is abused." Harry put in.

There was a massive intake of breath and, when Harry finally looked up from the folding clothes, he saw the other stare back with narrowed eyes.

"That's a massive gamble that you are making."

"I know and I love that broom."

Voldemort nodded.

"I'll tell Corban Yaxley to go make a surprise check-up." He agreed. "I thought you said you liked Muggles and yet you are gambling against a Muggle."

Harry looked at Voldemort in his blood-red eyes and then back to his clothes and started packing them in his commode.

"I may be pro-Muggle, but I'm not Professor Dumbledore. I'm not pro-abuse."

Voldemort scoffed.

"Do you tell your House-elf to not do it?" He asked and Harry nodded. "I'll better warn Slippery that you are the type to help with the cleaning or I'll have a crying House-elf in my hands again if you ever visit my place."

Harry stuttered, turning deep red.


Information on How to Become an Animagus according to Harry Potter Wiki

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