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Chapter I –Meeting the Family–

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Time change/Date of time

Chapter I

–Meeting the Family–

30 June, 1967

Harry looked at the goblin that appeared before him and then he felt the feeling of a portkey.


Ron looked in silence as the Aurors, which had just apparated before him and his 'supposed' parents - he didn't really need to see their dead bodies, bloody hell! -, took him to a hospital room in St. Mungos. When, suddenly, a body appeared in the middle of the hospital's entrance room, Ron's eyes grew. It was Harry! Ron released himself from the Aurors and approached his friend at once, he was unconscious and, bloody hell, he was bleeding and shaking and skinny and…

"Hush, it's okay!" a female voice said against his ear as arms embraced him from behind keeping him away from his friend.

"No… Harry…" had it gone that bad with Hermione as well? He had to know, he…

"Hush… you know the lad?" Ron nodded his head numbly as his friend was taken away. "What is his name?"

"Harry. Harry P…" Ron answered but stopped himself before he could say Harry's surname… he wasn't Harry anymore! Shit! "James…" Ron only hoped that the woman would think his slip as in him going to use his own 'surname'.

"Don't worry, lad. Mr James will be fine. You'll see."

"I can't…" Ron swallowed the hump that suddenly showed on his throat, hell he had just supposedly lost his parents and he was caring more about his friend than he had cared about them… "I can't lose him too…" he finally whimpered, because what else could he say?

"Hush, lad, he'll be fine. You'll see. Now let's move you to your room, shall we?" Ron nodded numbly and felt himself being pulled. "What's your name?"

"Ron, Ronald Bilius Prewett." He mumbled, sitting on the bed the healer took him to. "Can I share a room with Harry when he'll stop bleeding?" he asked.

The healer smiled warmly.

"Of course, Mr Prewett. Now can you tell me why you were sent here? What happened?"

"I was going out with… with my Dad and Mum and… it was everything too fast, suddenly the Aurors had taken me here." Ron said with a shrug, because hell he wasn't with mind enough to invent a good enough lie right now… not after seeing Harry and he was supposedly 7, he could pretend trauma or something. Refuse to accept his parents death… he didn't care, right now Harry was his top priority. "Harry is really going to be okay, right? He won't leave me, will he?" he asked, hoping to sound more his age while urging the damn healer to go check on Harry. Hell, he had just saw his best friend almost dying in front of him!

"I'm sure my colleagues are doing the best they can as we speak. What can you tell me about Mr James life?"

Ron shrugged and pulled his legs to his chest hugging them on the bed.

"I want Harry." He said with a pout and refused to answer any other question.

He had to see Harry and what good be a 7 years old boy would do if he couldn't use the privileges?

Ron didn't look up when a wizard, his Grandfather and the Prewett Lord, entered the room and looked at him. Only when the man showed was he allowed to move to another room and laid on a bed next to Harry's. The boy was breathing, that much Ron could see but besides that it was practically impossible to see the boy behind all those bandages.

"Ronald?" Ron looked at his Grandfather. "Do you know who I am?"

Ron nodded and quickly made the counts mentally so he would know which family status the two supposedly shared. If Ron's supposed father was his Mother's uncle then Ron's grandfather was Ron's supposed father's brother…

"The Prewett Lord, my Uncle Charon." He mumbled. "Dad keeps talking about you." He added before looking again at Harry. "Wha… what happened to Harry?" he asked.

"The healers said that it was made by muggle knifes and that there is even marks of a belt on his back." His Grandfather answered and Ron turned to him at once.

Harry's de-aging had done this… his uncles… his muggle family… the years of mistreat… all open at once. Ron bit the bottom of his lip, could Harry know what would've happen?

"You know why, don't you?" his Grandfather asked.

"His muggle family… they hate Harry for his… 'freakiness'." Ron answered truthfully, he should've had known it was this grave… Harry, you moron! You should've had said something, anything! "He won't be returning there, will he? They tried to kill him!" Ron pleaded turning to his Grandfather, knowing that they had to be blood tested for them to be adopted into the families the goblin had sent them to.

Charon Prewett hummed and turned to the female healer that had spoken with Ron earlier than evening whom approached and took a hair from Harry and let it drop on a basin that was by the side, from the basin a small parchment got out.

"You said his name was Harry James?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am. That's the name the muggles gave my muggle best mate when they took him in when he was a baby, why?" he asked, and wasn't it odd to call Harry a muggle?

"Well, for starters Mr James isn't a muggle. His magic transported him here and that's how we managed to save him." Ron nodded wide eyed, while mentally he was sure that it was the goblin's job. "Second he never got a name in the Wizardry World, it's as if he was refused the ability to have a name. Plus, he is natural…"

Ron's eyes grew even wider - this time for real -, Harry was a natural as well? Well, at least he wouldn't be damned to be cross-dress alone…

"A natural? What is that?"

"He can get pregnant."

Ron made a 'you're nuts' face at the healer.

"Harry is a boy, ma'am. Trust me, I've seen him naked. Harry has a dick." Ron said and nodded as if to point his point. Okay, maybe he was having too much fun with this being 7 years old thing.

"Natural bearers are males who can get pregnant when their older without the need of healers help to get pregnant." Charon explained. "I would like my Nephew to have the test as well. There has to be a reason for my Brother to keep him hidden from the family… from me."

Ron frowned at the man, while inside he sneered. Bastard! How could he know that Ron was natural? Was there some kind of thing in his magic signals or something for him to feel it as the Prewett Lord?

"As you wish Lord Prewett." The healer said and approached Ron testing him. "Here it is. Birth date 1 March 1960. Black mother and Prewett father. Name Ronald Bilius Prewett. Status natural bearer."

"See! My name is Ronald Bilius Prewett like I said!" Ron sulked in a childish voice. He was so happy that Harry was asleep right now, the other would have never let him live it down if he saw him…

"Not for long." His Grandfather argued coldly. "Miss Longbottom if you don't mind bringing me the change name papers so I could fill them in?"

"Bu…" Ron started but he knew better than to argue because in no time his Grandfather had already shut him up with one of his Mum's famous glares.

"And which family does 'Mr James' belongs to?"

"Peverell father - although the family is known for being extinct for generations - and Malfoy mother." The healer, Miss Longbottom, answered. Now that Ron thought about it, she did look like Neville. He supposed she had to be Frank Longbottom's sister, Neville's aunt. He remembered his Mother say something about her, not sure what though. And, HELL, Harry would be a Malfoy? A MALFOY? Why did it had to be a Malfoy? Why did the squib that was Lily Potter's ancestor had to be a Malfoy?

"Contact Lord Malfoy though. I'm sure he'll know who this boy is." His Grandfather said and the healer nodded, leaving.

Ron crossed his arms over his chest looking at the man his Mother had never really let Ron meet, something about how he and her had had a misunderstanding. Ron wondered if it had something to do with Ron being a natural bearer…


Ron opened his eyes at seeing a man with blond looks enter the room he and Harry were sharing. His Grandfather stood from the chair he had been sitting at by a desk, where he had been filling Ron's female name. Luckily Ron had managed to let him 'keep' the names the goblin had proposed earlier, because hell if Ron would use female names at least he would keep names that he could nickname as Ron!

"Lord Abraxas." Charon said in a restrict voice.

"Lord Charon." The other said in just as a restrict voice.

"Harry James, as he is used to be called, is the one with the bandages over there." His Grandfather said pointing to Harry's sleeping body. Lord Abraxas nodded and approached Harry, looking at the boy. "He was abused by muggles."

Lord Abraxas looked up at once.

"Are you certain?"

Ron closed his eyes as his grandfather pointed at him.

"My nephew, Ignatius' son, knows him. They're apparently friends… best friends, even. Besides young James apparently doesn't even know what magic is. According to my nephew his 'family' mistreated him for his freakiness."

"I see…"

"Abraxas, who is him?"

Ron heard a sneer and he was certain it came from one Abraxas Malfoy.

"It has nothing to do with you, Lord Charon." The wizard hissed.

"I was the one who told the healer to contact you instead of sending the boy back to the muggle family. My nephew refuses to leave the boy's side, so don't tell me it is not my business."

There was a moment of silence that Ron was certain Malfoy was wondering his options.

"I'm sure you remember my sister… you broke up your engagement with her, after all… and for a Dagwood, no less." The voice hissed in disgust.

Ron had to contain his gasp. So that's where the family feud had come from…

"Yes, I remember Amphitrite." His grandfather answered nonchalantly, not letting Malfoy's hiss get to him.

"She had a bastard child seven years ago… my father said he'd killed it at birth and my sister was told he died at birth… obviously my father didn't knew that the boy would be the Peverell heir or that his Father was a heir to the Peverell family himself or he would have married my Sister to him right away instead of…" Malfoy shut up but Ron's grandfather hummed.

"Yes, I've heard of Amphitrite's friend dying a… accidental death. This means you'll take the boy in, then. He is an heir of a family long forgotten."

Malfoy hissed.

"Of course, I would be stupid if I didn't."

"Then let me remind you that the boy's a natural bearer." Charon said. "And if he is as stubborn as my nephew is; then you'll better find him a female name that will let he keep his old name as a nickname."


25 July, 1967

Ron put the chess pieces before him and Harry, making sure to prepare the game accordingly.

"So I told the healer I was with fever this morning."

Harry smiled amused, they had already taken the bandages of his face but most of his chest, back and arms were still hidden.

"Another mysterious sickness?" he asked amused and weakly moved his arm to move the pawn piece. "How many more are you going to create until the healers understand that you're lying?"

Ron chuckled and moved his own piece by hand. They could use the wizardry way, but the healers said it was good for Harry's muscle to move so…

"Well, you know… they can be quite blind when they want to be…" he added conspiratorially.

"You will have to go to your 'Uncle''s house one day though, you know? You can't avoid it forever."

Ron shrugged.

"I almost saw you dying before my eyes, mate. I won't be leaving you so soon."

Harry sighed.

"I'm sorry, Ron. I really am that you had to see him like that."

Ron nodded.

"I know you are. Sent a letter to 'Megara' while you were sleeping the first few days. She finally answered a couple hours ago while you slept and is just as worried as I was when I saw you collapsing before me."

"You shouldn't have told her." Harry argued. How could he explain Hermione what happened? "You shouldn't have contacted her!"

"Don't worry. I know I shouldn't, but she would find out through the Black family anyway. Their friends to the Malfoy's, remember? Better through me than her 'family'. Besides… I had to tell her who we are."

Harry hummed and looked down at the chess table and made a move to move one of the pieces.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The two boys tensed and looked to the door to see a blond witch with curly hair, dark blue robes with green at the extremities and belt, instead of the normal wizard pointing hat she had a french hat in dark blue with a splint in green. Her green eyes sparkled in amusement a huge smile on her face. "Hi, boys. Did I scare you?"

"No, ma'am." Ron and Harry said at once and the witch entered, pulling from a chair and sitting by their side.

"I've heard you're with a fever, Veronique." The witch added with a pointed look at Ron who didn't even pretend to be sick. "Should I tell the healer that you're feeling better?"

"No, ma'am." Ron pleaded. "I want to stay with my friend."

The witch nodded and turned towards Harry who looked at her uncertain. He never knew how to react around her.

"Hi Kari. You shouldn't move your pawn. He is protecting your queen. Move your horse instead."

"Hey!" Ron argued. "Why are you helping him? No one ever helps me."

"Why, maybe because you know how to play? and maybe because I'm his mother?" the witch stated amused. "But don't worry I'll help you as well if you'll need me." She added.

And Ron pouted, crossing his arms. Harry almost laughed at the scene if it wasn't for the fact that Amphitrite Malfoy had just used the one word that always made his whole world shake. Mother… he had always wanted one and now that he could have one… he didn't knew what to do with it.

"Do you want me to fetch you something, darling?" Amphitrite asked Harry when he didn't quite manage to take his eyes away from her.

Harry blushed, lowering his head and moved the horse and scratched his throat.

"Yes… could I get a glass of juice? My throats a little itchy."

Amphitrite stood with a smile and kissed the top of Harry's head.

"Of course, dear. Do you want one and a plate of cookies as well, Ronnie?" the witch asked turning towards Ron who nodded. "I'll be right back, then." She said and left the hospital room.

"She's not bad, you know?" Ron pointed out. "For a Malfoy that is. She is better than I thought she would be."



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