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House doesn't rest upon ground,but woman

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{Mind-talking through Horcrux}

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Chapter XVI

–«A house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman.»–

Monday, 20 December 1971


Harry accepted the small jewellery box and opened to see his chosen gift.

"Abraxas told me that He doesn't celebrate it." Aunt Genevieve said and Harry nodded. "I don't believe that will stop you, will it?"

"He can either accept my gifts or stop His courtship." Harry retorted. "Will there be any Ball this winter?"

"On the 25th." Aunt Genevieve agreed as she stored Harry's new jewellery over a commode by the side. "Want me to try to book-up something for the New Year's Eve? See if He accepts?"

"Can I invite the Blacks, Nott and Snape? I won't suggest Lily Evans, knowing you would have a heart attack."

"For the Yule Ball?" Aunt Genevieve asked and Harry nodded. "Who is on your friend group?"

"Hera Black, Sirius Black, Sissy Nott, Severus Snape, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew." Harry put in. "Besides Ron, of course."

"Hera and Sissy?" Aunt Genevieve wondered as she set up the jewellery on show.

That was a massive diadem that he would have to wear one day…

"Megara Black and Sylvine Nott."

Aunt Genevieve looked back and then back to the earpieces that she was hanging on a popping up head bust alongside the diadem.

"Does He know who your friends are?"

"My friends sit with me at the Slytherin table." Harry agreed, going to set up his gift in the bedside table's drawer. "He even made certain to warn every Slytherin student that I'm out of touch. So if before they used to ignore me, then they literally brought my 'Gryffindor' and 'Ravenclaw' friends to move onto the Slytherin table."

Aunt Genevieve nodded. She walked towards Harry's bed and a rectangular box popped up on it. Harry looked uncertain as the woman opened it to show a robe in light-grey colour and the Peverell's crest over the heart in black.

"I got you new dress-robes in your family colours." Aunt Genevieve put in and Harry groaned internally. "Try it on for me to see if it needs any adjustment."

Harry sighed and pulled his robe over his head and then took out his inner-trousers and t-shirt off, before he accepted the dress-robes' black inner-trousers in silk that had been hidden under the dress-robe and he hadn't seen them before, putting them on. He accepted the sweatshirt and started to put it on but it didn't pass his arms.

"It's too small, Aunt Genevieve." He argued and gave it back.

The blonde woman walked to Harry's commode and looked through his inner t-shirts and sweatshirts, before she picked one in dark-grey and gave it to Harry.

"Use this one for now until I'll get one in black that matches."

Harry put it on and then the silver silk dress-robe that has an opening on the front before the legs, literally showing-off the legs. He looked down confused and then up at the woman.

"I thought Uncle Abraxas was against showing-off my inner-clothes?"

"Amphitrite told me that the one who got you the permission for your inner-clothes was your Courter, so that means that He isn't against what you desire to wear.

"When you and I both first looked up clothes, you always would look at those type of robes." Aunt Genevieve put in. "So long as you wear your inner-clothes underneath to not show your skin as that is badly seen, I do not see any reason why you cannot wear these types of robes.

"I mean: at Hogwarts School you still have to wear the typical black school robes."

Harry nodded and let the woman check for his sizes.

"It's good." Harry put in. "At my relatives' place I used to wear clothes four-times my size. Cousin Dudley was a fat boy."

Aunt Genevieve looked into his eyes and then at the helms again.

"You are giving me even more reasons to make sure it is the right size." The woman argued and Harry turned deep red.

There was a knock on the bedroom and both looked as the door opened, to show Voldemort.


"Professor." Aunt Genevieve agreed. "What do you think about Calisto's new dress-robe? I think I should cut the sleeves' helms a few centimetres and the same for the tail."

Voldemort entered with a nod at Harry and took a good look at him.

"At the least two fingers on the sleeves or their fall on his food." Voldemort agreed and then signalled Harry around to look at him from behind. "And that tail is way too tall for Evie. Unless you want him to let it trail on the floor after him, then it needs to be shorter."

Aunt Genevieve nodded and Harry took out the dress-robe, giving the woman who left with it and the sweatshirt that hadn't fit him. Harry picked the robe he had been wearing earlier and pulled it on.

"Did you find out who stroke at me and Ron?" He wondered.

"Professor Dumbledore's people." Voldemort supplied. "The locket is finally fixed."

Harry turned his back on the older, while pulling his robe straight. The man approached Harry, pulled his unbound hair over the robe and to the side to free the back of Harry's neck. He then put the Slytherin's locket on him, locking it over the back of the neck.

"Did you spoke with Aunt Genevieve?" Harry wondered as the older worked.


"Since Cousin Lucius told his parents about the Courtship and I told about Uncle Abraxas bigoted ways that she suddenly turned nice to me and Ron. And I don't mean the poker-like way that she used to do when people were present."

"She become nice to Miss Prewett because Heir Lucius didn't give her a choice. All she had asked of her son was to choose someone and he did." Voldemort supplied as he pulled Harry's hair over his neck again. "And about you: Abraxas forgot that who rules a house is the wife. Men are the one who bring the money, but the women are the one who keep the house standing.

"When Genevieve realized that Abraxas was refusing you that right she realized that she had to undo all the mistakes that her husband had done so far. I did not talk with her because she decided that all on her own."

Harry hummed as Voldemort walked around Harry to look him from the front.

"So in all the chauvinism that is the Wizardry World, the woman is still very important?"

"A Wizard without a wife is nothing." Voldemort agreed. "We need them to keep us astray."

"So you are saying that without a lover to keep you in the right track you can go into roads that I do not approve."

Voldemort chuckled and pulled a hair out of Harry's eyes that had fallen forward.

"I don't know, after all… you and I aren't official, are we?"

Harry rolled his eyes.

"That never stopped you from telling my relatives over how to take care of me, did it?"

Voldemort leaned forward and kissed Harry's lightning scar.

"I promised you the ability to be treated as a Living person, that's all you ever asked of me as a child. That's why I talked with your relatives to make sure they would let you have what you wanted." The older argued. "And now? When you told Abraxas about the broomstick? You accidentally claimed me as your Legal Guardian. Your Mother and Relatives have no Legal Rights over telling you what to do."

Harry's eyes grew.

"I did?"

"Why do you think I warned Amphitrite to teach you the power of Magic Words? You used them on your uncle with the School Healer as testimony."

Harry turned deep red, passing a hand through his hair.


Voldemort slapped Harry's hand away with the back of his hand, accepted the comb from the popping-in Dobby and combed Harry's hair.

"You need to learnt to take care of your own looks."

"I'm not you. Just because I'm a bearer doesn't mean that I need to care about what I look like." He argued shyly as the older turned him around and pulled at his hair, doing him some kind of hairdo. "But I do have to say that lengthened hair helps at keeping it less birdnest like it was when you met me."

"Yet, if you do not take care of it, it still can turn into a mess." Voldemort reprimanded.

Harry blushed.

"Usually Sissy Nott braids my hair before I leave the Slytherin common rooms."

"I'm not saying pulling it into a braid, Evie. I'm talking about combing it." Voldemort retorted and Harry stuttered. "It's much better now but if you don't comb it when you get up it will literally turn into a birdnest as you call it."

Harry nodded as Voldemort rearranged his hair into something worthwhile.

"Why me?" He whispered and the older hummed inquisitively. "Is it because I'm your Equal?"

"The reason I like you?" Voldemort wondered and Harry nodded. "No, that's not why. I did not know when you faced me as a child, after all." He added as he accepted the hairband from Dobby, trading it for the comb. "I don't let people speak back at me and still demand respect from me. The way you shut me up as a child and demanded to be answered to as someone important: made me look at you like I never did anyone before. Then when I was hired and you faced Dumbledore…

"I am not a paedophile, Evie. It's not that. I want you to grow up and become your own person. I want you to grow and to keep me on my toes because no one else will. I want you like I never wanted someone before. But I don't want a child. I want you to grow and become my Equal and not because Lady Magic tells you to be there."

"I don't approve of killing Muggles, nor the Muggleborns just because they are children of Muggles. I see them as Equals."

Voldemort let Harry turn around and face him again.

"Why are you telling me that?"

"That is what the Dark Side symbolizes, right?" Harry argued with a shrug. "I know Dumbledore hates me because I'm a snake among the pure lions and eagle. Yet, my way of thinking is the one of a Light Side. Of a Member of the Order of the Phoenix."

Voldemort leaned down on one knee as he looked Harry directly in the eyes.

"If Muggleraised accepts the Wizardry World's philosophies I do not see a reason why they would be persecuted." The older argued. "As I've told you, I'm sure you and me can reach an agreement over how we see the world."

"I do not hate Muggles."

"And I believe in segregation." Voldemort said. "What's your thoughts about Squibs?"

"That it's a torture for them to be raised among the Wizardry World because they do not have magic and never will. Muggle Magic Tricks only make it worse."

Voldemort smiled.

"Glad to know that we do agree in something. It's a start."

Harry blushed.

"Not all Muggles hate magic."

"But both mine and yours did." Voldemort agreed.

"Mr and Mrs Evans love magic." Harry shrugged.

The older male smirked.

"I find it hilarious that you need to go to a classmate to find a good Muggle instead of using your own example."

The early-20s man that had been de-aged into an 11-year-old boy rolled his eyes.

"My relatives hated me not because of Magic but because of my parents. Because I survived and they died. It's a completely different reason why Aunt Petunia hated me. Uncle Vernon just didn't like my type. I don't believe he even knew I was adopted."

There was a knock on the bedroom door instead of the actual quarter's door and the two looked just as Uncle Abraxas was about to enter the bedroom, having already passed through the entry office of Harry's private quarters in Malfoy Manor. The blond froze as he saw the position the two were in.

"I… I had come to warn you that lunch is set."

"We'll descend in a few minutes, Abraxas." Voldemort agreed, not raising up from his position before Harry on one knee.

Uncle Abraxas nodded and hurried out.

"Uncle Abraxas will spend the rest of the holidays looking at me like I've grown a second head." Harry mumbled, what made Voldemort start to laugh.

Harry looked at the older surprised as the other lost control and really laughed like there was no tomorrow. Never before the boy had seen the older without his poker-face on. It was the first-time that he looked Human even though he was in his serpentine features-self and he should look like the Monster of Harry's nightmares. Voldemort looked more Human in that moment than Harry had ever seen anyone else.


Friday, 31 December 1971


There was a knock on his quarter's door. Voldemort looked up from his dress-robe that he was setting up for the New Year's Eve's Ball and opened the door magically. Evie was there already dressed up and all pampered up, with his hands behind his back. He even had put on his new jewellery.

"The ball is only in the afternoon." He offered towards the boy that during the Yule Ball had to practically be forced to change into his new attire and to put the jewellery on.

Evie nodded and stepped inside the office area of Voldemort's private quarters in Malfoy Manor. The lad approached, moved his arms forward to show a small ring-sized box that he had been hiding behind his back and offered back.

"Happy birthday."

Voldemort frowned, looked down at the box and then up at Evie.


"Today's your birthdate." Evie said, still offering the box. "Are you going to accept my birthday gift or are you going to force me to open it up for you and force it into your hands?"

Uncertain, Voldemort picked the ring box and opened to see Occamy-themed cufflinks. He looked up at Evie and then set down the box, picked the cufflinks and put them on the sleeves of his dress-robe while realizing the inscription on the inside of the cufflinks.

"They're gorgeous. Thank you, Evie."

"Glad you like. I don't remember what day Mother celebrates for me but I was taught to celebrate on the 31st July. You may not celebrate birthdays, but I do. You want to make us work? Then you better start accepting that it's not just you gifting gifts."

Voldemort looked at his new cufflinks whose emerald eyes looked to be looking right back and then at Evie's AK-like eyes looking right back.

"I can handle one person celebrating my birthday." He agreed and Evie nodded. "And I appreciate the effort." He added, signalling with one hand up and down at the boy's obvious all pampered looks for him. The boy had even bothered combing his hair and setting up the diadem… "But this need to be an Us thing. No party. No cakes. No more than a private gift." The Dark Lord demanded, before hurrying to add when the boy started to narrow his eyes: "Not because I don't want people to know you gifted me things, but because I don't want people to celebrate this date."

Evie nodded with a smile.


It was the second real smile that the bearer boy ever gave him. Voldemort knew right there and then that he would do everything in his power to make Evie smile plenty more. He wanted someone who faced him without fearing repercussion, that refused to be the centre of attention and still demanded attention. That's how Evie was. That's how Voldemort liked him and how he wanted him to continue. How he wanted him to grow.


I chose the Chapter's Title because of a common Mexican proverb. It's meaning according to Wikipedia is that the woman is the one that makes a house work, or to stay up.

It literally is where I'm basing this chapter upon. This whole fic actually. For all the chauvinism that is the Wizardry World, they still look up to women/bearers to take care of them.

And anyone who illspoke about Genevieve? Do remember that her fear of Harry in the first chapter that she shows up was that Harry would take Lucius' right on the Malfoy inheritance. By Lucius choosing Harry's best friend, Lucius is literally telling his mother that he'll only have children around the same time as Harry will. Not to mention that Genevieve finding out it is Voldemort doesn't mean that she got power lust. She doesn't gain anything with it (actually Harry is making her spend a lot of Malfoy gold on gifts) but she realized that Harry will never take the Malfoy inheritance, because he'll take the Dark Lord's.

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