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Chapter XV –Lucius' Intended–

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Chapter XV

–Lucius' Intended–

Saturday, 18 December 1971


Harry nodded at Mother as the blonde woman worried to look him over for any possible wound when they arrived Malfoy Manor.

"I'm fine, Mother. Dobby took me away before they picked their wands."

"And why didn't Dobby take Lucius as well?" Uncle Abraxas asked as he looked at Lucius' wound.

"Because Dobby can only travel with two people at the same time and I sent Kari and Ronnie first." Cousin Lucius argued as he let his own mother to look at his arm's wound.

The French woman started to snarl quickly in French. Harry could never understand her when she started like that, but by the outraged look of his surrogate mother he knew he didn't want to know.


"Ma Mère!" Cousin Lucius snarled, successfully shutting up the woman. "My bracelet." He demanded as he offered his hand, facing up.


"The Malfoy Family bracelet." Cousin Lucius demanded.

Harry's eyes grew. Was Aunt Genevieve ill speaking about Ron? Was Cousin Lucius about to…?

"This is the bracelet to your future wife." Aunt Genevieve argued, looking backwards at her husband confused.

"Like I said: My bracelet!"

Aunt Genevieve's eyes grew and a hopeful look showed on her face, Harry almost felt pity for her. She hurried to take it from her handbag, take it from the jewel box and give it to Cousin Lucius practically eager. Cousin Lucius picked it and then turned his back on his parents, grabbed Ron's right arm and put the bracelet on his wrist. Aunt Genevieve and Uncle Abraxas choked as Mother snorted and the woman leaned down to whisper on Harry's ear.

"Did you know?"

"He apparently asked Lord Prewett's permission a month and half ago." Harry whispered back as Ron turned red as a tomato.

Cousin Lucius grabbed Ron's hand in his and turned again towards his parents.

"I'm in an Courtship Contract with Veronique Billie Prewett. He is the person I chose, he is also the possible bearer of your future grandchildren. So next time you ill speak of his future children, remember that you are ill speaking of your own son's chosen one's future children, Mère! Your own possible grandchildren!"

"It's just a courtship, you can still change your mind and…!"

"Mère!" Cousin Lucius snarled. "I chose courtship because I won't force Ronnie to stay with me like you and father. One of the first things Cousin Kari taught me was that I didn't want to wed someone I did not care for. Ronnie might come from a poor family, but he is smart and a strategists. He'll know how to make our Family prosper. I don't care that he is a male bearer instead of a Witch like you do, I rather prefer it myself and from your point of view: he is still a Pureblood."

Aunt Genevieve took a deep breath and then a poker smile showed up on her face.

"You are right. Any favourite colours, Veronique?"

"Anything but maroon." Cousin Lucius supplied.

Aunt Genevieve took a good look at Ron.

"Of course, you'd look terrible in that colour. I'll speak with Helen Malkin tomorrow. As Lucius' Intended we can now help you in some clothes more… your size."

Harry shared a look with Ron's 'Kill me, Harry' face.

"Maybe Ron should head home, the Prewetts must be wondering." Harry offered.

Ron hurried to pick his new broom and then left with Cousin Lucius. As soon as the two left, Aunt Genevieve dropped the façade and turned to sneer at Harry.

"Does He know?" Uncle Abraxas asked before his wife could tear Harry apart.

"Cousin Lucius proposed before both of us." Harry agreed. "He hurried to come (when He heard of the strike) to check on me, so He both knows about the fake-His Men's strike and the Cousin Lucius going against your backs and choosing Ron as his possible future wife."

"What is Calisto talking about?" Aunt Genevieve snarled.

"My courter that Uncle Abraxas wanted to arrange my wedding-to when I moved in? The Dark Lord Voldemort which is an anagram from Tom Riddle, Dearie Aunt." Harry snapped and the two women gasped. "And might I add that 'Professor Riddle' has chosen to court me instead of an arranged wedding but, since I'm a male bearer I'm supposed to act woman-like, Uncle Abraxas is furious because I shouldn't be given the right of the choice?"

"Abraxas!" Mother snapped outraged. "Kari dear, why don't you go set up your things in your bedroom? Mother and Aunt need to have a good talk with your uncle over who is in control of the house." Harry blushed but nodded, picked his shrank trunk and broomstick. "Courtship ring?"

"Peverell Family heirloom." Harry argued. "HE says that He has no right over the bloodline so I can wear it without it being seen as an engagement or me being His Heir."

Mother and Aunt Genevieve took a good look at the ring and then they nodded.

"If your Courter had put it on your ring finger it would be an engagement." Aunt Genevieve supplied. "I'll see what I can do about getting you jewellery with your Family crest." She added.

Harry nodded, surprised that the French woman was actually being nice to him, and then left the living room. Dobby popped in and accepted the trunk.

"I can bring it, Dobby." Harry argued.

"Mistress Kari needs a soothing bath." Dobby said. "Dobby has set it up with Mistress Kari favourite soap."

Harry rolled his eyes but nodded and climbed to his private quarters, he set his new broom on the specie of office that his quarters had in the entrance and then entered the bathroom where it was already smelling with his favourite soap. He had to admit that these immersion baths to relax his body's scars had been something he'd missed at Hogwarts School.


Sunday, 19 December 1971

"I didn't see you as one for those types of jewellery, Calisto." Aunt Genevieve put in.

Harry looked up from the cufflinks he has been staring at, to his surrogate Aunt by his side as she returned him his new ring.

"Is the measurement of my Family Crest and Precious Stone done?" He wondered.

"Yes, Voclain is now fetching all the possible sets of male bearer's Family jewellery that he has for us to choose which one you prefer." She agreed. "Anything in special about that cufflink?"

"His birthdate is on the 31st." Harry supplied as he looked again at the Slytherin crest cufflinks. "But I don't like this one."

"Too impersonal, am I right?" The French woman wondered and Harry nodded. "Show me all the cufflinks that you have at the moment." Aunt Genevieve suddenly demanded to the returning from the back with plenty of magazines clerker.

The clerker looked back from where he was setting down the magazines and then hurried to pick up several boxes from the counter where Harry was seeing the Slytherin cufflink and put them on display over the glass display counter. As he was left to look through them, Aunt Genevieve went to the magazines and looked through them.

"Is this a Sphinx?" He wondered and Aunt approached to look.

"No, that's a Manticore. A lion body and scorpion tail." The woman offered, Harry looked at it for a real long time and then at the others. "And that's a Catnake. Cat body and snake tail. Rare Creatures."

"I'm not a cat, Aunt Genevieve." Harry reminded her.

Aunt Genevieve smirked and looked through the other cufflinks.

"Well, you have also the Lamia: a woman half-snake half-human. Or the Occamy: a magical Creature snake that grows and shrinks to adjust to the size of what surrounds them. Their eggshells are pure silver." Aunt added the last part as if she desired an eggshell.

Harry looked back at the French woman and then at the blueish small precious stones to make the scales of the snake with green precious stones in the location of the eyes.

"It has wings."

"It can fly." The seller agreed.

Harry looked at the under the cufflink to realize it was made of actual silver, as if it was the egg of the snake.

"How much?"

"In those colours or…?" Harry turned towards the clerker and took out his glasses, showing his green eyes. "Oh… we also make inscriptions." Was all the clerker added as he took the Occamy cufflink out it's show box and stored it on the jewellery box.

"31 Dec '71 – From Evie." Aunt Genevieve agreed before spelling Voldemort's nickname for Harry: "E. V. I. E."

The clerker hurried to write down the inscription on a popping in parchment and then guided them to the magazines. Harry looked through them disinterested. He already used too many jewelleries to his likes.

"I already have a ring and a locket, Aunt Genevieve." He argued. The woman looked at what he meant and then at all the pages that had them and put them to the side. Finally one with a bracelet, earrings, hairpieces and a diadem was showed. "I don't…"

"For holidays and balls." Aunt Genevieve said.

"Very well, but nothing more." He retorted grudgingly.

She nodded and turned towards the clerker.

"I'll return tomorrow to pick them all up." She put in and the clerker nodded.

The two left and Harry glanced back at the shop and then at the Witch.

"You aren't letting me pay my gift."

"That wasn't a cheap gift. You have keen eyes, but you don't have enough money to afford it." Aunt Genevieve said. "Do not worry. It was still cheaper than all the complete wardrobe that is being set-up for Veronique." She added amused.

They stopped before Madam Malkin's shop and Harry felt pity for his best friend who was being forced to choose between several types of fabric, although Harry could tell Cousin Lucius was doing this best to guide him through it.

"Where were you?" Ron whined.

"Voclain & Co. jewellery shop, wanna trade?"

Ron groaned.

"I'm sorry for this, my mother went overboard with the whole you are now my courted thing." Cousin Lucius offered back quietly as Aunt Genevieve took over for them.

"Even though she doesn't like me?" Ron wondered as he stared uncertain at the woman arguing with the Seamstress over how her son's courted didn't like too feminine clothes.

"She may not like the idea that it's you, but all she ever asked me was to pick someone and that someone was you. She can't demand more than that." Cousin Lucius explained.

Harry and Ron shared uncertain looks.

"Well… it's better than when she was snarling our names, I suppose." Ron offered.

Harry nodded back as Madam Malkin signalled at Ron to climb the bench. Aunt Genevieve pointed at the outside door as she looked at her son pointedly and Cousin Lucius raised his hands in surrender, before leaving the store. The two time-travellers stepped inside the curtain's private area and the ginger climbed the bench before taking out his robe that he gave Harry to hold as the measuring tape started. It was then that Harry heard Aunt Genevieve gasp loudly. He turned towards her confused, to see her staring at Ron. He looked at his best friend confused and then remembered the massive scars that surrounded his body made by the brains in the Ministry of Mysteries and how it would look strange to an outsider.

"When my parents died and Harry was rescued from the Muggles." Ron supplied with a shrug.

"I'm also scattered in scars, Aunt Genevieve."

"Surely there must be something that can be done…" the French Witch started as Madam Malkin worked.

"The Healers who healed me tried to take my scars away, I refused." Harry argued with a shrug. "Even Madam Pomfrey spoke about it."

"And the Prewetts don't have the money to afford it." Ron said. "Besides, these are a reminder of why we are here. It's not bad. It's a good memory."

A memory of what they were fighting for. Harry added mentally.

Eventually they left Madam Malkin's shop, joined Cousin Lucius outside and walked towards a coffee shop. Glancing at Aunt Genevieve, still obviously thinking about the scars, the black-haired boy sighed.

"Cousin Lucius, do you know about Ron's scars?"

"Lord Prewett told me when I asked for the courtship." The blond agreed. "Why?"

"Aunt Genevieve is traumatized." He said with a shrug. "Can I drink a hot cocoa?" He added when he saw another table with one.

"Of course, do you also want one, Ronnie?" Cousin Lucius asked and Ron nodded immediately. "The usual glass of sweet red wine, Mère?"

Aunt Genevieve nodded and Cousin Lucius walked to the counter as they all sat down.

"Having scars don't make us broken, Aunt Genevieve." Harry reminded and the French woman looked back at once, before she sighed and nodded.

"Of course not."


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