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Chapter XIV –The Notts–

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Chapter XIV

–The Notts–

Friday, 17 December 1971


Sylvine woke up with shouts. She passed a hand through her face and stood up. She got out of her own bedroom and went to her fellow roommate to find him in the middle of a nightmare. Looked like they were back. She got out of their quarters to hear silence. So that's why only she had heard it…

"Miss Nott?"

Sylvine looked to find Rosier Jr doing his rounds around the labyrinthine corridors.

"Kari's locket broke yesterday. He doesn't have his nightlight anymore to hold back his nightmares."

Rosier Jr hummed.

"With Professor Riddle?" He asked and she nodded. "I'll go see if Professor has already fixed it."

"Be fast, because the more time he sleeps the more he loses control." Sylvine offered. "In beginning he would turn our quarters upside down."

"When did it stop?"

"When he started sleeping with the locket, on the night of the Bad Omen."

Rosier Jr nodded.

"I'll see what I can do." He agreed and hurried down the corridors.

Sylvine entered the quarters again only to hear silence. She went to Kari's bedroom to find the boy awake as he fast breathed, most likely having screamed himself awake like the last time.

"Did… did I wake you?"

"Don't worry about it. I was having a stupid dream that I wanted out."

Kari stared back blindly, before he nodded. He made no move to pick the glasses, he stayed in a sitting position holding himself as he fast breathed. A knock on the door behind Sylvine made her look only to find Professor Riddle running in with a nod at Sylvine before he entered the bedroom. He had actually run here…

"What was it about?" The Dark Lord demanded as he set one hand on Kari's cheek and another on his wrist to measure his pulse.


"He won't hurt you ever again." Dark Lord argued.

"Yes, he will!" Kari snapped and the bedroom door was closed on the girl's face.

Sylvine turned towards Rosier Jr with a raised eyebrow because the other closed the door.

"Do you know who He is?" The other asked and she nodded. "Then you should know better than to see Him like this."

Sylvine sighed and leaned against the wall as Rosier leaned against the other, both protecting the door as the Dark Lord calmed down Kari.

"What did Kari mean by Coach will still hurt him?" She wondered.

Rosier Jr looked at her and then again towards the outside door.

"Each of his pregnancy will be painful and he can abort at the slightest chance of mood." As if to remind them, they heard Kari's angry voice inside. "And we both know that he is anything but the example of a controlled person."

Sylvine shivered. That was a quite the side-effect that Kari had to live with forever.


Saturday, 18 December 1971


"Where's my Uncle?" Ron wondered by Harry's side as the two looked around for their relatives in the train station. "I even owled them the day we'd arrive."

Harry climbed the train's steps again to be taller and looked around for any blond or ginger.

"I don't see any of our relatives." He argued.

"Could they have forgotten?" Ron wondered.

Harry shrugged and descended the steps again, he pulled the school truck to the side of the train station and Ron followed him. Both sat down on the seats and waited as they watched the parents come and pick the respective children. Finally someone approached them. They looked up to see the Head Boy with a man older than him but too much lookalike.

"Why are you two sitting there?"

"We sent owls to both my uncle and to Harry's mother, but neither came. They're probably late." Ron put in with a shrug.

Rosier Jr's eyes narrowed and looked at his father, who picked a pocketwatch and opened it to show a watch on one side and a mirror on the other.

{Malfoy.} Rosier Sr called and Harry's uncle was fast to show on the other side. {Has your sister left to pick up her son?}

{What are you talking about?}

{Hogwarts train was today.} Mr Rosier said in a reprimanding tone towards Harry's surrogate Uncle.

Harry didn't need to see the two-way-mirror to know that his uncle gasped.

{The letter said…}

"We wrote today's date. I'm sure of this." Harry argued.

Uncle Abraxas obviously groaned on the other side.

{Lucius…} Uncle Abraxas called and Harry's cousin must have replied something. {Lucius is heading there right now. I'm in a Wizengamot trial's break as we speak. Amphitrite booked it up for today because the letter we got said Sunday.}

Mr Rosier Sr looked up at Harry and then back to the two-way-mirror.

{Did you throw out the letter?}

{Amphitrite never throws out her son's letters.} Uncle Abraxas argued, what made Harry blush. He should owl her more… {I'll bring it later to our meeting to have it checked-up.} The man agreed. {Evan, look how expensive are the two-way-mirrors. Luckily you noticed them this time around, who knows next time.}

{My son did, but yes, they need a two-way-mirror.} They looked to the side as Cousin Lucius passed through the entrance of the 9&¾ Station. {Heir Malfoy has arrived.}

Mr Rosier stored his pocketwatch as Cousin Lucius arrived their sides in a hurried step.

"Thank you for warning us, Mr Rosier." Cousin Lucius hurried to bow his head and Mr Rosier nodded back. "Let's go."

"What about Uncle Charon?" Ron wondered as the two stood and Cousin Lucius hit their trunks with shrinking spells.

"In the trial as a Lord." Cousin Lucius supplied.

Harry frowned as the two followed the blond. Why would've Dumbledore change their letter just to make them late? What would've he win with this?

Then as Mr Rosier, Rosier Jr and Cousin Lucius spoke as they walked towards the side where a massive fireplace was: they heard a massive breakdown. Harry and Ron shared a look.

"Doesn't this remind you of when we rode my father's car?" Ron whispered back.

Harry nodded back as Rosier Jr immediately pulled them both behind him.

"Dobby!" Harry called and the House-elf popped in, making the adults stare back surprised. "How many people can you side-apparate with at the same time?" Harry asked as they started seeing people leaving the train' carriages.

"Two. One each hand." Dobby replied.

"Then take Kari and Ronnie to Perthro!" Cousin Lucius ordered.

Before Harry or Ron could argue Dobby held onto their hands and side-apparated. They appeared in front of Sylvine, in a strange room, before they started falling down. Sylvine immediately held Harry as a woman helped Ron.

"Dobby, go help them! They were under attack!" Harry ordered.

"What? Where?" A male voice demanded.

Harry looked to see an older-version of his former-classmate Theodore Nott, Sissy's father most likely.

"Train station. Cousin Lucius ordered Dobby to bring us away but stayed there with Rosier Jr and Sr."

Mr Nott immediately offered his hand to Dobby, who took it and side-apparated away.

"Mother, can I bring Heiress Kari Peverell and Miss Ronnie Prewett to one of the rooms? They need a tea to calm down." Sissy asked and the woman nodded immediately.

"Bring them to the VIP room." She agreed, before adding kindly: "Do you have any favourite tea flavour, Dears?"

Mrs Nott was definitely not what Harry had expected.

"Something sweet. It can be a teapot, we'll share. There's no need to use two teabags on us."

Mrs Nott smiled back.

"Don't worry, the Malfoy's have an open account here. Darling, bring your friends up."

Harry and Ron followed Sissy.

"How expensive is the VIP room?" Ron whispered back as they climbed some stairs.

"Let's just say that I only saw one person use it before." Sissy argued. "Our new Defence Professor." She added pointedly.

The two nodded and entered the room she opened for them. It was a dining room. It was then that Harry realized that they were in a restaurant. They had just sat down when Dobby popped in with Cousin Lucius and Rosier Jr, the teenager brunet and early-twenties blond fast breathing and still with their wands in hand. Harry stood from the chair by the table at once at seeing they had been stricken. Ron by his side as the two pulled the two physically older males to the table and sat them down.

"Do you have a first-aid-kit, Sissy?" Harry demanded.

"Harry meant potions and balms." Ron amended at once.

"Yes, I'll return with it right away." She agreed and hurried out.

Harry looked at the wound on Rosier Jr's side of the head as Ron looked at the one on Cousin Lucius' arm.

"I take it this wasn't Dark." Ron pinpointed and the two males snorted, only to start laughing.

"No, but they intended to make it look like it was." Cousin Lucius agreed, having finally calmed down thanks to Ron's attempt at a joke.

Sissy returned just as Dobby appeared with the two adults. Harry pulled everyone to sit down and picked the first-aid-kit and started to look over the wounds, Ron beside him. The two boys in female clothes grumbling over the wounds and what were the best to heal each one of them. Eventually Mrs Nott opened the door. Harry looked up when he felt the Dark Aura, only to see Voldemort beside the woman.

"What happened?"

"We were striked in the train station. I called the family House-elf but he could only travel two of us at a time." Harry explained. "Can you please tell me and Ron if this is a Cutting Curse or a Burnt Hex's wound?" He added signalling Mr Nott's wound. "We can't decide if to use a balm or a potion."

Voldemort stepped forward and took a good look into the wound.

"Neither. It's poison that was most likely thrown."

Harry and Ron shared looks and then let Voldemort double check each wound before the two and Mrs Nott would hurry to heal them. Finally they were forced to sit down and the teacup were set on their hands by Sissy.

"Drink. You are having a panic attack." She snapped at them.

With a sigh Harry let himself be relaxed by the tea as Mrs Nott finished healing the four wounded males.

"Abraxas asked me to look-up two-way-mirror's prices when he realized he'd been lied about the date they'd arrive and after today's strike they really need them. Those two were the target, if my son hadn't noticed them sitting down as they waited for their relatives that wouldn't come: they would have been all alone." Mr Rosier put in.

"Your son made an Unbreakable Oath with Magical Words to protect Evie, so he most likely sensed something, Evan." Voldemort agreed as Harry's eyes grew. Rosier Jr had done what? "Evie, your hand."

"I'm not hurt." Harry argued. "And when did Rosier made a vow? Why wasn't I told about this?"

"I did it when you were stroke by Coach." Rosier Jr put in. "It was my choice."

Harry grumbled but let Voldemort pull his right hand close and then put a ring on his indicator finger, which was too big. Voldemort let his magic surround his hands as he held Harry's hand between his and Harry felt the ring shrink to Harry's size.

"I should have realized that the locket's lock breaking to the point of me being unable to fix it overnight had to be on purpose." The older snarled and then released Harry's hand. "It's the Peverell Ring on the Inheritance finger. My side of the bloodline doesn't have a right to the Peverell's Lordship but yours has. You can use it without it being seen as suspicious."

Harry looked at the massive black precious stone on the ring and swallowed his argument. Another one of Voldemort's Memories? Just how many did the older have?

"If they broke the locket, won't they just take it out of my hand?"

"Family rings only the bloodline can do it." Cousin Lucius argued. "From what Father found out only the Potter family would be able to do it besides you and Professor Riddle."

"What means that it were either you or the Potters. Either way I would know that you had taken it out." Voldemort argued. "How did you know that House-elf magic would've work inside the non-apparating Wards?"

"Because Wizardry World sees House-elves as non-important and so don't protect themselves against them. I could apparate with Dobby into the middle of the most protected location in the whole World and no one would even realize it had been done."

"Evan." Voldemort called.

"Yes, my Lord?" Mr Rosier wondered.

"How many Wards do you know that protect a location from House-elf's magic?"


Voldemort's lips thinned.

"Start studying then. I want a new layer to be added to my Manor."

"And Goblin's magic." Ron supplied.

Mr Rosier nodded and picked a small notebook where he quickly pointed it down.

"If I don't find a Ward I'll create it." He agreed and forced himself to stand, before leaving with his son.

"Why were you hurt as well, Theodore?" Voldemort asked Mr Nott.

"When I heard the strike I told the House-elf to take me there so I could back-up Evan as the House-elf would bring Heir Malfoy and Rosier Jr away." Mr Nott supplied. "They were dressed in our robes."

Voldemort's eyes narrowed and looked at Harry before he nodded.

"We'll speak about what happened later tonight. Leanore, can you bring two slices of cake? The bearers need something to help them relax."

"I only have one slice of chocolate pudding." Mrs Nott argued.

"We'll share." Harry offered.

The woman nodded and left the room again. Voldemort approached and sat down at the head of the table.

"Next time you two find each other alone in the train station, go with either the Notts or the Blacks." Voldemort ordered and the two nodded. Harry felt the way Voldemort looked at him and then the man sighed and snapped his fingers. A House-elf popped in. "There's a rectangular package on my office; bring it, Slippery."

The House-elf, Slippery, nodded and disappeared only to reappear with a broom package. Shyly, Harry accepted it and thanked Slippery, whose eyes watered.

"Shit… you don't thank him?"

"People usually don't." Voldemort agreed.

"I'm sorry, Slippery, I didn't meant to offend you!" Harry hurried to add, but that only made Slippery actually start to cry. "Bollocks!"

"Mistress Kari is a nice mistress." Dobby hurried to explain to Slippery. "He always thanks and apologises."

Slippery accepted the other House-elf's explanation before popping away as Lucius leaned down and told something to Dobby, who also popped away. Harry opened the box to find his new broomstick. He stood and weightened it. Of course it wasn't no Firebolt but it was best than any other broom in this time and era. He heard a pop as he levitated a foot while sitting sideways on the broom just to feel how it felt, to see Dobby pop in with a broomstick's length package with actual butterflies on the wrapping paper. Lucius accepted the box and set before Ron, who turned deep red to the tip of his ears as Harry snorted and fell from the broom.

"Shut it, Harry!" Ron grumbled.

"I take it my cousin lied to me when he said that you love butterflies?" Lucius wondered as he took in Ron's obvious bad mood.

"I once… once asked why we couldn't follow butterflies instead."

"Instead of what?"

"Spiders." Harry put in as he stood up from where he'd fallen onto the floor. "Ron has arachnophobia."

Cousin Lucius glared at Harry and gave Ron the package.

"I won't commit this mistake again." He agreed.

"Mistake? What? Are you going to start gifting me things?"

"Yes. I asked your uncle permission to legally court you. We're not engaged, you can still refuse me, but I am courting you."

Harry glanced at Voldemort, who seemed just as surprised about the news.

"Does Uncle Abraxas know about this?" Harry wondered. "Or Aunt Genevieve?"

"I haven't told them yet. But Lord Prewett has written and signed the official courtship contract."

Harry frowned.

"Did you do it because I asked you to lend me the money for Ron's broom?" He wondered.

"Lucius could never afford it even if it was just a money lent to you." Voldemort supplied. "As a courter he can, but not as a friend of the family. Principally with the Family Feud. Lucius knew very well that he was breaking the Family Feud by asking for the courtship contract but he still did it.

"Miss Prewett, you better give Heir Lucius a chance because he just put a lot on the line for the right to court you." Voldemort added the last part pointedly.

Blushing, Ron nodded and opened the wrapping paper. It was the same broomstick although different colour. Harry's broom was dark-brown, but Ron was almost blueish.

"Thank you." Ron said to Cousin Lucius, who nodded back.

"It was the only one they had at the store. It was that or woodish-red."

"Maroon." Ron supplied and Cousin Lucius nodded. "I hate maroon."

"Then I'm glad I choose my family colours." Cousin Lucius agreed. "I might have failed on the wrapping paper but at the least I got it right on the colour."

"I do not hate butterflies…" Ron argued shyly. "Kari and Hera just love to tease me nonstop over it."

Cousin Lucius nodded.


When Ron says «Harry» is on purpose, since he isn't thinking (either because he is angry at Harry or because people were hurt) he automatically went to Harry's real name

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