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Chapter XIII –Butterfly–

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Chapter XIII


Monday, 1 November 1971


Harry looked at the way his future father, future godfather and Ron joked around, at the way Remus, Hermione and Snape argued over classes and how Sissy was teaching (more like lecturing) his future mother over the Wizardry World way and how much it differed from the Muggle World. Then he looked at Peter, the only one beside him not in a conversation.

"What are you good at?" He wondered.

"Excuse me?"

"You must be good for something. There must be something you like to do and that you are good at. I'm good at flying. Ron's good at chess. Hera loves to read. Sirius and James I believe that it's joke around." Harry put in and the two Gryffindors smirked back. "Snape is Potions and Sissy… I better not pinpoint that out." Sissy sent him one of her smug smiles. "Lily is…"


"Lily loves a good garden. What about you, Peter Pettigrew? What do you like and what are you good at?"

"I'm not good in anything." The boy argued.

Harry rolled his eyes.

"Everyone is good in something. Just stop comparing yourself to us. You think Ron compares himself to me each time I fly faster than him? Or that I run? Who do you think we turn to when we need to think? Hera. Who do we turn to when it's time to plan something? Definitely not me or everything will go against the plan and downhill with my Luck."

"I… I don't know."

"Then find out."


"Find out what makes you happy. What you like to do. What you are good at. Don't just follow people around because they are bullies and give you protection against bigger bullies."

"I resent that." James whined.

Harry raised an eyebrow back.

"Until I started stepping in… Sissy, can you tell me how many times you had to call me to join you at stopping them from messing up with Snape?"

"How many times per hour?" The girl wondered and Harry looked pointedly at the Gryffindors.

"It wasn't that bad…" Sirius argued.

Harry groaned and stepped away from Peter and approached them.

"Want to know why I am so fast at running? My Muggle-adopted cousin had a game. It was called Harry Hunting. I run. I get caught. I get beaten into a pulp." The two boys tensed up. "I learnt to run really fast." Harry added pointedly. "So, yeah. If there's one thing I hate more than Traitors and Bigoted people? It's Bullies!"

"HARRY!" Hermione suddenly shouted.

Harry looked back at her and stepped away. He took a deep breath to calm down his magic and then looked at Peter.

"Learn some self-respect. I know I'm not the best person to tell you this. My Muggles were always bringing me down, even a Pitbull had more rights than I did at that place, and yet I still have more self-respect than you do."

"We'll help him at learning what he is good at." Remus offered.

Harry nodded and approached Hermione, crossed his arms over his chest and gave her the look of just be done with it.

"Just how bad were the Muggles?" Hermione asked instead of slapping the back of his head like usual.

"I lived in my cupboard under the stairs and at 7 I literally apparated into St Mungo's bathed in open wounds after a massive beating… you tell me." He grumbled and then closed his eyes when Hermione raised her hand, only to frown and open his eyes when instead she grabbed his head and pulled him into her chest as she held him tight. "Wha…?"

"Shut it and hug back." She reprimanded.

Harry looked at Ron unsure over Hermione's shoulder. Rolling his eyes, Ron pulled Sirius close (who was the closest) and pulled his arms over the other's back.


Harry surrounded Hermione with his arms and held her back.

"You aren't going to start doing it all the time, are you?" He wondered when she finally released him.

"You never had a hug? Not even from the Malfoys?" James wondered and Harry shook his head. "Not even from your biological Mother? Or adopted?"

"My Muggle parents died when I was 15-month-old." Harry argued. "And the Malfoy Family with their nose in the air?" He argued as he copied Draco Malfoy, what made Ron burst out laughing.

"But…" James started.

"The Blacks are exactly alike, James." Sirius argued. "I only get hugs because Megara and the Lestrange Family actually cares about me… which now in retrospect makes sense."

Harry looked at Peter staring back and then at the approaching adult, only to groan loudly. That alerted their group, who turned immediately.

"Professor Riddle, we swear that nothing happened." James was fast to argue.

Professor Riddle narrowed his eyes at the prompt comment, he looked around them and then raised an eyebrow at Harry.

"What did you do this time?"

"Right now? I'm just breathing. Living beings do that. Breath."

"Calisto Evelyn Peverell!"

Harry's lips thinned, Voldemort had to be in a real bad mood to use his full name.

"I was giving my classmate a pep-talk over how to have some self-respect." He grumbled.

Voldemort literally looked at Sissy with a raised eyebrow as if he didn't trust Harry to tell him the truth, who nodded. The man sneered and offered his hand.

"Your timetable."


"Because I want to write on it."

Harry picked his backpack to take his timetable.

"Snape has already given you our timetable." He argued confused. "Does Mother already have hours? Are you going to add them?"

"I'm not. Professor Slughorn will later." Voldemort retorted and accepted the parchment, picked a quill and an ink bottle that he magically levitated and then started writing on the parchment. "Why do you have drawings of Butterflies and Poison Ivies on your timetable?"

"It's us." Hermione offered as she pointed at herself and Ron, while Ron grumbled under his breath about them never letting him live that down. "Kari and Ron call me Hera."

Professor Riddle looked up at the two and then nodded.

"Gryffindor and Ravenclaw classes with the Slytherins." He offered and the two nodded. He returned Harry the timetable, who looked at it to see that twice a day extra-hours had just been added. "Madam Pomfrey is of the belief that for the next several weeks I should keep an eye on your magic as it might lose control because of what happened during your Omen. Bring your schoolwork; you will do homework and study for tests in my office during those hours."

Harry's lips thinned but he nodded.

"Yes, Sir."

"Now, I have to return to classes."

They all watched the adult turn around and leave.

"I don't understand." James put in, what made Harry raise an eyebrow as Professor Riddle disappeared from view. "He hates you, why does he bother that your magic is out of control?"

"First: the School Healer told him to keep an eye on me." Harry argued. "Second: he is helping me with my homework."

"How so?"

"Kari does it twice. Once, then Professor Riddle reviews it and tells him every typo and what he needs to look over. Kari does homework again. Professor Riddle reviews it again."

"So technically I do homework twice and in History sometimes I do four times. Full essay, not just a quick scribble. I'm forced to do extra work or he won't even read it."

"I definitely don't want him for my personal Tutor." James argued.

"Yeah…" Harry agreed. "But it's effective."


Friday, 5 November 1971


Lucius looked up at his Aunt as she entered his quarters.

"News from Kari?" He wondered, considering the Witch had just come back from Hogwarts.

"Yes. He asked me to deliver you this personally without your parents' knowledge for some reason." His Aunt agreed as she offered him Kari's letter.

Lucius nodded and accepted the scroll and rolled up magazine's page. His aunt left and he opened the scroll.

Cousin Lucius,

I know that I am not much for letters and that I should have contacted you earlier. But I honestly had no idea what to write to you.

Well, now I do.

I won the bet against Coach because Uncle Abraxas promised that he would buy me a broom if I won. I did, but then Uncle Abraxas refused to buy me because I don't act like a submissive bearer like he wants me to. Even though the man he wants to sell me to has told me to my face that the reason he wants me is because I'm not like what Uncle Abraxas wants me to become.

I didn't contact you to ask you to buy me the broom, my courter is already doing that himself.

Lucius shivered at the knowledge that the Dark Lord was taking initiative against his father on Kari's growth. No wonder Father had screamed during their last meeting.

What I'm contacting you about is that Ron will never be able to buy a broom himself. Uncle Abraxas doesn't give me a trust fund like he did with you so I cannot buy it for him and there's no way I can convince Mother to lend me that massive amount of money.

It's on a massive sale and it's the last ones. I'll bake you all your favourites when I return for the winter holidays and then during the summer holidays. I swear.

Your Cousin


Lucius opened the magazine's page and looked at the signalled broomstick that Kari was asking him to buy. Well. It was on a massive sale.

Lucius pocketed the magazine and letter and left his quarters. Only to find Mother going his way with several small portraits in her hands.

Oh no… there she goes again!

"Lucius! Look at these beautiful young Witches. They…"

"Mother, we have spoken about this. I will not wed someone if you arrange our wedding for me."


"Father gave me the right for a choice and I intend on keeping it."

Mother snarled in French and stomped down the corridor to go argue with her husband. Lucius hurried to leave before she'd turn Father onto her side just to stop listening to her. Last thing Lucius wanted was to wed someone just like his parents had. A wedding by convenience…

Lucius knocked on Prewett house and looked around the place, doing his best not to sneer. No wonder Ronnie was always with clothes too short for him.

"Heir Malfoy." Ronnie's oldest cousin, Lucius believed her name to be Molly, opened the door. "Can I help you?"

"May I see your father?" He asked, to which the Witch nodded and let him in. "And I believe I owe you a congratulations on your pregnancy."

The newlywed Witch smiled back, putting a hand on her belly.

"Thank you. Arthur is setting up our new house for me to go live with him before the baby is born. Ronnie will be able to move from the attic into my room." She offered.

Lucius limited to nod. They arrived the office and Lucius let the Witch knock on the door, before opening it.

"What is it, Molly?"

"Heir Lucius Malfoy is here to speak with you, Papa."

Lord Prewett looked at Lucius and signalled him in. Lucius nodded at Mrs Molly Weasley and entered, to which she closed the door after him.

"Ronnie is at school and so is your cousin." The Wizard before him argued, returning to his paperwork.

"I came to ask you the legal rights to officially court Ronnie without it being an arranged wedding. He'll have the right of the choice when the time comes and I can buy him all the gifts I want until then."

That did make the other look back.

"Do you know the history of our Families?"

"I know that you refused Aunt even though you two were engaged since birth. After that she fell in love with a nobody and Grandfather made him disappear, as well as their bastard child. I know because Father refused the same to happen to me. I had almost let Mother persuade me into an arranged wedding with Narcissa Black when my cousin showed-up and I was finally told of the reason why I never had an engagement before."

Lord Prewett looked at Lucius for a long time then he sighed.

"Ronnie is filled with strange scars in his whole body that he refuses to explain where they come from. Chest, back, arms and legs. He also has a blood quill mark on the back of his hand from before he moved in. He speaks in his sleep and he snores."

Lucius smirked amused.

"I haven't heard a but." He said.

"If you decide to court him, you are courting a bearer who refuses to act like one."

"That's why I am asking for him and not wedding Narcissa."

"If what you want is a feisty Witch, there's always Bellatrix." Lord Prewett said.

Lucius scoffed.

"I never said I preferred females either."

Lord Prewett smiled.

"I have to admit that considering how the lad is, he'd be lucky to wed someone like you." He agreed. "But that won't mean that you will have an easy job. He will fight you. And buying gifts will only get you until certain point."

"And yet I want the Courtship instead of the Engagement." Lucius stated firmly.

Lord Prewett picked from a free parchment and started writing down.

"Abraxas, am I right?"

"Lucius Abraxas Malfoy." Lucius agreed as the other wrote down the official agreement to give Lucius the permission to a Courtship with his nephew. "If it makes you feel any better, my mother is going to disown me when she finds out."

The Wizard smiled amused.

"Forget your mother, your father will kill you. On the moment you sign this contract you are breaking the Family Feud between our families thanks to my breaking of the engagement with your aunt." Lucius shivered at the reminder and Lord Prewett looked up at him as he wrote down the official courtship contract. "You really like him, don't you? I know you've bought things that they were for your cousin but had 'accidentally' been too big for Heiress Peverell and so gave Ronnie instead."

"Ronnie is funny, loyal, brave and a good strategist. He can take one look around and tell which are the best moves one should take. It's not just with chess, he can also do it with people."

Lord Prewett hummed.

"Unlike your parents and most Pureblood families, you don't want a stay at home wife."

"No, I do not." Lucius agreed. "I will not lie to you. I am not in love with Ronnie. But I really care for him and I would like the permission to see until where it could go." Lucius admitted. "Until we kiss on the lips or something extra, we can still refuse each other with this way of contract without creating another Family Feud."

Lord Prewett nodded and finished, signing his name and putting his Family seal. Lucius approached and accepted the quill, only to sign his own name at the end. The parchment disappeared immediately after, only for a duplicate to appear before Lord Prewett with the Gringotts symbol.

"The other copy must have appeared before your father as well. I do not fancy you one bit right now."

"I did not put the Family crest. My father won't be alerted until I see that he needs to be alerted." Lucius argued, before bowing his head and left.

He looked at the magazine page and the broomstick Kari had told him that Ronnie wanted. First official courtship gift. It was then that he noticed that on Kari's parchment there was a PS.

Ps: Ron loves following butterflies.

Lucius wondered why his cousin bothered adding that but went to the sports store and bought the requested broom.

"Is it a gift, Heir Malfoy?"

"Yes, a Courtship Gift." Lucius agreed, only to be offered several different types of wrapping paper to choose from.

Lucius looked at one with butterflies and signalled it to the clerker, who nodded. How could Kari know that there would be butterfly-themed wrapping paper?


Am I the only one who feels pity for poor Lucius when Ron sees that wrapping paper?

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