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Chapter XII –Legal Guardian–

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Chapter XII

–Legal Guardian–

Monday, 1 November 1971


Harry approached the younger Professor McGonagall as the first-year Slytherins and Gryffindors entered the classroom, while his friends sat down.

"What is it, Peverell?"

"Madam Pomfrey told me to warn you that I am not allowed to use too much magic today."

The stern woman looked up from her desk and took a good look at him.

"I heard from my co-workers that yesterday was your Bad Omen day. I didn't see Coach Bael-Varbrun at all last night nor this morning, did something happen?" The woman asked and Harry nodded as his body shivered against his accord, what obviously was noticed by his Professor. "Poppy said you could attend classes?" The woman asked instead of prying further because the whole classroom was listening in.

"Madam Pomfrey allowed it after hearing that I only have Transfiguration now and Potions in afternoon." Harry agreed.

Professor McGonagall picked a spare needle and set on her desk facing Harry.

"Under my watch so I can control any possible decontrol." The woman ordered, Harry took out his wand and shaped the needle into a match. "Very well, 10 points to Slytherin. Now, I will give you an essay for you to deliver next class." The woman said as she wrote down the title while the Slytherins clapped because Harry had done it on first try. "I'm not giving you a free pass. You are to go directly to the Infirmary wing and will have to deliver a 4 feet length essay besides the same homework that I will be giving your classmates, understood?"

Harry nodded and accepted the pass, essay title and homework title, before leaving. Uncle Abraxas was in the Infirmary wing talking with Madam Pomfrey when he arrived.

"Miss Peverell?"

"Professor McGonagall made me shape the needle into a match on her desk and then gave me a massive essay to fill instead, before sending me back to the Infirmary wing." Harry supplied as he showed the parchment with the pass for in case he'd be caught outside his classroom.

Madam Pomfrey nodded and signalled him to a bed. Harry sat down and let the blond man to look him over as the School Healer went to fetch something from her office.

"Where they this bad at Malfoy Manor?"

"I usually lock myself on my room… the first-year that I moved in Aunt Genevieve made Dobby open the door for her and she grabbed my wrist forcing me out, only to dislocate my shoulder blade when I struggled back. My body was still weak from the hospital stay." Harry shrugged. "Dobby started refusing to listen after several years because the issues started getting worse. The last time she forced me out I literally fell down the Malfoy Manor's stairwell and woke up next day's morning hidden in Cousin Lucius' room while Dobby healed me with House-elf's Magic."

Uncle Abraxas nodded with a sneer.

"I'll have a talk with my wife over Omens and that she should have realized it when they kept going worse each year." The man said and Madam Pomfrey returned with a specie of machine. "I want Coach Bael-Varbrun expelled after what he did. I should never had let Professor Dumbledore make me change my mind in the first place…"

"Madam Pomfrey, do you mind stop listening so if you are asked you know nothing about it?" Harry wondered and the School Healer nodded, stepping away and pulling the curtains to give them privacy and confidentiality. Uncle Abraxas hit the curtains with a Soundproof Ward, before raising an eyebrow. "Voldemort backed me up and even did the Dark Counter Curse after I begged it from him. He waited until midnight last night before he finally left and took Coach with him."

Uncle Abraxas' eyes grew.

"How did he take him?"


Uncle Abraxas scoffed and Harry raised an eyebrow.

"You might refuse him, but he stops thinking rationally when around you. He knows Floo Travel is under watch. I'll send a fellow Knight to deal with it." The blond explained. "If he ever asks, you need to say yes."

"He already did and told me I could choose whoever I wanted even if he is courting me and I end up choosing someone else."

Uncle Abraxas' lips thinned before he opened the curtains.

"Everything alright?" Madam Pomfrey wondered as she returned to work.

"My Courter, that Uncle Abraxas tried to arrange my arranged wedding with, has told me that in the end it will be my choice even if He is courting me. Uncle Abraxas doesn't approve that a female or male bearer might have a right of a choice." Harry shrugged. "Are you going to make me an ultrasound?"

"Yes, to see your womb." The Healer agreed and looked at the blond man with a raised eyebrow. "You gave this Wizard the choice and he chose to give your niece a choice. You cannot impose on your nephew another lover because you already chose your candidate." Uncle Abraxas obviously glared at the woman for daring to step in. "You were the one who chose him, not me." She argued amused and turned again towards Harry. "School robe and inner-shirt off, Miss."

Harry stood and took out his robe and shirt, before laying down. He let the woman put the cold gel on his stomach and then the wand from the machine which made the machine's visor immediately storm to life. As Madam Pomfrey looked around his insides, he looked up at the ceiling.

"How is Mother?" Harry wondered.

"Amphitrite is fine. We finally got the legal paperwork done. You will restart having your classes with her hopefully still this week." The only blond answered. "How is Calisto's womb, Pomfrey?"

Harry's lips thinned at the way the man spoke about his ability to get pregnant as if it was something worth selling or not.

"Uncle!" He snapped and took the wand out of his belly. Madam Pomfrey frowned, but didn't argue. "Let's make two things certain:

"First: I may be a bearer but I'm still a male! Stop treating me like a bloody chick who will break if poked! (Not that I'm saying that women break if poked, that is!)

"Second: Your chosen intended for me told me, to my face, that even if I wasn't a Bearer or if I had lost the ability to bear children; he would still want me. Pregnancy or no pregnancy. And that if I still wanted children that he would blood adopt them alongside me!

"I am done with the way you and your wife ill-speak about me. Stop pretending that you care. All you worry is if I'll make the Malfoy Family' name justice or not. If I'll make a good marriage. Stop trying to shift me into the perfect bride! I'm never going to become one. I'm never going to let you turn me into my mother. From what I heard she used to be the type of woman every man wanted! Until you and Grandfather destroyed her spirit by refusing her the man she chose!"

Uncle Abraxas obviously raised his arm to slap Harry, only for he to see the locket on Harry's neck. The two stared at each other for a real long moment as Harry felt the locket warming up and raising a warning ward around him that Harry was certain even the blond could feel it. Uncle Abraxas lowered his hand with a sneer.

"You can say the new broom goodbye."

"Don't worry, my Courter already promised he would be the one to buy it for me. Even though he hates flying: he wants me to be happy, unlike some people."

Somehow the blond man paled drastically, before he turned around, walked away and pulled the curtains close to give Harry and Madam Pomfrey's space, as the locket's Aura returned inside and stopped burning the boy's chest.

"Who did he try to sell you to?" Madam Pomfrey asked as she set up the machine again.

"Professor Riddle and right after taking me in." Harry replied and could feel the locket warm up, although this time not in a threatening way.

The woman scoffed and turned the machine towards the bed to show Harry the screen where a black ball of light was in the middle of somewhere.

"What he did… any future child you might have will be predisposed to having a Dark Core. Even if your future husband is Pure Light."

"Is a side-effect…"

"Do remember you begged for this."

"I'm not against." Harry argued. "Mother is teaching me Magical Cores' affinities." He explained. "It's just…"

"Everyone always assumes Light with Good and Dark with Bad because of the Muggle's perception of it." The stern woman agreed as she closed the machine and started to clean the gel she passed earlier. "Your scars…"

"From when I run away from the Muggles." Harry said with a shrug.

"Do you want me to…?"

"The Healers even wanted to take my forehead scar away, I refused. My scars are what make me myself."

Madam Pomfrey looked up at Harry and then nodded.

"The itch you could feel earlier, is it gone?"

Harry shook his head.

"It's like that itch you can't scratch." He argued. "But it stopped being painful."



Voldemort looked up as his students left class to find Pomfrey entering without being given permission.

"Anything I can do for you?" He wondered as the last students left.

The Witch waited until all the students were gone, before she raised a Soundproof Ward.

"Your Counter Curse left a ball of Dark Magic in the location of Miss Peverell's womb." Pomfrey put in and he raised an eyebrow. "I floocalled Lord Malfoy so he would allow the test without me needing to notify the Headmaster about the Dark Magic." She added.

"Very well… how much did it affect his Magical Core? I assume you're telling me because you want me to look into it?"

Pomfrey stayed quiet looking back with a raised eyebrow for a long time as if waiting for something.

"You really are going to pretend that you have no relation with Miss Peverell?" She snapped after she got done with his silence.

Voldemort sighed.

"Evie told you about that."

"By Evie I believe you mean Miss Peverell, and he told me because his Uncle was literally refusing him his right of a choice."

Voldemort passed a hand through his face.

"I'll have a talk with Abraxas." He agreed. "How is Evie? Last time I saw him he was in massive pain from both the Curse and the Counter Curse. Did I affect his Magical Core? Because last time I checked it was pure Grey with some hints of Dark."

"I didn't test him on arrival, so I don't know if he had any Light before last night." The Witch argued. "But those Dark hints you saw might have been the side-effect of the Counter Curse." She explained. "His womb is now a massive hole of Darkness. I told him that his future child's Magical Core (even if the other parent is Pure Light) will be Dark… it won't just be Darkish. It will be mostly Dark."

"I tried to tell Evie that it was illegal and he still called me out. Called me by a name he only uses when mad at me. A name he was never taught actually."

Pomfrey nodded.

"You need to pay attention to his Magical decontrol. He will be susceptible to Dark for the next months." The Witch offered and Voldemort nodded. "And I don't know what kind of upbringing Lord Malfoy did on his nephew… but he was just thrown to his face that Miss Peverell won't let him turn him into what he has done to his mother." The Wizard sneered. "Considering you are courting Miss Peverell… I can legally tell you that I almost watched a Legal Guardian's body-contact reprimand of his Ward, until the Wizard saw your locket on the boy's naked chest which was raising a magical protection."

Voldemort massaged his eyebrows.

"I really need to have a talk with Abraxas." He grumbled under his breath. "How was Evie's reaction?"

"Defying one. Not once backed down. Even when he was told there would be no broomstick… his reaction was to tell his uncle that you had already agreed to buy it instead, because unlike his uncle you actually wanted his happiness."

"Evie accidentally made me his Legal Guardian with Magic Words, didn't he?" He questioned and the Witch nodded with a smile at the corner of her lips. "What explains why you come to me. I'll warn Amphitrite to teach the boy what Magic Words are and what they can do. How much do you need to bring this to the Headmaster?" He added uncertain, just knowing the older would use it against him.

"I don't need to. Plenty of students' Legal Guardians are their off-age courters and the Headmaster has no knowledge of it." The Healer argued. "Just tell me this: What do you feel about him?"

Voldemort looked up at his former Ravenclaw classmate in the eyes and she smiled amused.

"Evie knows." He agreed. "I told him last night."

"He must be quite the boy, I remember when we were students and you didn't let anyone close."

Voldemort smirked.

"All he has done… was scream at my face. He has quite the temperament. He shouted once as a child and he got me hooked. But nothing compared to when I got hired and he literally shouted at the Headmaster's face."

"He doesn't take things laying down." She argued.

"That's what I like in him. And what I need to argue with Abraxas over."

The Witch nodded and took out a parchment, offering it. Voldemort accepted it and looked up on her Magical Check-up of Evie.

"He was left with an itch. I don't want to scare him, but he needs to be checked twice a day for now."

Voldemort closed his eyes and focused on his Horcrux, only to realize that Evie was with his group of friends. He opened his eyes again.

"I'll go check him and will book-up with him tutoring hours to at least force him to come to my office once a day." He replied and Pomfrey nodded. "Don't let him find out you are acting behind his back."

"Why not?"

"He hates people who do that, is always shouting at me if I dare to even pretend to do it."

Pomfrey laughed.

"I don't see you complaining." She argued and Voldemort scoffed amused.

"Of course not, or I wouldn't keep pretending."


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