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Because the Dark Lord Voldemort can be many things… but he is a Gentleman

Chapter XI


Monday, 1 November 1971


Eventually Voldemort stood. Harry and Sissy looked at him as the man stored his pocketwatch.

"It's a couple minutes past midnight. You two can relax." He agreed and the children nodded. "Sleep. You have classes tomorrow."

"Yes, Sir." Sissy agreed and Voldemort approached the School Coach still outside the bedroom, picked him up and they heard them enter into the fire in the common room of their private quarters, travelling through floo. "What did that piece of shit do to you?" The girl immediately demanded, turning towards Harry.

"Infertile spell. Professor had to do a Counter Curse… Dark, which was just as painful."

Sissy sneered.

"I should have stumped all over him." She grumbled. "Will you be fine by yourself?" Was added questioningly.

Harry showed the necklace.

"I'm never leaving it again. I didn't have it on myself during the strike and that was why Professor Riddle wasn't warned beforehand."

"I'll make sure to remind you from now on." Sissy agreed.

Harry laid down and the girl tucked him in.

"Did you hear us talking?" He wondered as she blew up the candles around the room.

Sissy stopped on what she was doing and then looked back.

"I had been about to leave my bedroom when he said he'd never force you into an arranged marriage. I decided to wait and finish drying my hair to give you two time to finish it and then pretend that I didn't hear it."


Sissy smiled back soothingly.

"You do know that this is the reason why he doesn't claim you as his Heiress, don't you?" She offered and he raised an eyebrow. "You can be his Equal and his lover, but you cannot be his Heiress and his lover. His Lady? Yes. Heiress? No. Every Slytherin realized that he was courting you in a way it would be your choice on the long run because of the simple detail that he doesn't claim that he has an Heir. He could just say that he has one without saying who it was. He did it so one day you could choose to be his Heiress or Lady. To give you that choice."

"I understand nothing of Wizardry Philosophies." Harry grumbled and Sissy snorted.

"I'll owl Miss Malfoy to add it to your private classes." The girl offered and finished blowing up the candles, before leaving his bedroom and going to hers.

Harry held his locket under his clothes as he did his best not to focus on the pain that still stroke at his abdomen every now and then. He could handle plain, but this was something else. Then a warm feeling came from the locket and involved him, just like the Diary's Dark Aura used to do but different since this one didn't try to strike him. His shivering of pain started to recess thanks to the warmness that somehow soothed him down and, before he knew it, the Aura had created a ward between him and his pain enough to allow him to fall asleep.

It was his first night without a nightmare. In decades.



Voldemort finished locking the Halfbreed in his newest cell where he would live for decades to come, when he felt his locket's Horcrux enter in touch with him again. He immediately gave it entrance, wondering what could have stroke his Equal right after he left him.

Instead of an image of the strike, he was instead shared the massive amount of pain that Evie had been in. No wonder the boy was in tears. And then he heard a voice being spoken inside his own mind that was his but wasn't.

{I'm also raising a Ward against his nightmares. I usually hear him struggling in his sleep, but today it's the first-time he sleeps with me on.} The 20ish-year-old Horcrux supplied. {Miss Nott has already guaranteed that she won't let him leave the quarters without me on.}

{Be careful how much you overpower him. Evie's Magical Core isn't Dark.} Voldemort argued.

{His Magical Core is Pure Grey with one dot of Dark. That dot is what I'm using.} The Horcrux argued. {His nightmares usually leave him restless for hours. Sometimes during the day he takes naps while he is with his friends in the Grounds.}

Voldemort massaged his brows.

{Do what you can without hurting him on the long run.} He finally agreed and his Horcrux hummed in agreement. {Although, do not let him find out that you are Sentient. He'd give the locket back in a heartbeat.}

{I believe he already knows. He associated my Dark Magic to the diary's Dark Magic. He called it Aura from what I understood.} The Horcrux argued. {Where did you store the Diary?}

{At the moment is in a Vault in Gringotts.} Voldemort argued puzzled. {Does Evie have dreams about things yet to pass?} He asked instead.

{Do you want me to enter his mind?} The Horcrux retorted pointedly.

Voldemort rolled his eyes.

{Evie met me before I met him. He told me so. He either met a Horcrux, or he saw me in a Vision. He knew without me needing to teach him that Riddle is Voldemort. He is actually the only person to call me by Voldemort, what is ironic because he has no idea what to call me when he wants to not call me Voldemort.}

{I'll see what I can do without overpowering him.} The Horcrux agreed. {I'm not exactly made to do it without it turning painful.} He added to remind him.

Voldemort nodded mentally and the Horcrux returned to his locket. Voldemort glared at the former Coach, who shivered in fear.

"I was ready to torture you into insanity and then kill you." Voldemort supplied and the excuse for a man shivered. "But Evie had a request: I'm not allowed to kill you, I've to keep torturing you for as long as you survive." The man's eyes grew. "According to Evie living is worse than dying, that if you were to die: you would win." If the man could speak he would be right now begging for the quick torture and then death, Voldemort was sure. Voldemort let his features return to normal, what made the other shiver head to toe at his snake-like features. "I might be many things, but if my Equal asks of me something? I deliver. I may be a Dark Wizard, but I'm a Gentleman."

Voldemort took out his wand, ready to make the other pay for what he tried to do to what was His and stepped inside the cell, tears were already running down the man's face and Voldemort had yet to start.



Harry got up in the morning to still feel a slight hitch on his stomach. Deciding he should check it before he ate something, he changed clothes and left the quarters he shared with Sissy (the girl still asleep) to find the Head Boy Rosier already on the corridor facing his door.

"Please tell me you didn't stay there all night?" Harry asked as the other fell into step beside him.

"No, I just returned from my rounds." The older argued. "How do you feel?"

"I believe I should go to the Infirmary for a check-up. I still feel the side-effects of the Counter Curse."

Rosier nodded and accompanied Harry out the common rooms, down the Dungeons and up the stairs until they arrived the Infirmary wing. Madam Pomfrey let them in and raised an eyebrow.

"The Bad Omen stroke last night." Rosier supplied. "Professor Riddle immediately applied the Counter Curse, but Miss Peverell claims that he still feels pain."

Madam Pomfrey sighed and signalled a bed.

"Do I want to know who dared to curse you and what was it?"

"It was Coach and an infertility spell."

Madam Pomfrey looked at Harry immediately wide-eyed.

"The Counter Curse…?"

"Professor Riddle only applied the Counter Curse after Miss Peverell requested it from him, loudly." Rosier supplied. "If required I can justify that in Court under the Veritaserum Potion."

Madam Pomfrey nodded and approached Harry, closing the curtain around his bed. A Soundproof Ward was raised as he took out his robe and inner-shirt. He sat down against the headboard and the woman did a check-up spell on his belly.

"Next year's Samhain you will stay in the Infirmary wing under my fulltime watch." The woman added and Harry nodded, not arguing. "My colleague has successfully healed you of the Spell." She added as she read the popping in parchment. "Your future pregnancies will be dangerous though. You will need to be accompanied by a Healer as much as possible and have stress-free environment."

"Professor Riddle already warned of it, I still wanted to come check just to be certain before I'd go have breakfast."

Madam Pomfrey looked up into Harry's eyes, then opened the bedside cabinet and took a potion from the inside.

"How painful?"

"When the Curse hit me; I fell on my knees. I couldn't even stand to call for help." Harry supplied. "After the Counter Curse I was on my bed in a foetal position crying and hiccupping like a baby and I can handle a lot."

The woman nodded and set a flask on Harry's hand.

"Bottoms up and I won't hear you arguing over it this time around. I may not bring this to the Headmaster because, even if it was Legal, Dark Magic was still applied to rescue you, but I will contact your Family Lord and Lord Malfoy will expect that I at least gave you a painless potion." The stern woman argued before he could retort. Sighing, Harry took it. "What classes do you have today?"

"Transfiguration with Gryffindors after breakfast, two periods. Then Potions in the afternoon."

"Very well. After Transfiguration come here. I want to see the side-effects this had on your Magical Core, by then I will have Lord Malfoy's agreement."

Harry nodded and stood, dressing again.

"Can I eat everything?" He wondered.

"Eat toast and tea." Madam Pomfrey offered. "And avoid using too much magic in your class. If Professor McGonagall asks, tell her it were my orders."

Harry nodded again and left the privacy of the curtains, joining Rosier. The older scoffed and stepped into Harry's personal space, only to fix his robe for him and then pull his hair up into a bun on the top of his head. The two left the Infirmary wing and descended.

"May I wonder if any side-effects?" The other male wondered.

"No more than the ones He said last night." Harry argued and Rosier nodded. "He proposed yesterday." The adult in child-body added embarrassed.

Rosier looked back at Harry and then ahead.

"What was His wording?" The teenager asked.

"That He was courting me, but I still had a choice. I could choose to say no and just be an Heiress."

Rosier nodded.

"Then take your time. You have seven school years to think about it without Lord Malfoy legally be able to start demanding you to choose someone. You are still young: you still have time." The officially older offered soothingly as they arrived the Great Hall and entered. "And if I may?" Harry nodded as he was guided towards the Slytherin table's female side. "Most Courters, if they don't like something, they won't go out of their way to deliver it to their being courted possible fiancées."

Harry frowned confused as he sat down only for a magazine to be set down beside his plate. Rosier moved around the table and then sat facing Harry as Harry looked at the broom's mag.

"Are you saying that because you want me to choose him? Or because you believe that?"

Rosier smirked.

"I may be bias, but according to what I heard you are the first and only person He even showed an interest on. That has to count for something."

Harry sighed and opened the mag.

"I need to think about it."

The older nodded.

"I marked several pages where they have the Nimbus brooms. I never saw someone fly as fast or the way you did, still the newest one looks a little unbalanced. I marked the page even so as you said it was the one you wanted."

Harry opened on the newest one and raised an eyebrow at the other.

"Why do you say unbalanced? It's perfect. It's angle. It's shape…" Harry stopped when Rosier just looked at him confused. "What!?" He demanded harshly.

"You believe that is the new fastest and better shape?" Rosier asked instead and Harry nodded with a Duh face.

Rosier grabbed the mag and started marking new pages, while signalling at the food. Harry picked several toasts and served a mug with tea as the other quickly looked through every page. Harry's friends started arriving and joining them on the table, none asking why Rosier was on their group. Eventually Rosier returned the mag and Harry looked through each one until he found the one people rarely bought in this time and age but that in the future would be considered one of the best brooms but that were practically extinct because no one had bought it and that the Firebolt had been made to look like it the best as possible. Harry shared a look with Ron beside him and then showed the page to Rosier, who scoffed.

"Anything against?" Harry retorted in a dare.

"You really have tastes that surprise me." The older argued, stood with the mag and walked towards the head table where Professor Riddle was having breakfast.

Voldemort accepted the magazine and looked at the one Harry had chosen and then nodded.

"Is He actually going to buy you a broom himself?" Ron whispered back and Harry nodded. "Lucky bastard!" The other grumbled jealously.

"Do you want to battle the Coach and win?" Harry argued while holding back his shiver so his best friend wouldn't realize.

Ron groaned.

"How would I win while playing Keeper?" The other argued. "And with my self-esteem." He added with a grumble.

"It is on a massive sale, you can always ask my cousin." Harry added jokingly, which made Ron choke as he drank and literally showered himself with his juice.

"Veronique Prewett!" Hermione reprimanded from her place by Ron's other side, having also caught a shower.

"It's his fault!" Ron whined while pointing at Harry as the rest of their group laughed. "And there's no way your cousin will willingly buy me a broom, massive sale or not!" He added towards Harry.

"Doesn't hurt to ask." Harry argued as Hermione on Ron's other side kept hitting his shoulder with a book for bathing himself and her. "You know that the Prewetts will never be able to afford not even the cheapest. And I don't have money my own to be able to do it for you." He added with a shrug.


So I put myself against the wall… anyone has any idea what I should call this new broomstick? Because I'm stuck. It can't be the usual Nimbus or whatever like the other brooms, it has to be named alike the Firebolt as Firebolt was supposedly build as the second version of this broom

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