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Chapter X –Samhain–

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Chapter X


Sunday, 31 October 1971


A younger Madam Pomfrey was fast at patching up Harry's broken arm, only to be surprised when Harry refused the painless potion.

"They're addictive and not very effective." Harry argued with a shrug. "Can I go?"

"It's the Infirmary wing, Peverell." Snape argued. "There's no way your Omen will act up in here."

"Now you hitched it. Every time someone says «nothing is going to happen» or «what's the worst that could happen» is when something does happen." Harry argued.

Snape frowned as Madam Pomfrey nodded at Harry that he could go. Their group walked out the Infirmary wing and started to descend the stairs so Harry would return to the Slytherin's common rooms, when they bypassed Coach being escorted to the Headmaster's office by Professor Riddle and Uncle Abraxas.


"Uncle Abraxas."

"How is your arm?"

"As good as new. Madam Pomfrey can fix broken bones in a minute." Harry offered, showing his arm.

"Shouldn't you be staying at the Infirmary…?"

"I just said that I'm healed, Uncle Abraxas." Harry reminded him. "I'm at the moment heading back to my quarters as I was when Coach walked-in uninvited."

Uncle Abraxas looked at the other man with narrowed eyes and then at Harry with a nod.

"Were you proper?"

"I was in sleeping PJs." Harry retorted.

"The answer is no." Sissy added. "Uneven loose hair and we had to pull a robe over his inner-sleeping clothes to hide his body's form from view. I tried to stop Coach, but he refused to listen. Luckily, the elder students heard my shouts and came running to back us up."

Voldemort obviously glared at Coach as Uncle Abraxas simply nodded.

"I'll make sure he doesn't ever repeat this." He agreed as he looked at Harry's obvious attire and then at his group of friends. "Who are you going with to the Samhain ball?"

"No one."


"I'm going back to my room and go back to pretend that I don't exist like I was doing earlier." Harry grumbled. "It was just one broken arm that was easily taken care of. The Bad Omen day has only just started. I'm not going to test my Luck, so I'm going back to my room and I hope that the location will be free for the rest of the day."

He turned around, turned his back on his surrogate Uncle and walked away. Even though he walked away at all velocity, someone fell into step beside him. When he looked, he saw the elder male Slytherin population. They escorted him all the way to the common rooms and down the labyrinthine corridors until the door of his and Sissy's private quarters.

"If you need something just call." They warned and he nodded, entered the quarters and his bedroom. He went back to his nook and to his book.


There was a knock on his door and he looked up to find Sissy entering his room all pampered up and with a beautiful light-green-coloured dress-robe on.

"You look good." He offered and she smiled thankfully.

"I came to warn you that practically everyone is leaving. Still…"

"Go step on James Potter's feet for me." He agreed and Sissy laughed, before leaving the room and then the quarters.

Harry leaned his head against the wall of his nook bored. Even though he was bored, he knew that if he left it could be a lot worse. A knock on his door made him sit straighter with his feet and legs out the nook.

"Who is it?" He asked. Wasn't he alone?

"It's me." Professor Riddle's voice put in.

"Come in." Harry agreed, after looking down to be sure he was proper.

Professor Riddle entered the room and nodded at Harry on his nook. He pulled from a chair and sat before Harry, yet several feet apart.

"We need to speak."

Harry nodded, while looking at his Slytherin locket that was on the bedside table on the other side of the bedroom.



Evan left the Great Hall to go down to the Slytherin's quarters to go check on Heiress Peverell. He didn't like leaving him all alone on an empty common room on such a day. He entered the common room and descended the labyrinthine corridors towards where the lowest of the ranking in Slytherin hierarchy's rooms were. Even though Heiress Peverell was above the ranking.

For some reason, when he reached the corridor with the quarters of the first-years, he found the dreaded quarter's door open. He hurried towards it to find Coach Bael-Varbrun's fallen body against the corridor's wall facing the bedroom door of Miss Peverell's private room, blood dripping from the side of his head. Evan passed through him without a look back until he found the boy out of breath inside his room as he held his stomach with one hand in pain while on his knees and his wand on his other hand as if it was a life saver. It most likely had been.

"Miss Peverell?"

The boy looked up at him.

"Proof." He gasped out.

"Your private tutor isn't a tutor but a side-effect of an angry letter." Evan immediately offered as the wand was pointed at him and the tip started to shine. The wand dropped onto the floor and the boy's arms went again towards his belly, obviously he was in massive pain. "Did he hit you with some kind of spell? Or did he touch you?"

"Yes. It passed through Protego. I thought only the Unforgivables could do that." Heiress Peverell agreed through clenched teeth, while Evan wondered how the boy could do such a seventh-grade spell. "Give me His locket. It's the one on my bedside table. I tried to use Accio, but I can't focus enough." The boy gasped out.

Evan picked it up without questioning and delivered it to the boy. Immediately the necklace shinned on the boy's hand and, not long after, Professor Riddle was hurrying inside the room. Evan pointed his wand and the Wizard at seeing the fallen Wizard outside and then Miss Peverell's state, showed his hands.

"You once owled your father that my Equal is a great dueller, but has terrible calligraphy." The Dark Lord offered. Evan lowered his wand, to which the older stepped forward and into Miss Peverell's personal space. "What happened, Evie?"

"He pretended to be you." The boy gasped out. "I immediately could tell that something was wrong… no «Evie», even though we were alone, and he kept the social distance." Dark Lord nodded as he picked his own wand and started to check the boy's body magically. "When the Polyjuice Potion stopped making effect he struck. I raised a Protego but it still hit me straight in the stomach. I immediately hit him with a Bombarda and Rosier Jr arrived as I failed to summon your locket through the pain."

The older Wizard looked back at Evan and then hit Miss Peverell's stomach with a spell, only for the bearer boy to cry in pain.

"He hit you with a spell to make you infertile." Dark Lord sneered and Miss Peverell looked up at the Wizard horrified. "There's no le…"

"Just do it!"

"Evie…" the Dark Lord started to warn, but Miss Peverell interrupted him yet again, something Evan knew that if he had been anyone else he would've paid the price for the daring:

"I don't bloody care that it's Dark. I don't want to lose any possible future child I might have. I want children, Voldemort!"

Evan looked away from the duo, knowing better than to look at the Dark Lord while he was being reprimanded by his Equal and possible future wife.

"Leave the bedroom and close the door. If someone comes, don't let them in." The Dark Lord told in Evan's direction.

Evan bowed his head and left the bedroom, closing the door. He approached Coach Bael-Varbrun and checked his wound. He was alive, just unconscious. Evan could hear Miss Peverell's cries of pain as the Dark Lord contradicted the curse eating the bearer's insides. The boy had taken a hit on his arm, had taken a Bludger's hit that literally broke his bone and he had taken it without even leaving out a whine, he had even opened his hand right after as if it was nothing. Whatever this pain was, had to be lots worse for him to be unable to hold back his pain.

Eventually, the door behind Evan opened and he looked at the Wizard leaving the bedroom.

"Is he alive?" Dark Lord asked while signalling with his head towards Coach.

"Miss Peverell's Bombarda made him hit his head what luckily knocked him unconscious. I don't know how he is rationally, but he is alive."

Evan's Professor nodded as he looked back inside the bedroom where Evan could hear the boy's whimper of pain.

"Go back to the ball, your date must be wondering where you went."

Evan nodded and turned to leave, but stopped and looked back.

"May I wonder if the anti-curse worked?"

Professor Dark Lord looked up at Evan and then nodded.

"Evie will be able to bear when the time comes. Will have to be followed 24/7 by Healers and without any over-exercise or stress, but he'll be able."

Evan nodded with a bow of head.

"When he does, I'll do my best to bodyguard him to keep him from losing the child." He promised with Magic Words as he felt his words being scabbed onto his own Magical Core.

The Dark Lord looked at Evan at sensing the Magical Oath and then nodded, before he signalled at him to go. Evan left the Slytherin's common rooms and then the Dungeons only to find the Slytherin Head Girl that had been about to leave the Great Hall to go look for him.

"My apologies." He argued.

The teenage girl took one look at his eyes, immediately knowing that something had happened. She smiled.

"Don't worry. I know you had your reasons." She argued and took his arm, going back inside.



Voldemort stayed besides Evie as the boy hiccupped on his bed as he held his stomach, laying down. He looked yet again at his own pocketwatch and then at the still unconscious male that he had put ropes on for in case he'd wake.

"You will make him pay, won't you?" The boy whispered.

"No amount of manipulation from you will change my mind this time." Voldemort argued as he could hear the students start to arrive from the party a couple minutes before the Mandatory Curfew hit.

"Living is worse than dying." The boy put in. Voldemort looked at the boy questioningly whose glasses were fogged from the boy's unconscious tears. "Immediate killing doesn't make him pay for what he tried to do to me. If he dies, he wins."

Was the boy asking for Voldemort to keep him alive and keep torturing him non-stop?

A small smile played on his lips.

"I'll see what I can do." He promised and Evie nodded, only for the quarter's doors to open.

Miss Nott entered and passed through the fallen unconscious body as if it was a nowadays thing – considering who her father was, it didn't surprise Voldemort – and approached the open door of Evie's room. She looked at him and then the hiccupping boy.

"He was attacked, wasn't he?"

"Yes." Voldemort agreed. "There's still two hours left until midnight."

Miss Nott looked at her wristwatch and nodded.

"I'll go change and take a shower, then I'll come to join Kari." She offered and Voldemort nodded.

The girl walked towards her own bedroom and Voldemort looked at Evie still holding his belly.

"Even if you had lost the ability you wouldn't be less the Human being for it." He offered.

"I'm not against adoption." The boy argued. "Yet, something I always wanted as I grew up was a child. A family to call my own who will want me no matter what. Can you promise me that an adopted child will feel that way? That the biological parents won't suddenly pop up?"

Voldemort looked at his Equal in thought, finally the boy opened his eyes and looked back through the foggy glasses.

"There is the Dark method of Blood Adoption." He offered and the boy raised an eyebrow. "It claims the child as yours by Blood Right. It erases their previous bloodline completely."


"Could you do it?" Voldemort argued and Evie looked back confused. "An illegal adoption, claiming the child as yours? Never be able to admit about it to anyone."

Evie shrugged.

"Would've you?" He argued.

Voldemort looked at Evie for a real long time and then he looked at the starting to wake up fallen idiot that he was going to torture later.

"If that had been our only option and you still wanted children? Yes, I would be ready to do it."

Evie looked back surprised.

"But you said you wouldn't court me. You said…"

"I promised you that I wouldn't force you into an arranged wedding. I believe you have the same right for a choice like Abraxas gives his son. It's practically ironic that he refused an arranged wedding for his son because of what happened to his sister but then tries to do the exact same to you, knowing him like I do it's probably unconscious that he does it." Voldemort replied and Evie sat up as he held his lower belly that was obviously still paining him, sadly there was nothing Voldemort could do about that after the amount of Dark Magic he had use on his Equal. "One of the first things you ever told me was that you want to be treated like a living being. I have done everything in my power to grant you that. I'm not forcing you into marrying me. You have the choice to say no. Yet… every single day by being just yourself you got the Dark Lord at your feet. I will protect you no matter what. Even if you end up choosing someone else; I will still be by your side. You might not want it, but you got me stuck on you and I will take care of you no matter what. Even if you weren't a bearer: I wouldn't have cared. I would still be by your side and I would still blood-adopt a child with you."

Evie's eyes watered as a voice by the side choked. Voldemort looked at Bael-Varbrun, who was looking back horrified.

"You say that now but when I'm older and…"

"I hate flying." Voldemort interrupted the self-loathing speech, he would have to have a massive speech with Abraxas over it later. "I do not hide it. Yet, I was the one to tell Evan Rosier Jr for he to make sure that you find the broom that you want and, if Abraxas doesn't keep his word, then I'll be the one to afford it.

"You are my Equal, Evie. Besides my Equal you are also the one who got me to fall for you. There has never been anyone before. There never will be anyone ever again.

"The way you faced me as a child. The way you faced Dumbledore last week…" Voldemort held back his lustful shiver, what resulted in Evie stare back wide-eyed as if he could understand exactly what it meant. "I only interfered when I felt Dumbledore's magic about to overwhelm you: when he was about to use Magic Words on you to force you to back down.

"As much of a monster as you might think of me, the way you refuse to be told what to do and refuse the norm is what calls me to you. It's what I like in you. And who knows, when you're older, it may be what makes me fall for you."

"I only won the match because Uncle Abraxas promised the broom…" The lad argued as if trying to justify himself, as if defeating the Halfbreed had never been his intention, as if it was a bad thing that he had dared to be good in the one thing that Voldemort could tell he enjoyed doing.

Voldemort looked at the boy and then again towards the Halfbreed, whose ropes were keeping from moving from his fallen form.

"Like I said, if Abraxas doesn't keep his word, I'll afford it." He promised.

Miss Nott left her bedroom with a nightrobe over her nightgown. The girl looked at Bael-Varbrun and literally hit him with a stunning spell that she had so obviously learnt from her father. She knocked on the bedroom door, even though it was open, and Evie looked back.

"May I come in, Kari?"

"Sure, Sissy. I'm just in a lot of pain."

"You should have taken that painless potion that the School Healer told you to."

"They are addictive. Besides the pain they take is only less pain, this one is a lot worse." Evie argued and Voldemort looked at the boy. "I can handle pain, this hex and the counter curse are just on double C's level of pain."

Voldemort's eyes narrowed.

Who had dared to keep Evie under the Cruciatus Curse?

Miss Nott entered the bedroom and joined the boy, sitting beside him on the bed.

"Did you step on his feet?" Evie asked between clenched teeth.

"Not as much as Prewett stepped on my brother's feet." Miss Nott argued and Evie chuckled even though he was in obvious pain.


I don't know if any of you realized, but Voldemort went out of his way to tell Harry that he likes him and one day it can turn into love without needing to say the word love. All of this because we know that He doesn't believe in the word and what it symbolizes, and yet he is admitting to Harry that they are at that level.

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