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Chapter IX –Quidditch–

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Chapter IX


Friday, 29 October 1971


They left the Library to go down to the Quidditch Pitch just as Sirius was arriving. They descended and entered the pitch where the rest of the Gryffindors and Slytherins already were.

"How did it go?" Harry heard James whisper towards Sirius as the Gryffindors moved to their side of the line, who obviously intended to ask it as soon as the Slytherins were out of hearing distance.

Harry stood by one broom between Snape and Nott bored.

"Just like we've been practicing, Everyone. Put your right hand over your broom and say «Up»."

"Up." The Coach had barely even finished and already the broom was on Harry's hand.

As much as he loved flying, these classes bored him to no end. The brooms were old, the flying was barely above a foot and there was no Neville around to fall down and be taken to the Infirmary wing so he could at the least try to fly half-decent.

Feeling watched, he turned towards the pitch's stands to find the Slytherin sixth-year and seventh-year students that didn't have classes watching over their Flying class. Rolling his eyes, he turned again towards the Coach who was watching Harry's classmates that had yet to call their brooms. Finally, he stopped before him.

"I said that you had to call the broo…"

Harry released the broom before the man even stopped and kept his hand over it.

"Up!" The broom jumped onto his hand all over again. "I did it, it's the second time now."

The man's lips twitched for Harry daring to face him.

"Detention, Miss Peverel. You should learn how to speak with your betters."

Harry grunted and released the broom again, turned around and walked away. The Coach obviously called him, but he didn't look back.


Saturday, 30 October 1971


Voldemort leaned against the side of the meeting room as the other Professors spoke about their classes, as his first week he wouldn't be talking much and would listen instead. Then Coach Bael-Varbrun stepped forward and started badmouthing Evie for 'daring' to be good at flying. A 'girl' – a Bastard at that – had no place facing a Wizard – a Pureblood – like him. Voldemort's lips twitched. How dare this idiot speak like this about his Equal?

When the Wizard actually started talking about how the 'girl' dared to show-off the picking the broom at first try, Voldemort scoffed.

"Anything you want to add, Professor?" The Coach snarled.

"Several Purebloods I know can't even rise the broom and you say that Miss Peverell does it without even hitting a sweat? He is a Pro then." Voldemort agreed and when the other went to argue, Voldemort stepped away from his location against the wall and towards the other intimidatelly. He was a Professor, the other was just a Coach and he'd better remember that. "And yes, I said He. This He is also an Heiress of an once believed to be extinct Wizardry Family. How many inheritances do you have? And do remind me, wasn't your mother the daughter of a Shewolf? Doesn't that mean you are a Halfbreed second-generation? Or as people call it a 'Halfblood'. Heiress Peverell? He is still a Pureblood."

Coach Bael-Varbrun gaped at Voldemort.

"Just who are you?"

"According to our 'dear' Headmaster I'm a Muggleborn. According to my bloodline I'm a Halfblood since my mother was a Purewitch."

Professor Slughorn smiled amused by the side.

"How about a friendly Quidditch match?" The once-blond Wizard proposed. Both Voldemort and Coach Bael-Varbrun looked at him questioningly. "My Slytherin first-year student against you, Bertolt."

Coach Bertolt Bael-Varbrun scoffed.

"There's no way…"

"I'm sure that the Magical Guardian, Lord Abraxas Malfoy, will agree." Voldemort agreed.

The idiot huffed and then gave his agreement. When Evie would be done putting Bertolt Bael-Varbrun on his place, Voldemort would so teach him how not to mess with what was his.


Sunday, 31 October 1971


Harry opened his eyes tiredly, only to see Nott entering his bedroom with a food tray. At his raised eyebrow, the girl smiled.

"Breakfast. Megara taught me how to get to the kitchens and how to ask the House-elves for food. They were beyond eager when I told them that for one day you couldn't leave your bedroom and popped your food tray in our private quarters."

"Thanks… I guess." He agreed and Nott set the tray by his bedside table as he sat up. "Sylvine, right?"

"I don't like that name." The girl argued automatically.

Harry scoffed.

"Why is it that everyone I know doesn't like their own name? Then what? Do you have a nickname? Or do I call you by your middle name?"

Nott looked back surprised and then, for the first time, her smile was genuine.

"What would've you call me if given the chance to give me a nickname?" She asked instead.

Harry looked up at her from his standing position as he put on a robe over his pjs.

"Considering you are always making fun of my 'femininity' and making puns, I'd call you Sissy." He replied with a shrug.

Nott's lips twitched in amusement and then she nodded.

"What nickname do you have for Him?"

"I don't have a nickname for Him." Harry argued and Sissy raised an unimpressed eyebrow. "Unlike public knowledge, all we do is argue."

"He still reviews all your homework." Sissy retorted with a huff.

Harry passed a hand through his long hair and then approached, sitting again on his bed and pulling the tray onto his lap.

"When my magic was tested, they saw that I'm His Equal. That means that I'm magically equalled to him. It doesn't mean anything else. He gave me his family necklace because he wanted to give me something to protect me at school. He started reviewing my essays because I accidentally owled him one while angry and screaming at him to tell his Men to tell their children to leave his Heir alone."

Sissy looked back for a long time and then nodded.

"If you need anything…" she offered and left his bedroom.

Harry sighed and finished his breakfast before setting the tray down on the bedside table again. He stood, took out his robe, moved towards the side of his bedroom and sat on a specie of nook on a wall with a book that his new mother had gifted him to keep him entertained after she had realized he could get quickly bored with his 'age' studies.

Even though he had believed he would get bored considering it was a book about Magical Cores' affinities, Mother had managed to give him a book that actually made the subject interesting.

The way your Magical Core could refuse just one of the sides. The way it could make the Wizard or Witch sick if they used an affinity that was on the opposite side of their Magical Core. There was a reason why every school in the world were meant to teach Grey Magic, the neutral magical affinity.

"What do you think you are doing!?" Harry raised his head from his book reading at hearing Sissy Nott reprimanding someone and then his bedroom's door opened without even a knock. Coach was before the open door and was looking around the bedroom with a sneer. "Sir! This is the female's quarters! You have no right…"

Coach ignored Sissy completely and walked inside as he looked around until he found Harry. He sneered at the boy's location on his nook in the wall.

"Get dressed, Peverell."

Harry raised an eyebrow at the way Coach was just demanding it from him. Before the man could speak further though, Harry and Sissy's private quarters were invaded by the older Slytherin students who literally pointed their wands at the older man.

"Coach Bael-Varbrun, do we need to remind you that if Miss Peverell was changing clothes when you stormed in that then Lord Malfoy would have every right to sue you for daring to see his Heiress naked without the boy's permission while not being his arranged fiancé?" The Head Boy reprimanded as Rabastan Lestrange grabbed the robe from Harry's bed (where he had left it) and approached, pulling it over the nook as if to hide Harry's modesty. He was in PJs, he wasn't naked… "What was it you wanted with a 11-year-old bearer student to the point of entering his quarters and then his private room uninvited?"

Harry stood and turned around, pulling the robe on. His hair was pulled over the robe's back and he turned towards the group as Sissy arranged his clothes and hair for him. Coach seemed surprised at the way the older students were backing Harry up.

"Miss Peverell, get ready. Quidditch Pitch in half-hour."

"Is that my grounding for daring to be good with a broom while being a Bearer and then leaving the pitch when I was grounded?" Harry wondered as Sissy entranced his hair quickly and efficiently and then tied it up on top of his head in a bun.

"Professor Slughorn is of the idea that you should have a Quidditch match against me. What's your position that your Lord taught you?"


"With those glasses?" Coach Bael-Varbrun retorted only for the older students to cough pointedly because of the man's degrading tone of voice. The man's lips obviously thinned and then nodded. "As you wish. Snitch is released, surround us and we wait a full minute as it disappears completely from sight. First to catch it wins."

Harry nodded and Coach Bael-Varbrun turned around, leaving. Harry groaned loudly as soon as he was certain that the man was out of hearing ranch.

"I told you that something always happens, Sissy." He grumbled. "Everyone out, I need to change." The older students looked back confused. "I'm in sleeping clothes underneath the robe…?"

The boys immediately run out the room as if he had instead cursed them. Sissy approached Harry's wardrobe and opened it, pulling out one of his inner trousers for him to wear.

"I'll go warn your pets for them to be there in case something does happen." She offered. "Try not to mess your hair when you change."

"Yes, Ma'am…"

The girl smiled back and then left. Harry changed clothes and left his private quarters. He raised an eyebrow at the way the Head Boy and several females were waiting for him. The Head Boy nodded at the females who quickly stepped forward and into Harry's personal space and quickly rearranged his attire and hairstyle.

"Does Lord Malfoy have a broom that he can bring?" The older male asked.

"Cousin Lucius has a Comet 260." Harry agreed. "He used to let me and Ron play on it when Uncle Abraxas and Aunt Genevieve weren't looking."

"I'll floocall Heir Lucius so he sends his broom alongside Lord Malfoy." The Head Boy agreed and looked at Harry up and down. "Can you actually catch a snitch?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out."

The females smiled amused as the older male narrowed his eyes at Harry's avoidance.

"Don't forget your place, Rosier." One of the females reminded the Head Boy.

Rosier? As in Evan Rosier?

Harry watched as the Head Boy nodded and then walked away.

"I'm fine. You don't need to pamper me up. I'm going to get all messy in several minutes." He reminded the female population.

The girls laughed.

"Did you eat?"

"Miss Nott warned the House-elves that I didn't intend on leaving my room today: they brought me a tray."

"Any reason in particular?" The girls asked as they walked besides him through the labyrinthine corridors towards the common rooms.

"Bad Omen day." Harry shrugged. "Usually death threats." He added.

"Does any of the professors know?"

"He knows." Harry grumbled just as they arrived the common rooms where the Slytherins were getting ready to leave. "If it was any other Slytherin would've we all follow up?" He wondered.

"Yes, even if inside the common rooms you'd be badly seen for the friendships that you keep, once outside you would still be protected. Slytherins protect each other no matter what." One of the females agreed. "Boys!" As if no sound was in the room the entire male Slytherin population stopped what they were doing to look back. "Today is Heiress Peverell's Bad Omen day. At the level of death attempts."

In unison all of them picked their wands from where they had stored them and put them on an easier access for in case it would be required. That did make Harry blush. Eventually they all left and walked as one towards the Quidditch Pitch, Harry's friends were already there with Sissy. Harry had just arrived and was feeling the grass and the wind when he heard someone running towards the Pitch. He stood from his place with the hand on the floor to see Uncle Abraxas running into the pitch accompanied by Professor Riddle. The blond man nodded back and approached, offering Harry Cousin Lucius' broom.

"Can you fly?"

"Yes, Uncle Abraxas."

"Very well. Try not to fall from the broom." The man argued obviously not believing that he could fly.

"And if I catch the snitch?" Harry wondered after the man as he walked towards the Slytherin stands to join Professor Riddle, who was waiting for him by the bottom of the stairs.

Uncle Abraxas looked back with a raised eyebrow.


"You said try not to fall from the broom so I don't disrespect the Family name, Uncle Abraxas. What will you do if I actually catch the snitch and win?"

"Do you know anything about brooms?" Uncle Abraxas asked instead.

"Nimbus are my favourite." Harry agreed.

Uncle Abraxas looked at Harry for a real long time, before he nodded.

"Catch the snitch and I'll buy you the newest Nimbus." He agreed, still obviously disbelieving.

Harry smirked and set a hand over the broom, while looking at the blond.

"Up!" He called and, as the broom started to climb, jumped onto it before he flew up to the sky.

Harry faced the Coach already waiting for him with a sneer. Coach took out his wand and pointed down at the box on the floor where the snitch was stored and it flew up into the sky, around them and then away. Harry stayed still, looking at Coach who was also looking back with a condescending look.

Honestly, Harry wasn't doing this to make the man look back. But Abraxas Malfoy had just put something worth it on the winning side. And Harry wanted his own broom.

A whistle was heard and Harry flew away at all velocity, dodging when he felt a curse going his way. He flew around the goal hoops until he found it. He flew at the Snitch at all velocity, laying forward to win speed unlike anything he'd seen someone do in this era of broom flying. People didn't know how to pull the most of their broomsticks. It was something uncalled for.

He moved his hand forward and caught it just before he felt something going his way from the side. He gasped loudly as a Bludger hit his outstanding arm before he even had time to retract and avoid it.



Voldemort blasted the ball as he and Abraxas run to Evie as the boy fell from his broom after being hit, only for the ball to be ready to keep going at him. The ball had obviously been enchanted to keep attacking Evie. Abraxas approached Evie's side and just as he got ready to worry over the boy, the boy raised his broken arm and opened his fist until only two fingers were closed around a small yellow ball.

"I caught it." Evie offered. "And before I was hit, Uncle Abraxas."

Voldemort held back his amusement at the way Abraxas was left gaping. It was obvious that Abraxas wanted the boy to be a submissive bearer so he could one day be married off to the nearest willing Wizard, but Evie was anything but that.

"I believe Evie has won his right for his required broomstick." Voldemort agreed and Abraxas looked back immediately. "Shouldn't you be talking with Coach Bael-Varbrun instead, Abraxas? He has obviously cursed the ball to keep hitting your nephew." Abraxas bowed his head and passed besides Voldemort to approach the palling Halfbreed. "Stop cutting his wings or I'll cut yours during our next meeting." He added just loud enough for his Knight to hear.

Abraxas didn't stop on his walking towards the excuse of a Wizard, knowing better. Voldemort stepped forward, looked at Evie's broken arm and then up at the boy's green eyes who was really proud to have caught the snitch.

"Rosier." Voldemort called as the Head Boy approached alongside the rest of the students. "Look up the broomsticks magazines with Miss Peverell. He said he wanted a Nimbus one." Evan Rosier Jr looked at Evie, who was being looked over by his group of friends alongside the Slytherins, and then back. "Abraxas Malfoy promised him the newest Nimbus if he caught the snitch, which he did."

"I'll discuss with him exactly which one is the best Nimbus and then I'll tell you which one he wanted." Evan Jr agreed. "We saw a curse going at his back, but he somehow dodged it when we got ready to interfere." He added as a whisper.

Voldemort looked at the excuse for Living Being, that was being reprimanded by Abraxas.

"I believe hunting session has started then." He agreed. "And there's this cub in a serious need to be put down."


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