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Chapter VIII

–Political Games, Shinny Knight and Essays–

Tuesday, 26 October 1971


The Dark Lord watched as the boy before him was more embarrassed at Voldemort's protection than about the scars themselves.

"Did you redo your essays?" He asked instead of the what he really wanted to ask.

"Yes." Evie walked away from him towards where he'd left his backpack and picked the scrolls from the inside.

Voldemort sat on the desktable and opened each scroll, looking through them so he could keep his mind focused on something instead of striking at the Muggles who had abused his Equal.

"What's your views on Muggles?" He asked to keep the boy busy and to keep him from finding more Creatures.

"There are bad and good people everywhere." Evie shrugged. "You can't separate people in Good or Bad, everyone has a little of both." Voldemort hummed as he set down beside him the first scroll. "I'm against the torturing and killing that Dark follows, but I'm also against the all Creatures are beasts that the Lights have."

Voldemort looked up at Evie surprised and the boy shrugged.

"Muggle raised?"

"Muggleborns are children or grandchildren of Squibs. All the nonsense of Purebloodness and then the people they call Mudbloods can actually make a claim to their Family Inheritance if they feel like it. Then again, we are just picked from the Muggle houses and thrown into a new world without any teaching. No one to explain the new world. So no wonder we fight against the new rules and laws." Evie shrugged yet again and approached the window, looking outside. "At the least the Muggles' attacks are ones that I can see. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon could be many things, but they told me to my face what they fought of me. In the Magical World"

"Wizardry World." Voldemort amended.

Evie looked back confused, then realized his wording and nodded.

"In the Wizardry World I never know who I can really trust and even then when I believe I can trust someone: that person can still be going behind my back. It's all a massive web. All for show. All fake." Evie looked out again. "On the day you met me I heard Aunt Genevieve ill-speak of me. Cousin Lucius tried to apology to me, to which I said that I preferred the Muggle World, at the least there I knew what to expect. I still believe in that."

Voldemort's eyes narrowed at Evie's wording. She had met him before he met her?

"You believe the Wizardry World needs a change." He offered instead of demanding information. He knew that with him it was best to not make direct questions. As hilarious as it was considering the ranting, Evie spoke more to Voldemort when he wasn't being forced to, when he was being manipulated, than when Voldemort was direct to the subject.

"I know it does." Evie agreed only to frown as if he realized his wording. "I still don't believe that taking it by force is the way to go. That makes people rebel even harder. They'd turn against you. I'd turn against you." Was added as a threaten.

Voldemort's lips twitched into a smirk.

"Then how do you suggest it to be done?" He retorted.

Evie stepped closer as Voldemort set the third scroll on the desktop beside him. Before he had time to react: The boy was right before him between his open legs on his seating on the desktop's position, in a clear inverse of their positions considering Evie was the bearer.

"You are the political man, not me. Look around you, 'Professor', and take an indicative guess." Was argued against Voldemort's ear almost seductively and then Evie walked away from him. The boy smirked at him, then looked through the already checked parchments that he had taken advantage to snatch to see which ones they were and then hummed, packing them in his backpack. "I have lunchbreak and then DADA class with you. I'll stay after class to fetch the rest of my essays." He put in and turned around, leaving the office and walking out the classroom.

Voldemort massaged his closed eyes as he breathed through his mouth. Evie might not like political games, but he was playing one with the Dark Lord himself.

And the worst of it all?

He had Voldemort falling for him by being just himself.


Friday, 29 October 1971


Having Voldemort at school had one massive issue. Suddenly Slytherins forgot that they couldn't make Harry important. Sure, they stayed quiet while outside the Slytherin quarters, but inside…


Harry looked at who was calling to see Sirius step away from James, Peter and Remus to approach Harry's group.

"Hello, Sirius."

"Look! I know that we haven't been speaking much, but… next Sunday is going to be the Samhain ball and…"

"Your cousin loves balls." Harry supplied, making Ron chuckle and Hermione choke. "Why don't you invite her?"

"Well, I was inviting you four. I mean Snape is inviting Evans, am I right?"

Harry looked at Sirius for a long moment and then raised an eyebrow.

"You are a bearer, Sirius, or should I find a girly name for you too? If me and Ron are forced to go with boys then I'm not going with you and neither are you going with any female." Miss Nott and Lily immediately turned on Sirius, who actually blushed at being outed. "Why don't 'you' go with Snape? I'm sure he'd make it a night you wouldn't forget."

The group started to laugh as Snape sneered.

"Kari…" Sirius whined.

"Like I said, bring Hera. She loves to dance and to be treated like the princess that she is."

That got Harry a heavy book to his back much to his friends' amusement.

"What about you?"

"I'm not going." Harry argued and turned around starting to walk away. When someone went to grab him, he cursed him instinctively only to realize that James Potter was the one that had been about to hold him. It was then, though, that he saw that Professor Riddle had been the one to grab Harry's wrist and stop his cursing. "My apologies."

James looked at Harry's wrist and then nodded thankfully at Professor Riddle before he turned again towards Harry.

"Any reason in special why you are refusing to go with us as friends, Miss Peverell?"

"Unless I can't avoid it: 31st of October is the day I avoid any interaction. My Muggle adoptive parents died that day on the same accident that was meant to kill me. Every year since then I get a death threat each year worse than before."

James frowned.

"Bad Omens aren't real. They are just boogiemen that parents tell their children's to…"

"Bad Omens are real, Mr Potter!" Professor Riddle retorted. "And on the Night of the Dead can even mean that the one who put it on Miss Peverell was Death itself!"

James turned towards Professor Riddle surprised, who instead looked at Harry.

"Mind releasing my wrist, Professor?" Harry asked while doing his best to sound respectful. "I swear I have my magic under control this time around."

Voldemort did glare at Harry then for a very breath moment, who raised an eyebrow in return. He didn't need the Knight in Shinny Armour to come back him up, thank you very much!

"Mr Potter, Miss Peverell, Miss Nott, Mr Snape, Miss Evans, Miss Prewett, Mr Lupin, Mr Pettigrew and Black cousins, until your next Defence Against Dark Arts class I wand an extra curriculum detailed essay over Omens and their side-effects on a Magical Core. I don't care for size so long as you write it with your own words and later can have an oral exam over it." Voldemort demanded and they all agreed, before Professor Riddle released Harry and walked away.

"I get the feeling that the new Professor doesn't like you very much." James pinpointed amused and Harry blushed.

"Why do you say that?"

"Did you see how fast he suddenly was beside us stopping your magical decontrol? He was just begging to ground you." James replied.

"And your big mouth got all of us extra homework!" Sirius grumbled.

James shrugged and passed a hand through his hair.

"You really aren't going to the ball?" He asked Harry, who shook his head. James turned towards the others. "What do you say, Veronique?"

"Only if you want to be stepped on." Ron retorted.

James frowned and looked at Nott questioningly. The girl looked at Peter's rat face and Remus' shabby looks, before she nodded her consent. Hermione and Ron shared a look before Hermione literally approached the Werewolf and asked him herself. The poor boy was obvious used to not being first choice and just gaped at her until both Sirius and James run to his side and literary made him nod his agreement.

"Where did you get me into?" Nott whispered towards Harry as she saw James' acting.

"You could have refused." Harry argued.

The girl huffed and then signalled a group close. Harry looked to see Rabastan Lestrange and who Harry believed was Miss Nott's older brother, most likely the father of Theodore Nott from Harry's timeline. The two approached with a questioning look.

"Brother, Lestrange, do you two have a date for the Samhain ball?"

"No, why? Do you want us to bring any of you?"

Miss Nott immediately signalled a deep red to the tip of his ears Ron and a horrified Sirius with her hand.

"These two bearer boys don't have pairs and it's either one of you or Pettigrew."

Rabastan looked at Harry and then at Sirius, before he sighed and approached him.

"My brother wouldn't forgive me if I'd let just anyone bring to the ball his future 'wife', so might as well you go with me."

"Wha…?" Sirius gaped like a fish.

"You know… the engagement where my parents asked your grandfather for your hand. Although I have no idea why your father didn't give you a female name since you will wed an Heir and be his wife." Rabastan shrugged only to frown. "Your parents told you of the engagement, haven't they?" Sirius shook his head as Harry, Ron and Hermione shared looks. Rabastan massaged his forehead. "My big brother has been courting you since you two were first introduced. I believe it was my brother who choose you over your older female cousins."

"We have classes, Rabastan." Mr Nott warned.

Rabastan looked back and then again towards Sirius.

"Miss Peverell, can you make sure my idiotic future sister-in-law calls my brother through Floo so my brother can explain what is going on?" He asked while looking at Sirius.

"I will." Harry agreed.

Rabastan turned back and nodded thankfully, while Mr Nott looked at Ron's second-handed school robe.

"I hear the Prewetts don't have enough money to sustain their three children and now you. Do you even have a dress-robe?"

"He does." Harry agreed. "My cousin Lucius bought it for him after his relatives got ready to send him his Aunt Tessie's shrank one."

Somehow Ron turned even redder as Hermione snorted obviously realizing which one it was.

"Heir Malfoy has good taste in clothes." Mr Nott agreed. "I'll pick you by the Gryffindor Tower's entry at 5, Miss Prewett." He put in, not even asking if Ron was going with him and then left with Rabastan.

Harry sighed and approached the still gaping Sirius, bringing him to the nearest Professor's classroom which happened to be Voldemort's. The man looked back from where he was readying the student's tables for his next class.

"What is it now?"

"Can Sirius Black use your Floo Connection to contact his apparent arranged future Husband?" Harry asked as the rest of the group looked back at him surprised, only for Snape to cough pointedly. "Professor?"

Professor Riddle nodded, even smiling gently at Sirius as he walked him down the classroom and up the stairs to his office. The man returned alone several minutes later with a nod back.

"I floocalled Heir Lestrange and gave him the permission to go to my office to speak with his arranged fiancé. They are talking as we speak." He supplied to them and they nodded, leaving as the students entered.

"If Professor Riddle doesn't like you why did we come to him?" James wondered.

"He was the closest and he knows the Lestranges." Harry argued. "We better go to the Library to do that extra curriculum essay."

They all nodded and walked towards the Library's wing. Harry had barely sat with a tome before him, when suddenly someone approached him and offered him a parchment. Harry raised his head towards the shy Ravenclaw and then the parchment.

"Another summoning to the Headmaster's office?" He asked. The teenage boy blushed for whatever reason and shook his head. Confused Harry accepted the parchment only for the other to run away. Wha…?

Harry opened the parchment to see a poem about a fiery raven with beautiful grass.

"What is it?" Hermione wondered as she joined his table with three light tomes on her arms, Ron besides her with one actually-light book.

"A poem about a raven dancing in the grass of the sky…?" He replied uncertain and questioningly.

Hermione narrowed her eyes and accepted the parchment only to snort.

"A raven with grass-like eyes dancing in the sky." She argued and he frowned confused. "It's a love poem, you Dimwit!"

Harry's face fell on his tome with a massive groan as Ron chuckled.

"I haven't even entered the teenage era." He grumbled.

"Most Purebloods get engaged before they even enter Hogwarts." Remus argued as he joined them on their table. "Miss Black, are you sure you…?"

"I don't care about furry problems, nor if your mother is Muggle." Hermione argued as Remus gaped at her. "My parents were Squibs in case you didn't know. I'm Pro-Creatures."

"S.P.E.W.." Ron and Harry agreed at the same time, only for Hermione to threaten them with a tome.

Remus looked between the three confused and then nodded, just accepting their crazy side.

"How long have you known?"

"First day." The three replied at the same time with a shrug.

"Don't worry. We're good with keeping secrets." Hermione offered.

"Unlike Hagrid." Harry added what made Ron snort.

The Young Werewolf sighed and then nodded thankfully.

"You aren't…?"

"Ron's snores are scarier." Harry interrupted the self-loathing question and the Ginger glared back while whining Harry's real name, what actually made Remus laugh. "So long as you have a Pack (a family) you can control yourself. Just let your friends in and you'll see that it'll be less painful."

Remus smiled back and then the others joined in, all sharing the tomes to be able to fill their own private essay while under the Librarian's watchful watch, who was most likely trying to understand when the three Slytherins, the five Gryffindors and the single Ravenclaw would start fighting.


Thank you all for all of your kind words. I had been in a dead end after almost two months of quarantine (my family started on 12 March) and had been unable to write anything for a month non-stop. Actually the last thing I had written was during the quarantine and it was Cross-Time's newest chapters, so go figures…

Then on the night after I got the agreement that Cross-Time was obviously mine and O Rei do Tempo was plagiarized from mine, I suddenly write this on my mobile phone in what… three/four hours?

So thank you all, this chapter is to all of you who stayed by my side and sent me all those kind words

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