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Summary: Not being able to bear the loss of his godfather, Harry decides to go back in time and do everything again only problem is, when the goblins offer him and his friends a way to do it... he finds a side of the wizardry world that had been hidden from him until then. #TimetravelFic #CrossdressingFic #Mpreg #Slash

Spoilers: Harry Potter. If you don't know the books or movies, go read and watch them!

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Warnings in this chapter: Alternate Universe - Time Travel, Forced Crossdressing, Crossdressing, Mpreg, Do-Over, Slash, Age Regression/De-Aging, Past Child Abuse

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Time change/Date of time


30 June, 1996

After Sirius Black died everything that one green eyed, black haired fifteen wizard could think about was to find a way to go back and do-over. It had to be a way!

Ron sighed at the train as they were going home for the summer holidays.

Home… Hogwarts was his home!

"Do you really want to find a Time-Turner? We kind of destroyed all that existed inside the Ministry of Magic not even a week ago, Harry. Where the hell would we…"

"Gringotts." Harry interrupted, making his ginger sixteen wizard friend gape at him.

"You gotta be kidding me, mate."

"Harry, Gringotts is the most secured place in the world. Even if they do have time-turners how would we get out?" The brown haired sixteen witch tried to rationalize.

Harry grinned.

"We wouldn't. We don't need to get out, only to return back in time."

Ron massaged his eyebrows.

"Fine, we'll go there as soon as we arrive. But Mother better not see us."

"WHAT? Ronald!" Hermione screeched, turning to the ginger.

"If we wait too long the time-turner might not even work, Hermione." Ron argued and Harry nodded as if to make his point. "Besides if we're moving back in time I don't think Harry needs to go to the hell house of his uncles so soon."

Harry smiled grateful and looked outside, finally seeing a way to save Sirius…

Arriving Kings Cross the three entered the invisibility cloak, their trunks with a shrinking spell that Hermione had found in some book and inside their pockets. The three run and grabbed the first cab they found, luckily Hermione had muggle money with her. In Diagon Alley it was easy to go to Gringotts as no one actually expected that the trio that was walking by them were a threat.

"Harry, are you sure you want to do this?" Hermione asked, yet once again.

Harry was about to nod when they found themselves before a goblin. The creature looked at the trio.

"Follow me." And directed them inside Gringotts and into a side-way door. The trio followed him wondering how they had been caught before they could even start. "Harry James Potter, Hermione Jean Granger and Ronald Bilius Weasley. You three plan on moving back in time and do a do-over."

The trio traded looks and then turned to the goblin.

"Yes." Harry answered.

"Then let me help you." The goblin answered and made three parchments appear. "If you move back in time, let's say… a few decades, you can stop even the Potters from dying." Harry's eyes grew. "If you approve a drop of blood of each is in order."

Harry approached at once and grabbed the small knife, cutting himself and letting it fall on the parchment, not even thinking twice. Ron and Hermione traded looks but were soon to follow.


"Goblins can sense when a do-over is about to start." The goblin explained, grabbing the parchments. "These are blood tests so we may know which fake family and name to give you when we sent you back."

The trio hummed and sat on the three chairs that appeared on the room. The goblin looked each parchment in silence as the trio saw him working on another three parchments.

"Let's start with the young lady, shall we?" Ron and Harry traded looks but nodded. "So Miss Granger, apparently the family of the squib from which you're the heiress is the Black family." Harry snorted. "This means that Marius Black, a squib in the time we're sending you, will be your supposed father."

"Very well." Hermione conceded.

"Mother muggle, as I'm sure you won't object." Hermione shook her head at once. "Good. I'm preparing a letter from Marius. He'll send you to his Cousin and family Lord, Arcturus Black the third. So you won't have to worry about not knowing a thing, you were raised as a muggleborn after all. Your parents found you had magic and sent you to their family so you would be taught 'accordingly'."

Hermione took a deep breath and nodded. She stood and approached the goblin, whom gave her the letter.

"What about her name?" Ron asked. "Hermione isn't a Black name."

"No, it isn't. That's why in the letter it is written Megara Pandora Black. But you can use Meggs or Hera as diminutive." The goblin conceded to Hermione, who took another deep breath mumbling the name to herself under her breath as if tasting it. "Also, if we're doing a do-over you're going to be de-aged. Is there a problem with that?" Hermione shook her head and when the goblin turned to the boys they shook their head at once. "Good. So let's say 7 years old? That will give you time to get used to your new name and family status, doesn't it?"

"Yes, sir." Hermione said and then the goblin hit her with some kind of spell and she de-aged before disappearing.

The goblin turned to the two.

"Who's next?" Ron looked at Harry and then stood approaching. "Very well. You're Mother's Uncle, Ignatius Prewett had a child but when they died the boy died as well. Let's just pretend he didn't die and is right now before me." Ron hummed. "So, Mr Weasley, what do you know of natural bearers?" Ron and Harry frowned confused. "Nothing apparently. Shall we say that are some males that can get pregnant and they're tested at birth - or used to be as nowadays they aren't tested anymore but the time you're going to they were at birth. Not only that, but, male bearers used to receive female names and also dress as females." Ron and Harry's eyes grew wide, gaping at the goblin. "So I took the liberty of looking names alike the ones you have right now. Let's see Veronique Billie Prewett, you can even use Ronnie, or just Ron as diminutive."

"What? No way!"

"You can argue with the Lord Prewett that your parents raised you as a boy and always called you Ronald Bilius Prewett instead, but your biological name will be this one." Ron sent Harry an 'I'm going to kill you' look. "Your parents were just murdered before your eyes so do make sure to end up in the hospital and give your Ronald Prewett name. The healers will do the job for you." Ron hissed but nodded, the goblin de-aged and sent him back in time, before turning to Harry. "You're also a natural, Mr Potter." Harry hummed. "Callisto Evelyn Peverell, Kari as diminutive which sounds a lot like Harry." Harry nodded, knowing better than to argue. "Mother Amphitrite Noémie Malfoy. You are her bastard child. She thinks you died but your Grandfather sent you away and you were raised by muggles until now… I've heard that the muggles you lived with weren't the most pleasant people."

Harry shook his head.

"I had more punishments a month than I have in Hogwarts a year." He hissed.

"To the point of needing to go to the hospital?"


"Good, because when I'll de-age you, you'll reopen old wounds. Not a problem, is there it?" Harry shook his head. "You may use Harry James as the name you used previously but the healers will know on the moment that they test your blood that you're a Peverell, do you understand?" Harry nodded. "Your Father will be an heir of the Peverell family, neither your Mother nor he knew about that or she would have married him and took the family name. When your blood will be tested the family inheritance will show and the Lord Malfoy of the time, your Uncle Abraxas, will have no other option but to take you in and make you claim the inheritance as the heir. When he attempts at giving you a female name you may persuade him to keep the Calisto Evelyn one." Harry hummed. "In your blood test there will be another claim that will show up."

Harry frowned confused and stood, going to see his blood test to see that one Tom Marvolo Riddle had soul claimed him.

"What does this means?"

"I'm not sure, but it has something to do with your Parseltongue gene. I would advise that I would change this to a matrimony claim?" Harry gasped looking at the goblin as if he was insane. "The claim is already there, Mr Potter."

"Can't you hide it? Like you'll do my Potter inheritance?"

"He will feel the claim."

"He already feels in this time." Harry argued. "And instead he tries to kill me because I'm his equal."

"Equal? I can put it then instead. An equal claim." Harry frowned but then nodded, not really seeing another choice. "Being His equal will give you some abilities with the Malfoys that you wouldn't have as a bastard and as a natural." Harry raised a sceptical eyebrow. "You may take advantage to refuse your 'female' name and your 'female' clothes." The goblin explained and Harry smiled, nodding.

The goblin nodded and Harry felt his body shrinking as it de-aged, before he felt his whole body scream in pain and then everything went black.


I had this fic written for a while, a friend read it and pleaded me to post it and finish it

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