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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Toni took a soft breath as she stroked some of Toby's hair back as he began to drift off to sleep. Her mind kept going back to how Sarah was doing inside of the labyrinth in hopes that maybe she had gotten out of the obulet that she had fallen into. Perhaps she didn't need to keep her promise to Jareth if Sarah was able to make it to the end of the labyrinth and get Toby and her back home. But she couldn't help but wonder if Sarah was only getting Toby back and not her. She turned her head slightly to see Jareth was gone except for a crystal ball that showed where he had gone to. She slowly moved away from Toby and went to the crystal ball to see exactly what was going on.

"Aah, what have we here?"

"Uh, nothing." The little dwarf said to the mysterious creature.

Toni swallowed the lump in her throat as she watched everything unfold before her.

"Nothing?" The creature turned into Jareth. "Nothing? Nothing? Nothing...tra la la."

"Your majesty, what a nice surprise."

"Hello, Hedgewart."

"Hogwart." Sarah said, correcting Jareth.

"Hoggle." Hoggle said, correcting Sarah.

"Hoggle, can it be that you're helping this girl?"

"He-e-elp-p-ping, in what sense."

"In the sense that you're leading her toward the castle."

"No no, I was taking her back to the beginning, your majesty."


"I told her I was gonna help her solve the labyrinth, a little trickery on my part, but actually..."

Jareth noticed the bracelet on Hoggle that Sarah had given to him. "What is that plastic thing 'round your wrist?"

"Oh," Hoggle looked at his wrist. "Oh this, uh, uh, oh, my goodness, where did this come from?"



"Yes...if i thought for one second that you're betraying me, i'd be forced to suspend you head first in the bog of eternal stench."

"Oh, no your majesty," Hoggle dropped to his knees and began to beg Jareth. "Not the eternal stench."

"Oh yes, Hoggle." Jareth shoved Hoggled out of the way and made his way towards Sarah. "And you, Sarah, how are you enjoying my labyrinth?"

"It's a piece of cake." Sarah said thinking.

"Really? Then how about upping the stakes, hmm?" He said turning the clock ahead by 3 hours.

Toni's eyes went wide as she watched the clock change. "Oh no…" She said softly.

"That's not fair." Sarah complained.

"You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison the labyrinth is a piece of cake is it? Well let's see how you deal with this little slice." A crystal appeared in his hands, and he threw it in the opposite direction and it formed into the cleaners which took up the whole tunnel space and the whole front side was covered in sharp blades. He suddenly vanished allowing the cleaners to do their job.

Toni backed away seeing him appear back in the throne room. She swallowed the lump in her throat looking up at him afraid of what would happen to her cousin. "Why…"

"She thinks my labyrinth is a piece of cake. I will not make it easy on her."

"Just please." Toni pleaded with him, her hands clasped tightly together as she begged him. "Don't hurt my cousin. Please. Please think of what I said…"

Jareth turned his attention to Toni seeing her cheeks paling slightly and her eyes watering. He couldn't understand why she was wanting to throw her life away to save both Sarah and Toby. Usually everyone gave up and accepted their fates, but this woman wasn't about to accept the fate of her cousins? "You say you're willing to give up everything for your family."

Toni swallowed the lump in her throat and she nodded her head as a few tears slid from her eyes. "Yes, to protect them as I should."

"You want to throw your life away to save Sarah who is merely a child who says she made a mistake of wishing the both of you away."

Toni gripped her hands tightly at her sides as she looked up at Jareth. "Yes, I am willing to do that."

"And you want them to all forget about you?"

Toni shrugged her shoulders taking a breath. "It's not like they're going to miss me."

Jareth's brow raised slightly as he looked at the young woman wondering why she would think that they wouldn't miss her to begin with. Perhaps there was more to this young woman than what he had known. He hadn't seen her in a long while since she had given the book to Sarah to read.


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