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Chapter 1

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 1 of All In. I know not many people are going to like this series too much due to the fact that it is an OC insert, but hey… I'm a writer and I like adding characters into stories to see how much different they would be. Before anyone asks no Sarah will not be paired with Jareth. If you guys don't like that idea I'm sorry, but you really don't have to read. But this will be a lot different than my other fic. Without further ado Chapter 1 of All In.

Chapter 1

What Matters

An eighteen year old young woman stepped out of a taxi grabbing her suitcase from the trunk before paying the cab driver for bringing her there. She had brown, blonde, and red hair that was a little bit of a punk style for the 80's. Her brown eyes looked at the house before her. She was dressed in a black bustier, a black short bolero jacket over top over it, black leggings complemented with a pair of black boots, a short tight denim skirt, and a pair of fingerless gloves that were black lace on her hands.

She let out a soft sigh blowing her bangs up off of her forehead. After many months of planning this trip she was glad that she was here, but exhausted due to the trip that she had. But she was excited to see her uncle and aunt, along with Sarah and her new baby cousin Toby. She slowly walked up the stairs and knocked on the door hoping that someone would be home to let her in. She knew that she was a bit late arriving here at her Uncle Robert's house. Dang flights anyhow always being postponed when it comes to bad weather.

The door opened revealing her Uncle Robert holding little Toby. "Toni." He said with a smile looking his niece over. "I see your style has changed some." He was surprised that Toni had changed some. But he should have known that Toni would change her style. She was after all going into the fashion world, so it made sense that she would follow with the fashion trends.

Toni chuckled lightly. "I'm a college student now Uncle Robert. Styles change." She said with a small smile. She knew he noticed the changes, but she was still the same old Toni that he knew and loved.

Toby cooed at her looking her over with wide eyes trying to figure out who she was.

Toni smiled and wiggled her silver painted fingers at the little boy which he had tried to grab at. She chuckled lightly. Toni looked up at her uncle. "Where's Sarah?" She asked curiously wondering where her fifteen year old cousin. She would've expected Sarah to be there to greet her, but she was nowhere in sight, which caused a pang of sadness to hit her heart. Perhaps Sarah didn't want to see her, after all it had been a little while since she had last seen Sarah.

Robert smiled. "She's out practicing something. Come on in kiddo." He said moving out of the way to allow Toni to come in.

"Trying to follow Aunt Linda?" Toni asked softly as she followed him inside of the house.

"Yes, she's been practicing a lot. She wants to get into Juilliard."

Toni blinked a few times wondering how her cousin was going to do that because that was the hardest school to get into. "Wow… that's a real big name school for her to be going into. She's really trying her best to be like Aunt Linda." She let out a soft sigh. She had a bit of a falling out with her aunt Linda. It wasn't like she blamed Linda for anything, it was just that Linda did say some hurtful things that Toni never got a chance to really forgive her for.

"You can leave your bag by the door for right now." Robert said with a smile.

"Thanks Uncle Robert." She said as she left her suitcase next to the front door. She took a soft breath as she looked around biting her lower lip.

Irene her aunt came out of the living room. "Toni so wonderful to see you here." She said with a smile.

"Sorry I was running a bit late." Toni said sheepishly rubbing the back of her head. "My flight was behind."

"It's alright Toni." Irene said with a smile. "I am just glad that you could make it here. The spare room has been made up for you if you want to take your suitcase up there."

Toni smiled a small sheepish smile. "Thank you again for allowing me to visit for a few weeks Aunt Irene and Uncle Robert."

Irene smiled at Toni. "Honey I know that you needed a break from college."

Toni nodded her head. "And I have to thank you for that. Mom and dad are on their cruise so I couldn't handle being home alone." She admitted softly. But the truth was her parents always decided to go out and do things without her and now that she was in college it hadn't changed, which hurt her feelings because she thought that her parents would want to spend time with her when she had breaks, but she was wrong.

Robert nodded his head. "We'll let you get settled in."

Toni nodded her head as she grabbed her suitcase and walked up the stairs. She remembered where the guest room was because she had last spent time with her uncle was when he had married Irene. She had to admit that it was nice to see her uncle happy again after what had happened with her Aunt Linda. She still didn't understand why her Aunt Linda would do such a thing to her Uncle Robert. Cheating on him… it was something that she didn't condone.

Toni looked out the window and noticed that Sarah was running towards the house and it was beginning to rain. She shook her head when she saw that Sarah was dressed in a medieval styled gown.

"You go out every single weekend!" Sarah yelled at her step mother.

Toni let out a soft sigh when she heard Sarah. Now that was something new. Sarah was acting like a brat and that was the Sarah she didn't know. Perhaps everything that happened between Robert and Linda caused this strain with Sarah and Irene. Toni shook her head. She wasn't about to get involved with this between the two family members. It wasn't her place to due to the fact that it was something very bad and not easy to deal with.

"And I ask you to babysit only if it won't interfere with your plans." Irene said to her step daughter.

"Well how do you know? You don't know what my plans are, you don't even ask anymore."

"Well, I assume you'd tell me. You could spend some time with your cousin Toni. She's here all the way from college and I am sure that the two of you would have some fun together. I'd like it if you had dates, you should have dates at your age." Irene said to Sarah hoping that at least Sarah would be okay with spending some time with Toni.

"Toni didn't date at my age." Sarah complained.

Toni winced when she heard her cousin say that. It was true that she didn't date, but Sarah didn't need to bring up her painful high school years that she had left behind a year ago. It didn't seem very fair that Sarah was comparing herself to her. Toni knew she was different because she was more focused on being a fashion designer. She didn't need to date to have a good time. Besides she spent most of her time drawing and trying to make things in the fashion world that would want to be worn.

"We were worried about you." Robert said to his daughter.

Toni heard thudding of feet coming up the stairs. She let out a soft sigh. Sarah was upset and she had no right to be upset. She just couldn't understand this. It had been two years since she had last seen Sarah and she couldn't have changed that quickly.

"I can't do anything right, can I?!" Sarah yelled as she slammed her door.

Toni came out of her room. She knew it was bad getting involved, but she wanted to make sure that her Aunt and Uncle were alright since Sarah had been acting this way.

"She treats me like a wicked stepmother in a fairy story no matter what I say." Irene said letting out a soft sigh. She didn't like the idea that Sarah was acting this way. Not when Toni had come to visit after so long.

"I'll talk to her." Robert said, but Toby began to cry.

"I can take him to his crib." Toni said softly. She was willing to do anything to help out if Sarah was going to act this way with her little brother and baby sitting him. After all, she didn't have a brother and cared about helping out where she could.

"Oh Toni I couldn't ask you that." Robert said surprised that Toni had even offered to take Toby to the room where his crib was. He knew that Toni was here on break before going back to college.

"It's fine Uncle Robert. Go talk to Sarah." She said softly. She wanted to make sure that Sarah was alright even though she had been acting like a spoiled rotten little brat.

Robert handed Toby over to Toni. "Thanks honey."

Toni nodded her head and took Toby to his parent's room where his crib was at. She laid him down in his crib. She tucked him in. Toni hummed a little bit trying to calm Toby to try to get him to sleep.

"Sarah? Could I talk to you?" She heard Robert say to his fifteen year old daughter.

"There's nothing to talk about!" Sarah shouted at her father. "You better hurry or you're gonna be late."

"We've fed Toby and Toni put him to bed. We'll be back around midnight."

"You really wanted to talk to me, didn't you? Practically broke down the door." She snapped. "Lancelot! Someone has been in my room again. I hate that! I hate it."

Toni looked at the door as Sarah bolted into the room. She didn't know why Sarah was in such a huff, but this was becoming fairly ridiculous.

Sarah picked up the bear that was on the floor. "I hate you! I hate you!" She snapped at Toby as she held her bear close to her body.

"Sarah." Toni said looking at her cousin with wide eyes. She couldn't believe that Sarah could hate her half brother.

"Someone save me, someone take me away from this awful place." Sarah said softly thinking out loud. She wanted someone to take her away from Toby so she didn't have to deal with him no more.

"Sarah!" Toni snapped. She was getting tired of hearing Sarah whine. "All this whining is very unbecoming of you."

Sarah narrowed her eyes at Toby who was crying. "What do you know." She snapped at Toni her lips curling in anger.

Toni let out a soft sigh and sat down on the bed. She rubbed her face. She was beginning to get sick and tired of this version of Sarah. All this whining and wanting to be treated like an adult wanting to do her own plans was very unbecoming. Sarah had no right to take her anger out on her or little Toby. Toby hadn't done anything other than being a fussy baby.

"What do you want?" She said narrowing her eyes back at Toby who was still bawling. "Do you want a story? Huh? Ok. Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl whose stepmother always made her stay home with the baby. And the baby was a spoiled child and he wanted everything for himself, and the young girl was practically a slave. But what no one knew what that the king of the goblins had fallen in love with the girl and he had given her certain powers. So one night, when the baby had been particularly cruel to her she asked the goblins for help."

"Now Sarah that's enough." Toni said getting up to her feet. "Family is important and you're lucky to have a sibling."

"It's just a story to shut him up." Sarah snapped as she looked at her older cousin in frustration. All she wanted to do was to have her little brother to go to sleep so she didn't have to worry about him keeping her up.

"You could at least tell a better story than complaining about your life in story form Sarah." Toni said letting out a soft sigh crossing her arms. She couldn't believe that Sarah had turned this bitter. This was not the Sarah that she knew from when she was younger.


This is the end of Chapter 1. I did a bit of a rewrite on this to seem a bit better and more precise. I didn't want to fail you guys with this rewrite, so I hope that I did okay with it. So if you like it please leave a review and let me know if there would be anything you would like to see or if there are things that I need to work on… if you don't like it… well then don't read it. Simple enough. I think there will be a lot of people that won't like it due to it being a Jareth/OC story and not a Jareth/Sarah story. But please leave a review to let me know what you think and I'll update soon with the next chapter. I'm going to try my best to make these chapters a bit longer like this one. Until next time guys.

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