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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


The days dragged on and they were now in the rain. They were all cold, wet, and miserable.

Artemis' hair clung to her back since her hood was doing nothing for her. She saw no point of pulling her hood over her head when it was already soaked.

"Here, Mr. Gandalf, can't you do something about this deluge?" Dori asked the wizard in hopes that he would be able to do something about the rain.

"It is raining, Master Dwarf, and it will continue to rain until the rain is done. If you wish to change the weather of the world, you should find yourself another wizard." Gandalf said irritated that Dori was asking him to do such a thing. He couldn't change the weather to his whim. It was impossible.

"Are there any?" Bilbo asked curiously.


"Other wizards?"

"There are five of us. The greatest of our order is Saruman, the White. Then there are two Blue wizards. You know, I've quite forgotten their names." Gandalf tried to remember the two blue wizards' names, but he wasn't able to come up with their names.

"And the fifth?" Bilbo asked Gandalf from his thoughts.

"Well, that would be Radagast, the Brown."

"Is he a great Wizard, or is he… more like you?"

Gandalf looked offended.

Artemis couldn't help, but laugh lightly. She knew that Radagast was a different kind of wizard all together.

"I think he's a very great wizard, in his own way. He's a gentle soul who prefers the company of animals to others. He keeps a watchful eye over the vast forest lands to the East, and a good thing too, for always evil will look to find a foothold in this world."

Dori looked at Artemis. "Lady Artemis can't you do something?" He asked hopefully.

Artemis sneezed loudly. She covered her nose trying to avoid the small crystal stone that resided on the left side of her nose. If it was one thing that she hated so far it was being in the rain for a long amount of time. It always caused her to become ill when she was out there for so long. "Sorry Dori, but I do not have that kind of magic. We are just going to have to deal with this rain." She said, as she rubbed her arms. "Besides I am only a healer on this journey."

Soon enough they were resting for the night. Everyone was trying to dry off.

Artemis rang her hair out. She removed her cloak, but it didn't help that she wore a white shirt over her corset which was black. She sneezed again covering her nose. She could only hope that she was not getting ill from this. She came over to the fire and sat down in between Fili and Kili.

"Lady Artemis?" Ori asked politely looking over at Artemis with a curious gaze. He was still very fascinated with her. He was curious about everything about her.

Artemis couldn't help but laugh lightly. "Ori please call me Artemis. No need to put Lady in there." She said, as she tried to warm her hands up. She was still freezing. "But yes, you have a question don't you?"

"Could you sing us a song from your world please?" Ori asked curiously.

Artemis couldn't help but smile. She couldn't really say no to Ori. He was just too cute to say no to. "I know many songs, Ori."

"One that could perhaps lift our spirits?"

Artemis ran her hand through her wet hair. Another shiver raked her body as she began to think of something to sing. "I think I have just the song. It might not be the most uplifting song, but it is worth a try."

Everyone seemed to quiet down so they could hear this young woman sing.

There's a monster that lives 'neath your


Oh for crying out loud it's a futon on

the floor

He must be as flat as a board

There's a creature that lurks behind the


Though I've checked there 15 times

When I leave he arrives

Every night

Tell the monster that lives 'neath your


To go somewhere else instead

Or you'll kick him in the head

Tell the creature that lurks behind

the door

If he know what's good he won't come

here no more

Cause you'll kick his butt at the count

of four

Good night demon slayer, good night

Now it's time to close your tired eyes

There are devils to slay and dragons to ride

If they see you coming hell they better


Good night, good night, good night

Good night my little slayer good night

Tell the monster that eats children, that

you taste bad

And you're sure you'd be the worst he's

ever had

If he eats you, don't you fret, just cut

him open with an ax

Don't regret it, he deserved it, he's a


Tell the harpies that land on your bedpost

That at the count of 5 you'll roast them


Tell the devil it's time you gave him

his due

He should go back to hell, he should

shake in his shoes

Cause the mightiest, scariest, creature

is you

Good night demon slayer, good night

Now it's time to close your tired eyes

There's devils to slay and dragons to


If they see you coming, hell they better


Good night, good night, good night

Good night my little slayer, good night

I won't tell you, there's nothing

'neath your bed

I won't sell you, that it's all in your


This world of our is not as it seems

The monsters are real, but they're not

in your dreams

Learn what you can from the

beasts you defeat,

You'll need it for some of the

people you meet

Good night demon slayer good night

Now it's time to close your tired eyes

There are devils to slay and dragons

to ride

If they see you coming, hell they

better hide

Good night, good night, good night

Good night, my little slayer, good night

Good night, good night, good night

Good night.

Bilbo looked at her. "Is that a lullaby of some kind?" He asked curiously.

Artemis laughed lightly. "Well it depends on the person really." She told him before another shiver went through her body. She rubbed her cold wet arms trying to warm up.

"And to you?" Bilbo asked, pressing the matter.

"I normally sang it as a lullaby to my nieces and nephews. It helped them sleep when I baby sat them." She said softly. She once again got lost in her thoughts. How long had she been gone from her world? Did they find her car already and found her dead? And if she was dead she was to remain here in the world that Tolkien created?

"Niece and nephew? You are an aunt?" Fili asked, looking at her with wide eyes.

That question broke her from her thoughts. "Yes, I am." She said softly. "I have a niece that is 9, a nephew that is 6, and a niece and nephew who are 4."

"That means you were sixteen summers old when you became an aunt. Isn't that a little young?" Kili asked.

Artemis shook her head. "No, not really. Not when you have a brother who is five years older than you." She let out a sigh. "Perks of having a younger sister and older brother who are both married."

"And you aren't married?" Fili asked in surprise.

Artemis shook her head. Her heart constricted in her chest thinking of the man that she was to marry and it broke her heart thinking about him.

"And you don't have a man in your life?"

Artemis stood up and walked over to the opening of the cave that they were in. That was a question that she didn't want to answer. She crossed her arms. She missed her sister and brother's children. She missed being home. She wished that she was home, but so far she was committed to this journey. And she wasn't about to turn her back on them because she missed home. She was going to keep true to her word that she was going to help them get their home back. She also wished that she knew what had happened to her. It would make her choice so much easier.

If her father was still alive he would have told her what he would have done in this kind of problem, but he didn't act as much of a father because he was more of a child than anything else.

The dwarves began to slowly drift off one by one. Thorin remained awake and so was Gandalf.

Thorin looked over at the young woman who stood at the front of the cave. He didn't want to admit that he was concerned about her. He could tell that she was a family woman. She was an aunt. No wonder she knew how to deal with Fili and Kili's antics. He saw her shivering. She hadn't warmed up since they had gotten here. He knew that she should be near the fire to be warm and not become ill from the weather.

Gandalf looked at Thorin and saw the look that Artemis was receiving from Thorin. He knew that Thorin still didn't know what to think of Artemis and her gift. He watched the 25 year old woman rub her arms trying to warm herself up. He couldn't help, but wonder what she was thinking. After all he wasn't a mind reader. Perhaps she was upset that young Kili had asked her and it concerned him. What kind of life was she in before he had taken her away from it so drastically. An accident that he could have very well killed her in. He hoped that it wasn't the case. He wanted her to be able to return to her world if she wished to do so.

"I have a feeling that you wanted her here for more than the reason you told us." Thorin said looking at Gandalf.

Gandalf hummed looking over at Thorin.

"Why is she here really? You can't just say it is because of her gift. You brought her from another world by the way she is dressed."

"It will be revealed soon enough. She is here to help. All I ask is that you don't turn her away from the group. She'll help you in more ways than you shall ever know." Gandalf said, turning his attention to the young woman. "Perhaps on this journey you'll learn more about her. Perhaps you can help her as much as she can help you."

Artemis let out a sigh causing a puff of smoke to come from her mouth. She ran her hand through her wet hair. Perhaps she should have told Fili the truth. About the man that had been in her life and ruined her by moving onto someone who would be more willing to give themselves to him in a way that she wasn't willing to. She rubbed the inner part of her left wrist that bore the scars that matched on her right arm. She began to sing softly to herself not knowing that Gandalf and Thorin could hear her and that she was singing something so sad.

Child of the wilderness

Born into emptiness

Learn to be lonely

Learn to find your way in darkness

Who will be there for you

Comfort and care for you

Learn to be lonely

Learn to be you one companion

Never dreamed out in the world

There are arms to hold you

You've always known your heart was

on its own

So laugh in your loneliness

Child of the wilderness

Learn to be lonely

Learn how to love life that is lived alone

Learn to be lonely

Learn to be your one companion

Never dreamed out in the world

There are arms to hold you

You've always known your heart was

on its own

So laugh in your loneliness

Child of the wilderness

Learn to be lonely

Learn how to love life that is lived alone

Learn to be lonely

Learn how to love life that is lived alone

"Artemis my dear girl you should come in. You are going to catch a death of cold if you continue to stand there away from the warmth." Gandalf said softly. He didn't like hearing that sad song from that young woman. He did not know if she was singing it to lighten her mood or was singing it because that was how she felt.

Artemis looked at him. "You're right." She said as another shiver went through her body. She slowly came towards them. She would not dare mention the song that she had sung and could only hope that they had not heard her singing it. She sat down next to Gandalf and tried to warm herself up. She wasn't going to allow herself to go to bed with being cold and damp.

"My dear girl you should change into dry clothes and let those ones dry."

Artemis groaned. She knew he was right though. "And how can i be certain that no one is going to look while I am changing?"

"Only Thorin and I are awake. No one will look upon your skin."

Artemis sighed and stood up. "Alright I trust you. But I won't be afraid to embed one of my swords into someone's skin if they look at me."

"You have my word Miss Houston." Thorin said to her.

Artemis nodded her head curtly and went to change her clothes. She changed outof her black pants into her celtic moon long skirt that was purple in color. She slipped out of her white shirt and untied the black corset that she wore into a purple corset and black shirt. She came back over to them slightly warmer.

"My dear you look tired. You should rest." Gandalf said as he looked over at her.

"Sleep won't come easily." She told him. "But I'll try to sleep once my hair is dry. I can't sleep like others with wet hair." She rang the moisture from her hair.

Gandalf had to admit that she was different than what he had expected. He watched out of the corner of his eyes and saw the look that Thorin was giving her. It was a look of respect towards her. A family respect.


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