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Chapter 2

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 2 of Straight From the Heart. I am glad that some have taken a liking to this story. I am glad that some of you have taken a liking to my oc. I was trying to make her pleasing to the eye and not being so perfect. I haven't decided on whether or not Theodred will survive in this story. I meant it will be different with him in it, but it would make good drama if Theolynn came home and her brother was gone and she takes comfort in Boromir if he is indeed alive in this which I haven't decided just yet. It took me a bit to figure out how to write this chapter. I kept getting stuck. I tried writing it when my character arrived in Rivendell and it didn't turn out the way that I wanted it to. Sadly I rewrote this chapter at least six times trying to get it to sound right, and this last time of writing it I was able to come up with something good. Aragorn makes an appearance early on in this chapter. I won't tell you if Aragorn and Theolynn know each other. That would spoil part of my plot for sure. But I did enjoy writing this and how it turned out. Without further ado Chapter 2. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Theolynn arrived in Rivendell after so many days of countless travelling and almost being spotted by orcs and wargs. She was nervous of what had happened on her way here and what was going to happen here. Her blonde hair was all over the place sticking to her sweat drenched face. She had been lucky to make it here without too much trouble. She tiredly dismounted her horse and patted it lightly on the nose in a soothing way. She grabbed the reins of her horse and led her tired horse towards the stables.

She passed many elves as she walked down the narrow path that led to the stables. She patted her horse's nose as she walked down the path. She would not admit that she was tired. She found the stalls and saw a man with light brown hair dressed in Gondorian clothes who was patting his horse. She froze in her steps. She knew this man. This was Boromir, son of Denethor. She slowly walked past him, not sure of what to say to this man.

Boromir turned and saw Theolynn walking to one of the stalls tying her horse up. "You are no elf." He pointed out looking at her with a look of trying to figure out who she was.

Theolynn couldn't help, but laugh lightly. Of course he would point out that she was no elf. "Very well pointed out, Captain of Gondor." She said with a small smile, as she tied her horse up. She patted her horse lightly on the nose in a soothing way. She turned and looked at him. "But you should know who I am, Boromir."

Boromir's eyes widened. He knew that soft skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her skin usually was pale, but it was covered with dirt smudges. He was not expecting to see her there. Not in the least bit. "Theolynn, what are you doing here?" He asked to move closer to her. It had been a few months since he had seen her. And he had to admit that he did miss her a lot. He was curious as to why she was there in Rivendell. Surely she couldn't be there for the same thing that he was.

She tiredly moved towards him. Her blue eyes locked with his. She could tell that Boromir was tired as well by the way that he held himself. "I am here for the same reason that you are here for Boromir."

Boromir's eyes widened. He was not expecting her to be there. Her brother yes, but her no. "I thought that your brother would be the one to come, not you." He admitted. He was not sure if it was the proper thing to say to this shieldmaiden of Rohan.

"He is busy with the mark. Father sent me instead. He thought that it was wise to have someone representing Rohan." She lies smoothly. She wouldn't dare tell Boromir that she came on her own accord. She knew that he would send her home right away if he found out the truth. And that was one of the things that she didn't want. Her being sent home and not knowing what would be going on was one thing that she didn't want.

Boromir looked at Theolynn. He put his hand on her shoulder giving it a light squeeze. "He should have sent Eomer."

"Eomer is busy with the mark as well. Do you not want me here?" She questioned sadly. She was hoping that she would not run into Boromir here, but fate was against her at that moment.

Boromir shook his head. "It's not that, Lynn." He said using the nickname that he had given to her six years prior. "I missed you, Lynn. I didn't expect you to be here." He rested his forehead against hers in a soft motion. He would make sure that his soon to be wife would be safe and sound in Rohan. Away from all the dangers of war.

Theolynn closed her eyes and smiled. "I missed you too, Boromir." She said softly. It was true that she truly did miss him. She was hoping that everything would end just fine and they would be able to marry like they had planned. Her father approved of it, but she wasn't sure about his father. She hadn't even met the steward of Gondor yet. She hated to admit it that she was afraid of meeting his father. She had heard stories from Boromir's younger brother, Faramir, about trying to match his brother in everything. Trying to prove himself to his father. She didn't like the fact that Faramir had to work so hard to get his father to notice him and Boromir had even tried to get his father to know that Faramir worked hard.

He ran his hand through her golden locks. He missed the feeling of her hair in his hands and now he had it. He was able to be with her this time and not having to worry about people saying things to his father about him fraternizing with the princess of Rohan.

Theolynn looked up at Boromir and saw the look in his eyes. "You're afraid." She said softly reaching up and touching his cheek softly.

Boromir leaned into her touch. "Yes." He admitted softly to her.

Theolynn gave him a soft look, stroking his cheek softly. "I am too." She admitted softly.

Boromir gave her a soft look, kissing the palm of her hand softly.

Theolynn smiled a small shy smile.


This is the end of Chapter 2 of Straight from the Heart. I hope that you all enjoyed it. I worked fairly hard on this chapter in trying to get it to flow just right. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. Reviews actually keep me going and I enjoy hearing what everyone thinks. I hope to have the next chapter out soon. Until next time.

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