Don't Want to Be Like You @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 20

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 20. Thank you to all who have stuck with me through this story. It means a lot to me that you guys like this story. It's a writer's dream to know that their stories are loved. Without further ado Chapter 20.

Chapter 20

Up In the Trees

Bilbo came out from where he was hiding. "No, he isn't." Bilbo said proudly, as he walked down towards them.

The dwarves looked up in shock and relief.

Aranduriel smiled as she saw Bilbo. At least he was safe and sound. And not lost or heading home like Thorin had thought he would have.

Gandalf laughed. "Bilbo Baggins! I've never been so glad to see anyone in my life!"

Bilbo strided towards the group. He patted Balin on the shoulder as he walked by.

"Bilbo, we'd given you up!" Kili said in relief to know that Bilbo wasn't as gone as what his uncle had said.

"How on earth did you get past the Goblins?" Fili asked in confusion.

Aranduriel looked at the sandy haired hobbit. Yes, indeed how did he get past the goblins. She knew her friends had troubles with them and she was tangled up in the mess with the goblins as well except she was shackled. She shivered at the memory of it.

"How indeed." Dwalin said gruffly. He too wanted to know how Bilbo had gotten past the goblins. They were horrible creatures.

Bilbo stood there awkwardly. He really didn't know what to say. Bilbo laughs nervously and puts his hand on his hips and slips the ring that he had gotten and slipped into his pocket.

Aranduriel looked at Bilbo like he was hiding something.

Gandalf looked perturbed that someone was asking Bilbo of how he had gotten past the goblins. "Well, what does that matter? He's back!"

Thorin scoffed a little bit. "It matters! I want to know. Why did you come back?" Thorin demanded from the sandy haired hobbit.

Bilbo bit his lip knowing that Thorin was going to demand the answer from him sooner or later.

"Thorin." Aranduriel said in a warning tone.

Thorin glared at her. "Tell me why did you come back?"

Bilbo shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you're right, I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that's where I belong. That's home. And that's why I came back, cause you don't have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can."

Gandalf smiled at the words that Bilbo had said. He had changed for the better.

Aranduriel smiled a small soft smile knowing that Bilbo Baggins was a very brave hobbit to continue on. Aranduriel heard a voice in the air. Her grey blue eyes widened in fear. She knew that voice.

Thorin looked up when he heard the howl. "Out of the frying pan…"

"...and into the fire! Run! RUN!" Gandalf yelled.

They all started running down the hill as fast as they could.

Aranduriel couldn't turn and shoot any of the wargs. She didn't have any arrows left. She was up the creek without a paddle.

And night was beginning to fall upon them. Darkness equaled bad.

Aranduriel grabbed onto Bilbo's arm trying to get him to move faster, but her hand lost grip on him.

They made it down to the bottom where there was a cliff that would lead to their doom.

Aranduriel felt her fear beginning to grow. Orcs were not good. Not up here anyways. Not with such a long drop.

"Up into the trees, all of you! Come on, climb! Bilbo, climb!" Gandalf ordered them.

Bifur threw an axe past Aranduriel, killing a warg that was coming up behind her.

Bofur jumped off of a rock and grabbed a tree branch using Dwalin's head as a stepping stone.

Aranduriel launched herself up into a tree. She turned and held her hand down. "Kili come on."

Kili grasped onto her hand.

Aranduriel pulled Kili up into the tree with her. She pushed him up onto the branch above her. She lowered herself again. "Fili!"

Fili looked up at her.

"Give me your hand. Come on, we don't have much time."

Fili grabbed her extended hand.

She pulled him up into the tree with her.

"They're coming!" Thorin yelled.

Gandalf got up into the tree that was furthest away from them. One that was close to the edge of the cliff.

The others got into the trees as well.

They were surrounded by wargs.

Aranduriel's grey blue eyes widened in fear. This danger was something that she was not looking forward to. Not with who was coming.

A white warg appears with Azog the Defiler on top of it.

"Azog?!" Thorin said in shock. He thought that Azog had died. Died of the wounds that he had given Azog. Now he knew that wasn't the case. Not any more. Azog was alive and most likely dangerous as ever.

Aranduriel's grey blue eyes locked onto the form of Azog.

"Nuzdigid? Nuzdi gast?" Azog said in a dark speech.

Aranduriel gripped onto the branch above her head. Those words chilled her to the bone.

"Ganzilig-i unarug obod nauzdanish, Torin undag Train-ob."

Thorin looked like he was in pain. He realized that Azog had captured his father. "It cannot be." He said softly.

Azog looked at Aranduriel. He had a wicked sinister smirk on his lips. He knew who she was. After all he was the one that had faced her. And she was the one that had given him the marks on his face, almost removing his eye. "I wouldn't mind defiling you." He said in a dark speech looking right at her like he wanted her in more ways than one.

Aranduriel shivered at the look that Azog had given her. It disgusted her that someone would look at her in such a way. And with what he had said just added to her fear even more. There was possibly no way that they would all make it out of there alive. Not with Azog right there before them.

Fili looked over at her and saw the look that Aranduriel had on her face. He felt his fear begin to rise. That was not good. Not in the least bit. He had never seen such fear in her. Not like this. It made his blood run cold to see the one that he had unexplained feelings towards like this.

"Kod, Toragid biriz." He said pointing towards Thorin. "Worori-da!"

The wargs began to leap towards the trees. Following the orders that they had gotten from the Defiler.

Aranduriel had to pull herself higher into the tree that she was in with Kili and Fili. Her one foot hit off the nose of one of the wargs. It growled at her and snapped at her foot. Aranduriel put her hand to her chest trying to take deep breaths. Her heart felt like it was about to jump out of her chest. She was very scared. Now she knew what her mother felt.

"Sho gad adol!"

Aranduriel's eyes widened. She closed her eyes. She was praying to Aule that nothing would happen to the company.

The tree began to shake.

She looked at the two dwarves that were with her. "We have to move." She told them.

The three of them jumped to another tree, but there was a huge problem the trees began to topple over like dominos.

Aranduriel gripped onto the branches as they landed on the tree that Gandalf had gotten onto at first. Then they had to jump to the final tree that was at the edge of the cliff.

Azog laughed at them. He loved watching their demise.

"Gandalf!" Aranduriel called up to the wizard.

Gandalf looked down at the black haired maiden that was lower on the tree. He got an idea when he saw the pinecones. Gandalf lit one and threw it. He grabbed another and lit it. "Fili!" Gandalf dropped it down to the dwarf prince.

Fili caught it and blew on it with Bilbo and lit another one.

Azog screams in anger. He was not expecting retaliation from them. Not like this.

The wargs ran away from the fire.

They cheered, but it was short lived when the tree began to tip. It tips right over the edge causing them to be joseled.

Ori lost his grip and grabbed onto his brother's leg before almost falling to his death. "Ahhh! Oh! Oh no!"

"Mister Gandalf!" Dori called to Gandalf. Dori loses his grip.

Gandalf quickly thought fast and used his staff and Dori caught onto it.

"Hold on, Ori!" Dori told his youngest brother.

Azog growled.

Thorin looks back at Azog in anger. Thorin swallowed his fear and pushed himself up. He pulled his sword out.

"Thorin! Don't!" Aranduriel yelled at the stubborn soon to be King Under the Mountain.

Thorin ignored Aranduriel and began to walk down towards Azog and perhaps his own death.

Aranduriel's eyes widened as she watched Thorin.

Thorin runs through the burning brush that was around him going right towards Azog and his white Warg.

Azog spread his arms wide with a sickening smile on his face. As if he was welcoming Thorin Oakenshield to his death.

Thorin raised his oaken branch and ran towards Azog.

Azog crouched and then he roared as his warg leaped at Thorin.

Thorin tried to swing his sword, but the warg hit him right in the chest with its paw smashing Thorin right into the ground.

"NO!" Aranduriel yelled. She tried to force herself up, but it didn't work. She gripped onto the branch tighter. She was thankful that she had her gloves on or she would have felt the bark dig in worse into her soft flesh of her hands.

"Help!" Ori yelled.

Thorin got back up onto his feet panting.

Azog and his warg wheeled around and they charged at him again. Azog swung his mace and smashed Thorin in the face before Thorin could react.

Thorin flew back brutally.

"No!" Balin yelled. Tears coming into his eyes.

Aranduriel watched as the sandy haired hobbit that they were with raised up to his feet.

The white warg clamps its sharp teeth around Thorin.

Thorin yelled in pain.

Dwalin tried to get up. "Thorin!" The branch breaks and he is hanging again. "NO!"

Aranduriel shimmied herself up and brought herself up onto the tree. She looked at Bilbo and nodded her head.

Thorin was able to hit the white wargs head only to get flung several feet away landing on a rock heavily. His sword lands a foot away from his head. He is almost unconscious.

"Biriz torag khobduldol." Azog said to his troops that were with him.

The rider jumped off and went towards Thorin.

Bilbo ran down and threw himself in between Thorin and the orc. Bilbo knocked the orc and fought with him. He stabbed the orc and killed it.

"Aranduriel what are you doing?" Fili yelled at her.

Aranduriel looked at Fili and smiled a small sad smile. Aranduriel steadily ran down and put herself in between Azog and Thorin. She would not allow any more harm to come to Thorin Oakenshield.

Bilbo stood in front of Aranduriel.

"Kill him." Azog said in black speech. "I will deal with her."

A couple of wargs began to approach them.

Aranduriel looked down at the sandy haired hobbit. "It was wonderful meeting you Bilbo." She said with a small sad smile.

Bilbo looked at her nervously. He couldn't believe that it was going to end this way. It couldn't. Not like this. He wanted to be able to see the Lonely Mountain. He wanted to help the dwarves reclaim their homeland. He wouldn't be able to do that if they died.

Aranduriel whipped her sword out looking much more dangerous than she did a few moments ago. Her grey blue eyes were narrowed. She turned her head looking back at Thorin. "Don't you dare die on us Thorin Oakenshiled." She said before turning her attention back to what was going on before them.

Memories began to flood Aranduriel's mind of when she was younger and what had happened to her mother. She would not allow herself to be harmed by orcs. That included this one as well. She would protect her friend regardless if it meant that she died protecting him until the end of the line.

But the two of them stood together. A hobbit from the shire and a maiden from Rivendell stood there about to face the worst together.


This is the end of Chapter 20. I know. I know. I ended it with another cliffhanger. I do apologize for that. It wasn't meant to be like this, but I thought it would be best to end it here. I have figured it out that we are now one chapter left. I hope that you enjoyed this and please let me know what you think. What do you think will happen between Aranduriel and Thorin? Do you think that their friendship will be mended before Desolation of Smaug starts up. And what do you think of Fili and Aranduriel getting along with one another? There will be some very fluffy moments in the next chapter. Hopefully I will have this updated soon. Until next time.

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