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Chapter 1

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 1 of Don't Want to Be Like You. This is of course a rewrite and I hope that it will turn out better than the last time that I wrote this story. There are of course changes, and I haven't really decided on the pairing now. She'll be going through a lot of character development and I hope that it shows. And for the pairing… well… I need to slowly figure that out. And my reviewers usually help a lot with picking out the pairing. I hope that you guys enjoy this first chapter. Without further ado Chapter 1 of Don't Want to Be Like You.

Chapter 1

The Wandering Wizard's Question



"I should introduce myself. My name is Gandalf." Gandalf said with a smile. "Gandalf the Grey."

Thorin looked at the old wizard. "I know who you are." His brow slightly raised as he looked at the old wizard wondering why he was here in the first place annoying him during his meal.

"Well now!" Gandalf said, clapping his hand together. "This is a fine chance. What brings Thorin Oakenshield to Bree?"

Thorin looked at the wizard with a raised eyebrow. Why was he so curious about why he was there in Bree. He looked down for a moment thinking about what to say to the grey wandering wizard. "I received word that my father had been seen wandering the Wilds near Dunland. I went looking, and found no sign of him." He saw the look on Gandalf's face. "You're like all the others, thinking my father is dead."

"I was not at the Battle of Moria."

"No, but I was." Thorin said looking down. He had been there and it was something that he never really wanted to ever see again. It haunted him still to this day. "My father led a charge toward the Dimrill gate, but he never returned. Thrain is gone, they told me. He is one of the fallen. But at the end of the battle I searched amongst the slain, to the last body." He said swallowing the lump in his throat. That was how he found his brother dead. "My father was not among the dead."

Gandalf looked at Thorin. "Thorin, it's been a long time since anything, but rumor was heard of Thrain."

"He still lives, I am sure of it!" Thorin had to keep believing that his father was still alive.

"The ring your grandfather wore. One of seven given to the Dwarf Lords many years ago… what became of it?"

Thorin looked at Gandalf again. His eyes slightly wide. Why did Gandalf bring that up? "He gave it to my father before they went into battle."

"So Thrain was wearing it when he went missing…" Gandalf said softly to himself. Now he knew that was bad.

The waitress put the food down in front of Gandalf.

"Thank you." Gandalf told the waitress that had given his order to him and she was gone.

"My father came to see you before he went missing. What did you say to him?" Thorin asked urgently. He wanted to know what this wizard had told his father.

"I urged him to march upon Erebor. To rally the seven armies of dwarves, to destroy the dragon and take back the Lonely Mountain. And I would say the same to you. Take back your homeland."

Thorin picked up his mug and drank the ale that was inside of it. He wasn't sure who had lost his mind more than his father or Gandalf for saying that to his father. He put his mug down. "There is no chance in meeting, is it, Gandalf?"

Gandalf shook his head. "No, it's not. The Lonely Mountain troubles me, Thorin. That dragon has sat there long enough. Sooner or later, darker minds will turn toward Erebor. I ran into some unsavory characters whilst travelling along the Greenway. They mistook me for a vagabond."

"I imagine they regretted that." Thorin said, looking back at Gandalf, his blue eyes locking with the wizard's blue ones.

"One of them was carrying a message." Gandalf told him. He laid out a dirty piece of cloth that had writing on it. He pushed it across the table.

Thorin made a reach for it.

"It's Black Speech."

Thorin stopped looking up at him.

"A promise of payment." Gandalf explained more to the exiled Prince of Erebor.

"For what?" Thorin asked unsure if he wanted to know the truth of what it said.

"Your head. Someone wants you dead. Thorin, you can wait no longer. You are heir to the throne of Durin. Unite the armies of dwarves. Together you have the might and power to retake Erebor. Summon a meeting of the seven dwarf families. Demand they stand by their oaths." Gandalf urged him.

"The seven armies swore that oath to the one who wields the King's Jewel, the Arkenstone! It is the only thing that will unite them, and in case you have forgotten, that jewel was stolen by Smaug." Thorin said, shaking his head. He would do anything to have the Arkenstone to unite the armies, but it was impossible.

Gandalf looked over and so did Thorin and the two men that were there watching Thorin like a hawk had gotten up and left.

"What if I were to help you reclaim it?" Gandalf asked, taking a look back at the blue eyed king.

"How? The Arkenstone lies half a world away, buried beneath the feet of a fire-breathing dragon." This was the craziest idea that he had heard other than when his grandfather wanted to try and reclaim Moria for their people. But this was just as close of being crazy.

"Yes, it does, which is why we are going to need a burglar and someone who is willing to guide us through the Greenwood if need be." Gandalf told him.

"Who?" Thorin asked.

"Burglar, I already know who."

"And the guide?" Thorin asked, wanting to know who the guide was.

"I am sure that they will be more than willing to lead us through the Greenwood on the safest path that they know and not be spotted by the Greenwood elves. Someone who knows the path real well and knows all the paths that are the most dangerous that the Greenwood elves would be watching the most."

"Who, Gandalf?"

"You shall see."

Thorin let out a sigh. "Alright. Go and talk to them."

Gandalf nodded his head. He was thankful that Thorin was trusting him on this. This was a very good sign. A very good sign indeed. "April 26 of next year Thorin. The sooner the Mountain is reclaimed the better."

Thorin nodded his head in understanding.


A young elven woman sat next to a studying young boy who was reading a book that she had given to him to learn from. Her burgundy and silver accented gown was wrinkled due to sitting on the ground next to him. Which didn't seem to bother the young elven woman in the least bit. Her black hair was in loose curls and a single fishtail braid cascading down the middle of the back of her head. A circlet on her head that was silver in color shining in the light. Her grey blue eyes focused on the young boy who was reading. Her small thin fingered hand smoothed out the dark locks that the young boy had as he read. Her pale pink lips quirked when she heard him sighing contently. It wasn't that bad being with this little one and listening to the silence that was around them.

The two elves that were supposed to be with the young boy were out busy protecting the borders of Rivendell like they normally did leaving her to do the work, but she didn't mind. Anything to help her older twin brothers out. She loved watching the little boy and her sister was away visiting their grandmother who knew nothing of the little boy yet. She had been gone for that long. And hopefully the young elven woman hoped that her sister would be back soon. She after all missed her sister.

Her head shot up when she heard a horn being blown. Her grey blue eyes widened. Was someone back from patrol or was someone coming into Rivendell?

The little boy's head shot up. His brows furrowed. That was the first time that he had heard the horn being blown and it was early in the day. It came much later for those who were out patrolling the borders of Rivendell to keep the village safe and sound.

"It's alright Estel." She said softly running her fingers through his hair soothingly. She wanted to keep this boy as calm as possible. He had been through so much and she didn't want him to go through any more pain. He would be in enough pain when he turned of age due to the secret that was being held from him of who he really was. She knew that her people would keep Estel safe and sound. But it could've been a visitor that they were not expecting.


Gandalf got off of his horse walking across the bridge leading into Rivendell. He had to speak to one of the elves here. He could only hope that she would agree to help with this problem.

"Mithrandir." An elf said coming down the stairs bowing his head slightly to Gandalf.

"Lindir." Gandalf said nodding his head to the elf that had come down to him.

"We heard you were coming here." Lindir said in elvish.

Gandalf nodded. "Is Lady Aranduriel here?" He asked hopefully that the young elven woman was here.

"My lady is with someone at the moment." Lindir said revealing that she was currently busy with someone.

"I need to speak with her. It is important that I speak to her." He said in a tone that told Lindir that it was very important that he talked to her and hopefully soon.

Lindir nodded his head. "Shall I get my lady for you Mithrandir?"

"Please Lindir."

Lindir left Gandalf to go and get Aranduriel for Gandalf. He walked to where Aranduriel was with the young boy. "My lady." He said in a hopeful tone that his lady wouldn't be mad at him for interrupting her from teaching the young Estel.

Aranduriel looked up and saw Lindir. She carefully got up to her feet smoothing out the skirt of her gown that she wore. What did he want? Unless it was something very very important going on that she was needed. "Lindir what is it?" She asked looking at him, her brows furrowed in concern.

"Mithrandir is here to see you." Lindir said, bowing his head.

"Mithrandir you say?" Aranduriel questioned quirking a black eyebrow. "Where is he?" She knew that Mithrandir usually came for visits, but it was usually to her father. It had to be important if it was for her.

"The stairs Milady."

"Lindir." Aranduriel said looking at the elf that had come to her.

"Yes, Milady?"

"Can you see that Estel gets to my father?" Aranduriel asked, looking at the poor boy. She was worried about him being alone even though he was fine there in Rivendell.

"Yes, Milady." Lindir said with a bow of his head, knowing his lady worried for the young Estel, more often than not. He would make sure that Estel got to his Lord.

"Estel." Aranduriel said looking at the young boy she was watching.

"Yes, Ara?" Estel questioned looking up from the book that he had on his lap.

"Lindir is going to take you to my father, alright?" She asked getting down to his level to be more in eye contact with him.

Estel nodded his head. He knew when Aranduriel was called it usually was important. "Alright." He said softly.

Aranduriel went out of the room allowing Lindir to handle young Estel. She walked down the various halls that led to the staircase. She walked down to the small pad that led to the bridge. She walked down them and saw Gandalf waiting for her. "Mithrandir." She said with a smile. "What brings you here my friend?"

"I have come to talk to you something dire." Gandalf told her with a dire look on his face. Which told her it was serious.

"Come." She said with a small forced smile. "Walk with me please." She didn't want anyone to hear what the old wizard had to tell her. No matter what it was good or bad. She didn't want anyone reporting back to her father.

Gandalf nodded his head as the two of them walked up the stairs to have a nice long walk around Rivendell and keeping out of earshot of the other elves that lived there.

"Now what is this all about Gandalf?" She asked softly. "I've never seen you like this."

Gandalf looked at her as they walked. He knew that she knew of the dwarves of Erebor. He knew that at one point she had gone with her father years ago to Erebor to pay homage to King Thror when he ruled Erebor. "I have spoken with Thorin Oakenshield."

Aranduriel looked at him with wide eyes. "The King Under the Mountain. I thought that he would be in the Blue Mountains?" She questioned curiously. She couldn't help, but wonder how Gandalf had even found him. Not unless he had been looking for the King Under the Mountain for quite some time to give him the news. She knew about Gandalf looking for Thrain years ago after the mountain had been taken by Smaug.

"Yes, he is planning on taking the Mountain back." Gandalf told her. The dragon needed to be taken care of.

Aranduriel moved her hair over her shoulder. Her thoughts were going wild in her mind. "And why tell me this, Gandalf?" She asked looking over at him in concern. What was the old wizard trying to do now?

Gandalf looked down at her. His blue eyes locked with her grey blue eyes. "You know the road through the Greenwood."

Aranduriel let out a soft sigh. She knew the path. She had travelled it enough. "Yes." She let out a sigh. "And if Thorin Oakenshield doesn't mind that I am on this journey then I will be more than happy to help with this quest." She said with a small nod of her head. "Are you certain that King Thranduil will allow this?" She wouldn't allow the dwarves however many there were to wander around the forest getting lost in a daze. It would cause problems for them to figure a way out of it.

"You know that Thranduil will not allow it." Gandalf said, shaking his head.

"Of course he wouldn't. Nor would his son Legolas." She shook her head and crossed her arms. She remembered King Thranduil's son was as stubborn as his father and it wasn't in a good way. Granted they were peaceful, but they would attack more likely than her people in Rivendell. "They are very protective of the Greenwood and they do not trust the dwarves."

"But they do trust you." He pointed out.

"Of course they trust me. I am half-elven. They will not take kindly to me helping them." She said letting out a soft sigh.

"But you will help them?" Gandalf questioned her hoping that the answer would be quick and simple.

"Yes." She said nodding her head. "I never liked how King Thranduil handled what happened at Erebor. He made the dwarves dislike us. That is the one thing that I won't let happen again." She shook her head at the thought and memory that had happened at Erebor and hearing how Thranduil didn't want to risk the lives of the elves to save the dwarves which caused many deaths to the dwarves.

Gandalf chuckled lightly at the thought. He knew that he was right to come to her. "You are truly your father's daughter. You are willing to look past everything."

She smiled a small smile. "I am, but everyone deserves a home, Gandalf. That is why I am doing it. King Thranduil should have helped, but he was afraid of facing the wrath of a dragon. The last dragon to be truthful. He would have been able to help in some way." She shook her head at the thought. She knew that Thranduil had killed serpents of the north. But he was messed up because of it. Perhaps it even messed with his mind some as well. She wasn't too sure on that one. But that might have been the reason why he didn't want to risk the lives of his kin due to a dragon. But she didn't want her mind to think about Thranduil and his woodland kin. She needed to think of how she was going to get out of Rivendell without being seen by anyone. It was a dangerous task that Gandalf had asked her to do and if her father or brothers found out they would drag her back to Rivendell and then she would be sent to where Arwen was to stay with her grandmother in Lothlorien. As much as she loved her grandmother she saw this more important and it was a dangerous task at hand even for a young elf like herself.

"So you do understand how dangerous this is if the dragon awakens." Gandalf told her. He didn't want her risking herself if she wasn't ready to deal with a dragon up close and personal. But with her skills… the dwarves needed her more and he was going to see to it and he was going to make sure that Thorin Oakenshield would not send her away.

Aranduriel nodded her head. "Yes, if the Dark Lord Sauron is still alive and not destroyed which is unlikely because of the one ring then a dragon will be of great use to him." She grabbed at the red necklace that she wore that matched her sister's crystal one. She took a deep breath closing her eyes. "Where do I have to meet you Gandalf?" She asked, looking at him. She needed to know where she was going to be meeting with these dwarves and she was going to have to wait and find out how many of them. And it didn't matter if they trusted her or not. She was going to help the best that she could.

"The Shire. There will be a rune on the door." He explained to her. He knew of who he was going to get to be their burglar. He could only hope that the hobbit would agree.

Aranduriel kept silent for a moment. The Shire, she had heard of it before. Hobbits lived there and they were peaceful folk. Never knew what was outside in the world around them. Granted they knew of some of the other beings out there, but Gandalf picking such a place… she wasn't about to question him on it. It wouldn't seem fair to question a wizard that seemed to know what he was doing and trying to keep it under wraps to not let anyone else know what was going on. "When?"

"April 26, 2941." He said looking at her. "It will be in the evening."

"Less than a year." She said, realizing that she would have to be leaving Estel soon. Poor sweet troublesome Estel. She couldn't help, but wonder if Estel would be alright in the care of her brothers. Well he should be due to the fact that the brothers were well like older protective brothers of Estel. So it meant a lot when they were around Estel.

"Yes, Aranduriel you are doing a wonderful thing. The right choice."

"I will be there Gandalf. I am certain that my father will be none too pleased. Same with my brothers. They would think this reckless." She said as she looked at Gandalf a look of concern was across her face.

"Your father and brothers won't even know." Gandalf said reassuring her that she was making the right choice. He needed her help. He hasn't asked anyone else. He knew that it wouldn't be wise

She lowered her head in thought. "I know unless we end up coming here on the quest. I am sure then he will not approve." She looked at her old friend. "I will see you in the Shire on April 26th."

"Please be safe in the wild." He pleaded with her.

Aranduriel looked at him. "I know Mithrandir. My brothers and ada taught me well. I will be able to handle myself in the wild." She said with a small smile.

"I will see you there in the Shire then." Gandalf said with a nod of his head.

"Will you be staying here the night or riding out?" She asked softly tilting her head to the side.

"I will be riding out at dawn." He told her with a smile.

Aranduriel smiled. "Father would be happy to see you again Gandalf."

Gandalf hummed in agreement.

"I can take you to him."

"Oh no that's alright Lady Aranduriel. I will see you in the Shire."

Aranduriel nodded her head. "The Shire." She would meet Gandalf in the Shire. She couldn't wait to help these dwarves.

Gandalf patted her shoulder before leaving her to go and find her father, Lord Elrond.

Aranduriel let out a soft sigh. This was certainly going to be an adventure for her and whoever Gandalf had in mind for well whatever they were going to be. She had felt bad whoever the poor hobbit was that Gandalf had in mind.


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