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Chapter 16

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 16. Finally to the chapter that I wanted to get to writing. This is going to be a very adventurous chapter that is for sure and more drama headed Aranduriel's way again, but not as much as there was before. I am glad that I have so many followers and readers. It really does mean a lot to me. I didn't mean to make a major drama between Aranduriel and Fili, but it did seem to fit since he hasn't forgiven her yet and hasn't even got the guts to talk to her. I promise you that it will be coming soon, that is for sure. I won't reveal which chapter it is where he says sorry to her, but I can tell you that it will be in a very surprising way that is for sure. I am still trying to figure out if I should take this clear into Lord of the Rings or not. If I did, I am not sure how many of you would actually continue reading this. But I guess I will figure that out a lot later on. Also there is drama most likely going to happen between Thorin and Fili due to a misunderstanding okay? I wrote it like that for a reason and Aranduriel would have to fix the problem between heir and king. I do promise though it will not be that much drama. I hate having drama between any of the dwarves, but it seems to fit well with this story for the moment. It will be fixed soon enough that is for sure. I hope that you enjoy this chapter. Without further ado Chapter 16.

Chapter 16

Battle of the Stones

Aranduriel stopped in her tracks and looked up at the mountains that they were about to cross. She had always been aware of the mountains that were close to Rivendell due to the fact that horrific creatures lived in those mountains, goblins and sometimes orcs. She wouldn't show her fear of the mountains. No she couldn't. It would make Bilbo think that there was something wrong. No need to worry about the hobbit. She began to follow the rest of the company. She was lodged in between Fili and Bofur. Aranduriel looked longingly at Fili's back.

Fili didn't dare look back. He would not allow himself to look back at the woman that was following behind him as they walked up the side of the mountain. He wanted to talk to her, but he still thought that it was not wise for him to even try to talk to her. He was curious why his uncle looked at Aranduriel when they were travelling earlier on after they had left Rivendell. He wouldn't think that Aranduriel and his uncle were in a relationship. They certainly didn't act like they had been in one. But he couldn't bring himself to question either of them.

Aranduriel tried to swallow the feeling that something was going to happen. She had a darkening feeling in the back of her mind, but she didn't know what it was. She wasn't going to alert the company due to this fact. She didn't see any point in it. She would just keep her thoughts to herself not wanting to scare or worry any of the members of the company. She could not do that to Bilbo.

"So Ara…" Kili said not looking back at the elleth that was with them.

"What Kili?" She questioned, as she carefully took a larger step to avoid the broken step that made it harder for them to get past.

"You have siblings don't you?" Kili questioned cheekily.

Aranduriel couldn't help, but wonder why he would be asking such a question like that. "Yes, but I don't see how this question is relevant."

Kili laughed lightly. "How many?"


Kili's eyes widened. "Three?"

Aranduriel blinked a few times. "Yes, two older brothers that are twins, and an older sister." She wasn't sure if he was surprised or not. But if he was then well that was something that was unexpected.

"And they are alright with you doing this?"

Aranduriel let out a sigh. She shook her head. "My brothers don't. In fact the one that took me to the healing room was one of my brothers. And for my sister she doesn't know because she is with our grandmother spending some time with her and our grandfather." She began to think of what her sister would think. Her sister would probably not approve of her going out and helping the dwarves reclaim their home at the risk of her own life.

"You miss them?" Kili asked curiously, looking back at her.

Aranduriel looked thoughtful for a moment. "Yes. I do miss them." She said as she continued to walk. "But they will understand."

"Will they?"

Aranduriel hummed for a second. "Well… perhaps not. But they will understand my reasoning when I come back." She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat. She wasn't even sure if she would make it back. She had even made a promise to Estel that she would come back to him. She could only hope that she was able to keep true to her word.

"And if they don't?"

"Well, then I guess that it will have to be just left like that." She smiled a small smile. "You deserve the home that you once had." That was what she thought. She didn't want Thorin to continue thinking about taking back the mountain from Smaug. And this time he was actually doing this. Reclaiming the home that Kili or Fili had seen.

Fili was surprised at what Aranduriel was saying. She had three siblings and she was willing enough to leave them behind and not accept her doing this? He thought that she would have been better off staying behind in Rivendell.

As they had continued their travels the weather had taken a turn for the worst. Rain poured down around them drenching them to the bone. It made their travels a lot harder than what it should have been.

Aranduriel felt Bofur's foot connect with the back of her foot, sending her forward. She yelped, scaring Bofur and Fili.

Fili caught onto her to make sure that she didn't fall into the abyss below. He looked into her grey blue eyes and knew that she was thankful that he didn't allow her to fall into the abyss below them. Fili had to keep in mind that she was there to get them through the forest. He wasn't sure of what she was going to be doing after that.

Kili looked back and smiled. He was glad that the two of them were making some kind of progress.

"Thank you." She said softly.

Fili nodded his head and released her arm. "You are welcome." He said to her being very short. He really didn't want to talk to her, but since she had said thank you he had to reply in some kind of manner.

"Thorin!" She yelled ahead to the leader. "We can't continue on! There is too much danger with the rain!" She heard the rolling of the thunder. She felt her fears becoming more and more of a reality.

Thorin didn't even hear her. He couldn't hear over the noise of the thunder that was rolling.

Fili looked back at her and saw that her eyes had gotten real big. What was she afraid of? He was about to ask what was bothering her so badly.

"Hold on!" Thorin yelled.

Bilbo began slipping and Dwalin caught him and pulled him back,

"We must find shelter!"

Aranduriel let out a soft sigh. She was happy to hear that Thorin had figured out that they needed to find shelter.

"Watch out!" Dwalin yelled.

Aranduriel's eyes went wide when a massive boulder hurtled through the air hitting the mountainside above them. Aranduriel felt a hand pressing against her belly pushing her up against the mountainside. She looked over and it was none other than Fili holding her against the mountain.

"This is no thunderstorm. It's a thunder battle! Look!" Balin said, pointing it out.

"Well bless me, the legends are true. Giants! Stone Giants!" Bofur said moving forward to get a closer look.

"Bofur get back here!" Aranduriel shouted over the rain. "Don't be a fool."

"Take cover! You'll fall!" Thorin yelled.

Dwalin and Fili grabbed Bofur bringing him back to the safety of the mountainside.

"We have to move." Aranduriel said, pressing herself closer to the mountainside. If she was right they were standing on one.

The mountain ledge that they were standing on was beginning to shake, making Aranduriel's fears come true by the minute.

"What's happening?" Kili asked, his voice was filled with fear and concern.

"Kili!" Fili yelled for his younger brother.

The mountain broke apart between the two of them.

"Grab my hand! Ki…" Fili looked at his brother in shock and Kili was returning the gaze. He was separated from his brother. Now he knew how Aranduriel felt when it came to her being away from her family.

Aranduriel grabbed onto his cloak and pulled him back so he wouldn't slide down in between the legs of the giant that they had so inconveniently found themselves on. She wasn't about to lose someone on this quest to something that was so big and dangerous. She knew that this threat wasn't the same as the threat that they were going to at that moment.

Fili looked at her with a thankful look in his eyes. He would have fallen down the side of the mountain if she hadn't pulled him back. He was surprised that she was even willing enough to do that. He had after all treated her like she was below him.

Time seemed to fly by them as Aranduriel was able to see that the company that was on one leg was able to get off of the leg. But they weren't so lucky themselves. She knew with the rain that Fili, Bilbo, Bofur, Dwalin, and Bombur wouldn't have been able to see what was going on due to how much it was raining around them and how dark it was. They couldn't jump across the great gap that was between them and the others. Aranduriel couldn't even throw the dwarves and Bilbo across. She felt her heart rate rise. This was becoming more and more dangerous for them.

Bilbo looked at Aranduriel quickly. "Are we going to die?"

For the first time in Aranduriel's life she didn't know what to say to Bilbo. She wanted to tell him that everything would be alright, but she knew that it wasn't going to be alright. "Brace yourselves!" She shouted.

They jumped before the giant's leg came into contact with the side of the mountain. The ruble fell around them and a piece of it hit Aranduriel right in the head. Aranduriel landed on top of Fili and her face was close to his. Her breathing was erratic. It scared her that they had almost died.

Fili's face went red. He wasn't used to a woman being on top of him.

"No! No! Kili!" Thorin yelled.

The rest of the company came by and saw that their company was not half dead.

"They're alright. They're alive!" Gloin shouted back to the rest of the company.

Fili felt blood drip onto his face. He looked at Aranduriel and saw that she had gotten cut on her hairline. "Ara…" He whispered.

Aranduriel looked at him. Her ears were ringing due to the thunder that still rolled through the mountains. She was making sure that she had heard him.

"Are you alright?" He was concerned about her. He knew that the blood was coming from her. He thought that she would have had a worse head injury than what was showing and that meant that Oin was going to have to look her over.

Aranduriel got up to her feet and moved away from him so he could be coddled by his uncle and brother. She had to admit that she was happy to know that they all lived. She didn't care that Fili was concerned about her. They had more trouble at the moment that she had her mind on. They had to get out of the rain and quickly before the Stone Giants got to them and killed them.

Bofur looked around and noticed that Bilbo was missing. "Where's Bilbo? Where's the Hobbit?"

Ori spotted him hanging over the edge. "There!" Ori shouted, as he scrambled towards Bilbo.

"Get him!" Dwalin yelled.

Aranduriel tried to get up to her feet to help them, but she collapsed onto her butt. Her head was throbbing. She was tired, cold and wet. She didn't like being cold and wet. Plus the wound that she had on her head looked a lot worse than what it was.

Ori and Bofur couldn't reach Bilbo. It didn't matter how far that they were trying to reach, they couldn't reach the sandy haired hobbit.

Thorin jumped down and boosted Bilbo up. Thorin's grip upon the rock that he was holding onto wasn't good enough to pull himself up.

Dwalin grabbed onto Thorin's hand and with much effort pulled Thorin back up onto the walkway with a little help of Fili who held onto the back of Dwalin. Dwalin let out a soft sigh. "I thought we'd lost our burglar." He almost had lost his best friend as well. He was just glad to have them both alive.

"He's been lost since he left home. He should never have come. He has no place amongst us." Thorin said looking at Bilbo like he was a waste of space. Thorin went ahead. "Dwalin."

Dwalin followed his best friend. He knew that Thorin really didn't mean that. At least he hoped he didn't.

Aranduriel was helped up to her feet by Kili. She brought her hand up to her head and brought it back when she hissed. It indeed hurt her. She wasn't sure of how bad it was, at least not yet until she had someone take a look at it.

"That looks like it is a nasty cut." Kili pointed out.

"It looks worse than it is, Kili." She told the young dwarf. She just wanted to get out of the rain. She wasn't even sure if it was as bad as what Kili had said it was. But she just wanted to get out of the rain and get checked out by Oin.


This is the end of chapter 16. I am sorry that it isn't the greatest and I left off at another cliffhanger. I didn't mean to do that… Well scratch that, yes, I did mean to leave it at that point. I hope that you all enjoyed it and please leave a review. Also we are almost to the point of Goblin Town. Hopefully Goblin Town will not be turning into two chapters. At least I hope. I don't want to do very long chapters because very long chapters are something that the readers usually don't want. Until next time.

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