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Chapter 15

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 15. Thank you to those who are still very much keeping up with this story. This chapter was kind of hard to write since I didn't really want to bring them to walk on the Misty Mountains where they come into the problems with the Stone Giants. Plus it is harder to write a chapter that is strictly filler instead of the actual script. So it was kind of fun to write this. I wanted to kind of have drama, but I am not sure of how well I did with the drama. I think that there is more tension in this chapter than a little bit. Also Fili is having problems trying to come up with a way to say sorry to Aranduriel even with the coaxing from his little brother. But the question is will Aranduriel forgive Fili for what he did or will she have a stubborn streak that she had picked up from being with the dwarves for so long? I know that some of you are waiting to see what happens when they get up the side of the mountains and have to deal with the Stone Giants and some of you are waiting for the chapter where the goblins come in. I promise you that those chapters will be coming soon that is for sure. I am kind of drawing this story out as much as I can so I don't end up getting stuck waiting for Desolation of Smaug which I can't wait to see what they added for the extended edition. I also can't wait to start writing for that part of this story. There will be an important question at the end of this chapter, but I won't reveal what that is right at this moment. Also the next chapter will be dealing with the stone giants. I couldn't wait to get to this next chapter in this story. But there will probably be more drama in the next chapter. And next time I will not have an authoress note at the beginning this long. I don't like it when it happens. Without further ado Chapter 15. Enjoy!

Chapter 15

The Road Goes Forever On

Aranduriel couldn't even look at Fili. She knew that the dwarf prince was still upset with her hiding just a small thing such as being a lady of Rivendell. She began to walk even slower. Her pace for her long legs was not normal for an elleth. Her mind was reeling. Was she making the right choice in continuing on this quest? But she was keeping the mindset that they needed her there to go through the Greenwood. She felt a pair of eyes on her causing her skin to burn. She didn't dare look afraid of who it might have been looking at her in such a way to cause her skin to burn. She was just going to have to stay away from the dwarven princes like Thorin had wanted her to.

Kili looked over at his brother and noticed that Fili was looking longingly over at Aranduriel. He saw something in his brother's eyes. Something that he hadn't seen in a long time. It was some kind of love and Fili only showed love towards their uncle, himself, and their mother. It was surprising to him to see Fili looking at Aranduriel like that. He shook his head and walked up to his brother. He put his hand on his brother's shoulder. "You should talk to her." He said softly, as he walked next to his brother. It concerned him that Fili was acting like that.

Fili looked over at Kili like he had grown another head. He hadn't expected his brother to say something about him talking to Aranduriel. He wasn't even sure of what he was going to say to her. He wasn't even sure how he would go about even talking to her. He watched her movements. They were almost lifeless. He hadn't meant to hurt her, but she had hurt him and he had no idea how to cope with that. Perhaps he had to bring himself to talk to Aranduriel, but how was he going to? He was scared to even talk to her. "I can't." He told his younger brother. He hated telling his brother that he couldn't tell her that he was sorry.

Kili couldn't help, but groan. Fili was being stubborn. Perhaps too stubborn. It made Fili look more and more like their uncle which was not a good thing. Kili looked over at Aranduriel and knew that she was suffering enough due to what Fili had said. He just wanted the two of them to talk. He didn't want to be stuck in the middle trying to decide on who he would be loyal to. He was friends with Aranduriel and he had to remain true to his brother, so it wasn't going to be an easy choice for him at all. "And why can't you?" He questioned Fili. He wanted to know what was going through his brother's mind. "She has suffered enough, Fee."

Fili swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. "I don't know how."

Kili couldn't help, but groan again. His brother didn't know how to say sorry to the woman that he was making eyes at, yet still was very much a dick to her. He didn't even want to understand romance for sure. He didn't even know what it was like to be in love nor did he want to know. He didn't understand why Fili was becoming more like their uncle, and the thought of it scared him a lot. "Thorin forgave her. So can you."

Fili looked over at Kili and groaned. "It's not that easy to forgive her."

"Yes, it is Fee… She is miserable, can't you see that?" Kili said, pointing in the direction of Aranduriel who had just caught up to Bilbo.

Fili followed his brother's finger and knew that was true, but he couldn't say sorry to her. At least not yet. He had to figure out how. "I have to figure out how." He told his brother.

Kili shook his head and began to move forward leaving his brother behind. He had tried. He didn't want to be caught in the middle of a war between the two. But he knew that he was going to have to put up with it until his brother stopped being so stubborn. He was able to get close enough to hear what Aranduriel and Bilbo were talking about. He was curious about what the two of them were talking about.

"So Bilbo." Aranduriel said softly. "Did you enjoy your stay in Rivendell?" She was curious about how the sandy haired hobbit liked her home. She already had the feeling of what the dwarves thought of her home. And she didn't really like the idea of what she thought.

Bilbo looked over at the young elven woman. "Yes, I did. Your father offered for me to stay there." He revealed. He really did want to stay, but he had signed a contract and he couldn't back out of it.

Aranduriel looked at him with wide eyes. "And you didn't accept the offer?" She asked him confused. Why didn't the sandy haired hobbit who really didn't want to go on this adventure in the first place give up the comforts of home and decide to continue on this quest to reclaim a homeland that was probably the hardest thing that a hobbit could do.

"I thought I didn't have a choice. It was tempting, but Gandalf would want me to continue on. I loved your home though." He told her the truth. He still wasn't even sure that he was the right choice for this. After all he had no fighting ability whatsoever and being in the wild scared him more than he let on.

Aranduriel tucked some of her hair behind her ear. "A very notable thing for you to do. I am glad that you liked my home Bilbo." She told the sandy haired hobbit. She had to admit that she liked how he thought. She thought that he would have stayed in Rivendell with her people. But he was taking the job that he took on seriously which was a good thing. It made her proud to know that.

He looked at her and smiled. "I also started to write something." He revealed it to her. He hoped that she would be pleased to hear about the fact that he had started to write something.

Aranduriel looked over at him curiously. "Oh?"

Bilbo smiled and nodded his head. "Yes, a song."

"Do you mind singing some of it to me?" She questioned softly.

Bilbo laughed lightly. "It's not finished." He told her sadly. "But I will sing you the part that I have written down. It's not much." He wished he had more to sing to her, but it was worth a shot. He wanted to hear what she had thought about it.

"I don't mind." She said, offering the hobbit a smile. A real true smile. Finally, the person who was talking to her wasn't a dwarf. She still wouldn't admit it that she was not used to the fact that the dwarves were still not that trustful of her. She wanted to hear what Bilbo had come up with along their journey. Perhaps he would be a better writer than what she thought he would be.

Roads go ever ever on,

Over rock and under tree,

By caves where never sun has shone,

Bu streams that never find the sea;

Bilbo looked at her. "That is all that I got."

Aranduriel patted him on the shoulder. "That was wonderful Master Baggins." She was proud that the hobbit could come up with something so far that sounded beautiful.

Bilbo beamed with some pride. He was able to get Aranduriel to smile. He was beginning to get curious of what Aranduriel and Thorin had been through in the past. "Lady Aranduriel…"

"Ara, please Master Baggins. I am no longer in Rivendell." She told the sandy haired hobbit. She hated it when people used titles when it came to her.

"But you are a lady."

"I know this, but I am asking you of this as a friend. Please call me Ara." She told him softly, as she avoided a jutting rock that was in the ground.

Bilbo nodded his head. "I have a question."

"And what would that be?" She questioned looking over at Bilbo.

"You and Thorin were friends… What exactly happened to your friendship?"

Aranduriel rubbed her mouth softly. She knew that this question was most likely coming from the sandy haired hobbit, but she was not expecting it to be that early in the quest even though they had been travelling for months together. "I met Thorin the year before the Serpent of the North Smaug had come to Erebor. After it fell we kind of fell out of touch." She said softly. She shook her head as memories came to her mind of what Thorin had told her while they were in Rivendell thinking that she was dead for years. "On one of my journeys leaving Greenwood my company that I was with were almost all slaughtered except for a few of us…" She took a deep breath remembering that day. She was scared that she would never get to see her friend again. She wasn't about to say who the orc was that had attacked them. "It was after the battle at Moria when King Thror had tried to take it back as dwarvish lands… Word had gotten to the dwarves that knew me. Balin was the one that delivered the news that I had passed away. No one thought to check that I was still alive and at the time I thought that he was dead too…"

Bilbo looked at her and saw that she was looking towards the dark haired, blue eyed, brooding dwarf. He couldn't help, but wondered if there was something that she wasn't telling him and if there was; what was it? He didn't have the heart to even question her about that. He looked between the two of them. Perhaps he could… no, he couldn't do that. It would be meddling in affairs that didn't concern him. He didn't want Thorin to be more angry than he already was towards him and he didn't want Aranduriel to not trust him any more. He really did want to keep her as his friend. He wasn't about to mess that up. She was the only one that believed in him at that moment while the others were not so trusting of what he could do on this quest.

Aranduriel looked down at the ground. She missed Thorin and knew that it was impossible to have what they had in the past. The friendship that they had was not going to be brought back any time soon. It would take forever to get back to where they were. She looked over at Fili and saw that he looked fairly tired. She let out a soft sigh and continued to walk.

Kili walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

Aranduriel looked over at him. "Yes, Master Kili."

"Please, just Kili." He told her with a soft smile. "You have to give Fee time. He will come around Ara." He could only hope that he was not feeding her a line of bull. He was hoping that Fili would come to his senses soon. He didn't want to see her continue to break down due to his brother being stupid and stubborn.

Aranduriel scoffed. "He has made it fairly clear that he doesn't want anything to do with an elf." She said, as she looked away from the dark haired dwarf. She didn't think that Fili would want anything to do with her after what he had said. She still felt bad that she didn't tell them that she was a lady of Rivendell, but this was ridiculous.

Kili groaned. This was going to be a lot harder than what he thought. He was going to be worried about both of them. His brother more since he had the inkling that Aranduriel had broken his brother's heart by not telling them about her being a lady of Rivendell.

Aranduriel began to walk further ahead. Her long hair hid her face as she passed many of the dwarves. She didn't even know that she was walking next to the dwarf that she had been friends with for many many years. Perhaps she was going to have to get used to being around people that weren't so trusting of her. Perhaps she shouldn't have even continued on this quest, but she had promised Thorin that he would regain his homeland and become King Under the Mountain like he should have been before the dragon had come.

Thorin looked over at Aranduriel. He wished that things were different. A lot different. He would be king and Aranduriel would well… he wasn't sure what she would have been. Perhaps she would be visiting with her people trying to right the wrongs that Thranduil had done against his people. Perhaps she would be the voice for her people. He could have only hoped that it would have been so much different. His people wouldn't have had to suffer like they had. He saw the look that was on her face and he felt his heart drop a little bit. He knew that she missed home. He wished that she was able to go home and be with her people, but he wasn't sure if she wanted to really be with her people.

Fili looked at his uncle and saw that he was looking at Aranduriel. He felt a pang of jealousy. He knew that there had to be something going on between his uncle and Aranduriel. Perhaps his chance with Aranduriel would never be. He didn't like the fact that his uncle had known her for a long time and he hardly knew her and who she was. Perhaps his little brother was right and he should say sorry to her, but how was he going to say sorry to her? He was already having a hard time looking at her knowing that he was the reason why Aranduriel was not acting like herself.


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