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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Heart Ache

Fili hadn't felt like himself when he woke up the next morning. His mind was on the fact that Aranduriel had lied to them about not being what he deemed as a royal to the elves. What hurt the most was that he thought that she was spoken for and perhaps would be staying behind in Rivendell to marry the man that she had ended up leaving with when she was taken to the healing ward.

Kili took notice that his brother was off. "Fee what is wrong?" He curiously asked, looking at his older brother. He didn't like the idea that his brother wasn't himself. It disturbed him more than anything in the world.

"She couldn't have lied to us, could she have, Kee?" Fili asked, looking at his brother. He was hoping that he was not right about her lying to them. But Thorin would never lie either. So it had to be true. So true that it would rip his heart out. He couldn't stand that.

Kili ran his hands through his dark hair. He began to think. He didn't understand what his brother meant, but he had to take a guess that Aranduriel hadn't told them everything. He couldn't help, but wondered if it was because she was protecting them or herself. "She could have been protecting us." Kili said, pointing out his idea.

"From what?" Fili said, rubbing his face with his hands.

"I do not know brother. Anything really." Kili said, shrugging his shoulders. "Maybe she didn't want us to know. Not right away at least."

"That just makes it worse." Fili said, looking at his brother.

"Well if you think it is such a bad brother, why do you not go and find her?" Kili asked, looking at his brother as if he was insane for not going and finding her to talk to her. He could only hope that his brother would go and find her.

Fili got up to his feet. He was going to find her, but not because his brother had told him to. He wanted to know why she didn't say anything about being a Lady of Rivendell. Perhaps he would make her stay away from the rest of the quest? He didn't want a lying elf on the quest. That was for damn sure. He just didn't know where to find her. That meant that he was going to have to look.

Meanwhile Aranduriel was in the training field with her older brother, Elrohir. Both were dressed in breeches, boots, and tunics. Both of them had their swords out.

"Are you certain that you want to train?" Elrohir asked, looking at his little sister, his brows furrowing as he looked at her. He didn't want to hurt her if she was still on the mend.

Aranduriel looked into her brother's blue eyes. "Yes, I do."

"Even though you aren't going with them?" He asked, swinging his sword around like it was an extension of his arm.

Aranduriel glared at him. "And what gives you the idea that I am not going with them?" She asked, her voice was harsher than what it should have been.

"The one that they call Oakenshield." Elrohir said, pointing his sword at his sister. "He will not allow you to continue on the journey."

"That is what Thorin thinks. He will continue to believe that." She shook her head. "He is a stubborn man and he won't let me help him. Gandalf was the one that came to me and I am the only one that can go through Mirkwood and know the path that would need to be walked on to get out of there to go to Lake-town."

"And you forget what awaits you in Mirkwood if you go." He said as he looked at her, knowing that she was stubborn about the whole thing that dealt with Mirkwood.

Aranduriel felt her face grow warm. "Not bringing Legolas into this Elrohir." She said pointing her sword at him.

The two of them began to spar against one another.

"You know his father wants him to be your intended."

Aranduriel tried to stab at him. "I am not going to marry Legolas." She hissed as she continued to attack her older brother.

"And why is that? He is a good suitor sister." He questioned as he blocked her attacks.

"I will not marry him."

Their swords continued to clash. Neither getting a hit in when they wanted to. The other blocking the shots.

"And why won't you?" He demanded, as his sister dodged his sword once again.

Aranduriel spun and crashed her sword against his. "I do not love him."

"And you love another?" Elrohir demanded.

Aranduriel aimed and Elrohir's sword was knocked from his hand. She pointed her sword at him.

"It's the blond haired dwarf. The one with the mustache braided? Or is it Oakenshield, or his dark harried nephew with hardly any hair on his face?" He demanded. His blue eyes narrowed at his little sister. He would not allow her to be with a dwarf. Not one that could take her so far away from home. He would not lose his sister. He refused to lose her. It was bad enough with the youngest from the nest. He would not lose her like they had lost their mother. But it also meant that she might be like their uncle who their father hardly talked about due to him choosing a mortal life. He didn't want to lose his sister that way either. He wanted her there with them. He didn't know how he would say goodbye to her. He didn't think that he could give her away to a swarf either.

Aranduriel looked at him like he had gone insane and lost his mind. She dropped her sword. Why did people in her family think that? He was the second person to think that her and Fili had something going on. They were just friends. And it was the same with Thorin and Kili. She didn't know if she loved any of them, but she knew that she was just friends. "We are only friends, Elrohir." She told him. She crossed her arms huffing in agitation. "Go… I am sure that father would want you to go out and make sure that there are no orcs near our borders."

Elrohir threw his hands up in the air. He had no idea how else to get his sister to understand. Hell he himself saw how she looked at the dwarf. He couldn't understand why his sister had fallen for one who had no manners. It would set a bad example to their sister Arwen who currently was away with their grandmother. He grabbed his sword. "You need to sort out your emotions sister." He said before leaving her alone in the training field.

Aranduriel sheathed her sword and grabbed her bow and quiver of arrows. She knocked an arrow and fired it into the target that stood before her.

Meanwhile Fili had finally found her. He stopped when he heard the thud of something hitting the target. He went out and saw Aranduriel firing arrows into the target. He felt glad that he had found her, but what bothered him was that Aranduriel still had lied to them about being a lady of Rivendell.

She stopped firing her arrows. "I hear you there." She said, as she turned her head. "Fili, what are you doing wandering around?"She questioned him. She didn't think that Fili would be away from the company. Let alone leave the company. She knew that Thorin would give her a tongue lashing for being even close to his nephew now. But that didn't answer the question of why he was here.

Fili narrowed his eyes on her. "Why didn't you tell me that you were a Lady of Rivendell."

Aranduriel's eyebrows shot up her forehead. "What brought this upon, Fili?" She asked putting her bow down resting it on the ground, but still having a good hold upon it.

"Tell me why didn't you tell us?" FIli demanded, his emotions clouding the fact that he was friendly with her. And it hurt him that Aranduriel had lied to them all about her being a lady. He thought that she wouldn't do that due to the fact that everyone was beginning to trust her, well… except for his uncle.

"What is so important for me to tell you that I am a Lady of Rivendell?" She questioned him. She couldn't help, but wonder what brought this on to make him act like this. It didn't seem very fair that he was doing this to her. So she didn't tell them that she was a lady of Rivendell. Did that really matter? Not to her it didn't.

"You could have told us." Fili said, glaring at her.

"You would think that I am prim and proper. And you would have sent me home." She told him. Her blue-grey eyes narrowed at him.

"Why didn't you tell us that you were Lord Elrond's daughter?"

"Who told you?" She demanded. "Who in Valar told you that I was Lord Elrond's daughter?" She wanted to know who told Fili about her being Lord Elrond's daughter.

"Thorin did." He told him. His voice came out a lot more harsher than it should have, but it was indeed true. Thorin had told him. And now he found out who was lying between the two of them. And it had been her. He was hoping that Thorin was going to be the one that had lied to him, but no it had to be her. He felt his heart beginning to break. That meant that she was to be with a Lord then. Already spoken for and there was no way that he would be able to even have a chance with her. And she let him fall for her and she would break his heart like a million pieces.

Aranduriel looked down at the ground. So he was the one that told me. She should've known that he was going to tell them that she was Lord Elrond's daughter. She knew that they would also try to get her to stay behind. Something that she was not willing to do. "What Thorin told you was true. I am Lord Elrond's daughter."

"Then you should stay behind. Surely that elf that took you to the healing ward is your suitor."

Aranduriel scoffed at him. "That was my brother." She hissed at him. Spending this much time with the dwarves like she had was beginning to change her. She was no longer the prim and proper girl that her parents had raised. She had to change herself on the quest so she wasn't killed.

"That was your brother?" He shook his head. "I do not even know if I can believe you."

Aranduriel looked at him in shock. He couldn't believe her? That was ridiculous. He was being stubborn. More stubborn than his uncle. It was jerking her chain. She never thought that Fili, nephew of Thorin Oakenshield, was going to be this stubborn. "I am not courting anyone, Master Dwarf." She said harshly. If Fili was going to be stubborn then she would be doing the same since he didn't want her to go with them any more.

Fili scoffed. "Says a liar." He felt his heart breaking when he called her a liar. But he was saying it in anger. He was deeply hurt by her. How would he ever forgive her?

Aranduriel sharply turned away from him. His words stung her. More than she would let on. She would not allow Fili, nephew of Thorin Oakenshield, to hurt her. Not in this way. She picked up her bow and left the field. She was not going to allow Fili to argue with her any longer. She hated the fact that Fili had called her a liar. She was not one. For she had never told a lie to the dwarf prince. They had never asked her about her being a Lady of Rivendell.

She stormed down the halls trying to block out the feeling of pain that she had felt thanks to Fili's rude comment. She walked to her room, opening the door and closing it behind her. She pulled out a burgundy dress and decided it was best that she changed her clothes. She changed out of her training clothes and changed into her burgundy dress. She braided back her hair and slipped the circlet onto her head. She looked into her mirror sadly. She wiped away the tears that had fallen from her eyes thanks to Fili's rude comment. She then left her room and went out for a walk not caring at the moment where she was going.

Later Thorin had finished bathing in the fountain with the rest of the dwarves of the company. He was going to find Aranduriel and have a talk with her about something that was important. There was no way that he was allowing her to continue on this quest. She was now back with her kin. The people that cared about her the most. Yes, he did destroy the chances of his heir and her ever getting together. He knew that Aranduriel would not be a good queen for Erebor and she would outlive Fili. He walked into the courtyard and he found Aranduriel sitting underneath the tree reading a book. He walked over to her.

Aranduriel looked up at him. "I knew that you would end up coming and finding me at some point, Master dwarf." She said, closing her book.

Her eyes held a look that Thorin was not expecting. There was a mixture of hurt, understanding, and compassion. Something that Thorin had seen in her eyes before. That was before Erebor had fallen. Nothing had changed about this woman who sat underneath the tree looking up at him. Even after so many years. She still looked the same to him.

Thorin cleared his throat. "You are here to stay in Rivendell."

Aranduriel rolled her eyes. "No."She said as the spark of defyinancy flashed in her blue-grey eyes. She wasn't about to have Thorin telling her to remain in her homeland. She wanted to finish the task that Gandalf had given to her, and she wanted to see it through the entire way.

Thorin felt his ire rise. This woman was not going to listen to him. "And why won't you? You are back home with your people." He hissed out.

"You didn't hear a word Gandalf had said, did you?" She said standing up. She towered over him. She looked down at him. "I am to lead you through the greenwood. You are to follow the path to get to Lake-Town. Surely you didn't forget that."

Thorin growled at her. He would not allow her to continue on with this journey. He didn't need a woman to distract his company.

She turned away from him. "I also heard from Fili." She said not even looking over her shoulder at him. She couldn't bring herself to look at her former friend. Well at least on his part. She would continue being his friend regardless of if he was going to be an asshole to her or not. "He told me that you told him that I was Lord Elrond's daughter." She turned towards him. "Are you trying to make me look like I am a liar?" She demanded from the Dwarf King. "You deemed it wise to tell your nephew that I was Lord Elrond's daughter. What would you have to gain from that?" Her voice was becoming more and more sharper. Something that Thorin wasn't expecting from her not in this way.

"I wanted you to stay away from my nephew and you wouldn't follow my warning."

"You warned me not to be around either of them. Did you really think that they would listen to you? Thorin faced it. You don't want them to me because you were the one that threw our friendship away because of what happened to Erebor and I am sorry that Thranduil has changed your idea of elves, but I am nothing like them. Surely you remember that. I am not someone who would turn a blind eye away from your people. If I was there I would have gone and helped." She told him. Her blue-grey eyes narrowed at the Dwarf King. Her eyes widened when she saw the thing that she had given to him all those years ago.

After all of this time and after he pushed their friendship to the side. He still wore the necklace that held the ring that she had given to him.

"I see you still have the ring that I had given you all those years ago. You would have let the ring go if you were no longer going to be my friend." She was upset that he still had the ring. She really thought that he would give the ring up. Her heart raced in her chest. Why did he still have it?

Thorin's large hand went onto it, holding onto the ring that she had given him long ago. He was not expecting to get into a fight with her about something so small. Yes, he had kept it. He wasn't sure of why he kept it, but he did. He noticed something that hung around her neck besides the red evenstar that she wore. He saw the sapphire blue and diamond necklace that he had given to her all those years ago. He was not expecting her to still be wearing it. Not after what he had said to her and being so rude to her. He had thrown their friendship away and she still wore it. Was she expecting him to change his mind? He couldn't change his mind thanks to what Thranduil had done to his people. Could he even see her as someone else? Someone who would perhaps make his older nephew happy? No! He would not. He could not. He would not allow Fili to be involved with an elf. "And you are wearing your necklace that I had given you long ago. Why?" He questioned softly his voice lowering as he felt a tug on his heart filling with pride and joy and hopefulness. Something that he hadn't felt in such a long time.

Aranduriel nervously shifted as she looked at Thorin. She was not expecting him to say something about her still having the necklace. She wasn't going to be able to explain to him why she still had it after all of this time. Her hand went to the necklace that Thorin was questioning. She swallowed the lump that was in her throat. She knew that she was going to have to tell Thorin about why she still had it. "You never asked if I still had it. I cherished it for years and never took it off. That is how much your friendship meant to me, Thorin." She told him looking away from the proud dwarf. She wasn't sure of what he was going to say to that, but she had meant that his friendship had indeed meant a lot to her. "And what about you? You said you hated me and yet you still hold onto the very thing that I had given to you for friendship." Her voice began to hollow out. She was upset that Thorin still had the necklace that she had given to him. Why still have it if he didn't want to be her friend any more.

Thorin didn't say a word about his necklace that was around his neck. He wanted to, but how was he going to tell her that he still cared about their friendship? Sadly with him being a stubborn dwarf he wasn't going to change his mind any time soon. He wasn't going to tell her the reason why he still wore it. His mind went back to a place and a time when he thought she was dead.


Balin came running towards Thorin. "Thorin."

Thorin turned his head and saw the look on Balin's face. The worry that was etched on Balin's face made him worry. What could his friend be coming to say to him? "Balin what is it?" He questioned the grey haired dwarf.

Balin took a deep breath, but never answered his friend.

"Balin…" Thorin wanted to know why his friend looked so grief stricken. Whatever it was, it was worrying him even more.

"She passed." Balin said softly.

"Passed? Who passed?" Thorin demanded locking his eyes with his friend's eyes.

"Aranduriel… she passed away."

Thorin's eyes widened. He never thought he would hear those words. Aranduriel and passed away in the same sentence. He thought that she would live forever and perhaps come and find him and try to help him reclaim the homeland that they had lost. "How… Balin…" His voice was cracking. Never thought that he would rue this day and lose a friend all at once.

"She was going home with her people… They were attacked by orcs. Very few of them lived." Balin said sadly. He didn't want to see his friend like this. But he needed to tell Thorin that the elf maid that he was friends with had died.

Thorin grasped the necklace that he wore around his neck. He vowed right then and there that he would never remove the necklace that he wore. He would wear it until the day he died. He would not take it off honoring the memory of Aranduriel. Perhaps when he died he would get to see her again.

Present Day

"Thorin." Aranduriel's voice rang out, breaking him from his memories.

Thorin turned his head towards her. In all his years he thought that she had died and here she was still alive and well. Just like she had looked the day that he had met her. He felt his heart rate pick up.

Aranduriel crossed her arms as she looked at him. "Why do you continue to keep the gift that I had given you a long time ago?" She asked him again.

Thorin swallowed the lump that was in his throat.

"Well?" She demanded.

"I thought you died!" He shouted out.

Aranduriel's eyes widened and she turned sharply to look at him better. He thought that she was dead? But why would he think that she was dead? "What?"

"I thought that you were dead." He said softer. He didn't want to give her the truth, but it came out. He watched her carefully. She hadn't moved an inch since she had turned sharply to look at him. He saw the look that was etched on her face. He had never seen such a look upon her face. It was as if she was trying to figure out when this had happened. "Balin had come to me after the battle in Moria." He said softly. He knew that he couldn't keep the answer away from her. He was going to have to tell her the truth. "He told me that you were on your way home. He never told me where, but that you had died."

Aranduriel grasped the necklace that he had given to her. Her knuckles turned white. She remembered that. Her other hand went to the side of her head. Granted the injury was no longer there, but it was still a painful reminder of what had happened to her. She had gotten knocked off of her horse and almost had lost her life, but what bothered her the most was that Thorin had been told that she was dead. That was one thing that she wasn't expecting. "I didn't think that you thought me dead. If I had known…"

Thorin looked at her. "But you didn't." He pointed out the obvious thing. He was still hurt that even Gandalf hadn't told him that she was alive. That was something that bothered him so much. He wasn't going to take his anger out on her too much more. He realized that it was not her fault that this had happened.

She bit her lip. "I am sorry Thorin." She whispered softly.

"You are going to stay here." He told her. He didn't want her death to be on his mind. He cared for her still and with Fili slowly falling in love with her it was the only way to keep her safe and Fili's mind on the quest.

"No, Thorin. I am helping you for a reason. Gandalf has already told you the reason why. Do you really think that if we have to take the elven path that you will go unnoticed? Woodland elves are not as friendly as my people are." She told him. Her blue-grey eyes boring into his blue ones.

Thorin knew that this was true. There would be no way that they would go unseen by the elves of the woodland realm. He knew that she was going to have to go with them and he didn't want her to. "You will listen to me. You will be staying here. We will not be here very long." He told her. He turned on his heel and began to walk away from her.

Aranduriel let out a sigh. "And you are still going to be the stubborn dwarf that I have met." She said, shaking her head. Of course Thorin would be keeping true to his people. Being stubborn and protective. She ran her hand through her hair and shook her head.

Thorin just continued to walk away from her. He had heard what he said and he knew that what she said was true. But tonight they would leave and Aranduriel wasn't going to be going with them this time. They would continue on without her. He would not allow her to follow them out of the valley. She was where she belonged.


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