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Chapter 10

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 10. The much awaited chapter of this story to most of you. You couldn't want to see what happened in Rivendell and now here it is. Granted it won't be all the way through Rivendell because I figured three chapters in Rivendell would be enough, but it might turn into four. Depends on how long the chapters are when I really get into writing them. Because I am not sure how much will be in each chapter. Thank you to all of those who have left reviews for my story so far. It really does mean a lot to me that I have so many loyal readers for this story. More drama is probably going to be in this chapter. Aranduriel has some explaining to do that is for sure. Without further ado Chapter 10.

Chapter 10

The Last Homely House

The path was small for the dwarves to walk through. It was as if someone who was not the build of dwarves would be able to get through it.

Fili turned his head slightly to look back at Aranduriel who was towards the back of the company. He saw how tight she was holding onto her arm where the warg had bitten her. He felt bad that she had gotten hurt by saving his life. It didn't seem right that she had saved him and got hurt, but he was thankful that she had saved his life. Thorin wouldn't have to bury a nephew just yet on this quest.

"Gandalf, where are we?" Bilbo asked, looking back at the grey wizard.

"You can feel it?" Gandalf questioned the sandy haired hobbit.

"Yes." Bilbo said softly. "It feels like, well… magic."

Gandalf smiled. "That is exactly what it is. A very powerful magic."

Aranduriel closed her eyes. She allowed the feeling of the magic to take over her. It was something that she had missed a lot. The magic of her people. She couldn't help, but wonder what Thorin would say to Gandalf once he figured out where they were going. He would not be pleased with it and she knew it. She could only hope that she would not be on Thorin's wrath path.

Gandalf looked at Aranduriel. "You will be fine." He told her softly. He put his hand on her good shoulder and pushed her lightly through the small path. He was making sure that she was avoiding the walls that were so crudely cut into making the path hard to walk through.

Aranduriel knew that Gandalf was trying to stay on the bright side of things. He was trying to make sure that she wasn't going to faint on them.

The company had gotten out of the way looking down at the valley below them.

"The Valley of Imraldis." Gandalf said with a smile. "In the common tongue it is known by another name."

"Rivendell." Bilbo said, looking down upon the city of Rivendell in awe. He had never seen such a beautiful place in his life.

Anaduriel looked down upon her home knowing that she was going to be in trouble with her father and her two older brothers. She had left to go on this adventure and she was going to be leaving them again once the map was read. Just like Gandalf had wanted to. She knew that her father would even try to stop her from doing so.

"Here lies the last Homely House east of the sea." Gandalf said, looking down happily at the valley.

"This was your plan all along, to seek refuge with our enemy." Thorin said growling out at Gandalf. He didn't like the idea that they were there in Rivendell.

Aranduriel turned her head and shot Thorin a look. Still Thorin was going to be a stubborn ass.

"You have no enemies here, Thorin Oakenshield. The only ill-will to be found in this valley is that which you bring yourself." Gandalf told Thorin looking sternly at the hot-headed dwarf.

Thorin huffed. He still didn't like the idea that they were here. He crossed his arms and looked at Gandalf. "You think the elves will give our quest their blessing? They'll try and stop us."

Aranduriel looked over at him. "And you give too little thought, Thorin Oakenshield." She said, as she walked past them looking down at the valley. What a homecoming that this would be. Would her father give her a scolding? Would her older twin brothers be displeased with her? And little Estel would he be mad at her for leaving without telling him? She felt so torn at that moment.

"Of course they would." Gandalf said knowingly. "But we have questions that need to be answered."

"And why can't the lass give us the answers?" Gloin asked, looking over in the direction of Aranduriel.

"Because she doesn't know the answers that we need." Gandalf told Gloin. "If we are to be successful, this will need to be handled with tact and respect and no small degree of charm. Which is why you'll leave talking to me."

The company began to walk down to Rivendell.

Fili felt his brother push him a little bit. He turned his head and looked at his little brother. "What?" He questioned softly.

Kili motioned with his head to where Aranduriel was. "She is looking pale." He told his big brother. He was voicing his concern for the elf maiden.

Fili looked back and saw that her pale skin looked worse than it was before. He saw that the fabric that she was wearing was soaked and darker due to how much blood she was losing.

Aranduriel looked up at the person that was looking at her. She locked eyes with Fili. She saw the concern that was written in his eyes. She looked away from him and continued down the path. He had every right to be concerned about her, but showing it and his uncle could see it was something that was not good. She knew that Thorin would scold Fili for showing concern for her. She pulled her burgundy hood over her head.

The company crossed the bridge into Rivendell. The dwarves looked uncomfortable for being there in Rivendell and Aranduriel kept her head down. Bilbo looked around in wonderment.

Aranduriel looked up when she heard someone coming down the stairs towards them. She knew who it was. Lindir… She knew once he saw her that she would be in a lot of trouble. He would tell her father unless her father would see her before he got the chance to tell him.

"Mithrandir." Lindir said with a smile when he saw the grey wizard bowing his head.

"Ah Lindir." Gandalf said, bowing his head to Lindir.

Thorin whispered into Dwalin's ear. "Stay sharp."

"We heard you had crossed the line into the Valley." Lindir said in elvish.

"I must speak with Lord Elrond." Gandalf said to Lindir in english.

Aranduriel froze when she heard her father's name.

"My Lord Elrond's not here."

"Not here? Where is he?" Gandalf asked Lindir.

Elvish horns were heard.

Aranduriel moved towards Gandalf. Her hand was still on her shoulder trying to keep the blood from flowing down her arm, but the bite was probably worse than what she thought it was.

"Ifridi bekar! Hold ranks!" Thorin said, as the company made a circle.

Aranduriel raised an eyebrow. Thorin thought that they were going to hurt them? That was something that was really ludacris and well something that her father would not do.

Gandalf tried not to shake his head. He knew that Thorin was going to do something like this. He was protective of his company. Gandalf looked at Aranduriel and saw that she was rigid. He knew that she was afraid of what her father would say to her.

Lord Elrond separates himself from the company and moves towards Gandalf. "Gandalf." He stopped his horse in front of them.

Gandalf bowed gracefully. "Lord Elrond. Mellonnen! Mo evinedh?" He asked his friend.

"We've been hunting a pack of Orcs that came from the south. We slew a number by the Hidden pass." Elrond said in elvish to his friend. He dismounted his horse and gave Gandalf a hug. "Strange for Orcs to come so close to our borders. Something, or someone, has drawn them near." He said in english as he held up the orc sword and then handed it off to Lindir.

"Ah that may have been us." Gandalf admitted to Elrond.

Thorin stepped forward. He knew who Lord Elrond was.

"Welcome Thorin,son of Thrain." Elrond said to the Future king under the mountain. He never thought that he would see Thorin Oakenshield here in Rivendell with Gandalf.

Thorin looked at Lord Elrond. "Can't say that it is the same for us." Thorin said rudely to Lord Elrond.

Elrond ignored what Thorin had said. "Light the fires, bring forth the wine. We must feed our guests." He said in elvish.

"What is he saying? Does he offer us insults?" Gloin demanded.

The dwarves held onto their weapons tightly.

Aranduriel rolled her eyes and moved forward. "No, Master Gloin, he offers you food." She said, her voice soft and weaker than what she had intended it to be.

They talk among themselves quietly.

"Well then lead the way." Gloin said proudly.

Lord Elrond turned his attention to Aranduriel. "Elladan take their travelling companion to the healing rooms." He said to his eldest son.

Elladan got off of his horse and went up to Aranduriel. He gave her a pointed look.

Aranduriel looked down at the ground knowing that she was in trouble. She followed her brother up the stairs to the healing rooms. She nibbled at her lower lip in concern wondering how bad she was going to get scolded. In all her life of living here, she never took off on her own like she had.

"Father is upset with you." Elladan said, looking at her. He couldn't believe that Aranduriel would leave and go on an adventure like this.

"I know." She said softly. She stumbled on a few of the stairs.

Elladan grabbed onto her. "You are hurt badly aren't you?" He questioned her concern washing over his tone. He didn't like the idea that his littlest sister was hurt.

"Yes… I was bitten after all by a warg." She admitted softly knowing that she would get into trouble for that. But she knew that her brothers would do the same if she was in that sort of trouble and they would face the warg all on their own and she learned that from them.

"You know not to do that." He told her. "You were saving one of them weren't you?"

Aranduriel looked at him. "I don't hate them. They are my friends after all. Elladan I am fine. I don't need to be babied by you or anyone else. I know what I am doing. I am not an elfling any more." She said as she held onto her shoulder tighter.

Elladan led her into the healing room. "You should have thought before you left." He told her. "Estel thought that it was his fault that you had left." He left the room leaving her to her thoughts.

Aranduriel felt bad. She never meant to have Estel think that she had left for that reason. It wasn't his fault. She thought that this was the right thing to do. She carefully removed her cloak and put it down on the bed. She removed her coat and tried not to hiss in pain. She heard heavy footsteps which meant that it was a dwarf coming towards the room.

"That was the most foolish thing that you could have done. You are a woman." Thorin bit out.

Aranduriel turned her head and looked dead in his blue eyes. "Of course you would say something like that. I saved Fili because I knew you would need him and he is young. No one should die that young." She said, as she removed her vest. Her white tunic top was covered in blood from her wound.

"You didn't have to save him. He would have been fine." Thorin growled out.

"You are just upset that I saved him. You don't like being indebted to an elf. Thorin I did it for a good reason. I wasn't doing it out of spite. It was because I wanted to."

Thorin stormed out of the room. He was tired of Aranduriel getting in the way. When they left here they would be leaving her behind. This was where she belonged. With her people. He didn't care if he hurt any of the company members' feelings by leaving her behind. He thought that this was the best thing that they could do. Parting ways was the best choice in his mind.

Aranduriel sat down on the bed and closed her eyes. Thorin had such a way with words at times. He was too stubborn for his own kind. He was so dead set on doing things his way and being here was taking away from that.

Lord Elrond came into the room. He looked at his daughter. "Aranduriel, my daughter. You have caused quite a stir here. Running off to go on an adventure. Coming back with Gandalf, thirteen dwarves and a hobbit. I have to admit that I question your choice in leaving Rivendell." He told her as he locked his grey blue eyes with hers.

Aranduriel lowered her head. "I know that I should have told you what was going through Gandalf's mind when he came here those months ago, but he made me promise not to tell. I kept true to my word. Father, I wanted to do this. Not because I was asked. It gave me a chance to see Thorin again."

"And you got hurt on this adventure." He said coming towards her. "You need to be careful out there. I cannot lose you. Not like I had lost your mother. I don't want you sailing to the west due to orcs."

Aranduriel bit her lip knowing that it was true. There hadn't been a day that her father had thought about her mother. It almost broke his heart when she had sailed west. She knew that he didn't want to lose a child to the same thing. "Father I know and I am sorry." She said softly knowing that it would break his heart if she had to do the same thing as her mother. Not only would it break her father's heart, it would break her twin brother's hearts and her sister's heart as well. And she didn't want to be the reason for more grief.

"Let's just get you healed up."

Meanwhile the dwarves were led up the stairs.

"Do you think that she will be alright?" Fili asked Thorin who had just returned to the company.

Thorin looked at Fili. "She is with her people again. She will be left here when it is time to go." He told Fili.

Fili felt his heart drop. "Uncle, we need her." He told Thorin. "She knows her way… We'll need her like Gandalf had said."

"Enough Fili." Thorin had told his nephew. "She will not be coming with us. She is a distraction to us."Thorin moved ahead of them. He didn't want to hear anymore about what Fili wanted to say about the young woman who was with them.

Fili and Kili looked at one another.

"Do you really think that Thorin will make her stay behind?" Bilbo asked the two brothers.

The two brothers looked at Bilbo.

"Thorin is stubborn. He still thinks that she hasn't proven herself." Kili said, shaking his head. "But I don't think that he would make her stay behind."

Fili nodded his head. "He knows that we need her." He let out a sigh and shook his head. "I just hope that she will be alright." He looked back towards the direction that Thorin had come from. He could only hope that their elf woman was alright. He had grown to care for her perhaps more than what he should've. He knew how Thorin was going to be if he picked Aranduriel as his one. The woman that he would spend the rest of his life with. He also knew that Thorin would judge him if he picked Aranduriel. A former friend of his. He probably wouldn't be able to become King of Under the Mountain after Thorin.

Kili patted his brother's arm. He followed his brother up the stairs. Perhaps this place wouldn't be so bad. Only in a small dose he hoped.

Bilbo looked around. His eyes were wide with wonder. He was happy to finally get to see Rivendell instead of reading about it in his books. He was happy that he was getting to see Around Uriel's home. He couldn't wait to see what Erebor would be like. It probably wouldn't be as grand as Rivendell was, but since a dragon inhabited it at the moment it was probably bad.

Perhaps Rivendell and being around elves wasn't going to be so bad for the company. Maybe just maybe they would be able to get the information that they needed to find the hidden door to Erebor. Then they could continue on their quest. A quest that was on the edge of a knife at that very moment.


This is the end of chapter 10. I wish it was a little bit better written, but this is what I had come up with for this chapter which is pretty good. There will be more interactions in the next chapter. Little ten year old Estel will be in the next chapter and the dwarves find out that Aranduriel is the daughter of Lord Elrond. Also Aranduriel gets a little visit from her grandmother to have a talk with her about her being on this quest with the dwarves. What could her grandmother want with her? I hope that you all enjoyed it and please let me know what you think. Oh and Aranduriel sings a song to Estel. Thank you to those who have given me ideas for this story so far. Until next time.

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