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To Die For @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 3

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 3 of To Die For. I am glad that you guys are loving Kimberlyn. She is probably one of the most fun characters that I've ever written for and I can't wait to write more for her and grow her character out some through this series even though it seems like it's taking me a while to get through this series and all of the others, but as long as you guys want to tune in while I'm working on these that is amazing. I can't wait for you guys to read this next part and I'm really hoping that you guys will enjoy future parts with Kimberlyn.

Chapter 3

Another Bad Girl to Deal With

Kimberlyn sat in the backseat silently as the brothers argued. She knew that Ruby was going to cause trouble. It was always the given case ever since she had known the demon for quite some time. She looked out the window with her lips pursed together in a thin line.

"Because demon, that's why. I mean the second you find out this Ruby chick is a demon you go for the holy water! You don't chat!" Dean snapped at his brother narrowing his eyes as he drove.

"No one was chatting, Dean." Sam said defending himself.

"Oh yeah? Then why didn't you send her ass back to Hell?"

"Because… Because she said she might be able to help us out!"


Sam kept silent.

"No, really, Sam, how? How could she possibly help us?"

"She told me she could help you, okay? Help you out of your crossroad deal."

Kimberlyn let out a scoff as she sat in the backseat. Of course Ruby would go that route of trying to get Sam to trust her.

"What's wrong with you, huh? She's lying, you gotta know that, don't you? She knows what your weakness is… it's me." Dean swallowed the lump in his throat. "What else did she say?"

Sam looked ahead not saying a word.


"Nothing. Nothing okay? Look I'm not an idiot Dean, I'm not talking about trusting her. I'm talking about using her. I mean we're at war, right? And we don't know jack about the enemy. We don't know where they are, we don't know what they're doing. I mean, hell, we don't know what they want. Now this Ruby girl knows more than we will ever find out on our own. Now yes, it's a risk. I know that, but we need to take it."

"You're okay right, I mean you're feeling okay?" Dean questioned letting out a soft breath.

"Yes, I'm fine. Why are you always asking me that." A phone began to ring causing Sam to reach for his. "It's not mine."

Dean went for his. "Nope. Check the glove compartment, it's dad's."


"Yes, I keep it charged up in case any of his old contacts call."

Sam opened the glove compartment and found his father's phone and answered it. "Hello? Yes… this is Edgar Casey… No! No, no, no, don't… don't call the police. I'll handle it myself. Thanks. You know, can you just uh, can you just lock it back up for me? Great. Uhm, I… I uh, I don't have my book in front of me…." He gestured to Dean to give him a pen. "Do you… do you have the address so I can… sure… Okay go ahead." Sam wrote it down. "Thanks a lot." He hung up the phone and let out a breath. "Dad ever tell you he kept a container at a storage place?"


"Outside of Buffalo?"

"No way."

"Yeah. And someone just broke into it."


The three of them stood in the elevator on the storage facility.

"Man…" Dean said thinking.

"What?" Sam asked looking over at his brother.

Kimberlyn shifted her weight nervously on her feet. Her heart rammed in her chest thinking back to what Dean had told Sam in the car. Trusting a demon, and he didn't know who she was. He would want to kill her and she wasn't a witch that was dangerous.

"Just Dad. You know him and his secrets. Spend all this time with the guy and it's like we barely even know the man."

"Well, we're about to learn something." Sam said softly.

The three of them exited the elevator and went to the storage container.

Dean unlocked the padlock and opened the sliding door.

The three of them slowly went in seeing a large symbol drawn in red along with several bloody footprints.

"No demons allowed." Sam said looking around shining his flashlight around.

Kimberlyn pursed her lips together as she looked around shining her flashlight around.

"Blood. Check this out." Dean said holding up a tripwire that was attached to a shotgun that was hidden inside of a large animal skull.

"Whoever broke in here got tagged." Sam said, letting out a breath as he looked around.

"Dear old Dad. I got two sets of boot treads here, looks like it was a two-man job. And our friend with the buckshot in him looks like he kept walking."

"So what's the deal? Dad would do work here or something?" Sam questioned as his brows furrowed as he looked around.

"Living the high life, as usual."

Kimberlyn looked around with her lips pursed together into a thin line. Her green eyes scanned the area trying to figure out anything or at least get a read on the room. The room really hadn't given her much of a vibe,but something was wrong.

They walked further inside of the building.

Dean aimed his flashlight on the skull and shook his head laughing.

Sam looked over at the desk while Dean picked up a trophy from a shelf and scraped off the dust. "1995."

"No way! That's my Division Championship soccer trophy. I can't believe he kept this." Sam said as he looked at the trophy that was in his brother's hands.

"Yeah… it probably about the closest you ever came to being a boy." Dean said wandering off somewhere else in the building.

Kimberlyn shook her head lightly. "Is he always like this? Teasing you that you're a girl or something?" She questioned softly as she walked around the room.

"Yeah… always has been that way." He admitted softly.

Kimberlyn shook her head lightly.

"Oh wow! It's my first sawed-off. I made it myself. Sixth grade." Dean said as he looked at the sawed off gun. He let out a soft chuckle and pumped the shotgun.

Sam moved further into the container and opened the door to a back room. The chain had been cut.

The three of them walked into the room and shone their flashlights around the room.

"Holy crap. Look at this, he had land mines… which they didn't take. Or the guns. I guess they knew what they were after, huh?" Dean questioned looking at Sam.

Sam spotted some boxes that were inscribed with symbols on the far shelf. "Hey, Dean. Check this out. See these symbols? That's binding magic. These are curse boxes."

"Curse boxes? Th-they're supposed to keep evil mojo in right, kinda like the Pandora deal?"

"Yeah." Kimberlyn said looking at the older brother.

Sam nodded his head. "Yeah, they're built to contain the power of the curse object."

"Well Dad's journal did mention a whole bunch of stuff, you know? Dangerous hexed items, fetishes… he never did say where they ended up."

"Yeah. Well this must be his toxic waste dump." Sam noticed that a rectangular shape in the dust. He ran his finger along the line of dust. "One box is missing… great."

"Well maybe they didn't open it."

Kimberlyn looked at the brothers. "Well, that's not good. If they opened it…"

"Trouble surely will be coming their way." Sam said softly rubbing his mouth softly.


Dean pulled the car up in the alley beside an apartment block, next to another car. Dean leaned out to check the plates. "Connecticut. Last three digits 880."

"Yep, that's it." Sam said confirming his brother.

Dean let out a chuckle. "Should've blacked out their plates before they parked in front of the security camera…"

Kimberlyn nodded her head. "Well not everyone's smart Dean."

"Stay here… we'll be right out." Dean said giving her a small smile.


"I think we can handle them."

Kimberlyn let out a breath crossing her arms. "Alright. Fine." She muttered. She watched the two boys get out of the car and she let out a breath. She hated the fact that Dean thought that they would be fine.


Kimberlyn rubbed her forehead softly.

"You don't know much about cursed objects?" Sam asked softly as he showed her the rabbits foot. He hadn't wanted to bother her about the rabbit's foot, but he didn't know if she knew what went into it… since she was a witch.

Kimberlyn looked at the rabbit's foot that he held. She blinked a few times as she looked it over. "Honestly… I don't like the energy that's rolling off of that… it's really dark… dark magic and it's something that I hate…" Kimberlyn said looking away from it.

Sam let out a breath as he pocketed the foot and went back to looking at the journal to see if his father had written anything.

"Let me guess… you're not finding anything?" Kimberlyn questioned knowing that most hunters really didn't know with cursed items or if they did… they didn't write anything down.

Sam let out another breath. "No…"

Kimberlyn was about to say something when Dean opened the door of the Impala and got into it carrying a paper bag. Kimberlyn's eyebrows rose as she looked at Dean.

Dean took something out of the paper bag.

"I'm not finding anything on it in Dad's journal." Sam said looking at Dean.

Dean held up several scratch tickets in front of his younger brother.

Sam let out a breath. "Dean, come on."

"What?! Hey, that was my gun he was aiming at your head, and my gun don't jam. So that was a lucky break. Not to mention them taking themselves out, also a lucky break. Here, scratch one. C'mon Sam, scratch and win!" Dean said as he handed over a coin to Sam and a card.

Sam began to scratch the card. "Dean, it's gotta be cursed somehow. Otherwise Dad wouldn't have locked it up." He said as he handed the card back to his brother.

Dean took the card back and looked at it. His jaw dropped a little. "$1200… you just won $1200." He let out a laugh and hollered in happiness. "I don't know, man, it doesn't seem that cursed to me!"Dean said handing Sam another card.

Kimberlyn shook her head lightly. Of course Dean would think that way.


Dean laid six scratch cards onto the hood of the Impala calculating their winnings. "Oh, man!" He said letting out a laugh.

Kimberlyn shook her head lightly as she looked at Dean before looking over at Sam.

"Now look Bobby, we didn't know." Sam said as he looked over seeing Kimberlyn looking over at him. His cheeks coloring some before looking away.

"You touched it? Damn it, Sam!"

"Well Dad never told us about this thing. I mean you knew about his storage place at Black Rock."

"His lockup? Yeah, I knew. Hell I built those curse boxes for him. Listen, you have got a serious problem."

Sam noticed something shining under a newspaper and he picked up revealing it to be a gold watch.

"That rabbit's foot ain't no dime store notion."

He turned to Dean and Kimberlyn showing the watch. He saw his brother mouth awesome, but Kimberlyn rolled her eyes.

"It's real Hoodoo, Old World stuff. Made by a Baton Rouge conjure woman about a hundred years ago."

"It's a hell of a good luck charm." Sam told Bobby softly as he pocketed the watch.

"It's not a luck charm, it's a curse! She made it to kill people, Sam! See, you touch it, you own it. You own it, sure you get a run of good luck to beat the Devil. But, you lose it, that luck turns. It turns so bad that you're dead inside a week."

"Well, so I won't lose it, Bobby."

"Everybody loses it!"

"Well, then, how do we break the curse?"

Bobby let out a sigh. "I don't know if you can."

Sam slowly pocketed the Rabbit's foot.

"Lemme look through my library and make some calls. Just sit tight."

Dean looked over at Sam with a huge grin on his face. "Dude! We're up fifteen grand!"

Sam gave Dean a half-smile, his mind clouded over with worry. He didn't like the information that Bobby had given to him. He needed to talk to Kimberlyn about it, but he couldn't without revealing to Dean that she was a witch and he didn't want his brother to go off of the rails with that.


Dean, Sam, and Kimberlyn walked into Biggerson's.

Dean patted Sam's arm. "Don't worry Bobby'll find a way to break it. Until then I say we hit Vegas, pull a little Rain Man. You can be Rain Man."

Kimberlyn let out a breath rubbing her head softly looking around the diner that Dean had chosen for them to eat at.

"Look, we just lay low until Bobby calls back, okay?" Sam told his brother. He looked at the restaurant owner. "Hi, uh table for three please."

"Congratulations!" He hit a button causing an alarm to go off.

"It's exciting, I know." Dean said smile.

"You are the one millionth guest of the Biggerson's Restaurant family!"

The staff began to sing and take photos of the three of them. Balloons and streamers fell from the ceiling.

Sam and Kimberlyn looked embarrassed and Dean just simply was ecstatic about the whole thing.


Sam sat next to Kimberlyn on his laptop typing away.

Dean was busy eating a bowl of ice cream being rather piggish while eating.

"Bobby's right. This lore goes way back. Pure Hoodoo. You can't just cut one off any rabbit. Has to be in a cemetery, under a full moon on a Friday the thirteenth."

Kimberlyn wrinkled her nose remember hearing tales from her father about the whole thing of how some witches did things. Not all witches were the same she suddenly learned through him.

"I think from now on we only go to places with Biggerson's." Dean said with a groan as brainfreeze hit him.

Sam let out a laugh watching his brother's antics.

A pretty waitress came over to their table with coffee. "Can I freshen you up?" She asked with a smile to Sam.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Thanks."

The waitress poured some coffee for Sam, but as she smiled at him she spilled some. "Oh!"

"Oh! Oh I uh…"

"Let me mop up here."

"No, no don't worry it's okay. It's okay… I got it, uh…"

"It's no trouble, really."


"Sorry about that."

"It's alright."

The waitress smiled as she cleaned the coffee up.

Sam looked at his brother with a look on his face.

The waitress finished cleaning up and walked away, looking over her shoulder as she went and smiled.

The brothers both leaned in to watch her retreating form.

Kimberlyn shook her head lightly.

"Dude. If you were ever gonna get lucky…"

Sam looked at his brother and smirked. "Shut up." Sam went to pick up his coffee and knocked over the coffee cup and spilled it all over the table and himself. He jumped out of his seat. "Oh! Oh Geez, uh…" Sam turned and a waiter with a full tray crashes straight into him, sending things flying and causing a scene.

Dean and Kimberlyn looked at Sam in shock.

"Sorry." Sam said apologizing to the waiter.

"How was that good?" Dean questioned looking at his brother.

Sam searched his pocket and came up empty. The rabbit's foot was gone.

"Son of a bitch!"

Kimberlyn got out of the booth and went to Sam. "Come on… Let's get you out of here."


The three of them rushed out of the restaurant.

"Come on!" Dean said as he moved ahead of the two of them.

Sam tripped over his own feet falling flat on his face taking Kimberlyn out with him.

Dean slowed and turned around seeing Sam on the ground with Kimberlyn. "Wow! You suck!" Dean said coming over to his brother helping Sam off of the ground.

Kimberlyn dusted herself off.


"So what, now your luck turns bad?" Dean questioned looking Sam over.

Sam looked at his brother, his jeans were torn at both knees and they were bloody and raw. "I guess."

"I wonder how bad."

Kimberlyn looked at Dena. "Shall we not find out how bad?"


Dean opened the apartment door and he, Sam, and Kimberlyn came into the apartment. Sam and Kimberlyn hung back some so Sam could be safe.

"Oh, man. What do you want and who's the bitch?" Grossman questioned narrowing his eyes at Kimberlyn.

Kimberlyn narrowed her eyes not liking the idea that she was being called a bitch by someone that she didn't know.

"Hey now, that's not very polite to talk to our friend like that. You don't even know her." Dean said looking at Grossman. "Now, we heard about your friend. That's bad luck."

"Piss off."

"We know someone hired you to steal the rabbit's foot. A woman."

"Oh yeah? How do you know that?"

"Because she just stole it back from us."

Grossman laughed looking at the three of them.

"Listen, man, this is seri…" Sam stepped forward only to trip on a wire of the floor in mid-sentence, pulling a CD player off of the shelf and sending it and him crashing to the ground. Sam took out the lamp as he went.

Kimberlyn closed her eyes.

Dean rolled his eyes not looking back. "Sam, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good!" Sam said as he slowly pulled himself up.

Grossman smirked at the bad luck that Sam was having.

"I want you to tell us her name."

"Screw you."

Kimberlyn moved pushing Dean back. "I'll handle this… watch your brother okay…"

Dean looked at Kimberlyn blinking a few times.

"Trust me I got this."

Dean nodded his head and went over to his brother.

Kimberlyn waved her hand once Sam and Dean had gone outside of the room closing the door. She turned and looked at Grossman. "It wasn't a freak accident that killed your partner Grossman." She said as she crossed her arms tilting her head a little bit as she talked to the man.


"It was the rabbit's foot."

Grossman let out a scoff. "You're crazy."

She leaned forward her eyes glowed purple. "You know I'm not."

Grossman let out a gasp seeing the eerie purple glow in her eyes.

She leaned back blinking her eyes returning to their natural green color. "You saw what happened, what it did. All the flukes, all the luck. When you lose the foot that luck goes sour. That's what killed your friend. And his brother's next on the list. And who knows how many more innocent people after that. Now if you don't help us stop this thing, that puts those deaths on your head."

Grossman pursed his lips together as his body shook in fear as he looked at the woman. No woman ever scared him like this before.

"Now I can read people fairly well… and I get it. You're a thief, and a scumbag, that's fine. But you're not a killer. Are you?"

"No…" He whispered softly.

"That's what I thought."


Kimberlyn gave the brothers the information that Grossman had given to her.

"How did you get it from him?" Sam asked curiously.

"I have my ways." Kimberlyn said with a wink to Sam as they walked.

Dean's cell began to ring and he walked leaving the two of them.

"Don't tell me that you used your magic?" Sam said as he walked with her.

"I only made my eyes glow Sam… nothing more than that. Put a little scare in him and he told me everything. Every single thing that we needed to get that girl." She didn't want to tell Sam that the name sounded familiar to her.

Sam grimace as he lifted his shoe up seeing the pink gum on his shoe.

Kimberlyn wrinkled her nose when she saw the gum on his shoe.

Sam tried to get the gum off of his shoe on a broken storm drain grating.

"Be careful you could lose your shoe." She said looking at him knowing that losing his shoe would probably be even worse luck for him.

"I'm sure I'll be okay." He said hoping that he was right that he would be okay.

Kimberlyn turned her head and listened to Dean.

"Bobby, Bobby, listen. This, uh, this hot chick stole it from him. I'm serious. In her mid 20's, and she was sharp you know, good enough at the con to play us. And she only gave the guy she hired a name, probably an alias of something. Uh, Luigi or something."

"Lugosi." Kimberlyn said looking over at Dean.


"Lugosi?! Lugos… Aw crap, it's probably Bela."

Kimberlyn heard a splash and she looked over seeing Sam's shoe off his foot. She closed her eyes, knowing that this was probably going to make Sam more and more frustrated because his luck was bad.

"Bela Lugosi? That's cute."

"Bela Talbot's her real name. Crossed paths with her once or twice."

"Well, she knew about the rabbit's foot. Is she a hunter?"

"Pretty friggin' far from a hunter, but she knows her way around the territory. She's been out of the country. Last I heard she was in the Middle East someplace."

"Ah, I guess she's back."

"Which means seriously bad luck for you."

"Great." Dean said, letting out a sigh knowing that it wasn't good luck at all for them.

"But, if it is Bela. At least I might know some folks who know where to find her."

"Thanks, Bobby. Again."

"Just… look out for your brother, ya idjit."

Dean looked over at Sam and Kimberlyn and saw the dejected look on Sam's face. "What?"

"I lost my shoe." Sam said looking up with a pout.

Dean looked down at Sam's sock clad foot and sighed annoyed of the whole thing. He rolled his eyes and turned away.

Sam lowered his head some.

Kimberlyn put her hand on his shoulder. "Come on." She said leading him back towards the Impala.


Dean pulled the Impala outside of the entrance of the motel. He was on the phone with Bobby. "Alright, Bobby, thanks. Hey, we owe ya. Another one." Dean hung up his phone. He looked at Sam. "Alright, Bobby's got it on pretty good authority that this Bela chick… lives in Queens. So it'll take me about two hours to get there."

"So what are we doing here?" Sam questioned looking over at Dean, his brows furrowing together.

"You, my brother, are staying here 'cause I don't want your bad luck getting us killed." He said as he drove to the main parking lot passing an RV on the way.

Kimberlyn pursed her lips together knowing that Sam wasn't liking the idea all that much.

Dean got out of the car leaving to go and get a key for a room for Sam.

"He's trying to protect you…" Kimberlyn said softly. "Honestly I don't blame him… I mean… with the foot having this bad of an effect on you…" She knew that Sam was having a hard time with the fact his brother wanted him to stay alone in the motel without her or him there to make sure that everything was going to be okay.

Sam let out a soft breath. "Will you stay with me?" He asked softly. His heart thumped against his chest harshly. He knew it was a bit much to ask her to stay with him, after all he hardly knew her and she hardly knew him.

Kimberlyn's green eyes went wide. "You… you want me to stay here with you?"

Sam nodded his head softly. "If you could please."

Kimberlyn smiled softly. "Okay… I can do that."


Dean unlocked the door to the motel room and led Sam and Kimberlyn into the room. He turned on the light as he came into the room.

Sam looked at his brother looking down at his feet like a child. "What am I even supposed to do, Dean?"

"Nothing! Nothing. Come here. I don't want you doing anything. I want you to sit right here." Dean said moving a chair into the middle of the room. "And don't move, okay? Don't turn on the light, don't turn off the light. Don't even scratch your nose. Kimberlyn will stay with you."

Sam slowly sat down in the chair and watched Dean leave the room locking it behind him. Sam wrinkled his nose a few times before risking a scratch. He lightly scratched at it.

"He told you not to do that." Kimberlyn said as she moved to sit down on the bed to look at the younger brother. A small smile played her lips at the thought that Sam wasn't one for fully listening to an order that was given.

Sam let out a soft breath. "I wouldn't have killed us all…" He said softly looking over at her seeing the small smile on her lips which made his heart thump in his chest in a feeling that he couldn't place.

Kimberlyn let out a soft chuckle as she looked at Sam. "He's trying to protect you Sam… he's your older brother, and from what I hear… that's something that siblings do." She admitted softly remembering how siblings acted around one another.

Sam pursed his lips together. "Do you have siblings?" He asked curiously, hoping that he hadn't asked the wrong question.

Kimberlyn let out a breath. "I did… a long time ago…" Her eyes teared up some.

"Oh… Kim…"

"It's fine… He died…" She said softly. "He was protective of me… and that was something that older siblings do." She gripped her knees lightly. "He would have been in shock if he seen me now."

Sam let out a soft chuckle. "You helping to hunters?"

Kimberlyn nodded her head. "Yes."


Sam rocked back and forth on the chair, bored stiff. He looked over at Kimberlyn seeing that she was sound asleep. He was thankful that she stayed with him, but with her being sound asleep it made his boredom become worse.

He turned his head hearing a clunking noise and saw that it was the AC unit that was in the wall that was making the noise. His brows furrowed together as smoke started to pour out of it. "Oh come on, I… I didn't… I wan't…"He let out a soft breath as he slowly got up to his feet being very careful not to wake Kimberlyn.

He slowly approached the unit cautiously. Suddenly it caught on fire startling him. He grabbed the comforter off of the bed that Kimberlyn wasn't on and attempted to put the fire out. Sam pulled back when he thought he had put it out, he got up only to find that his sleeve was on fire. He panicked and used the curtain to put it out.

The curtain ripped away and fell to the ground revealing Kubrick and Creedy staring through the window. Sam fell back knocking himself out on the floor.


Creedy finished restraining Sam to the chair with duct tape. He double checked his work to make sure that Sam wasn't going to easily come up out of the chair when he awoke.

Sam slowly opened his eyes.

"Oh, he's awake! So is his pretty little girlfriend." Creedy said with a grin.

"Back with us, eh?" Kubrick asked looking at Sam and Kimberlyn.

"We didn't even have to touch you. You just went all…" Creedy wiggled. "Spastic, and knocked yourself out. It was like watching Jerry Lewis trying to stack chairs!"

"Who are you? What do you wa…" Sam asked in confusion trying to get his bearings straight due to knocking himself out.

Kubrick snapped his fingers in front of Sam's face.

Sam looked at him in confusion.

"I used to think your friend Gordon sent me." Kubrick said with a cocky smile on his lips.

"Gordon? Oh come on." Sam said with a groan.

"Yeah, because he asked me to track you down, and put a bullet in your brain."

"Great. That sounds like him." Sam muttered knowing that Gordon wanted him dead because he saw him as a freak, but he no longer had his gifts. He wasn't a danger to anyone any more.

"But, as it turns out… I'm on a mission from God." Kubrick said as he struck Sam across the face.

"You won't be killing him any time soon." Kimberlyn said as she got up.

"How did you…" Creedy said looking at Kimberlyn with wide eyes seeing that she was no longer tied up with duct tape.

Kimberlyn's eyes glowed purple. "One person that you don't want to be pissing with." She brought her hands up. "ABI!"

Creedy went flying towards the wall.

Kimberlyn turned sharply toward Kubrick hearing a gun fire and burning pain in her chest. She fell to the ground.

"KIM!" Sam yelled as he watched in horror as blood dribbled from her fallen form. Tears came to his eyes. She had protected him and she died because of working with them.

Kurbrick turned and faced Sam. "Working with a witch… never thought that I would see a hunter working with a witch."

"She wasn't a bad witch and you killed her!" Sam said as the tears began to slide down his cheeks. He couldn't believe that someone could be cruel and shoot a woman. It wasn't fair to him to see another woman die in front of him. His heart couldn't take it.

"All witches are bad." Kurbrick said looking at him like he didn't care that he killed a woman in cold blood all due to with what she was.


Creedy threw a glass of water in Sam's face.

Sam's cheek is bruised and his nose was bloody. He shook the water off of his face while Kubrick watched sitting on one of the motel beds. He let out a sigh.

"You were a part of that demon plan to open the gate weren't you?" Kubrick asked looking at Sam.

"We did everything we could to stop it." Sam said trying to defend himself knowing that yes it was his fault in a way that it happened, but they did try their best to stop what had happened.

"Lie lie lie! You were in on it. You know what their next move is too, don't you?"

"No, I don't, okay? You're wrong about all this."

"Where are they gonna hit us next?'

Sam sighed and went silent. This man wasn't believing him. How was he going to get him to believe when he wasn't listening.

Kubrick striked Sam across the face again.

Sam exhaled looking up at Kubrick.

"Where?! Gordon told me about you Sam. About your powers. You're some kind of weirdo psychic freak?"

"No, not any more. I… no powers, no visions, nothing, it just…"

"LIAR!" Kubrick punched him hard. He made Sam look at him. "Now no more lies. There's an army of demons out there pushing at a world already on the brink. We're on deck for the endgame here, right? So maybe, just maybe you can understand." He paused for a moment pulling his gun out. "Why we can't take chances." He pointed his gun at Sam.

"Whoa, okay, okay, no, do… hold on a minute!"

"Hey, Kubrick, just…" Creedy said as he tried his best to intervene from Kubrick killing the young man.

"No, you saw what happened, Creedy. Ask yourself, why are we here? Because you saw a picture on the web? Because we chose this motel instead of another? Luck like that doesn't just happen."

"Look, I can explain all of that if…"

"Shut up!" Kubrick said pointing the gun at Sam without turning around.

Sam let out a long suffering sigh. He had already lost the woman that was helping them and she was probably never coming back to life.

"It's God, Creedy. He led us here for one reason. To do His work. This… is destiny."

Dean opened the door seeing everything that was going on in the room and was thankful that he had made it back in time. "Whoa…"

Kubrick aims his gun at point blank range at Sam's head.

Sam squeezed his eyes shut.

Dean cocked his gun. "Nope. No destiny. Just a rabbit's foot."

"Put the gun down, son, or your gonna be scraping brain off the wall." Kubrick said keeping his gun pointed at Sam.

"Oh this thing?" Dean questioned looking at his own gun.

"Yeah, that thing."

"Okay. But you see, there's something about me that you don't know." Dean put his gun down and looked smugly at Kubrick as he picked up a pen.

"Yeah? What would that be?"

"It's my lucky day." Dean said as he tossed the pen towards Kurbick and it lodged itself into the barrel of Kubrick's gun.

Sam looked at Dean with an impressive look on his face.

Dean let out a laugh. "Oh my God, did you see that shot?!"

Creedy lunged for Dean and aimed to punch him.

Dean easily side-stepped and Creedy ran right into the wall, falling backwards hitting the floor.

Kubrick stared at the pen that was in the barrel of his gun before trying to get it out of his gun.

"I'm amazed." Dean said picking up the remote for the television. He then suddenly threw it hard at Kubrick who had taken aim at Dean. It hit him dead in between the eyes knocking him out cold.

Kurbick dropped to the ground like dead weight.

"I'm Batman."

"Yeah. You're Batman." Sam said sarcastically.

Dean came over and began to untie his brother.

"They killed her Dean."

Dean looked over seeing Kimberlyn's fallen form. He swallowed the lump in his throat. "She died protecting you?"

Sam nodded his head.

Suddenly Kimberlyn's body shot up off of the ground. A loud gasp came from her lips as she breathed a deep breath. "Bullocks! That hurt!"

Dean jumped back. "How…"

Kimberlyn held up her hands. "Don't go shooting me like those morons…" She said looking up at the older Winchester brother. She knew that she had scared him when she came back to life.

"What are you?"

"A… a witch... "

"Give me one good reason…"

"Dean… she hasn't tried to hurt us…" Sam said softly looking at his brother. "If anything she's been protecting us."

Dean looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"I wouldn't hurt you guys… I'm here to help you guys."


Sam crouched down sprinkling something onto the embers of a small fire.

Dean checked over a few more scratch cards.

Sam dusted his hands off. "Alright. Bone ash, cayenne pepper, that should do it."

"One second…"

"Dean, you…"

"Hey back off, Jinx. I'm bringing home the bacon."

Sam sighed softly.

"Seriously?" Kimberlyn said as she crossed her arms. She still couldn't believe how much of a child Dean Winchester could be.

Dean smirked as he stashed the cards in his jacket that was slung over a gravestone. "Alright, say goodbye 'wascally wabbit'."

A gun was heard being cocked.

Dean slowly turned his head seeing Bela there.

Kimberlyn turned her head seeing Bela. She knew who it was right away.

"I think you'll find that belongs to me. Oryou know, whatever." She looked at Dean. "Put the foot down, honey."

Kimberlyn narrowed her eyes.

"No. You're not going to shoot anybody. See I happen to be able to read people. Okay, you're a thief, fine, but you're not…"

Bela ignored Dean and aimed at Sam. She fired the gun and Sam went down groaning.

Kimberlyn moved over quickly to Sam wrapping her arms around him. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at Bela.

"Son of a…"

"Back off, tiger. Back off. You make one more move and I'll pull the trigger."

Kimberlyn helped Sam up to his feet as he held his shoulder.

"You've got the luck, Dean. You, I can't hit. But your brother? Him I can't miss."

Kimberlyn kept her arm wrapped around Sam.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! You just don't go around shooting people like that!"

"Relax. It's a shoulder hit, I can aim. Besides, who here hasn't shot a few people? Put the rabbit's foot on the ground now."

"Alright. Alright. Take it easy." Dean went to drop it onto the ground, but instead he threw it at Bela. "Think fast."

Bela caught the foot and cursed at herself.

Dean smiled in satisfaction.


"Now, what do you say we destroy that ugly-ass piece of dead thing?"

Bela sighed in annoyance.


Bela dropped the rabbit's foot into the embers. "Thanks very much. I'm out one and a half million, and on the bad side of a very powerful, fairly psychotic buyer."

"Wow. I really don't feel bad about that. Sam?"

"Nope. Not even a little."


"Nope. Not in the least bit."

"Hmm. Maybe next time I'll hang you out to dry." Bela said as she went over leaning on the gravestone where Dean's jacket was.

"Oh don't go away angry. Just go away."

Bela smirked. "Have a nice night." Bela said before walking away as the rabbit's foot burned in the fire.


Sam, Dean, and Kimberlyn walked towards the Impala slowly.

"You good?" Dean questioned as he looked over at Sam.

"I'll live."

"I guess we're back to normal now, huh? No good luck, no bad luck. Oh! I forgot we're up 46000. I almost forgot about the… scratch tickets." Dean searched his jacket and finding that his pockets were empty.

Bela's car roared in the distance.

The brothers looked at each other and then watched her drive away.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Dean yelled.

Kimberlyn let out a breath. "Can we just go to a motel room for the night please? So I can tend to your brother?"

Dean let out a grumble as he went to the car.

Kimberlyn looked at Sam.

"You don't have to." Sam said looking at her softly.

"I want to. Besides… the bullet didn't fully go through… plus having a witch… it'll help some." She said giving him a small weak smile.

"How are you still alive?" Sam asked in confusion wondering how she had survived getting shot.

"Magic… a spell."


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