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To Die For @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 2

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 2 of To Die For. I'm hoping that you guys like this next part because I'm kind of excited to get this fic on a roll.

Whiskey the Pain Away: I'm glad that you like it. I'm glad you liked the idea of Kimberlyn pushing Ruby to protect the Winchesters. I wasn't sure how it was going to be liked or not. I hope you like this next part.

Kitty-Chan: Oh I can't tell you just yet if she's a witch or not. I hope you like this part.

Skellington: Yep that's how she got the knife. I'm hoping that it was a good plot twist.

Romance Lover: I'm glad you thought that Kimberlyn having the knife was a good plot twist. I really can't reveal too much. I hope you like this next part.

Chapter 2

Troublesome Ruby

"So a new case?" Kimberlyn questioned looking at the older brother as she walked with him.

Dean nodded his head. "Yes… I'm sure you have seen it."

Kimberlyn rolled her eyes shaking her head. "It doesn't work like that." She told him as she walked with Dean. "Yes, the visions happen around you, but not in ways you think. Go tell your brother… I'm going to get a few things from in here." She gestured to the small little ma and pa store.

Dean nodded his head. "Okay." He said softly knowing that she probably needed to get a few things for the road. He slowly walked towards the diner.

Kimberlyn closed her eyes as she moved towards the alleyway that was next towards the Ma and Pa store. She looked around her green eyes narrowed, she ran her hand through her auburn hair. "Come out I know you're there."

A man stepped out dressed in all black. "Good to see that you can still feel me."

Kimberlyn turned and faced the man crossing her arms. "You know I can feel you out and about. Why aren't you in Hell?" She questioned as she looked up at him.

He put his hand to his chest in a mocking you wound me motion. "I can't come and see how my daughter is doing getting into the good graces of the Winchesters." He mused as a smile came to his lips.

"For being the King of the Crossroads, you certainly are nosey with the lives of the Winchesters." Kimberlyn said as she crossed her arms.

Her father smirked a tiny bit which sent a shiver down her spine. "Becoming more and more like my mother I see, Kimberlyn. Be careful what you wish for love, don't want nothing bad to happen to you." He noticed her uncomfortableness. "You should go before they start looking for you… and Kimberlyn kitten."

Kimberly looked into his eyes.

"You know you won't be getting that knife back from Ruby."

Kimberlyn blinked a few times as her father disappeared. She took a soft breath as she began to wonder if she trusted Ruby in the wrong way… perhaps she should've never trusted the blonde haired demon. She shook her head softly as she quickly grabbed some things and paid for them. She quickly grabbed the bag and quickly left the little shop knowing that the brothers were probably waiting on her.


Dean pulled the Impala up outside of the Cicero Pines Motel, stopping in front of it to let Sam and Kimberlyn out of the car. Dean leaned over looking at the two of them with a cheeky grin on his face. "Don't wait up for me, Sammy and Kim." He said as he began to pull away as Sam was still grabbing his and Kimberlyn's bag out of the car.

"Wait, Dean. Dean, you… Dean!" Sam yelled for his brother feeling like the little brother that had gotten dumped off before big brother had a huge hot date.

Kimberlyn blinked a few times as she went to get her bag from Sam. "Is… Is your brother always like this?"

Sam let out a soft breath rubbing his mouth. "He can be such a pain in the ass."

Kimberlyn shook her head softly. "Sounds like someone else I know in my life…" She said as she slung her bag over her shoulder.

"Oh? Who?" He asked softly causing Kimberlyn to freeze holding her bag tightly in her hands causing her knuckles to turn white.

"My father…"


Kimberlyn shrugged. "Hey you asked." Her stomach growled a little bit and she looked at Sam. "You hungry."

Sam took a soft breath. "We could go and get something. Wouldn't want you going hungry."

Kimberlyn's face colored. "Okay." She said giving him a small smile. "Perhaps I can help with some research… see if we can find something on trying to get your brother out of his deal."

"Wait… how did you know about…"

"Sam remember psychic… and plus I can tell that you want him out of the deal… it's not that hard to tell." She admitted softly as she gave him a small weak smile. She didn't want to give him any more information than that because it would be dangerous for her to tell him.


Sam sat with Kimberlyn across from him. He had his laptop open his eyes glued to the screen.

Kimberlyn nibbled on some fries as she looked through a big large book that she carried. She didn't bat an eyelash when someone sat down next to her.

"Hello, Sam." Ruby's voice rang out causing Kimberlyn to look over. "Lynn." She said with a smile.

"You've been following me since Lincoln." Sam said as he looked at Ruby.

Ruby closed his laptop with a girlish smile which made Kimberlyn shift uncomfortably next to Ruby. "Not much gets by you, huh?" She swiped one of his fries from his plate. She popped it into her mouth. A soft moan came from her lips as she happily chewed the fry. "These are amazing. It's like deep-fried crack. Try some."

Sam scoffed as he looked at her. He liked fries, but he didn't like orders all that well. "That knife you had. You can kill demons with that thing?"

"Sure comes in handy when I have to swoop in and save the damsel in distress."

"Where'd you get it?"

Kimberlyn looked over and saw that Ruby was looking at her before looking away. She knew that Ruby was going to come up with something that would probably piss her off.

"Skymall." She said as she took a plate and reached over Kimberlyn's hand and grabbed the ketchup before squeezing some of the ketchup onto the plate.

"Why are you following me?" Sam questioned his hands gripping together tightly on the table.

"I'm interested in you."


"Because you're tall. I love a tall man. And then there's the whole antichrist thing."

"Excuse me?" Sam questioned baffled as he looked at Ruby with wide eyes.

Kimberlyn rubbed her forehead knowing that this was not going to be an easy thing to talk about. And if Ruby let slip that she was doing some dealings with hell too… well that would lead Sam to not trust her.

"You know, generation of psychic kids, Yellow-Eyed Demon rounds you up, celebrity deathmatch ensues. You're the sole survivor."

"How do you know about that?" Sam questioned as he began to wonder how much information that Ruby had on him and how much the demons truly knew.

"I'm a good hunter. So, Yellow Eyes had some pretty big plans for you, Sam."

"Had being the keyword." Sam gritted out as he looked at Ruby.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's right. Ding-dong, the demon's dead. Good job with that. It doesn't change the fact that you're special… in that Anthony Michael Hall E.S.P. visions kind of way."

"No. No, that stuff's not happening anymore. Not since Yellow-Eyes died."

Kimberlyn looked over at Ruby. "Get to your point Ruby."

"Oh Linnie you already know due to your gifts." Ruby said pointing to the side of her head causing Kimberlyn to glare at Ruby.

Sam looked at Kimberlyn with wide eyes, a hurt expression came across his face. "Kim?"

Kimberlyn looked down. "Saw it not too long ago… and I…"

Sam cleared his throat. "Didn't know how to tell me?"

Kimberlyn nodded her head.

His eyes went to Ruby looked at her with a narrowed gaze. He couldn't bring himself to be upset with Kimberlyn.

"Well, I thinking you're still a pretty big deal." Ruby said as she swiped another fry. "I mean, after all that business with your mom."

"What about my mom?"

"You know, what happened to her friends." She looked at his poker face. "You… don't know." Ruby shook her head. "You've got a little bit of catching up to do, my friend. So, why don't you look into your mom's pals…" She wrote a number onto his hand. "And then give me a call and we'll talk again?" She went to get up from the table. "And, by the way, you do know there's a job in this town, right?" She looked at Kimberlyn. "See you around Kimberlyn." She said with a smirk as she walked away.

Kimberlyn's heart constricted in her chest knowing that Sam was going to be onto her all thanks to Ruby if she wasn't careful.

Sam's phone began to ring causing him to stop what he was going to ask Kimberlyn. He pulled out his phone and answered it. "Hello." Sam said letting out a breath. "Really?" Sam's brows furrowed as his brother talked. "That is weird."


Kimberlyn stayed behind while Sam and Dean went and did their own things to try to help this case along. Her hand tangled into her hair as she looked over the information in the book. Her mind kept going back to the diner. She closed her eyes as she tried to think, but her phone began to ring. She let out a breath and grabbed her phone. "Hello?"

"Kim I'm on my way back to the motel." Sam's tired voice came over the phone.

"Okay I'll see you soon… I'm trying to see what is here."

"Okay see you soon."

"Yep." She slowly hung up her phone. She let out a soft breath running her hand through her red hair. "Come on…" She muttered to herself. "Come on Kimberlyn… you can figure this out…"


Night had come and they were still doing research when Dean arrived back at the motel room.

"Something's wrong with the kids in this town." Dean said as he shrugged his coat off.

Kimberlyn looked up from the book that she had in front of her.

"Yeah. Tell me about it." Sam said as he rubbed his eyes tiredly. "So, what do you know about changelings?"

Kimberlyn looked over at Sam raising a brow.

"Evil monster babies?" Dean questioned looking at his brother.

"No, not necessarily babies."

Dean's brows went up and his eyes went wide when he realized. "They're kids. Creepy, 'stare at you like you're lunch' kids?"

"Yeah. There's one at every victim's house."


Dean worked on a kerosene torch, Sam on the bed and Kimberlyn on the couch looking through a book that she had.

"So, changelings can perfectly mimic children. According to lore, they climb in the window, snatch the kid. Y'know, there were marks on the windowsill at one of the kid's houses. Looked to me like blood." Sam said thinking about the lore that he read.

"The changeling grabs a kid, assumes its form, joins the happy fam just for kicks?" Dean questioned as he looked at his brother.

Kimberlyn shook her head. "No… not really." She said finally speaking.

"She's right. Changelings feed on the mom, synovial fluid. The moms have these odd bruises on the back of their necks. Changelings can drain them for a few weeks before mom finally croaks."

"And then there's dad and the baby sitter."

"Yeah. Seems like anyone who gets between the changeling and its food source ends up dead."

Dean held up the torch. "And fire's the only way to waste them?"

Sam nodded his head. "Yup."

"Great. We'll just bust in, drag the kids out, torch them on the front lawn. That'll play great with the neighbors. What about the real ones? What happens to them?"

"According to the lore, they stash them underground somewhere. I don't know why, but if it's true, the real kids might be out there."

Kimberlyn got up to her feet.

"We better start looking." Dean paused for a moment before looking at his brother and Kimberlyn. "So, any kid in the neighborhood is vulnerable?"


"We gotta make a stop. I want to check on someone."

Kimberlyn blinked a few times. She was confused of why Dean wanted to check on someone.

"Well Dean, if the real kids are still alive, we don't have time. We…"

"We have to."

"Dean?" Kimberlyn questioned blinking a few times.


Sam took a soft breath as he looked at Kimberlyn. "Why did you lie to me?"


"You lied to me about what you had seen."

"Sam… you know that I didn't know how to tell you… I mean your mother's friends… how was I to tell you that something was going on with them… that's not how my visions work Sam… you of all people should know that."

Sam took a soft breath.

The door of the Impala opened and Dean got into the car. "They took Ben. He's changed."

"What?! Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. I checked his windowsill."


"I don't think it's blood, and I think I know where the kids are."



There was a large mound of dirt outside of a semi-finished home, with a sign outside of it.

Sam leaned down and touched some of the dirt inspecting it on his fingers. "Red dirt. That's what was on the window."

"Ah, you two take the front. I'll go around."

Kimberlyn nodded her head and slowly went to walk. She took a soft breath as they went side of the building. She shines her flashlight around trying to see anything.

Dean had disappeared to go downstairs when he heard a noise.

The door closed behind them causing Sam and Kimberlyn to turn seeing a red haired woman.

"What do you think you're doing?" She said snarling a little bit in agitation.

Sam looked over to the glass seeing her monster-like reflection.

Kimberlyn looked at the red haired woman seeing the monster appearance that Sam could only see in the mirror.

"This is private property. I'm calling the police."

Kimberlyn narrowed her eyes as she looked at the woman slowly moved her hands.

"You heard me! Get out!" She yelled as she moved towards them.

Sam slowly reached for his bag. "Ah, I could… just let me get my bag. I'm going. I, I don't mean to cause any trouble." He said as he reached his bag and pulled out the flame-thrower which he aimed at her and a whooshing noise was heard and she was gone.

The two of them looked around.

"Where'd she…"

"She's like them." Kimberlyn said looking at Sam. "We gotta get down to your brother."

Sam nodded his head.


The two of them ran into the basement.

"Hey! Dean! There's a mother." Sam said as he tried to catch his breath.

"A mother changeling?"

"Yeah. We gotta get these kids out of here quick."

"Right there, right there. There's one more. You got to break the lock!"

"I guess that's why the changelings are keeping the kids alive so the mom can snack on them."

"That's the only reason Sam." Kimberlyn said looking over at Sam.

Sam freed the red haired woman that was the real one. "There. Come on, I gotcha."

She screamed when she saw the changeling behind her.

Dean went flying and landed on his back due to the attack from the mother changeling. He groaned in pain.

The changeling mom turned around looking at Sam who had a flame thrower and a lighter in his hand. She kicked the lighter out of his hand and then roundhouse kicked him again, kicking his ass before throwing him across the room as well.

Dean got to his feet and lunged at her with a 2x4 in his hands.

She punched him and knocked him to the ground.

"Ben, get them out of here." Dean went to grab a brick as he was on his knees.

Kimberlyn held her hands out glowing purple flinging the changeling mom to the ground.

Dean looked at her with wide eyes as well as Sam.

"What are you looking at?" She questioned as she looked at the two of them flinging the Changeling mother again.

Sam grabbed the torch. He quickly used it burning the Changeling with the torch that Dean had made causing her to go up in flames.

Kimberlyn panted softly as she moved some of her red hair back from her face. She knew that revealing herself as a witch was probably the dumbest idea that she had, but it was the only idea that she had. She knew that the boys were going to be grilling her later for her choice, but her father did tell her to do whatever it took and she did just that by protecting the boys.


Dean parked the car outside of Lisa's home and got out of the car walking Ben to the door.

Sam turned and looked at Kimberlyn. "You're… you're a witch?"

Kimberlyn took a soft breath and nodded her head softly. "Yes."


"Why would I keep it hidden from you? Believe it or not… I may not look it, but I do hear stuff about hunters… and I did what I thought would keep me safe. And doing what I did last night… I wasn't thinking of myself. I was thinking of protecting the two of you…"

"You're not a bad witch?"

Kimberlyn wrinkled her nose in distaste. "Oh god no. I would never be in league with them… their dark magic…" She shuddered at the thought. "I only use magic if it will be helpful." She admitted softly.

Sam took a soft breath. "You shouldn't have had to keep that from us."

"I rather be alive than dead."


"Don't say that… because by the way you two were looking at me… I should've been six feet under."


This is the end of Chapter 2 of To Die For. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. Kimberlyn revealed a little bit more about herself than a little bit. Reviews keep me going so please leave a review and I'll try to update as soon as I can. Until next time guys.

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