For What It Is @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 1

For What It Is

Rainbow Haired Girl

Summary: Tonya aka Tony was a normal woman until she was brought into a world that she never known. Separated from her friends Rosalie and Annalyse, she must overcome her heartache that she feels when she's on this journey. After the journey is over she goes with a particular Hobbit to get away from it all. Book 1 of Gypsy.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Hobbit, but I do own Tonya, Rosalie, Fiona, and Annalyse.

Authoress Note: This is a rewrite of the Loneliest of Hearts. I thought that maybe just maybe that I'll be able to get something written a lot better than what I had written before. I hope that you guys will enjoy what I have wrote for this. I apologize for so many fics coming up but this is just to keep you entertained while I'm healing up. Without further ado the Prologue.


Tony tangled her hand into her hair as she sat alone in her room. Her other hand was on the slight swell of her stomach as she looked out the window watching some of the local residents who welcomed her as one of their own. She was thankful that Bilbo allowed her to come into his home to try and have this child and help her where he could.

She took a shaky breath as she kept her hand on her stomach. She was six months pregnant and she knew who the father was thankfully, but sadly he would never know due to the fact that he had died before she really could tell him. She swallowed the lump in her throat,nothing would change the fact that the men that she had grown to care for had died.

She scoffed as she moved away from the window and towards the table that Bilbo put comfortably into her room with paper on it if she wished to write. She rubbed her belly softly at the thought. She knew that she would have to thank Bilbo for everything that he had ever done for her since they got to The Shire.

She slowly sat down at the table and fingered the papers softly. Perhaps her child deserved to know the story of how they came to be and how their parents had gotten together. A story about love, but also a story about loss. She let out a soft breath as she closed her eyes. She carefully picked up a quill taking a soft breath as she dipped it into the inkwell.


This is the end of the prologue. I hope that you enjoyed it. I hope to update as soon as I can. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. Reviews help me keep going on anything that I write. Until next time guys.

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