The Captain's Daughter @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 1

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 1 of The Captain's Daughter. I do apologize for taking so long to get this first chapter out, but I wanted to make it a really good story. I always have to take my time with writing these types of stories. Hopefully I do alright with updating this story. This is going to be so much different than my last one since I literally lost the whole story somehow. Oh well, time to make this story new and refreshing. Without further ado Chapter 1. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

A young woman stood next to a stoic man dressed in dark clothes and a captain's hat upon his head. The young woman was dressed in a nice white overcoat covering the gown she wore underneath it, her hat perched upon her head blocking out the harsh glare of the sun. The young woman softly worried her lower lip between her teeth.

Edward put his hand on his daughter's back causing the young woman to turn her head to look at him. "She's beautiful isn't she?"

The young woman looked back at the ship. "Yes, and her voyage will be wonderful." The young woman said softly as her father put his arm around her and led her up towards the ship. Her heart pounded in her chest in excitement. She always loved going on voyages with her father, and perhaps that was the reason why her step-mother hated her, because of the free spirit she was.

The two of them walked up to the ship slowly holding their heads high as they boarded the luxury ship.

"Valarie." He said, looking softly at his daughter.

Valarie turned her head to look at her father. "Yes, father?" She questioned softly looking at him through her lashes.

"I'm needed on the Captain's bridge. One of the stewards will be taking you to your room." He said softly looking at his daughter knowing that she would probably rather look around the ship to find her room on her own, but it was the stewards job to take the first, second and third classes to their rooms.

"Alright, father." She said softly, biting the inside of her cheek. She saw a female steward come up to her.

"Ma'am if you'd follow me, please."

Valarie nodded her head slowly, turning away from her father and following the young woman towards her room.

"I will meet up with you shortly, Valarie."

"Yes, of course father." She said softly, turning her head to look at her father before she turned again and followed the stewardess towards her room. She took a soft breath through her nose carefully avoiding everyone that were also being led towards their rooms.

"Here's your room ma'am." The woman said, opening the door to the large room that would be hers.

Valarie slowly went into her room and looked around before turning her attention to the stewardess. "Thank you." She said, offering the young woman a smile.

The stewardess bowed her head leaving the young Smith to her devices.

Valarie slowly closed her door looking around. Her things were in her room which was good, meaning that she didn't need to wait for her things to arrive. She slowly removed her hat off of her head taking another soft breath as she looked around the room once again. She slowly went to her bags and slowly began to open the one that had her hair brush and comb in it along with items that she wore in her hair. She carefully put them out on the dresser that was in the room. She lightly touched a beaded comb that her father had bought on one of his many journeys in sailing. A small smile came to her lips as she looked at it. She knew at one point on this journey she would wear this beaded comb in her black soft curls.

She slowly moved to look at the other items that she had packed away, some necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. She slowly put them with the brush, comb, and the hair pieces that she had for night time use. She closed her blue eyes softly as she bit her lower lip softly between her teeth. She knew it wouldn't be long before her father would be by to collect her for lunch with him. She looked over to see her violin sitting next to her bed waiting to be played at any time so that her father would have a free moment to play with her.

She took a soft breath and slowly sat down on her bed thinking of how amazing this trip would be. The maiden voyage was always something to look forward to. She smiled a small smile as she laid back biting her lower lip softly. She couldn't help but wonder who was going to be on this journey. She was glad that her father had asked her to join him on the maiden voyage just to get away from her step-mother for a while, which she was rather thankful for. She looked up when she heard the horn going off which meant that the ship was beginning her journey to the next port to pick up passengers.


This is the end of Chapter 1. I know there isn't all that much going on in this chapter, but I'm trying my best with writing this chapter out as well as this story. I can't wait to write more for this story and show you all what happens to Valarie on this short journey with the Titanic and her relationship with the characters that will be popping up during this story. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. I'll try my best to update as soon as I can. Until next time.

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