Stronger Than Me @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The two Kirk twins were washing the vintage corvette that was red and had a white top on it. They tried their best to keep themselves busy without getting into any sort of trouble with the man who had thought that he was their father.

Jim dropped the sponge into the bucket. He wiped his nose with the sleeve of his shirt.

Turquoise let out a soft sigh when she saw the keys were in it. "Jimmy." She said softly.

Jim looked and saw the keys. A small smile came to his lips. An idea came to his mind. "Come on Quoise."

"What are we doing?" She asked looking at him, her brows furrowed together in concern.

He quickly got into the car. "Get in." He said with a cheeky smile.

Turquoise dropped the sponge that she had in her hand into the bucket. She quickly got into the car. "What do you have in mind?"

Jim smiled. "Just trust me."


Jim tore down the road driving the vintage car.

"Jim, this was a mistake!" Turquoise yelled, gripping onto the side of the car as he drove. Her gray-green eyes wide in fear as Jim drove down the road.

Jim nervously laughed. He knew that he wasn't the best driver. Hell he didn't even know how to drive. He just hoped that he didn't end up scaring his little sister to death or killing them in the process of learning how to drive.

The phone began to ring and he switched it on knowing that it was probably their uncle calling to yell at the two of them taking the car even though it was Jim's idea to take it.

"Hey are you two out of your mind? That car is an antique. You think that you can get away with this just 'cause your mother's off planet? You get your asses back home now! You live in my house, kids. You live in my house, and that's my car. You get one scratch on that car, and I'm gonna whip your…"

Jim quickly turned it off. He looked at his sister. "He's not gonna hurt us." He said as he turned the music on. He quickly reached up and pulled the pins at the top that held the roof on and it went flying.

Turquoise shook her head. "We are in so much trouble now." She said looking back in worry seeing the roof going flying in the dust.

"Yeah!" He said as he punched it down the road even more.

"Jimmy look!" Turquoise said, pointing out their older brother who was walking down the road.

"Hey George!" Jim yelled as they flew by him.

George's eyes went wide. "No way…"

"Jim, we passed him." She said, turning her body in the front seat, her eyes wide.

Jim's face flushed. "Um well…"

"You don't know how to stop, do you?" She questioned turning her head to look at him, her eyes narrowing slightly.

Jim nervously shook his head. "Nope. But I will figure it out."

Turquoise grabbed onto the side. "Jimmy don't you dare get us killed."

They heard the siren of a police flying twins looked at one another.

"Citizens pullover." The cop said.

Jim jerked the wheel and went down another road. He wasn't paying much attention. He didn't even know that he was driving towards a cliff.

"Jimmy…." Turquoise said softly before trailing off seeing the cliff coming into view.

Jim kept going. "Bail bail bail." He told her.

Turquoise bailed out of the car and Jim followed her. Turquoise grabbed onto her brother's arm and pulled him up off of the edge of the cliff. She watched sadly as the car fell to the bottom of it. She leaned back in the sand panting softly.

The cop walked up to them. "Citizens, what are your names?"

"My name is James Tiberius Kirk." Jim said getting up to his feet helping his younger sister up to her feet.

"Turquoise Winona Kirk."

The twins stood there like they had done nothing wrong, when they actually had. They both had succeeded in driving the car that was their father's that their uncle wanted to sell off of the cliff destroying it. They knew that their father would not be that pleased that they had destroyed his car if he was still alive. They also knew when they got home that they would be in some serious trouble.


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