Stronger Than Me @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 1

Stronger Than Me

Rainbow Haired Girl

Summary: Turquoise Winona Kirk is James Tiberius Kirk's twin sister. She has been in a testing relationship before and had been damaged. Enter Leonard McCoy who has gotten through a nasty divorce with his ex-wife and losing his daughter to her. When the two of them meet well they become very good friends or perhaps more? Book 1 of Kirk's Twin Sister

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek but I do own Turquoise Winona Kirk.

Authoress Note: I decided to do a rewrite on this fic and it was originally called Broken Hearts Can Be Healed and I decided that a better title would be better for this fic. I know that I have so many fics going on right now at the moment, but I promise you that I will update them as I go along. I hope that you guys enjoy the prologue of Stronger Than Me


Life was never easy for the Kirk children. They lived in Iowa with their mother, but were left with their Uncle Frank on more than one occasion leaving the two children to fend for themselves when their mother had decided to be off on some strange land. It had been that way since they were born and they knew nothing more than that life.

Their uncle of course wasn't the nicest man out there. He treated them worse than anyone could ever treat a child. James tried to protect his younger sister the best that he could when their Uncle Frank decided to start lighting into them for no reason. But he made sure that they remembered that they were their mother's painful reminder of what happened on the day of their birth on January 4, 2233.

Their father had passed away on the USS Kelvin that had an attack on it and he would never see them grow up into adults or even see them as what he dreamed that they would become in the Star Fleet following his footsteps.

Their elder brother George who was named after their father tried to protect his younger siblings, but it didn't always seem to work out too well for him. He always seemed to get the brunt of everything that happened with their uncle. And it only took a matter of time before he took off as well.

At the age of fourteen, George Kirk ended up leaving his younger siblings in the care of his uncle. He no longer could take the abuse that his uncle was doing. He was tired of seeing his loveable little sister who was only eleven years old getting smacked around by Frank. All because whenever Jim or him got into trouble she would try to be the one who buffered the problem and only got smacked around for it. And it always turned out in the end out of the three siblings that Turquoise would end up getting the worst of everything.

But the day he left was the day that he promised himself something. He promise that he would get Jim and Turquoise out of that life. He blamed his mother for this happening to them and he needed to try and save them, to make sure that the three of them had much better lives than what they had at that moment. He just didn't know how long it would be until he saw his younger siblings again.


This is the end of the Prologue of Stronger Than Me. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. Please leave a review with what you think of the prologue and I'll try to get the next chapter out as quickly as I can. I haven't decided on the pairing yet so I might end up leaving that with you guys my beautiful followers. Until next time guys.

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