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Chapter 11

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 11 of As the World Falls Down. Thank you to all of those who have left reviews and have kept up with this story. It really does mean a lot to me. We got to see Pepper and Alexia have some time together and of course Pepper's reaction to Alexia being part of Shield. I hope that you all will enjoy this next chapter. I have worked fairly hard on this chapter. Without further ado Chapter 11. Enjoy!

Chapter 11

Alexia drove down the road gripping the wheel tightly in her hands. "Try calling Tony." She said as she looked over at Pepper out of the corner of her eyes.

Pepper nodded her head dialing Tony's number. Her lips pursed together as it went to voicemail. "Voicemail."

"Keep trying to call him… we need to let him know what Obadiah is doing. I just hope."

"Hope what?"

"That Obadiah isn't over there." She said softly gripping the wheel tightly in her hands.

Pepper kept trying going to voicemail 5 more times. She called one more time, pursing her lips together hoping that Tony would answer. She looked out of the corner of her eyes seeing how Alexia was nervous of what was going on. Suddenly it went to voicemail. Pepper put her phone down and looked at Alexia. "He's not answering."

Alexia gripped the wheel even tighter. "Obadiah can't be there…" She said softly to herself. She would never forgive herself if something happened to Tony. "Pepper call Rhodey to have him check on Tony."

Pepper nodded her head. "I'm on it." She said, dialing Rhodey's number. She finally got through to Rhodey. "Oh Rhodey thank god."

"Pepper what's wrong?"

"Obadiah, he's insane. He paid to have Tony killed."

"What do you mean, he paid to have Tony killed? SLow down. Why would Obadiah…"

"He's insane, that's what." Alexia said coming in over the phone since it was now on speaker. "He wants Tony out of the picture so he could take over the company. He filed an injunction against Tony to push him out of the company… I wouldn't doubt that he did it to me too." Alexia shook her head thinking. "He's lost his damn mind. He has been sending Stark tech to the enemy. That's why Tony wanted to change the path of the company so Stark tech doesn't get into the enemies hands again. Rhodey I know you're upset with him for taking this path…"

"Where is Tony now?"

"I don't know, he's not answering his phone. Will you just go over there and check on him? Thanks Rhodey." She hung up her cell phone taking a shaking breath. "I know a shortcut."

Alexia nodded her head. "Alright. Let's hope that we aren't too late." She said as she drove with the two Crown Vics following them. Her speed limit going a bit over what the speed limit was supposed to be.


Pepper, Alexia and the other agents stood outside of the locked door to the sub-basement pipe-room.

An agent finished laying a detonator cord around the door hinges. "Clear."

They quickly take cover and the agent hits the clacker. The door is blown off its hinges.

Pepper and the agents quickly infiltrate and move towards the pipe room stairway.

Alexia's hand kept on her gun not pulling it from its holster. Her eyes narrowed as she looked around nervously wondering where Obadiah was.

They drifted through the metal jungle of vats, machines, armored limbs and guts hanging from tethers. Utility pipes ran along the walls. They came across the Mark I armor and stopped looking rather spooked.

Pepper slowly began to move with Alexia by her side as Coulson and the other agents fanned out.

Alexia turned her head as she heard something and her eyes went wide seeing one of the agents being dragged away. Alexia looked at Pepper. "Try not to stray away Pepper."

Pepper nodded her head as she walked through the fringes with Alexia with her. She pulled her phone out and tried to make a call on her cell phone and there was no signal.

Alexia looked around, pursing her lips together.

Pepper looked through the pipes and girders, she spotted what may have been a pair of glowing eyes.

Alexia whipped her gun out looking around concerned.

Suddenly wild gunfire broke out. Bullets ricochet, hitting pipes, spewing steam and coolants.

Alexia grabbed Pepper's arm and led her away from the pandemonium.

Pepper whirled around squinting through the machine gears and steam.

Agents began to run for cover firing their guns at some giant flitting shadow.

Another agent was grabbed through the darkness causing loud screams.

Pepper began to panic trying to find a way out.

"Pepper, you need to stay calm." Alexia said as she covered Pepper, pursing her lips together. She could only hope that she would be able to protect Pepper.

A piece of metal zipped at her head, cutting pipes before it embeds itself in the cement above her.

An agent staggered out of the murk on his radio. "Agents down, agents down!" He saw Pepper at Alexia. "Agent Stark GET HER OUT OF HERE…" He throttled the two of them towards the exit before running off firing his gun.

Pepper and Alexia made it halfway up the stairs, turning around hearing a three-ton thump and the legs of War Monger charging from the mist. The armor was too big for the stairwell and crashed into it in a shower of debris.

"Come on Pepper." Alexia said, pulling her up the stairs trying to escape from Obadiah's machine.

Pepper and Alexia got out and slammed the door behind them.

Pepper caught her breath with her hand on her chest.

Alexia panted softly next to Pepper.

Pepper dialed Tony's phone number gripping onto it tightly and had it on speaker phone. "Tony! Obadiah's got a whole assembly line under the Ark. He's inside one of them-!"

"Where are you?"

A thump was heard down below them. The asphalt began to crack and another thump.

Alexia grabbed Pepper as they suddenly were both knocked over as the asphalt bulges open to reveal War Monger's fist.

Pepper's phone skittered away from the two of them.

"Oh you got to be fucking kidding me." Alexia said with a groan trying to get the phone.

WarMonger peeled the asphalt away, pulling himself out of the ground and finally raised to his full height. He turned face to face with Pepper and Alexia.

Pepper and Alexia tried to pull themselves away from Obadiah.

"Obadiah…" Pepper said as she kept trying to pull back.

Obadiah kept coming in the suit.

Pepper's foot hit her cell phone and she grabbed it. Now she and Alexia were almost backed up against the plexiglass of the arc reactor. "Tony-"

"Pepper, I have one thing I need to say to you and Lexia. DUCK!"

Pepper and Alexia dived as WarMonger stopped jerking his head up to see Iron Man diving out of the sky at him feet first. He landed right on WarMonger's shoulders and crashed back into the huge hole that Obadiah created.

Alexia panted softly. "Holy fuck… let's never do this again." She said looking at the ghastly white Pepper Potts.

Pepper looked over at Alexia. "We have to get out of here."

"I know that. We can't escape easily with that thing here."

The atrium glass ruptured outward from the underground impact.

Pepper and Alexia dived to shield themselves. The two of them looked up and saw the reactor-housing had been cracked.

"Oh fuck." Alexia said with a soft groan knowing that this wasn't a good sign. They needed to get out of there but Tony and Obadiah were somewhere still in the building.

Pepper grabbed her phone and dialed Tony's number concerned hoping that he was there. "TONY - ARE YOU THERE?"

"A little busy, Pepper-" Tony called out over the phone.

"The reactor's been it-"

"You and Lexia get to the control room. Shut it down-"

"How the hell do I shut it down?"

"Come on Pepper." Alexia said, grabbing the woman's arm trying to get her to the control room. Alexia bit her lip softly.

Pepper followed Alexia into the control room. "TONY? Where are you-? I'm in the control room. Now what?"

"Central panel. Red button. Press it."

Pepper flips open the panel to find a hundred buttons all red, all flashing. "Thanks, Tony."

"What's the delta rate?"

Alexia quickly looked at the monitor. "1-2-5-0, Tony."


"Damn?! I don't want to hear "damn." GET UP HERE-"

"Pepper, I'm delegating this to you and Alexia. FIND A WAY!"

Alexia groaned as she moved looking around for the red button that Tony had been talking about even though there were a lot of them there. "Come on… come on." She said as she continued to look for what she needed.

"Pepper, Alexia, how we doing?"

Pepper awash in emergency manuals, throws one over her shoulder flipping switches, turning dials. The whole place thrums with energy. "Thanks for checking in Tony. Delta's at 2300. It's not going down."

"It's too late."

"Too late? What's going to happen?"

"It's going to blow a crater a mile wide. I'm coming to get you and Alexia."

Pepper and Alexia backed away from the monitors, disbelieving.

"I can't believe we're too late on this…" Alexia said softly. She didn't know a damn thing about the arc reactor and she felt useless.

"Pepper, Alexia, wait. Stay put- we're going to overload the reactor."


"No, it's compressing energy. We're going to convert the plasma core to electricity and channel it up through the roof. Like a Tesla coil."

Alexia quickly grabbed the phone. "Tony, I don't need a science lesson, just tell me what button to push -"

"See a red submarine hatch? A wheel- a red wheel."

" YES -" Alexia said as she ordered Pepper to go to it.

"Open it all the way, then standby to hit the master. We've only got one shot at this."

"You got it Tony." She said softly into the phone. She told Pepper what to do. "Just be careful up there."

"You know me, I'm careful." Tony replied to his little sister.

"Sometimes I wonder about that Tony."

Tony let out a soft chuckle over the phone.

"Hit the switch. ALEXIA-"

Electromagnetic tentacles arc from the reactor to the control room around Pepper and Alexia.

"TONY? Which Master Switch -" Alexia looked at the phone and it was dead. "Oh fuck…" She groaned as a row of Master switches blinked.

"I am so looking for another job." Pepper stated as the two women hit all of the switches and then dived for cover as the world went steel-blue around them.

An electromagnetic pulse flashed upwards along the reactor.

Alexia covered her head, pursing her lips in worry hoping that Tony would be okay from this and Obadiah paid for what he had done to them.

The two women raised to their feet, staring at the bubbling plasma unsure of who fell in there. The two of them ran out of the room.

Ten minutes later three flashlights cut through the darkness and Tony batted his eyes to see Rhodey, Peppr, and Alexia had made their way towards him.


This is the end of Chapter 11. I hope that you enjoyed this chapter. I have to admit that this chapter took a little bit more time to write just due to the fact that there was a lot going on in it. I wasn't about to write everything for Tony there. So I ended up doing some Pepper/Alexia scenes and some Tony/Alexia banter back and forth. Please leave a review and let me know what you think of this Chapter. Reviews keep me going. Plus I haven't decided on who Alexia will be paired off with. Hopefully you, my lovely readers, will be able to help me with it. I hope to have the next chapter out soon. Until next time.

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