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Chapter 10

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 10 of As the World Falls Down. Thank you to those who have left reviews and have kept up with this story. It really does mean a lot to me. We actually got to see how Alexia was recruited into Shield and I promise there will be more interactions with her and Shield in future chapters and it will probably be soon. I do promise you that. I hope that you guys like this next chapter. Without further ado Chapter 10. Enjoy!

Chapter 10

Alexia, dressed in a nice suit, walked in with Pepper slowly. She had started working with Shield now and she was going to try and get to the bottom of what Tony was thinking and what Obadiah was doing with the company right under their noses.

Tony toiled away at an eviscerated suit suspended from a chair winch. "This device will hack into Stark Industries mainframe. I need you to go to there and retrieve all shipping manifests."

Pepper looked at Tony, her eyes wide. She couldn't believe Tony was even doing this after getting thrown around and beat up like he had. "What are you doing? Absolutely not, you should be in bed…"

"They've been dealing weapons under the table and I'm going to stop them."

"Absolutely not. I'm not helping you with anything if you're going to start this again." Pepper said, shaking her head.

Alexia bit her lip softly as she watched her brother and Pepper argue about the company and what needed to be done.

"There is nothing else. There's no art opening. There's no benefit. There's nothing to sign. There's no decisions to be made. There's the next mission and nothing else. There's nothing except this."

"I quit."

"Really? You stood there by my side when all I did was reap the benefits of wholesale irresponsibility and destruction and now that I'm trying to right those wrongs and protect the people I put in harms way you're going to walk out on me."

"You're going to kill yourself. I can't support that." Pepper said, shaking her head.

"So far so good." Tony looked up at Pepper. "Pepper. I know what I have to do. I don't know if I can, but I know in my heart that it's right. And you do too. And I can't do it without you."

Alexia looked at her brother. "I'll go with her." She said softly looking over at Pepper knowing that the woman was having a hard time coming to her feelings and it wasn't going to be easy. "We'll get all of the information that is needed." She nodded her head. "And we'll bring it back to you… and report it to the gentleman that has been trying to get you to meet up with him."

Tony swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded his head knowing that his sister was correct in what she was saying.

Alexia turned to Pepper. "Come on, let's do this before it gets out of hand and Obadiah tarnishes the company name by doing underhanded dealings."

Pepper took a shaky breath and nodded her head. "Alright." She said as she took the drive from Tony. She looked over at Alexia and nodded her head weakly following the younger woman out of the workshop.


Pepper and Alexia hurried down the dimmed main hallway of Stark Industries. Pepper looked around nervously back behind her.

"Pepper, you need to take a breath." Alexia said softly as they walked. "No one will notice you're here by going into Tony's office." She led Pepper into Tony's office and towards the computer.

Pepper carefully plugged the hacking device into the computer. She watched the computer screen carefully as everything began to reveal itself to them. She watched the items scroll up from Obadiah's harddrive. The Jericho missile orders, shipping manifests. "Make a copy of everything-"

More schematics and blueprints came up for a section of the suit that he had been working on and the pipe room under the arc reactor.

Alexia looked at the screen with her brows furrowed. "What are you doing, Obadiah?"

Pepper glanced towards the door, thinking she had heard something.

The two women waited and nothing came through the door.

A new icon appeared, with Arabic text underneath. The icon was a video clip.

Pepper double clicked it to watch it.

Alexia leaned over Pepper's shoulder slightly concerned.

A grainy video clip opened. Tony, half-dead tied to a chair. Raza and his henchmen behind him. It's the decapitation tape made in the cave months ago.

"Translate-" She said, clicking on the translate button.

"Obaidah Stane, you have deceived us… the price to kill Tony Stark has just gone up…"

Alexia gasped softly moving away from the computer quickly composing herself.

Pepper shell-shocked gaped at the monitor. She looked up from the monitor and saw Obadiah standing in the doorway. She nearly lept out of her skin.

Alexia bit the inside of her cheek as she looked at Obadiah with a neutral look.

"What a nice surprise." Obadiah said coming into the room.

"I...just wanted to get some of my personal stuff." Pepper nodded to the monitor. "And my resume. In case." She grinned. "You know how I love job hunting."

He circled around the deak and Pepper quickly changed the screens, replacing the download indicator with google. "How's Tony?"

"Honestly...I don't know. He's shut me out."

"You and everyone else. Including his own sister if I'm not mistaken."

Alexia looked down, pursing her lips together into a thin line.

Obadiah circled Pepper, picking up a photo on the desk of Tony.

Pepper stiffened, flicking a glance at the hacking jump drive protruding. "This...thing between you, it's hurting him. You're the only real father Tony ever had. It would mean so much if you could just talk -"

"Tony's imploding - it's unfortunate. You should consider whether you want to take that ride with him."


"You know I love Tony - but this is business. We can't save him, but we can save his legacy."

Her eyes drifted down to the screen seeing 87% completed.

"It's tragic, but...Tony never really came home, did he?" He circled behind Pepper again looking closely at the screen. "This company has a bright future, I'd like you to be a part of it." He smiled, touching her cheek.

Pepper shut off the computer.

"Tony doesn't understand your value. He never did."

"Are you...offering me a job?"

"Think about it. Come on, I'll walk you out." He said as he took her box of personal effects waiting for her.

As she passed the computer she snatched the jump drive out, palming it hoping that Obaidah didn't see her take it.

Alexia followed quickly to Pepper's side and walked with her towards the door to Obadiah. She walked with them towards the steps. "I'll take her things, Obi." She said, offering the man a smile even though her insides were turning in distaste.

Obadiah carefully handed her Pepper's items.

Alexia walked down the stairs with Pepper as Obadiah hovered above on the balcony railing watching the two of them go down the stairs. Alexia's eyes wandered over to Coulson who was arguing with the security guard. She steered Pepper towards Coulson.

Pepper linked her arms with Coulson and dragged him towards the door.

Alexia quickly followed the two of them out of Stark Industries.

"Miss Potts, did you forget our appointment?" Coulson questioned as he walked with her.

"No. Of course not. I've been very much looking forward to it. Let's-" She looked over her shoulder. "Why don't we do this somewhere else?"

They went outside quickly.

Alexia took a breath as she carried Pepper's things to her car quickly putting them into her car. "Meet you at the base Agent Coulson?" She questioned going right into the professional mode that she needed to be in.

Pepper blinked a few times, her brows furrowing in concern. "Alexia…"

"Yes, Agent Stark. You will be taking Miss Potts with you."

"Affirmative." She looked at Pepper. "Hurry into my car Pepper." She said as she quickly got into her car watching Coulson getting into his black SUV.

Pepper got into the car and looked at Alexia with wide eyes. "Agent?" She questioned softly.

Alexia cleared her throat. "Not the best way to say that I'm part of Shield." She said as she started her car up.

"You're… you're part of Shield?"

"Yes. have been since I was 18." She said as she began to drive. "I knew something hinky was up when Obadiah had Tony go overseas… I just didn't think that he would stoop this low to kill my own brother."

"You were undercover this entire time?"

"Not the whole time, but I made sure that I kept notes of everything that I saw. I guess the agent side of me wouldn't go away after my short leave from them while running the company and trying to get Tony better."

"Does Tony know?"

Alexia shook her head. "No he doesn't know and it's best that he doesn't know. I don't want him to think the worst of me. I'm trying to keep him and myself protected."

Pepper took a breath and then nodded her head.


This is the end of Chapter 10. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. I added a Pepper/Alexia scene. I thought it was wise to have a little bit of time between the two of them and make their relationship a bit better and kind of form it for later on. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. I do apologize if there are errors. I try to catch as many as possible and there are still some that get through. Which I do apologize for. Reviews help me keep on writing. Hopefully I'll have the next chapter out soon. Until next time.

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