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Messed Up World @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 8

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 8 of Messed Up World. Thank you to those who have left reviews for this story. It really does mean a lot to me that you guys are enjoying this story. I am glad that you guys are enjoying both OCs Mischa and Margarita. I'm trying my best to make these two as good as I can. If I'm terrible with writing a two and a half year old I do apologize. I don't know kids all that well and how well they talk at that age. But I am trying my best with the whole thing. Enough of my ramblings though. Without further ado Chapter 8. ENJOY!

Chapter 8

Margarita came into the bedroom she shared with Hannibal who was reading James and Giant Peach with his daughter. "Hannibal." She said softly as she fiddled with her left hand that had the rings on it.

Hannibal looked up from the book. "Yes, Rita?"

"Jack called me in. I won't be gone too long." She told him softly, biting her lower lip softly.

"You don't want to go in do you?" Hannibal questioned looking at his wife, his brow quirking a bit.

Margarita let out a soft breath. "He was asking me about gardening." She said, shaking her head softly. "I have no idea why he is asking about gardening."

"Well, go and see what it is about. I can handle Mischa for a bit." Hannibal said, giving her a soft smile.

Margarita nodded her head slowly. "Alright." She came over and kissed their daughter on her head before kissing Hannibal softly on the lips. "I'll be back soon."

Hannibal watched her with a soft look on his face as she left the room. "Shall we read some more my little Mischa?"

"Yes, daddy."


Will, Jack, and Margarita went under the police tape that was cordoning off the area where they had found bodies in the ground.

"Lecter gave you the "all clear." Maybe therapy does work on you." Jack said as they got closer to the scene.

"Therapy is an acquired taste I have yet to acquire but sure served your purpose. I'm back in the field." Will said not to make eye contact with Jack.

Jack eyed Will for a moment feeling the dismissal of the psych eval that had been done. "Local police found more small animal traps in the surrounding woods. They even discovered a thirty gallon drum of pesticide hidden in a hollow tree along with a rusted Radio Flyer wagon."

"Didn't want his "crop" disturbed."

"All that's missing is a scarecrow."

They approached Beverly, Brian, and Jimmy. Behind them were their CSI team working carefully to unearth the remaining victims that were in the shallow graves.

"Seven bodies, various stages of decay, all very well fertilized." Jimmy explained to them.

Beverly reached into one of the graves containing a partially uncovered, fungus ravaged corpse and palmed a handful of black soil. "He buried them in a high-nutrient compost. He was enthusiastically encouraging decomposition."

"A bit of a too patient way to dispose of a body." Margarita said, crossing her arms, her brow quirking a bit.

"They were buried alive with the intention of keeping them that way. At least for a little while." Brian said, pointing out everything that they had figured out so far.

"Long enough for the fungus to eat any distinguishing features and make it nearly impossible to tell how long they'd been in the ground."

Brian pointed to a catheter in the victim's outstretched arm supported by a section of rebar. "Line and rebar were to administer intravenous fluids after burial. He was feeding them something."

"No restraints? They weren't bound? Nothing to stop them crawling out?" Will questioned tilting his head to the side a little bit.

"Just dirt." Jimmy said looking up.

Beverly pulled a tiny brush from the kit on her belt. She cleared the debris from under the corpse's nose and pulled back the duct tape revealing a breathing tube jammed into its nostrils. "The other end of the air supply system comes up over there."

Will tuned to find a small umbrella in the grass. He pulled on some rubber gloves and picked it up fixing a piece of exposed tubing sticking out of the ground.

"Not a very considerate clean air solution, which clearly wasn't a priority. Cause he's not lazy." Margarita said wrinkling her nose a little bit, shaking her head lightly knowing that this wasn't going to be an easy case.

"No, he's not." Will said, looking at the corpse in the garden grave.

"Let's clear the scene." Jack called out. He heard Brian, Jimmy, and Beverly, along with straggling EMT's and local police.

Margarita followed slowly, crossing her arms slowly as she followed everyone out of the scene of the crime, giving Will a chance to look the scene over. She looked around feeling that something wasn't right. She turned her head seeing a red haired woman lowering a camera, her brow quirking a bit not liking the idea of seeing a woman with red hair snapping photos of the crime scene.

"Agent Tamosaitis." Jack called out to her to get her moving.

"Coming sir." She said quickly catching up to Jack.

Jack looked over at Margarita. "You don't think he's ready to be on scene are you?"

Margarita let out a soft breath. "Hannibal thinks he is ready. Hannibal doesn't try to lie on any reports that he does. He does have a reputation to protect." She pointed out as she looked over to the scene where Will was working.

Suddenly there was a loud scream from Will. She quickly rushed with Jack, Brian, Jimmy, and Beverly.

"Will, what is it?" Margarita said, coming closer to the grave. She saw the man moving around whimpering. "Get the EMTs here now!" She barked an order causing Jimmy, Brian, and Beverly to quickly go and get an EMT. She put her hand carefully on Will's shoulder pulling him back away from the grave site. "Come on Will." She said softly, carefully trying her best to get him away from the scene.


Margarita came into the waiting room seeing the same red haired woman that was at the crime scene. Her brow raised seeing her putting something in her pocket. She moved to the door and knocked on Hannibal's door before opening it slowly. "You have your final patient for the evening Hannibal." She said softly.

Hannibal got up to his feet and followed his wife out the door. He looked at the red haired woman. "Good evening. Please come in, Miss Kimball."

The woman got up to her feet and picked up her bag smiling. She slowly walked into his office leaving his wife to see Will out.

Margarita looked at Will with a worried gaze. "You alright there Will?"

"Your husband thinks I'm still alright for field work."

"Hannibal is good at what he does, Will, trust his judgment." Margarita said softly, taking a soft breath.

Will nodded his head slowly looking at her. "You still haven't changed your name with the FBI." He pointed out softly.

"I try to keep my lives separate from one another." She said softly as she opened the door to lead him out of the office.

Will nodded his head slowly.

"Try to have a good evening Will." She said softly as she closed the door slowly. She let out a soft breath shaking her head lightly.


This is the end of Chapter 8. I hope that you guys enjoyed this chapter. I tried my best with trying to write this chapter out and I hope it didn't turn out to be too bumpy. I hope that my chapters become better as they go along since I am still trying to get used to writing Hannibal and the characters of Hannibal. But I think I hope I'm doing fairly well. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. Reviews help me keep on going when it comes to writing. I will update on Friday. Until next time.

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