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Messed Up World @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 32

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 32 of Messed Up World. Thank you to those who have left reviews for this story. It really does mean a lot to me that you guys are enjoying it. I am trying my best to make Margarita a believable character and hopefully I am doing a good job with that. We're getting closer to the midpoint of this story and I'm rather excited for the whole thing. Just a few more chapters we'll be half way through the story. The third part of this episode which is Episode 7 will be the midpoint of the story. Which is just two chapters away. I've done the calculations that this story will be going on for almost a full year with what I've posted in the past and what I still have left to write. I have to admit that this is probably one of my longer stories, all except for one which is the Loki fic I have going on and it's an ongoing story. But enough of my ramblings. Without further ado Chapter 32. ENJOY!

Chapter 32

Margarita sat in the back of Will's classroom watching him teach a class full of trainees. She made sure that she was well hidden knowing that Will wouldn't have liked the idea of knowing that she was there watching over his class. She watched the first photo come up with a man in a pew, his tongue served as a page marker in his bible.

"The Chesapeake Ripper murders in Sounders of three." Will told the class as he tried to not make eye contact with anyone. "He did his first victims in nine days. Annapolis." He clicked another photo. "Essex." He clicked the remote again for another photo. "And Baltimore. He didn't kill again for 18 months. Then there was another Sounder of three in as many days. All in Baltimore." He showed each of the victims that he was talking about. "I use the term Sounders because it refers to a small group of pigs. That's how he sees his victims. Not as people, not as prey. Pigs." He turned back to the trainees as he clicked again. "Eleven months after the sixth victim there was a seventh." He clicked the clicker again revealing a picture of Jeremy Olmstead. "Two days later, the eighth is killed in his workshop. Every tool on the pegboard where they hung was used against him. As with the previous murders, organs were removed." He clicked another photo.

Margarita's lips quirked loving how Will was going over some of the details of the murders.

"The removal of organs and abdominal mutilations means someone with anatomical or surgical knowhow. There is a distinctive brutality."

Margarita turned her head slightly seeing that Jack was at the back entrance watching Will give the lesson of the Chesapeake Ripper.

"An FBI Trainee named Miriam Lass was investigating private medical records of all the known victims when she disappeared. She is believed to be the Ripper's ninth." Will said as he clicked the final photo of Miriam Lass. "But no trace of her was found. Until recently, two years later. Her severed arm was discovered. Only because he wanted it to be."

Jack stood soberly in the darkness knowing Will had noticed him.

"True to his established pattern, the Chesapeake Ripper has remained consistently theatrical."


Hannibal sat in one of the seats of the Opera De L'Ouest dressed strikingly in a dark blue tuxedo. Next to him sat Margarita who was dressed in a beautiful strapless sequined gown that went to the floor and beside her sat Mischa who was dressed in a cute knee length blue dress and a pretty little blue headband keeping her brown hair out of her eyes.

A soprano was singing Tacea La Notte Placinda.

Hannibal's hand carefully went over to his wife's hand and grasped it softly in his own.

Margarita slowly looked over at her husband and squeezed his hand softly.

Hannibal slowly opened his eyes, they softened and crinkled, enjoying the feast of sound that was around him. Hannibal listened intently as he watched the conductors baton carve in the air with force and purpose.

The noble lady Lenora clutched her heart as she held out her final note which she held onto for quite a long while.

Mischa watched in awe as the woman sang.

Margarita looked over at their daughter and saw the look upon her face. She could tell that her daughter was enjoying the show that was before them.

Lenora's sustained final note finally stopped.

Hannibal got up to his feet applauding enthusiastically.

Margarita got up to her feet as well clapping her hands together and she noticed Mischa standing as well clapping her hands as well smiling like a kid at Christmas.

Behind them was Franklyn Froideveaux standing next to his friend Tobias, who was neither standing nor applauding. Franklyn couldn't pry his eyes from Hannibal.


Hannibal held Mischa in his arms with Margarita next to him. They were surrounded by members of Baltimore's cultural elite, holding court as the audience minged or exited. Hannibal was just as sociable as Will was reclusive, engaged in a conversation with a gorgeous woman in her 50's Mrs. Komeda and her husband.

"It's been too long since you've properly cooked for us, Hannibal." Mrs. Komeda said, looking at Hannibal, her eyes scrutinizing the young girl that was being held in his arms.

"Come over and I will cook for you." Hannibal noticed out of the corner of his eye Franklyn and Tobias. He casually focused on Mrs. Komeda.

"I said properly. Means dinner and the show. Have you seen him cook? It's an entire performance. He used to throw such exquisite dinner parties. You heard me. Used to." Mrs. Komeda said affectionately, teasing Hannibal.

Hannibal teased her with false grandiosity and a warm smile. "I will again. Once inspiration strikes. I cannot force a feast. A feast must present itself."

"It's a dinner party, not a unicorn." Mrs. Komeda said, looking at Hannibal.

"But the feast is life. You put the life in your belly and you live."

Mr. Komeda noticed Franklyn and Tobais standing inside of Hannibal's peripheral vision. "I believe that young man is trying to get your attention."

Hannibal turned, smiling warmly without betraying their relationship, and carefully shook Franklyn's hand. "Hello."

"Hi! Nice to see you." Franklyn said with a smile. "This is my friend, Tobias."

"Good evening."

"How do you two know each other?" Mrs. Komeda asked, looking over at Franklyn.

"There should remain some mystery to my life outside the opera." Hannibal mused with a smile.

"I'm one of his patients."

Hannibal tackled the potentially awkward moment with a social aplomb, he turned the subject back to the evening at hand. "Did you enjoy the performance?" Hannibal questioned Franklyn.

"I loved it. Every minute." Franklyn said with a smile.

"Don't say too much. You must leave something for us to discuss next week. Franklyn, good to see you." Hannibal said hustling off Franklyn and Tobias with a handshake while trying to keep his daughter carefully snug in his arms. "Tobias." Hannibal shook Tobias's hand politely shooing him and Franklyn away before turning back to the Cultural Elite. "Who's hungry?"

Margarita let out a soft chuckle knowing that Hannibal was starting to get hungry.

Mischa looked up at her father. "I'm hungry, daddy."

Hannibal let out a soft chuckle. "Of course my little Mischa. We'll make sure you have dinner."

Mischa smiled at her father with a cute smile.

Margarita smiled softly as she watched Hannibal interact with their daughter.


This is the end of Chapter 32. I hope that you guys enjoy this chapter. I thought that it would be good to have Mischa and Margarita to be there at the Opera. I think Margarita would enjoy the Opera and then Mischa taking after both of her parents in liking the Opera as well. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. Reviews help me keep going when it comes to writing and keeping my muse. I will try to update on Friday and try to keep my schedule for updates. Until next time.

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